Manchester United Europa League preview: Go for silverware or rest up for next season? | ESPN FC

Manchester United resume their European campaign this week, facing LASK in the second leg of the UEFA Europa League round of 16. While Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will undoubtedly field his second team after winning the first leg 5-0, the question becomes what he does for the rest of the competition. Does Solskjaer look to play his stars, or will Bruno Fernandes, Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood be given a rest in order to recharge for the 2020-2021 English Premier League campaign? Craig Burley, Mark Ogden and Jan Age Fjortoft all discuss.

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Dayne Richards
Dayne Richards:

Avishek Kandel
Avishek Kandel:
Ask Tottenham, how difficult that is lol
Kriston Kyaw
Kriston Kyaw:
whatever united chooses, ESPN would still use their choice to criticize OLE!
Keysi Fighting Method
Keysi Fighting Method:
Ogden could do with £120million to go buy himself a personality.
Digonto Zahid
Digonto Zahid:
solsjaker didnt celebrate being 3rd at all...burley is really milking this
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan:
Craig is a joke. He hates united to death
Paddy DarkChild
Paddy DarkChild:
Man...That guy Ogden sounds like someone abuses him.
Dick Dingwiza
Dick Dingwiza:
It’s a good thing Ole doesn’t get his advice from the likes of Burley
Moses1 S
Moses1 S:
Of course Craig wants Man U to gave up on this so he can blast ole ahah but sorry buddy that ain’t happening we winning this
Mehdi Tajeddini
Mehdi Tajeddini:
Craig is still so bitter after being trashed by United in 94 cup final. For months he criticised OLE and United but can't take it when ole said what he said. Even Stevie an ex Liverpool player isn't as biased as Craig against United.
Kritav Shah
Kritav Shah:
Burley thought United and Everton might get relegated, nobody takes him seriously.
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment:
Burley again acting like ole was jumping up and down for 3rd o wait that was jose for 6th please open ta mouth about that ya clown
I don't know where Craig gets that Ole was 'celebrating 3rd like it was a trophy'. Complete nonsense.
Zinios Box
Zinios Box:
So you are saying they will not take it seriously because its so many games, with so many I mean 3 games
Wendy Grant
Wendy Grant:
Craig's continued attacks on Ole makes Craig look unprofessional. It's coming across as a personal agenda with Craig. Was there an issue between them at some point?
Marketing james
Marketing james:
I swear Craig really wants us to fail
Joy Chowdhury
Joy Chowdhury:
play youth in the round of 16 & quarters and then start the main team in the semi's & final done.
S T:
Craig is burned up his pal Lampard lost the opportunity to win a trophy this season & caig is feelin salty as Ole still has a chance to win europa which is bigger than FA cup & he finished above frank in league , he gets too personal when he tries to criticise Ole he just blasts off
Siddhant Chiring
Siddhant Chiring:
meanwhile tottenham::"why do i get dragged into every conversation about trophies"
nik wawa
nik wawa:
ask Tottenham how hard is that?made my dad lol
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
FA Cup final thrashing is why Burley shows hates towards United.
Maz I
Maz I:
2:30 obviously Craig would want us rest the team. They don’t want United to win a trophy
Guerrilla Games
Guerrilla Games:
A break? They've had 3 months off at home relaxing in lock down in their pools and luxury houses
Daniyal Iqbal
Daniyal Iqbal:
I sometimes feel that ESPN criticises United because Ronaldo played there
George's Opinion
George's Opinion:
Ogden is so dead, automatically depressed me once I heard his voice
tandy kundal
tandy kundal:
Man utd wins treble
Burley well is isn't the world cup is it?
We, must go for trophy.
Shinobi 91
Shinobi 91:
Go and win it we need a little spring going into next season
4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT
4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT:
Wayne Rooney:

