Manchester United 6-0 Southampton | LIVE Stream Watchalong

Join Adam McKola, Andy Tate and Joe Smith for the live stream watchalong for Manchester United v Southampton at Old Trafford in the Premier League. 

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77 comentarios:

1:46:11 Wan Bissaka ⚽️ 1-0

1:53:30 Rashford ⚽️ 2-0

2:02:43 Bednarek Own goal ⚽️ 3-0

2:07:55 Cavani ⚽️ 4-0

2:55:25 Martial⚽️ 5-0

2:57:31 Mctominay ⚽️ 6-0

3:13:32 Bruno ⚽️ 7-0

3:14:20 Martial ⚽️ 8-0

3:17:47 Dan James⚽️ 9-0

1:30:29 1st 🔴 card
3:12:19 2nd 🔴 card
2:39:30 Southampton goal: Dissalowed
2:07:59 Andy Predicting the Full time score 😂
Tom Gilbert
Tom Gilbert:
2:08:02 Andy “9-0 might be crazy but why not”
Nahvoma Ntungwen
Nahvoma Ntungwen:
I honestly cannot believe what I’ve just watched. Unreal result that we desperately needed
Rohan S Kumar
Rohan S Kumar:
"Bring on Martial and let him score a Couple of Goals"

Benz Abanga
Benz Abanga:
IF Howson has nothing good to say about Like Shaw after this then it's obvious that he found Shaw and his woman in bed together. No other reason for the bias.
Andy said 9-0 I might sound crazy, what a Legend 🤣
I officially apologise for everything I said about Luke Shaw. Proved me wrong 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
Would be in a better mood if some of these goals had gone in against the two teams we played that were fighting relegation - Arsenal and Sheffield
Daniel Charles
Daniel Charles:
Shaw is a beast! Remember we paid 30mil for him..
soiung toiue
soiung toiue:
1:30:40 "I hope Scott's ok" was exactly my reaction to that
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty:
1:30:40 "I hope Scott's ok" was exactly my reaction to that
Ali Jawad
Ali Jawad:
1:30:40 "I hope Scott's ok" was exactly my reaction to that
Fanele Sikhakhane
Fanele Sikhakhane:
Legends say he is still smiling and clapping till dis day 1:46:21
Sunny Superman
Sunny Superman:
Omg can't believe that.. Im still thinking of Sheffield game. We missed 3 points it could have been different to see on the table
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom:
What a game that was. What a statement of intent
H I:
2:08:04 9-0 he predicted it
Karl Marx jr
Karl Marx jr:
Luke Shaw was immense today. But remember that's probably because he didn't had to defend at all. Players can have immense games and still be bad at certain things
3:13:35 Wonder what would have happened if Bruno hadn't scored 😂😂🤣
Joe was spot on with the penalty. Martial was falling before contact. He got lucky there was contact whilst he was going down. Come on Adam smh
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
Scores the 8th then time starts going backwards 😂
Alex Stones
Alex Stones:
Scores the 8th then time starts going backwards 😂
Brother Hogan
Brother Hogan:
Mc sauce be feeling that tackle in the morning
HUGE for our Goal difference. Which MAY play a factor...
Dear Lord... make every man United fan's struggles in Life end like Man U vs Southampton of 2/2/21. Amen ... lol GGMU
Still on level goal difference with Liverpool and a fair bit behind City would you believe it. Although we've scored the most goals in the league, not bad at all.
Islam Itu Indah, Kemuncak Zaman Dajjal
Islam Itu Indah, Kemuncak Zaman Dajjal:
I'm From Malaysia Muslim ❤️ me Support United.. Manchester United Will be CHAMPIONS Insya Allah. 🤲
SubhanAllah Alhamdulillah Allahuakbar 👍😊💪
And Now United need Focus💪❤️
Rahul Gopalakrishnan
Rahul Gopalakrishnan:
@2:03:03 Adam made a wish.....and the universe gave him what he wanted...and more (LOL)
Alex Ooi
Alex Ooi:
Martial is a player who puts the cherry on top of good performances ... he is not the kind of player who will lift the team in a hard battle

