Manchester City vs Liverpool 4 0 All Goals & Highlights 2020 HD

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Kevo Arty
Kevo Arty:
5a0 al madrid x favor
Imran Harith
Imran Harith:
We need longer highlights for top 6 in the league
Joyce Keya
Joyce Keya:
I'm a fan of mancity but I thought that if we didn't have our first 11 we would been beaten but mancity are the cityzens👍👍👍
Kent Maruri
Kent Maruri:
Rompeva Ginas
Rompeva Ginas:
Lo que hace el copete jajajajajaj xxd
Sebass B Lopez
Sebass B Lopez:
Consecuencias de festejar varios días jajaja llegaron malos a esté partido los Reds
Sebass B Lopez
Sebass B Lopez:
Mucha celebración del liverpool llegaron con la cruda al partido.
احمد ابوسبيحة
احمد ابوسبيحة:
Hamid Saleh
Mohamed Nassa
Mohamed Nassa:
Mane looked so drunk🤣🤣🤣
ibham_BEAT best editor
ibham_BEAT best editor:
Silvio Martins
Silvio Martins:
If the stadium is empty, who's chanting, clapping, cheering?
Muhammad Shakeel
Muhammad Shakeel:
Thanks for the highlights. Enjoyed it. Liked thanks
10 reasons why liverpool lost as shit tO mancity
Zaiyaan Petersen
Zaiyaan Petersen:
Liverpool is pap pap pap
Danny 8RG
Danny 8RG:
Que putiza