Manchester United 6-2 Leeds United | Premier League highlights

Premier League highlights from our 6-2 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Premier League with goals from Liam cooper and Stuart Dallas.

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100+ comentarios:

Brave of Leeds to post the highlights even though they lost 6-2. Full respect to Leeds ✊
Rafael Ferreira
Rafael Ferreira:
When Liverpool lost against Aston Villa (7 x 2) they didn't post the game on their Youtube channel, but now that Leeds lost for 6 x 2 Leeds posted it.
I mean, that's kinda humble I think.
yatish shetty
yatish shetty:
I'm a Man United Fan but whenever my team is not playing, I just love watching Leeds games as I know that it's going to be a guaranteed entertainer of a game. I know that the defence does leak a lot of goals, but still as a neutral fan, it's really good to see a team which relentlessly presses and attacks. Would hope your team to stay in the league for long as it's a breath of fresh air the way Leeds play.
Sachin Mesta
Sachin Mesta:
Leeds should not abandon their style, but yes they need to see where they made mistakes,
There were defensive mistakes, when the player lost the ball in midfield, and he went to recover the ball and gave up soon, allowing manchester united 4 v 5 on defence and they scored.
There were few times when players lost their focus for the moment and they lost the chance to score or united scored. The playing style was definitely NOT WRONG, The energy and the atttitude of the players was positive, they did not let their shoulders down or give up, but yes it was losing of focus at critical times that cost them the game.
Leeds is a brilliant side to watch, very free flowing game, not boring for a moment, but its important for players who are now playing in top Tier to maintain their focus at all the 90 minutes they are on the pitch, as if they lose focus for a moment, it can cost the team.
The only thing that the Leeds can learn is they need to keep focus and not lose their position in the game.
Fire Drake
Fire Drake:
Of all the teams to show Leeds a hammering since returning to the Premier League... it just had to be Manchester United.
Tom Wriggley
Tom Wriggley:
As a United fan I love the way Leeds play and I feel like an arsehole for saying it
Don't think too much or don't be demotivated,
U guys did well.
Go ahead ❤
Victory takes time
We've been through it all together,
And we've had our ups and downs
We're gonna stay with you forever,
at least until the world stops going round!

Dave William
Dave William:
I'm a united fan, and i honestly love how leeds play, keep it up boys 🔥
Spencer Askin
Spencer Askin:
Newly promoted team having big established clubs step up their game for us says it all. Keep confidence up and go again lads we have all opportunity in word this season make most of it👌🏼
A Yoghes Waran
A Yoghes Waran:
We did not loose spirit and tried to to fight till the end . Leeds forever ❤️
Nofal 96
Nofal 96:
That fred reaction on leeds last goal was all we need from all United player
You know, given where Leeds was 2 years ago and where they are now, most likely in no real danger of relegation, I think Leeds will only get better. They are fun to watch and, as they bring in signings, I think they will be really dangerous
Δelta is Gone
Δelta is Gone:
respect to Leeds, i wish them great years to come in the PL :)
Khant Htoo
Khant Htoo:
I miss the time when there were Viduka, Kewell and Smith upfront,
Bowyer, Milner and Dacourt midfield,
Woodgate, Mills and Ferdinand at the back.
The days will surely come back again.
Keep fighting, lads!!!
mahadi bin muhammad
mahadi bin muhammad:
Leeds REALLY needs to strengthen their defence. Playing in the premier league is different from the championship's coz the teams are very competitive where there will be relentless attacks and counter attacks.
Suvit Manomaiyanon
Suvit Manomaiyanon:
LEEDS never give up. Be strong ✌️⚽️
Mikan Ika
Mikan Ika:
Man U concedes 6, Liverpool concedes 7

