Manchester City City vs QPR Premier League 3-2 2011/2012 Full Highlights HD

Manchester City City v QPR 3-2 2011-2012
Manchester City City v QPR Premier League 3-2
Manchester City City 3-2 QPR Premier League

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I think we should take a moment to apreciate the underrated assist from baloteli

Fun fact: That was his only assist for man city in the PL
Sohag Das
Sohag Das:
Have to say that QPR goalkeeper made some terrific saves.
I swear you will never see anything like this ever again.
Internet Kingdom
Internet Kingdom:
Not even a Manchester City fan but get goosebumps while watching this
Cris Tian
Cris Tian:
I love how Balotelli waits for a second, even when he is down, he waits for Aguero to be on a good position, he doesn't just pass the ball to get rid of it... Super class player, Mario.
ODey Hymns MK
ODey Hymns MK:
This is the greatest winning in history of football... Zabaleta, Dzeko and AGUEROOOOOO.. just make the imposible become possible, keep fighting!
Bimal Shahi
Bimal Shahi:
What a game🔥🔥🔥
The fans who were in the stadium were very lucky.........
Wellington Bernieri de Carvalho
Wellington Bernieri de Carvalho:
The story repetead again today with City being champion of the Premier league. Gundogan in the last few minutes made us remember of that important day when Aguero made hundred of City's fan crazy happy.
Resul Yıldız
Resul Yıldız:
Even though it wasn't like this match, today's championship match gave me similar feelings and I wanted to come and watch it again.
P.S: A Manchester United Fan (22/05/2022)
Samuel Darkwah
Samuel Darkwah:
Who else is still watching this in 2020 .......Much respect to Augero
Daniel Topete
Daniel Topete:
Can we just take a second to appreciate how Agüero stayed faithful towards City. This man is clearly the best Striker the premier league has ever had.
ke po
ke po:
not forgotten this match, always shed tears every time I see this match ..
Man City
Man City:
Joe hart,kompany, Balotelli, Dzeko,Zaba and clichy are the true legends of the club I miss them all 😥😥😥
Afifah Purwoko
Afifah Purwoko:
9:35 look at cisse. How happy he is even tho his team was lose the game. But he still happy for the opposite team. What a sportsmanship. Both team do the best at that time. Yet they still had the sportsmanship in it
Joe spearing
Joe spearing:
As a Qpr fan, I get happy every time I see this goal, knowing that we managed to avoid being relegated as soon as the game finished
Lucky Eddy
Lucky Eddy:
You HAD to watch the full game. To understand the tension building up. Second after second. Every second it was the CUP slipping away. 44 years of angst. 44 years of waiting. Not for me. But for many. This was football at its best.
And then the crescendo at the end. The perfect ending. Exhilarating. If you are a true sports fan. This WILL make you cry.
Amine M
Amine M:
I know you came here after City announced that he'll leave this summer
Yash Navalkar
Yash Navalkar:
History has repeated itself today 💙💙💙💙💙. Congratulations city for winning thr premier league 😍😍😍
I Will never forget this game. Wow how heart stopping it was!
ebenezer Ebenezer
ebenezer Ebenezer:
When I am so down in my life, I come back and watch this game. Still hope for everyone in 2021.
P D:
I remember vividly this moment. I and my best friend, we went to a coffee shop to watch this game at midnight. For those who may wonder, it's common to go to the coffee shop, with big TV screens for watching football in my country. The coffee shop was packed with people, so crowded, so many fans there. At the shop, they aired 2 games at the same time, some TVs for MU's game, and some for MC's game. All the people there were MU fans, except 2, me and my friend. A bit terrified I would say, imaging 2 sky blues among a hundred reds. The moment when Aguero scored, the whole coffee shop was silent, but not for me and my friend. We went crazy, hugging, yelling. Not thing but joy and happiness. We won when we thought there's no hope. It's a big night, a big moment in my life!
vipin kumar
vipin kumar:
Best football match ever in football history. Premier league in this season was really unbelievable. City arises from the ashes.
This match gives us a message
Work hard and create chance, you will get it
Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola:
And now he announced that he's leaving after the end of the season, just break my heart. You'll be missed Kun! Always in our hearts 💙💙
Andre Shepherd
Andre Shepherd:
Here after Man city announced that Aguero will leave at the end of the season . Absolute legend 👏🏿👏🏿🔥🔥
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez:
I loved this game. For me personally, it's the greatest nail biting, edge of your seat and nerve wracking game I have ever seen. QPR gave City hell and fought to stay in the Premier League and City had to earn this win for the title. Best game ever.... Thank you for posting the highlights.

I remember a young man crying and kicking his seat in despair as City was losing title in stoppage time and then... Best f_cking come back EVER!

