City gave our fans an early Christmas present with a wonderful performance against Leicester at the Etihad.

Despite going behind to a Vardy goal, against the run of play, City dominated the game. They drew level from a Mahrez strike. Sterling was brought down in the box and Gundogan put away the resulting penalty.
In the second half Jesus got on the end of a brilliant De Bruyne cross to make it 3-1.

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milo miriam
milo miriam:
Mahrez 🇩🇿 + KDB 🇧🇪 = 🔥🔥
Yusril Fiskal
Yusril Fiskal:
Mahrez + De Bruyne = 🔥🔥🔥
nate fire
nate fire:
Mahrez is a dangerous attacker and dribbler. Excellent!
leroy sane
leroy sane:
Mahrez + KDB on the right flank to win our games .
Both of them made us make great come back vs Everton chelsea and today vs leicester ! Bernardo in the middle alongside KDB is his best place .
Pep gave up the three points vs norwich liverpool cause he didnt play like he should do.
Riyad with KDB could give Van dijk and robertson headaches while bernardo could be effective at the midfield dealing with the pace of liverpool
Larger than Life
Larger than Life:
Best Man City performance this season, everyone played really well specially Mahrez and KDB. We need to play like this for the rest of the season.
Mahrez is the most dangerous player one v one atm, chilwell just got destroyed
Freebrain Slave
Freebrain Slave:
Mahrez is magic
WaS sini
WaS sini:
King Mahrez 🇩🇿🇵🇸❤💪
123 viva maherz 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿💙💙💙💚💙💚
Mahrez should start every match
Boudjemai Mohammed Ibrahim
Boudjemai Mohammed Ibrahim:
Mahrez + De Bruyne = 🔥🔥🔥
Mahrez you are the best
Billy Belhadi
Billy Belhadi:
Best player mahrez and KDB
Malak Bachir
Malak Bachir:
Mahrez is the best 😊😍😚❤
Razik Zizou
Razik Zizou:
I like when i see Mahrez and KDB play together, this is the nice football
This Mahrez is just like the one we saw in Leicester 4 years ago
IHAB Music
IHAB Music:
We need to keep playing Bernardo in the midfield, he’s so much better there. Mahrez, Sterling and eventually Sané (if he stays) have the wings covered.
Ouis Salah
Ouis Salah:
the best mahrez ❤🇩🇿
Dream Art
Dream Art:
🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿 mahrez the best
Taki Diabi
Taki Diabi:
Very good Mahrez
Guardiola please buy messi for barcelona...
Mahrez KDB Jesus.. the delta of death
Remiki RSE
Remiki RSE:
nona Ènana
nona Ènana:
KDB & Mahrez 🔥🔥🔥😍
Stevanus Evan
Stevanus Evan:
I want Mahrez and De Bruyne till the end of the season
Jonathan Buyondo
Jonathan Buyondo:
De Bruyne and Mahrez combination is always sufficient. Bernardo Silva back to his favorite position 🐐🐐🐐🐐
UCL is coming to Etihad Stadium this year
Yusril Fiskal
Yusril Fiskal:
Please when City vs United at carabao or next premier league match, play De Bruyne and Mahrez at the same time pleaseee🙏💙
Husky Feline
Husky Feline:
Mahrez is on fire 🔥
oh mahrez scored, we're not gonna see him the next 5 matchs ;)
Farid Calabaz
Farid Calabaz:
Riyad Mahrez He Do Everything In This Match He Is The King of the match
Kasibante Geoffrey
Kasibante Geoffrey:
Mahrez destroyed leceister's defense 😂😂😂 he has entertaining football
YouF*uckWithMe I F*ckWitchuBack
YouF*uckWithMe I F*ckWitchuBack:
Maharez plays well with confidence when his teamates give him the vall and link up with him . The attack is more dangerous when it comes from the right
Younes Ten
Younes Ten:
Riad Mehrez and De Bruyne💛, the beautiful blond man💛, are legends of football in the coming time
Ali Algeria
Ali Algeria:
Mahrez and Vardy played very well !!
Ibrahim Jigging DZ
Ibrahim Jigging DZ:
Mahrez ⚽🌟🌟💪💪
Desmond Newton
Desmond Newton:
De bruyne is really on form just imagine how mancity will be whe aguero returns
Mourad Ben
Mourad Ben:
i think that Mahrez deserve to get more time to play
Samir Saouli
Samir Saouli:
I said many times if Mahrez there ... M city should be wine
Elheffaf TV الهفاف ⓵
Elheffaf TV الهفاف ⓵:
mahrez and kdb were amazing today plz pep stick with this lineup
Borusse James
Borusse James:
Here before the whole country of Algeria
Mahdi foot sport
Mahdi foot sport:
Always mahrez is the key of the matches we must keeping mahrez with the 11
Black & white
Black & white:
Good play Mahrez 💙
Eliot Finnigan
Eliot Finnigan:
Difficult to pick a man of the match. Mahrez stood out in the first half, but then in the second half KDB ran the show. Also Bernardo is much better playing in the midfield instead of the front three.
Alex Kashie
Alex Kashie:
Liverpool is having a great season but as long as there will be 1% faith, we will 99% faith and fighting... Come On City 👑, You guys really give everything on the pitch. Proud of you ❤️
Willy C.