Liverpool scores 7, Man U scores 6
Pip Ins
Pip Ins:
Liverpool fan here, love the Leeds game, better than watching the shite Spurs put on.
Everything about Leeds is so fast, their game, their play, even the highlights!
The El Loco Leeds Football Channel
The El Loco Leeds Football Channel:
We will improve the lads gave it their all.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi:
Don't think too much or don't be demotivated, U guys did well. Go ahead ❤ Victory takes time
I love Leeds playing styles from United fan....Respect👍👍
My Utopia
My Utopia:
Leeds United's play the best style, they just need to revamp their defense. The most exciting team this season, it is just unfortunate to see them below top ten. Keep the style and revamp your defense Leeds. This is coming from a United fan
qwertyu asdfgh
qwertyu asdfgh:
What a game🔥🔥
Rock girl
Rock girl:
We did not loose spirit and tried to to fight till the end . Leeds forever ❤️
Bald Martin
Bald Martin:
From a united fan you guys played really well. You shouldn't feel so hard done by from the score. You could have won 6-2 it was just one of those games. If you keep playing this style of football you'll go far 💪
Suresh Shukla
Suresh Shukla:
With a couple of defenders who are directed to focus on defending, Leeds could have been a top 6 team this season.
Viviana Resumi
Viviana Resumi:
Vamos Ledds !!! No pasa nada ya van a venir tiempos mejores
mr. Burnardo
mr. Burnardo:
Al Leeds le vienen bien estos partidos, van acumulando experiencia en la premier y, si logra mantenerse y los futbolistas saben capitalizar esto, pueden andar muy bien en las siguientes temporadas. Bielsa es el técnico ideal para un equipo chico, no sé si no salen campeones pronto.
Waited 16 years for that game and then got hammered lol.
Being a Manchester united fan ...I love how Leeds player ...even though we won by big Margin ...I love attitude and commitment of lead player ...hope they stay in premier.league ... because they are very entertaining ..and I wish them to stay in top league for more year ...
We will learn and get stronger. MOT
We needed you back Leeds welcome
Imran Abdullah Khan
Imran Abdullah Khan:
Tbh, the goals Leeds conceded were embarrassing. On the other hand, saves against a few Leeds attempts were outstanding.
Cerita Edot
Cerita Edot:
Great soccer players come and go but the spirit of the red devil remains on and continues to inspire ,,, Congratulations on the victory that has been achieved...
Jose C. Slater
Jose C. Slater:
Honestly, as a man utd supporter, I think Leeds is one of the most exciting teams to watch. Every time they're on the ball they just want to go forward. No cowards in the lot. Much respect
For those who referred Manchester United as a small club now must be crying today. One can’t compare Leeds united with Manchester United. The era is long gone. To bring it back , Leeds need to cover those years which they have lost In the end , it was a good football from both the teams. Wishing you guys all the best.
- Manchester United Fan ❤️
Dav Oko
Dav Oko:
Leeds United I love how you guys play 👌🏼 just get a striker and fix your defence and you be right at the top!! From a Utd Fan
Sourav Poddar
Sourav Poddar:
I'm a united fan but I just love Marcelo bielsa. Thats how football should be played not how Jose played. If Leeds got better defense and better striker, the scores could be different. It was probably game of the season
A wanderer
A wanderer:
All the best leeds for your matches.
Will see you again next year in your home turf 💪🏻💪🏻
The Flexible Truth
The Flexible Truth:
What a goal, Dallas!
Success Raphael
Success Raphael:
This Leeds goalie is a contender to be the best keeper in the premier league
Jamal Hassan
Jamal Hassan:
The Best intertaining match of the season. Any doubt?
Okeefe Dunkley
Okeefe Dunkley:
Am a man utd fan but I have to big up Leeds...they don't give up...they ran the entire 90 minutes nonstop
Kenzi Leo
Kenzi Leo:
The scoreline didn't really do justice what a brilliant football match. I didnt watch the game live but to see the stats, 1 shot every 2 minutes averaged. Very good
The All Mighty GM
The All Mighty GM:
Well played leeds👏
Manchester United are in the shape of their life this season.
Mathan Yoseph
Mathan Yoseph:
As a united fan watching wan bissaka break dancing on the last goal had me in tears 😂 seriously though my man looked lost
Louis Nicholas H
Louis Nicholas H:
With two or three quality signings Leeds will become a really tough team.
Arminiusz Mazowszanin
Arminiusz Mazowszanin:
With this defence they can concede 100 goals this season. shocking.
As an asian LU fan, I don't feel disappointed with this result. Just keep moving on!
LuckyBoi 123
LuckyBoi 123:
On behalf of all Man U fans we thank you Leeds for giving us free points
Mr Meeseeks
Mr Meeseeks:
an arsenal fan here,looking at bielsa sticking to his playing style reminds me of the way Wenger and Arsenal used to play.We might not win some of the games that we are expected to win,but at least we play our own beautiful football,unlike now...So much respect to Bielsa
Kyle Tempest
Kyle Tempest:
We will come back stronger, always do 💪💪💪
Τάιλερ Ντέρντεν
Τάιλερ Ντέρντεν:
Imagine being a Leeds United fan and waiting for this match for 16 years
Adam O
Adam O:
What a weekend!
A Suarez lynch
A Suarez lynch:
Bielsa will play with the same play book all the time (so Leeds is predictable some times), but the early goals changed the game. Desesperation and some mistakes made it easer. This mistakes must learned, as all mistakes must serve to learn