"Ferguson wanting us to attack Guardiola's Barcelona in 2 Champions League finals was suicidal. Ferguson kept saying we're Manchester United and we are going to attack. But deep down, the players knew it was the wrong approach."
steven clark
steven clark:
you have to go and try and win the europa league get a trophy some silverware
Gavri saragih
Gavri saragih:
Young player MU....
Never underestemate the ole young guns..cmon PSG know about it....ask them..
Tshegofatso Matlala
Tshegofatso Matlala:
Lol Tottenham catching strays at the end
love finally have a United pundit on the show.
B!G P4K:
Reporter: Graig can ole win the Europa league
Graig: I dOnT kNoW wHy hE iS CeLeBrAtInG 3rd hE dIdNt wIn tHe tReBlE
Attila 22
Attila 22:
"Ask Tottenham" Jan is a Savage
Hrishikesh G
Hrishikesh G:
1:39 I guess not his first silverware as a coach.
Edward Luntala Jr
Edward Luntala Jr:
"a chance to rest players"!! And this guy gets paid for this? I hope not
Vernon Francis Gallagher
Vernon Francis Gallagher:
The key players might not have to play as much unless we need them in semi's or final if we get there.
Rahul Gopalakrishnan
Rahul Gopalakrishnan:
Such a biased review 😅
Priince Brvce_LUHG_
Priince Brvce_LUHG_:
Take it seriously, but just use the second team. Simple.
Simon sports
Simon sports:
except Jan Age Fjortoft everyone one of the are a clown always against mufc and why are they even here talking about mufc if they are not fans and if nobody like them rubbish
Arnav Shetty
Arnav Shetty:
We should go for silverware can really boost some morale among both players and fans
But yeah exhaustion is a problem but come on winning a trophy after 2 years
Sam Champion
Sam Champion:
We’re definitely aiming for silverware
Above All, United
Above All, United:
Without a proper summer break surely a month off in January will be necessary
Anirudh Iyer
Anirudh Iyer:
Craig agenda contiues
stanley ody
stanley ody:
y'all are mad, man utd are gonna take it serious
Rest up!
Adonis Blake
Adonis Blake:
The FA Cup is not a trinket
Aloyce Junior
Aloyce Junior:
Manutd can play in the supercup, they should take this serious so they can find out how they will perform in the champions league with these new players.
Arghya Dogra
Arghya Dogra:
May I remind you that man utd had 66 points.
4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT
4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT:
Sky Sports News

Manchester United are close to agreeing personal terms in principle on a five-year contract with Jadon Sancho.