Willy C.:
Our best performance so far this season. I liked Mahrez but he must improve when shooting. For the rest he's phenomenal! Also, I would try Cancelo more often in place of Walker. Agüero is back, what a great news, c'mon City💙
Rami Mca
Rami Mca:
Paul Carroll
Paul Carroll:
Good selection today bernardo is more effective in the middle and mahrez and kdb down the right is frightening .sterling doing his thing on the left and aguero laporte and sane to come back cmon boys 💙💙
ulach lvote
ulach lvote:
Mahrez best player in africa 2019
Pan African channel Black Emancipation
Pan African channel Black Emancipation:
Don't worry guy's we are going for the champions league this time around.. ✌🏾
Marijuana Original
Marijuana Original:
MAHREZ Man of the match ❤️🔥
Ishak Aribia
Ishak Aribia:
Mahrez the best
Benji Splendid
Benji Splendid:
In fact, KDB is a proper player!
In any era of football he'd still stand out! PROPER PROPER FOOTBALLER.......
Habibi Gaming LIVE
Habibi Gaming LIVE:
Mahrez 💪🏽🇩🇿❤
Sofiane B
Sofiane B:
The best team that Pep put on the pitch
Aadan Silver
Aadan Silver:
I need to know Riyad fans🔥🔥🔥🇩🇿🇩🇿
JSGC - Man City Fan Channel
JSGC - Man City Fan Channel:
Mahrez was on fire today🔥🔥
shyam kumar
shyam kumar:
We are back.. KDB, mahrez.. 🔥🔥
A A:
KDB,Mahrez and Bernardo should play together all the games to produce better performance
mc na rong
mc na rong:
Miss sane😭😭😭😘😘
Maddisson is still far from mahrez reach
zakia Bin xarir Abdi
zakia Bin xarir Abdi:
😘 mahrez and KDB 😘😘💘💘
Fares Moh
Fares Moh:
Mahrez 💘💘
Akramaro Officiel
Akramaro Officiel:
mahrez is dangerouuuus !
Toni Kros
Toni Kros:
محرز الكابتن ماجد
K. P.
K. P.:
So happy to KDB healthy and playing so well. Onward and upward Man City.
Mahapela H
Mahapela H:
Mendy played so well alongside KDB and Mahrez, his crosses🥰🥰🥰
Adel Amb
Adel Amb:
Mahrez + De Bruyne=👍❤
Irwan Ardiansyah
Irwan Ardiansyah:
Everyone now who the commentator is, Yeah! Dream League Soccer!
With this groupe and these performance we are able to take the UCL title ✌
Mounir Aliane
Mounir Aliane:
Mehrez 💪🇩🇿
Abdessalem Achour
Abdessalem Achour:
Mahrez 💞
Opik Taopik
Opik Taopik:
Alhamdulillah... Manchester city win
Sporty Day
Sporty Day:
Riyadh Mahrez 🔥🔥🔥
Bilal T.x.
Bilal T.x.:
Brv Mahrez top de top <3
Mark Wakelam
Mark Wakelam:
KDB on another level!
Wolves fan here, I reckon City will be out for some serious revenge on the 27th!
Just watch out for Traore on the break ;)
Sami Laklas
Sami Laklas:
Mahrez 💪💪
Moh Amed
Moh Amed:
Mahrez +KDB 😍💪
Ali Ouargla
Ali Ouargla:
Today, Pep showed that he is a genius coach, every player has put their right place
Makes a big difference when mahrez plays
A M:
Riyad Mahrez 👉👌 💪💪💪
Ah Lem
Ah Lem:
Les zhommes riyad mahrez the best🇩🇿❤🙏
mohamed zinou
mohamed zinou:
Mahraz ♥♥beantifun
Hamisi Rashidi
Hamisi Rashidi:
No one like In the world like Kdb
Fifer McGee
Fifer McGee:
Mahrez and Kevin De Bruyne, dynamic duo magical sheer magic watching the lads play to day. The lads were back in form to day.
hit wonda
hit wonda:
City for life
Elton Lim
Elton Lim:
Great Manchester city playing today, can really sense the energy and confidence by the players!! 💙💙💙 LOVE U GUYS
هذه الحياة
هذه الحياة:
Mahrez is the star
I am ☆
محمد عزلن
محمد عزلن:
City can win this pl trophy if they maintain their performance like that...right?
Yonko Throne
Yonko Throne:
Score hero commontery 😂😂
Chamrong Tith
Chamrong Tith:
32 year old Vardy still looks very sharp
إليك الحقيقة
إليك الحقيقة:
Mahrez past player in man city
Jamshid Sarwari
Jamshid Sarwari:
Love manchester city from Afghanistan
Boudjemai Mohammed Ibrahim
Boudjemai Mohammed Ibrahim:
riyad mahrez 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Samy Mamino
Samy Mamino:
mahrez the best
Yonko Throne
Yonko Throne:
Score hero commontery 😂😂
adal bekhtaoui
adal bekhtaoui:
Mahrez top
Kurdi tv
Kurdi tv:
kevin De bruyne The best player in the history of Belgium
Mahrez it's good Pleyer wow 💪🇩🇿