Alfian Ramadhan
Alfian Ramadhan:
I salute you guys from red Devils what a play you guys let's go you can do it guys i am a man united fan and what a strike guys in second half i'm speechless
Надо признать, что вы бойцы. Столько пропустить и все равно рубиться так же и дальше
Jean Carlos Berasgoico
Jean Carlos Berasgoico:
Time to learn and move on. Let's go boys
Hard luck Leeds. Was hoping for you guys to batter your bitter rivals, but oh well. Hope to see you improve more under Bielsa.
Herbert A
Herbert A:
It was a fantastic game. But bielsa needs to adapt to the opposition a bit. U cant leave so much space for a counter attacking side like United.But fair play he is a good coach, it gonna be easier against the midtable teams with this style of play. Really hope leeds stay up. Fantastic watch
Waited all these years the get a slapping at OT love it Ggmu
Abraham Bashaija
Abraham Bashaija:
Fairplay to them for attacking till the end
Ernesto Martinez
Ernesto Martinez:
Lots of hard words. I know loosing like this hurts a lot. But on one hand if you take a look at the Premier League table you'll see from the three promoted teams Leeds is the best by far with 17 ponts against 10 from Fulham and only 7 from West Brom. So when Marcelo says "This is the way we play football and we wont change a bit" I agree with that. But on the other hand maybe Leeds don't have the right players nor top world class players like other teams in terms to play football like Marcelo wanted to play and reach the first five or six positions of the table. I strongly suspect playing Marcelo's way in the Premier League means to play each and every game with the possibility of ended up with this kind of results, particularly against top teams.
Woon Shing Lee
Woon Shing Lee:
Let's not forget 3/4 of the team are from the Championship side ,and mid table 3 season ago.
As much as it hurts they had more to lose and that's why they went for it .
We should have treated this game like any and not the history behind the two clubs .
We still had the fight till end and now move on to next game. MOT
I am a Man utd fan and all the rivalry apart Hope your team does well
Gold 999
Gold 999:
Set aside the win, if Man United loses, I'll still be happy. Leeds United vs Man United is hell of an interesting football. Beautiful football.
We didnt deserve it and whatever the scoreline were proud of who we are! Bring on Burnley!⚽️🏆
Super Whites
Super Whites:
Keep this style all season we are playing for survival and we will if he keeps playing with attacking intent
Bharath R
Bharath R:
Welcome back Leeds
V I Z T O:
Amazing Manchester
edward monsang
edward monsang:
If only Leeds United got a superb finisher.. . They will be leading the table, really love their game.. They are so good👍👍👍
Let's hope our back line and our fans are back for the time at ellend road!
Steve Church
Steve Church:
respect for putting this up leeds, hope you stay up, you play good football, just need strength in defence.
mossy man
mossy man:
we really need robin koch and llorente back
We need central defenders, yeah i said koch is terrible now i miss him .
Pesadilla De la lata
Pesadilla De la lata:
Aunque gane o pierda no me importa una merd..yo al Leeds lo quiero lo llevo dentro del corazon ♪♪💪
Lova Mr
Lova Mr:
I love the last goal👍👍
FNS Perkz
FNS Perkz:
I'm proud to be a Leeds fan if this was West Bromwich Albion Vs Man u they would just sit back but we go head 2 head with every opponent
Jonathan Ramjauny
Jonathan Ramjauny:
Fair play Leeds. You never stopped trying against us. Great game of football. Bielsa needs to come up with a plan B because you can't just attack. Good to watch though.
jhonny deep
jhonny deep:
Me suscribo por el loco bielsa saludos desde chile y saludos al ledds que ganaron 5 a 0 hoy
All tonight did was set the table for redemption.
Dallas what a goal!!
All the way..
R G:
If only every team played like Leeds. Not sit back
yos yos
yos yos:
there is no defense in Leeds.. game making and offense is good.. Leeds suffer because of their defense 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐
Kamar Atas
Kamar Atas:
thanks for the atractive football, we need match like this again. Very very entertaining.
hopefully Llorente can recover quickly
Waiting 16 years for such..
Glory Glory man United Glory Glory man United Glory Glory man United as the Reds go marching on on on ...♥️♥️♥️
Saurabh kumar pathak
Saurabh kumar pathak:
As an LFC fan here . Leeds are the most dangerous team I fear . Remember , even we conceded 7 , came back with a 7 scored . United conceded 6 against spurs, came back with a 6 . So will you . And you have the quality to do that more than anybody . I still dread the fan btw liverpool and Leeds which ended 4-3 . Your team is dangerous man . Come back strong
sriram bhaskar challa
sriram bhaskar challa:
Such an unbiased channel 👍
B B:
I like how this video is only 2 mins, well spent my time
Mango Fangoe
Mango Fangoe:
I hope this style of play does not exhaust Leeds at the end of the season. They'd be in big trouble if that happens.
Yash Iyer
Yash Iyer:
Leeds United should play in the Premier League instead of Arsenal no CAP
I hope Leeds will be like Leicester city. Joy to watch this team.
I love Leeds United from a Star Wars fan.
The OG
The OG:
Bamford really needs to improve his finishing if bielsa's system is to work
KyleTube 90
KyleTube 90:
De gea was actually good
Not really gonna watch this, you know...It’s just a game though, go Leeds!