Done deal.
101 Hassan Unais
101 Hassan Unais:
Arada iyale pidich ivde irithiyath...Kalla panni???
arctic 1878
arctic 1878:
Craig keeps talking about Ole celebrating 3rd... Not once have I seen Ole celebrate the 3rd place spot. Craig is OBSESSED with criticizing Ole for the smallest things.
Glenn Fletcher
Glenn Fletcher:
Liverpool have had 1 and a half good seasons and they are the best team in the world 👏👏👏😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣they won the UCL and then the premiership let’s see what they get next season before we start calling them the best team in the world oggy
craigs just bitter for having spent his entire career at small clubs and watching ole light up his teams defenses. and yes chelsea is a small club.
I want wolves to win tbr wanna see them in Champions league next year
Glenn Fletcher
Glenn Fletcher:
How can you put Roy Keane and Craig burley in the same sentence??
B D:
330th comment
saeid omar
saeid omar:
Calm down everyone Man utd will loss to one of those teams in the final 😂
John Hayes
John Hayes:
This is BS. You walk on field to win. Rest when you retire. Roy Keane...
R J:
Did Ole pull an Icardi on Burley?
play the kids against lask. win the first leg by like 5 with an almost full team. play kids, repeat until we get to the final and then win it. simple
Shahin Alaei
Shahin Alaei:
From now on I only want to see jan,Julian and Danny higinbottom on united shows everyone else is clueless
Joshua Jack
Joshua Jack:
I can smell the hypocrisy coming for their voices.
United: doesnt even celebrate being 3rd, but is still happy for getting the best possible outcome for the season
ESPN: rinses United for apparently 'celebrating' 3rd
Meanwhile Aston Villa: celebrates 17th like they've won the treble
ESPN: *I see no problem here*
Nik M
Nik M:
Burley with the agenda as usual
Mathewkevinbinu UR16CS071
Mathewkevinbinu UR16CS071:
i hope burley is removed from the show
Ogden sounds like a customer service rep for an Insurance company.
Whn they don't win Graig is gonna have a whole different opinion on this. Clip it 🤣💀
Johan Rijhkelaar
Johan Rijhkelaar:
Off course they’ll play to win it, first game they may rotate the squad given the huge lead they got but after that every team will play its best players. Anyone wants a bit of silverware
This is the stupidest title I’ve ever read in my life.
Benson 17
Benson 17:
I fear everything is set up perfectly for Liverpool to win the league again next season with a potential 3 week head start on City & United. They'll be fresher and fitter to so they know the opportunity the covid delay has served up. That's potentially 9-12 point lead before Xmas
Ole might be able to put pressure on the board/Woodward to get transfers through if they go deep in the Europa League. Squad depth was a big issue this year and congested fixtures could convince them to cover the holes on the bench now instead of a year from now.
Rafa Uk
Rafa Uk:
If you get 30 days off once your back, you will still have game to catch up on and will have 4 game in a week
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie:
Man u are comfortable
Blackmoon Kings
Blackmoon Kings:
United will win this
True Religion
True Religion:
Here for the comments
rest up? this is manchester united. go for silverware. no matter the state the club is in.
Lil Zoro Vert
Lil Zoro Vert:
Not a single starter should play
Richard Littlewood
Richard Littlewood:
Whatever Ole does they’ll say he should have done the opposite
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie:
They are comfortable
Vivek Jadhav
Vivek Jadhav:
Sack Craig
its not just about resting players but also limit injuries of our key players
Mohammed Faisal
Mohammed Faisal:
50/50. United will struggle next season if they go for this trophy. Trust me. They will be fighting for the top four once again instead of the title. They could even miss out because of going for the Europa. Let's see what happens. I hope I'm wrong and they win the Europa and still do fine the whole of next season. They need to maximise their squad depth to improve rotation
Frantz H
Frantz H:
They will get rested first game, after that this is just a pre season tour in a way and the team will want to win it.
Wendy Grant
Wendy Grant:
Isn't the Nation's Cup starting the beginning of Sept.? So how do the players get 30 days?
Given K M
Given K M:
It still gets me weird to why pundits on espn apart from Jan do hate man United especially Craig burley. This sometimes push me away from following espn talks more often when Jan is unavailable
Garreth Meagher
Garreth Meagher:
Craig is proper bitter 😂😂😂 loser
Reetam chatterjee
Reetam chatterjee:
Jan makes the most sense out of all the so called pundits ... He really seems to know football better... Not just pass on sarcastic remarks to show himself to be some big winner..
Nidhin s Dharan
Nidhin s Dharan:
Did Craig cross paths with Giggs anywhere in his career? That's the only logical explanation for this
They need break?! Lol they just had 4 months break...
Rose Finnøen
Rose Finnøen:
Im so glad that Jan is joining. He loves fotball and he knows what he talks about. If you are going to speek about footbal you shall be nuteral as much as possible. But when you have some one who cant set a side theyr feelings they should not join ESPN. Thats my opinion.
David Dowdall
David Dowdall:
Go and win it.
Vas Badrou
Vas Badrou:
They should go for it
Steve Mathews
Steve Mathews:
I don't get this u have a chance to win a really big trophy & u r talking about resting players .Rest at your on time you have a trophy to go for.
Liverpool won their Champions League cup against Tottenham, which made them the best team in Europe? What a joke final
Rachel Boswell
Rachel Boswell:
Really like how ole is transforming our squad! He's come in! Been ruthless at times! Got rid of the deadwood! His signings have been good! Now we're starting to see the start of something big! He deserves time and to be backed were a better team all round now! Ole's most definitely at the wheel! !!
Most punchable face? Burley
David Lewis
David Lewis:
Craig is such a jacka$s!
sipho banda
sipho banda:
Craig donkey 😑 talking about United...... why can't they get former united player's as pundits