Manchester city Vs Aston Villa 2-0 | Dean Smith Post Match Interview

The thoughts of Dean Smith following Manchester City 2-0 Aston Villa...

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If I was a villa fan I would be raging! And the penalty hand ball onto
D. H.M.
D. H.M.:
Well done Dean ! We played well, Tyrone made a mistake that cost us goal and we should of been more clinical Infront! Ollie Watkins must start scoring 💪 UTV Next games we smashing everyone! UTV
Mike Day
Mike Day:
Not going to lie this isnt the first time mings have cost villa a goal he his a decent and very inconsident defender not taking that away from him he is a good defender but inconsident isnt good enough for aston villa but also fuck VAR got robbed
Greg O'D
Greg O'D:
You have to feel for Smith and his Villa team. City are a top, top side but WTF is happening with the laws of the game? It is ruining the game. The players don't understand them and the officials embarrassed are having trouble explaining them, as they are not 100% au fait with them either. BTW Mings "mistake" should be irrelevant and Smiths Red should be rescinded.
The cure
The cure:
Come on Deano, lets just get over it and go out Saturday and get those 3 pts, we are no match for the likes of City who, will win the League!
Dean smith is spot on. He’s coming from an offside position so how isn’t he offside lol
Srijan Bansal
Srijan Bansal:
How the pen is unjust
banjo guy
banjo guy:
1:06 two unjust goals? I get the controversy with that silva goal but the pen is 100% legit.
That's the clearest handball i've seen all season, dude literally slapped the ball.
Anonymous 123
Anonymous 123:
He’s a professional manager who should know the offside rule there’s no rule against tackling from an offside position if mings didn’t touch it then he would’ve been off but MINGS TOUCHED IT therefore he’s on
Wingman22101 Live
Wingman22101 Live:
I would have hands down smashed that referee in the face!.. Don't blame Deano for goin nuts!
Cian MacGana
Cian MacGana:
The winner was decided before the whistle for kick off
Gary Shaw
Gary Shaw:
So if mings allows the player to win the ball and for him to run on and score... the goal is over ruled by VAR ? In witch case your asking a player to have faith in a system that is full of holes? You play to the whistle but unfortunately the whistle and the flag don't exist anymore 🤣😂 one of our best season in years and im still fucked off with the PL . Well played city brilliant team to watch and nice to see us competing with them just ashame that var and ref's want to try and fuck us all over
Sam Jefferies
Sam Jefferies:
It's called the 2 phase of play. As soon as Ming's controls the ball the man city player is no longer offside. As you can not be offside when the opposition have the ball. That's why the man city player only went for the ball after Ming's had already controlled it
Is it harsh on villa? yes, but Ming's should have been more aware of his surroundings, and should know the offside rules.
Mark Farrow
Mark Farrow:
whinge whinge whinge
Gareth Williams
Gareth Williams:
You cannot be offside if the opposite team has the ball. If Ming's had passed it back to the keeper he'd still be onside.
Fabio Luisi
Fabio Luisi:
DEVIL’S ADVOCATE troll edition
DEVIL’S ADVOCATE troll edition:
Don’t complain about referees when you stayed up last season with the point you got after your keeper was stood in his net in the Sheffield United game, Bournemouth went down because of that and you think you’ve been robbed today
Mamba Man
Mamba Man:
City were all over you mate 🤣 could have more goals don’t blame the ref!
Reni Panayiotou
Reni Panayiotou:
Shouldn't have let Conor go till Sanson was in
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue:
park the bus more
ben trem
ben trem:
Any club going to either Manchester club will get stitched up by the officials. It has been going on for years....before them it was the same going to Liverpool. Time the officials in charge were changed for proper football people who understand the game.
ben row
ben row:
its 100% offside, without a doubt. it is only NOT offside if the
defender PASSES the ball and the attacker intercepts it. that is what is
meant when it says "receives" the ball from the defender. in this case
he didn't receive anything, he went ahead and stole the ball from the
defender, which is then offside. that's just how it is. it doesn't make
any sense otherwise. if you have any common sense you see how if this is
not offside then we are playing a completely different sport. the
spirit of the game is being destroyed. watching football is like
watching WWE these days.
Pathetic manager and club