We don't need Martial ... or at least he is a squad player at best
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment:
the reason it took ages to get the goals in 2nd half was donny was to high if he dropped abit out side the box he would need marking instead of him running next to them,thats why he dont start but ppl just want to see the new toy scott plays better atm if you like it or not
imran gain
imran gain:
Haha at 3-0 Andy says 9-0 ipswich and Joe's like we never scoring 9
Josh S
Josh S:
Shaw was amazing again... only better defender was Rashford who again constantly broke up united’s attacks
IQ 1985
IQ 1985:
These watchalongs are awesome. Just keep HOWSON away. He just brings his agendas no matter how well we are doing and his crass humour.
Saidi Saidi
Saidi Saidi:
They give each other goals utd up
A different name
A different name:
'This is their turf' 🤣🤣🤣
Jack Scanlon
Jack Scanlon:
At 4-0 when Southampton score all Adam does is blame Fred. He was the only one switched on to the quick freekick, he tracked his man and blocked the shot. Maguire then comes over to help and all he does is open his legs which adams shoots thru. How can you blame Fred? Because he blocks the first shot by diving in the way?
Christopher Sheridan
Christopher Sheridan:
So howsen hates Shaw and Dan James. Dan James and Shaw with 3 goal involvements
Myles van Eaton
Myles van Eaton:
Adam McKola/everyone at the 2:39:30 mark “well done, Fred”

At the 2:39:36 mark “Fred is shit man”

I don’t think i caught my breath til the 60’ 😂
Jack Scanlon
Jack Scanlon:
Apparently Martial said it wasn’t a penalty - the commentators said the guy who got sent off was shouting in the tunnel Martial said it wasn’t a foul…
Alkit Gugalia
Alkit Gugalia:
The timer on the screen going backwards after 88 mins, lol
34:10 on game clock. “We ain’t getting 9 nill”
Kapil Pandey
Kapil Pandey:
Man utd ,manutd , man utd...
Super happy 😊
Arman G
Arman G:
boys sort the audio lag and cut this up and get a sick watch along best day of 2021 so far
Gershom Tan
Gershom Tan:
Blue sweater needs his mic turned down a bit when shit happens. Dude goes from 1-1000 hella quick
thats nice they let a local homeless guy on the show.. good job stretford paddock!
Subraj Garcha
Subraj Garcha:
Adam is so delusional 😅
andy is a legend he predicted 9-0 at cavanis goal before half time
Justin Luchenbill
Justin Luchenbill:
2:08:04 Tate calls the 9-Nil
I agree with joe, it’s a dive and a pen
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment:
the prem record 9-0 has been done 3 times and united was 2 of them
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing:
Southampton manager hasn’t been backed at all he had 2 goalkeepers on his bench thats how you know you’re down bad and all his under were U18 to U21s
TY AFTV Merchandise Man
TY AFTV Merchandise Man:
Ralph doesn’t deserve that
K N:
It was a dive, Joe was right..Martial should have hit it first time.
Art Antipop
Art Antipop:
''Such a perfect day...''
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
Andy said 9-0 tbf .. Andy the Oracle
Bobbie Brown
Bobbie Brown:
Adam killed it saying Radfords a L1 R1 R3 left right quarter circle L3 left R2 circle
the Gat Man
the Gat Man:
2:08:02 he predicted it
Myles high
Myles high:
Who else watches these back if we win?
Matthew Tham
Matthew Tham:
When Andy tate said what would happen if we got 9 nil
Reeyan Maknojiya
Reeyan Maknojiya:
2:57:35 Andy- McTerminator, HE'S BACK! xD xD
KJ 2020
KJ 2020:
I want to taste Matt Le Tissier's salty tears. Shame he got fired 😂
Duke Soultaker
Duke Soultaker:
2:03:29 “ we’re not going to win 9-0” lol
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu:
Blue sweater needs his mic turned down a bit when shit happens. Dude goes from 1-1000 hella quick
A. K
A. K:
Andy said 9-0 and he was right
Nashid Mirza
Nashid Mirza:
Let me celebrate it for a week
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam:
GGMU 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
Ste Haughton
Ste Haughton:
Adam McKola W0W nice jacket, Return Of The Mac
Jason Cunningham
Jason Cunningham:
Boys were back
Martial dived
Oscar Kire
Oscar Kire:
... it's a dive 🤣
Vancouver Life Jun Woo
Vancouver Life Jun Woo:
Southhampton 1 - 0 Liverpool ...
Ben Holland
Ben Holland:
How did they call 9:0
I hate shitting
I hate shitting:
1:23:24 I predicted 8-0 should have said 9 ffs
I still don’t think we are in the title race, but we need as much wins as possible to secure top 4. 🔥
The abuse they were giving Fred for the disallowed goal is inexcusable
R. E. Hill
R. E. Hill: