Manchester City 1-2 Chelsea | Incredible Comeback Win! | Premier League Highlights & Reaction

Watch highlights of Chelsea's 2-1 win to deny Manchester City the title - with post-match reaction from Thomas Tuchel & Antonio Rüdiger.

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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99 comentarios:

Duncan Njoroge
Duncan Njoroge:
Really Grateful to have Tuchel at Chelsea. Really transformed us to winning machines
Sajmon 88
Sajmon 88:
As a Chelsea supporter i never expect Rudiger to be this good like crazy he play now like one of the best backs in the world i hope he stays at Chelsea
Raul_ 16
Raul_ 16:
Can we appreciate that tackle from Zouma, it was unbelieveble
I can’t really say with words how proud I am to be a Chelsea fan.
So no one's gonna talk about how that 19 yr old, Gilmour played? And that brilliant assist from Timo? Tuchel do be changing this team!💙
Dee Gee
Dee Gee:
Timo werner is very very important to this team even if he's not a scoring
Score Avenue
Score Avenue:
Gilmour had a stinker first half but was a totally different animal in the second. The boy has so much quality and tuchel deserves all the credit for whatever he said halftime. It feels like this team can beat anyone 👏👏
Tiya h
Tiya h:
Really proud of the mental of The Boys Chelseaaa. Hopefully Chelsea can get 2 title champions for FA and Champions League this year aamiin
BAP Production
BAP Production:
Chelsea klub idola saat Maen Ps 2, dengan drogba,shevcenko, robben, den tengahnya ballack
What a game, what a comeback! Been a fan since 2002 and this is the Chelsea I fell in love with!<3
Thank you TT! Blue is the color!
Mendy caught the penalty like he was playing baseball in America
Deedee Umondak
Deedee Umondak:
Big performance from Chelsea, they showed spirit, character and depth.
As an Arsenal fan, congrats on the performance this is a beast of a team Chelsea. My god there are levels between us, so jealous.
Ziyech is underrated. Him with Werner can not be stopped.
Divyanshu Saroha
Divyanshu Saroha:
As an arsenal fan Idk why I feel proud of Chelsea, I think it is because they were in the same situation as us in January.
Kevin Chico
Kevin Chico:
Tuchel knows how to make everyone (including us fans) never lose faith and instill confidence
If you notice since he’s been in charge, not one person tries to take the game by themselves or has been unnecessarily cocky. 100% team first mentality
Wow wow this chelseafc young team has a never die spirit. Even though they conceded a goal in the first half, they never give up come 2nd half👀👏
imalsha hirushan
imalsha hirushan:
People criticize timo for not scoring but we all know when our team need a goal he always there 💁 He needs to sharp his finishing but give some time and respect He will be a beast with ball
Chebo Chitalu
Chebo Chitalu:
Credit should also be given to Mendy for the save, that was not the worst penalty as some are saying honestly. I bet you, it would have gone in against a lot of brilliant goal keepers in the EPL because they always dive early. Sharpness by Mendy, he didn't gamble and it paid off.
Nur Sharmil Aqamar Safeei
Nur Sharmil Aqamar Safeei:
Never doubted Tuchel, from a United fan, I love the way he have changed the Blues ❤️💙
That Zouma tackle is just beautiful
Melissa Ng
Melissa Ng:
Brilliant , massive performance 💙, bring home the trophies 🏆 🏆💙🙏🙏
Gokul S
Gokul S:
Thomas Tuchel has transformed this Chelsea team to a competitive side! Brilliant work done by him! Kudos!
Muhamad Vidi Faizal
Muhamad Vidi Faizal:
We all love Tuchel, give him a blank check for the next transfer season and we're gonna have a glorious season, probably the best season after Mourinho era
Godfrey Mwisha
Godfrey Mwisha:
Loved the Rudiger portion of the clip. He's a leader
This is the Chelsea I expected when Lampard signed all these players

Love to see it coming to fruition
GeraFut FIFA©
GeraFut FIFA©:
It was an incredible game!
Chelsea has enough strength to win this Champions League Season.
Thee Flame
Thee Flame:
Ziyech's Left foot is dangerous! ⚽🚀
The Wisedom's
The Wisedom's:
I'm not a Chelsea fan but I'm not gonna lie, Tuchel is doing a great job!
Kaushitwa Kafidi
Kaushitwa Kafidi:
Big ups lads, and Tuchel, what team, what a coach.
Timo just keeps running until the final whistle, love that in a player.
Varun Sahk
Varun Sahk:
I have been watching football since I was small around 10 . Watching this Chelsea squad playing today in the final took me back to the time when Italian defence ruled the world of football , saw the glimpse of that in Chelsea today . Hardly could see any flaws in there defence it was a master class defending by Chelsea . Still those defensive tackle by Chelsea player is going on my mind . Speechless Chelsea u deserve it . Love from India 🇮🇳
OG Kevin
OG Kevin:
What a team this is i cant express my love i have for this club, COYB!!!
ta kha
ta kha:
A team that always sticks together...Bravo to chelsea
Paul Singh
Paul Singh:
The penalty had me rolling around !, that was the best laugh all season !.
This is now the blueprint for the CL final and next season , Tuchel’s a genius!!!!
Clergy Man
Clergy Man:
Mindset is everything
Lampard: this team is not ready to win

Tuchel: This team is ready to win titles.
Mohammad Ballama Abubakar
Mohammad Ballama Abubakar:
"you know sometimes its frustrating to sit on the bench because I experienced it myself" 😂😂
Rafit4 xd
Rafit4 xd:
We need ziyech and werner, both score goals together and Rudiger and Zouma are on fire 🔥🔥🔥
Marvis uyi
Marvis uyi:
That was Wow! a magnificent comeback.. This is the chelsea, we used to know..
Wisdom Charles
Wisdom Charles:
Thanks to God, all Chelsea fans are coming back now, thanks coach.♥️♥️♥️
ExoticXD _
ExoticXD _:
Tuchel has really done something special with this team 🤩🙌🏽
Deedee Umondak
Deedee Umondak:
Big performance from Chelsea, they showed spirit, character and depth.
anas crazy
anas crazy:
If Tuchel puts Ziyech in all the matches like Mount and Havertz, Ziyech would regain his shape and could become the best in the club as he is a very talented player. If you watched Ziyech performing with AJAX in the Champions League, you wouldn't compare him to Mount and Havertz. Because he's so much better than them, he just needs to play a lot of matches to get back on track
sagar mohan
sagar mohan:
Big game from our academy graduate Billy G ! He's played against Liverpool last season & Man City this season. What a lad! Highly rate him. 🔥
Sammy S. Samson
Sammy S. Samson:
Timo werner don't score but he's that one striker that doesn't disappear in a game...
peterson marshal
peterson marshal:
Lampard: This team is not ready to compete
Thomas Tuchel: hold my beer🍺
Ziyech "The wizard" should have more minutes with T.T.
Chelsea is looking like the best team in the world right now and truly deserved the UCL title. I say deserved and not been cocky.
Daniel New
Daniel New:
Gigantic win Chels! Love you all, UTC!💙
sophia Isabella
sophia Isabella:
Thomas Tuchel: "I'm going to make Chelsea a team no one wants to play against."

I never doubted you for even a second sir!
Jaka sejagad
Jaka sejagad:
I love Chelsea. Hopefully in the final, you will be the winner and the champion. Greetings from Indonesia 💙🏆🔥
Ricky D. Berny
Ricky D. Berny:
Lampard : This team is not ready
Tuchel : Its you who was not ready
Rich S
Rich S:
Absolutely brilliant. Great comeback! What a great penalty kick !! 😀More of the same please on May 29 th !!! Well done Chelsea. Great choice in hiring Tuchel !!!! 👌😀
I love how differently tuchel meets every single player after match
Abhishek Thapa
Abhishek Thapa:
0:52 ‘’Probably the worst penalty I’ve seen this season, if not this decade” epic commentating 😂😂😂
Gabriel Kesse
Gabriel Kesse:
I want to watch this game again, fantastic performance
Tarigan Mario
Tarigan Mario:
keep focus guys, dont let this win make us over proud
Aadarsh D Khaytoo
Aadarsh D Khaytoo:
A performance of class by the Blues 🔥🔥But City is going to win UCL 😁
Vineet Singh
Vineet Singh:
Who loves Hakim Ziyech goal ??
My love for Chelsea is *unfathomable*
princess chada
princess chada:
Ziyech deserve to play more with Chelsea
Lucas Alves
Lucas Alves:
I'm terrified with Chelsea's succes, that's the best season that I saw, Kanté is a monster playing, we'll to be champion💪
Sandro Nobre Façanha
Sandro Nobre Façanha:
Vamos ser campeões de tudo Go Chelsea in the best
S Moreno
S Moreno:
Ziyech should be a starter every game!
Hasib Raiyan Football
Hasib Raiyan Football:
Brilliant comeback from Chelsea, This team is just unstoppable 💥
Geo Graphics
Geo Graphics:
This guy knows how to coach. Well done guys!
orbulescu sebastian
orbulescu sebastian:
Tuchel is by far one of the most smartest coaches , the moment i heard he signed chelsea , i knew , chelsea would play amazing
Mohammed Belaroussi
Mohammed Belaroussi:
Hakim ziyech 🇲🇦🇲🇦 the monster 🔥🔥
Timo wener has now a great impact on Chelsea, his work rate and stamina are amazing even though he's not scoring .
It’s great too silence the many people who doubted chelsea💙
Legit Plug
Legit Plug:
The blues. Can't wait to get our hands on the UCL.. 💙💙💙💙
Mendy really makes a different for the team since his arrival
Paul Ogolla
Paul Ogolla:
For all those who ever doubted Thomas Tuchel... it's about that time we let u know.. 😀😀
Juma Yusuph
Juma Yusuph:
Congratulations my team Chelsea for good work.
Christopher Themba
Christopher Themba:
Tuchel himself is surprised how dynamic Chelsea squad is.. he can't believe his eyes
kdzmatrr mat
kdzmatrr mat:
Even if we dont win the final this is enough for this season
Maikel Karhel Satino
Maikel Karhel Satino:
best performance for Chelsea!!
Ndumba John
Ndumba John:
Am proudly chelsea,we are outmost best now,all the best to the boys much love.
Ndumba John
Ndumba John:
Am proudly chelsea,we are outmost best now,all the best to the boys much love.
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo:
Tuchel has transformed this team. We are unstoppable 🔥🔥🔥🔥
nkululeko nazo
nkululeko nazo:
This new coach brought some his magic 🖤❤️👑 to the club...I'm happy...I hope Ngolo Kante is not injured...coz we need him on second leg of UEFA Champions league
Aeryl vales
Aeryl vales:
That was the rehearsal befor the final ,
I see Chelsea winning 👀
I saw Tuchel’s interview after the game, wondered why he was so calm, came to comments and only then understood that this wasn’t the final😂😂😂
Chelsea is making me so proud these days, let's finish what we started and bring the UCL and FA cup to the bridge. I feel we can do it.
The goal of Ziyech makes the confidence back to the team he is really an artist player
Thanzil Nihmath
Thanzil Nihmath:
"Broken Jaw,but everything's good"
Pretty much sums the Chelsea mentality right now.
Come on you blues.All the way!!
shabab puthiyoth
shabab puthiyoth:
How tuchel behave to his players after the match... just awesome... next season EPL 🏆🏆
blue violon
blue violon:
Incredible tuchel must think about starting with ziyech at the Final... Go ziyech go chelsea !
muhammad nowfal
muhammad nowfal:
Chelsea back on track 💙
I miss Hazard 🙂🙂
Mwirigi Kainga.
Mwirigi Kainga.:
"I will build a team that people will be afraid to play against"
~Thomas Tuchel~
Faris Asyraf
Faris Asyraf:
The longest highlight i ever seen. Show how admin love this game
Sidharth Pradhan
Sidharth Pradhan:
goosebumps when marcos escobar alonso scored that late winner. mad goal <3<3
Atul FF
Atul FF:
The best match of the season for Chelsea but what an interview of TT, best of the best.
Most Cozy
Most Cozy:
Love how they showed Zouma's tackle instead of Werner's offside goal
Luqman Hakim
Luqman Hakim:
Thanks Lampard for the depth squad ✅
Thanks TT for making the Prime Chelsea 👑 ✅
Calvin Menttor
Calvin Menttor:
Rudiger thumbs up my love for Chelsea keeps on growing day by day 💙💙💙
Kevin Sanchez
Kevin Sanchez:
That Zouma tackle is crazy 👏🏼
Andy Jones
Andy Jones:
Fantastic!!!!👍 A style of football that may well be as good as it gets. I started supporting CFC in 74 and have seen many great players and systems but nothing like this. We may well be the closest we have ever been to the elusive 'total football'. I'd ask our fans who will be lucky enough to attend our home matches in the seasons to come to ditch the ' We hate Tottenham, Chelsea' as the players come out. I don't like Tottenham let alone singing their name before our own. Could we not change it to something positive like 'Thomas Tuchel's, Chelsea'. We sang about Leicester,look what happened there, nuff said.
doliio volay
doliio volay:
Wow wow this chelseafc young team has a never die spirit. Even though they conceded a goal in the first half, they never give up come 2nd half👀👏