Don't really care for City winning but QPR won my love and respect for this great show of football.
Hadebe Brian
Hadebe Brian:
This moment still gives me Goosebumps
Hariharan N
Hariharan N:
This was the most iconic football game I have ever watched in history of man City It was the team I chose while playing fifa 09 in ps2 and they succeeded continuous after that and later it was best team 🥰 loved it almost cried during the live match
Google Fn
Google Fn:
A timeless legend sergio aguero, everyone will miss him.😢
Fakhoury Joe
Fakhoury Joe:
Today, the man who delivered us the title has retired. An amazing career.
Manu Garg
Manu Garg:
Aguero will be missed in the PL. Much respect.
I'm not a Man City fan, but this, this was very beautiful.

It's enough to make a grown man cry
Snipo Typo
Snipo Typo:
10 years later it's repeated again.
Congratulations, Man City 2022.
DV Scorpio
DV Scorpio:
The greatest and most thrilling comeback in football history .Who would have imagined that they will win the title after scoring two goals in the extra time.?. Really fantastic and unbelievable.
I remember watching this with all my family when I was young, this is nostalgic for me
Said Hassan
Said Hassan:
Emmy yumba
Emmy yumba:
This game is legendary hands down it's one of the best in history of football u can't stop watching this coz it's breath taking evry one knows tht its an emotional game to watch
3:29 Ref walking like CJ in GTA SA 😂😂😂
Red dragon2003
Red dragon2003:
Only football can provide us with these emotions and experiences. Much more than a simple sport.
The fact that cisse is celebrating with the city players is just insane, I love his game
Luis Juárez
Luis Juárez:
Que emoción por Dios! Desde ese día me hice hincha del City. Saludos desde Tucumán, Argentina
Here after Aguero announced he will leave at the end of the season

Forever iconic 🔥
harisson topo
harisson topo:
I'm cried during watched this game, finally Tevez hold the epl trophy, soooo unforgettable moment for my favorite teammmm
I hate MSM
I hate MSM:
Omg I will never forget this match, the beauty and surprise of football clearly seen on this match, viva man city. Watching in February 2020.
Ogurchik YT
Ogurchik YT:
This helps me be happy after losing to Chelsea and I remember how this is so inspiring
Ten Zin
Ten Zin:
Still Goosebumps on my skin wen watching this last minute goal
Nazanin Frotan
Nazanin Frotan:
Two goals in added time/stoppage time! from Manchester City to take the title away from Manchester United STUPENDIOUS!!!🔥Premier League best league in world without doubt.
Magnus Grønmo
Magnus Grønmo:
Greatest comeback ever. And this is coming from an Liverpool fan
Emma Rotayo
Emma Rotayo:
I watch this every time things aren't going well for me. And it never fails to cheer me up lol
Bhabu bhaiya
Bhabu bhaiya:
The cool and compose finish in that situation is just world class😲much respect for the legend😭
George Nshashi
George Nshashi:
It was a day I shed my tears,coz I loved QPR.. And I miss this club, a year 2012.,now 2020.
Luka Ljujic
Luka Ljujic:
The QPR’s supports was incredible.
Subair ph
Subair ph:
Evergreen encounter... immortal match...❤❤❤
edwinjoseph raven
edwinjoseph raven:
This is the most exciting game to come back that City ever made to win the league.
Marino Ariel Salgado
Marino Ariel Salgado:
Mágic.. Beautiful
The best game of the City history
Harum MF
Harum MF:
What a great goal in the last minute time. This is one of best historical moment I ever seen after final Champion League (Liverpool Vs AC Milan and MU Vs AC Milan).
Ma Rina.Renthlei INVICTUS 182
Ma Rina.Renthlei INVICTUS 182:
One of the greatest game in EPL and congrats Man city wining there first EPL trophy in there club history..Kun Aguro goal is the most important in man city game.Congrats CITIZENS
Dylan Morris
Dylan Morris:
Best memories. Still 😢😢😢 what a moment!!
endurance spain
endurance spain:
So emotional😢😢, I think it will be very difficult to see this kind of match in football again!!
Utkarsh Keshari
Utkarsh Keshari:
It was no joke it was really hard to score with so many men inside the box but the best thing is qp players celebrating with city.......
Deffa Utama
Deffa Utama:
I am here for the tribute for King Kun Aguero, after his announcement of ending his 10 seasons with Manchester City this Summer. A truly legendary player for the club and fans. Best of luck on your future career King Kun, you will always be our Legend.
R. Devanarayanan
R. Devanarayanan:
Thrilling match
Aguero💔 miss you legend
Vanthey Putra
Vanthey Putra:
Comeback to remembering this last minute iconic goal by Aguero, who is leaving Man City this summer 😭
Lifelong City fan, 38 years old and unfortunately spent 2012 for the first time in my life at her majesty’s pleasure. Listened to this on a dodgy radio in a cell with one other city fan. Entire wing was United fans. I have to say was the best day ever as a blue whilst caught up in a horrible situation at a low point in my life. Walked around that wing with the biggest smile on my face for days. Was worth the wait City. Love watching this even after 50 times. Absolutely brilliant xx
Leandro Ribas
Leandro Ribas:
A alegria do futebol e a mais sincera e linda do futebol
Wayne Murray
Wayne Murray:
Nearly 8 years on and I never tire of watching footage of this match. I've been watching City since 1973, seen some ups, loads of downs, this match is the greatest moment of all time, never forget the feeling of Sergio's shot hitting the back of the net. Magnificent
Abdihakim Bashir USTADH
Abdihakim Bashir USTADH:
One of the best comeback in football. Aguero The Hero who made city to win the first EPL.
Dari Lensa Harith Ariffin
Dari Lensa Harith Ariffin:
The most historic matches in Manchester City history!
I'm a QPR fan, and was there on this day. One of the best days of my life even though we lost. I don't think I'll ever have a day like I experienced on that day.
One of the greatest moments of my life and I,m a Liverpool supporter.🤣🤣🤣
jesus casimiro
jesus casimiro:
Que recuerdos, no puedo creer que haya pasado tanto tiempo
Fares Tayel
Fares Tayel:
Who else came here after Aguero's retirement 🥲
O Cisse comemorando o título com o Nasri , o futebol é lindo ...
It's Ali
It's Ali:
I'll never get tired of watching this match🤩
Yadhu krishna
Yadhu krishna:
That moment 🔥
Abdi the perseverer
Abdi the perseverer:
Leading up to the aguero goal . You can tell qpr were defending for there lives . You can see the devastation in the team after the aguero strike went in
Vimal Mathew
Vimal Mathew:
Goosebumps 🔥🔥
matilde herrera
matilde herrera:
Uhh! Qué Día Dios Mio!! Qué manera de sufrir!! 💙💙💙💙💙
One of the most iconic games in Premier League history, Aguerooooooooooo will be iconic forever. Queens Park Rangers were magnificent in this game, they were superb, but Manchester City proved why they were worthy title winners in the 11/12 season with this comeback. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 🔥 🔥. Paddy Kenny made some superb saves. 👏 👏 👏
Thank you 🙏🏼 for everything! This moment will forever be the best in history! KUN AGUERO 🐐
Douglas Kufre-Abasi Gilbert
Douglas Kufre-Abasi Gilbert:
That assist from Baloteli was the cutting edge! what a stretch to get the ball onto Aguero
Abdullah Khalid
Abdullah Khalid:
My most favorite match in the foot ball history
90 cents
90 cents:
Still gives me goosebumps 👍
_Official_ Royalty
_Official_ Royalty:
Happy retirement Kun😫
10 years after this epic game and i had to rewatch the highlights because of what Rooney said...
Rooney mate, i love Utd, not a city fan, but Kenny saved so much shots, QPR was even able to get a lead with one man down and they held on until the 91th minute.. how can you imply thats fixed mate?? After 10 years, a statement like that only shows how bitter Rooney got.
This was an epic game and an epic title race!! what a shame Man Utd is so far from these things nowadays
The Genie
The Genie:
‘Who is writing this stuff’ has to be one of the great commentary lines.Ian Darke - legendary boxing and football wordsmith
Tajuddin Heru
Tajuddin Heru:
Tears fall whenever I watch this video ❤❤❤❤❤
Unforgotten legend...
George Whipp
George Whipp:
Still gives me goosebumps
J Corona
J Corona:
I will forever be an Aguero Fan . Thanks for everything You've done For Manchester city
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes:
Right up there with Arsenal winning against Liverpool, that and Leicester probably the most exiting endings of all time, fantastic
this gives me chills every single time.
JL Flash
JL Flash:
best game of my life i was at the stadium i cry of joy
Thank you Sergio Aguero. For *that* goal and for the ten years service.
Panos Sagias
Panos Sagias:
After those glory moments Kun can rest! You offered too much and we appreciate!!! 👏👏👏
Max Jones
Max Jones:
Such a memorable moment
El mejor partido de la decada
Alexander Huanca
Alexander Huanca:
When I see this , I cry by Happy , go City the Best Team of the world
One of the best games of all time.
Anish Krishnan
Anish Krishnan:
I was 9 years old when I watched this, exact same commentary everything, will be one of the highlights of my childhood