Manchester United's Formidable Run to the Quarter-Finals | The Story So Far | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

After a tough draw against Wolverhampton Wanderers, the Red Devils have had a dominant run to the quarter-finals of the Emirates FA Cup. After comfortable victories against Tranmere Rovers and Derby County, can the good form continue against Norwich City?

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100+ comentarios:

One main reason for us being decently solid in the other competitions is because of Romero. He's one of the best back-up keepers.
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan:
I dont know what am doing here but Romero is a great goalkeeper
Dax Steel
Dax Steel:
you know tranmere are bad when Lingard, Jones and a RB who hasn't played in a year all score against you
Judy Agbo
Judy Agbo:
United have scored 12 goals and conceded 1 in this season's FA Cup.
Romero is an absolute beast in that goal.
But I expected him to save that goal. Anyways, we are going to Wembley
aidan straughn
aidan straughn:
its mind boggling how sharp Romero is considering the amount of playtime he gets
Hashim K
Hashim K:
Jones hadn’t scored for so long he forgot how to celebrate
Mohamad Riski A B
Mohamad Riski A B:
United have 3 great goalkeepers. De Gea, Romero, and Dean Henderson
Tanay Shah
Tanay Shah:
How could u not show Rooney s other free kick?! He made two brilliant attempts and two brilliant saves from Romero u only showed one
Gilang H
Gilang H:
and now I can see how underrated is Diogo Dalot
Testes McGee
Testes McGee:
FA Cup goals this season
Lionel Messi: 0
Phil Jones: 1
Ryan Waterlazy
Ryan Waterlazy:
We can't get complacent
Tommy Pal05
Tommy Pal05:
that reaction save against doherty is unbelievably world class
Ryan Stibbles
Ryan Stibbles:
Romero needs to get a start in the premier league with all of David’s mistakes lately
jeganaden chinnan
jeganaden chinnan:
One question for all those who see this comment, do you think Romero could start in champions league if man utd qualifies
NickTheToxic -_-
NickTheToxic -_-:
Imagine ole winning the fa cup and the europa league
Bruno: Hits volley misses
Shaw: Look kid lemme show u how its done
Tj the gamer
Tj the gamer:
United must finish fourth win fuel or do both
Correction: uel instead of fuel😑
Jovan Gunawan
Jovan Gunawan:
Glory Glory Man Utd🔴🔴
Bruno Fernandes’s memes
Bruno Fernandes’s memes:
We will win come on United
Noa Mateyawa
Noa Mateyawa:
Romero was once Argentina # 1 Keeper.... until we put him in the bench
Diana Atieno Otieno
Diana Atieno Otieno:
🎶"Glory glory man utd,glory glory man utd,
Glory glory man utd as the reds go marching on on on"🎶🧊🌋🌋🌋♨️💕💕💕💕🤩
Elias Sancho
Elias Sancho:
Appreciation for Sergio Romero
Partgamer 1
Partgamer 1:
I like how the commentator said Lindelof instead of Lingard lol
Radiant Jon
Radiant Jon:
Subtitles: Massey Ali, Eagle Oh
3:55 Lingardinho at it yet again.
0 goals comceded yet for romero 🔥🔥
officiall_ hollychris
officiall_ hollychris:
If I were United's coach, I'd start Romero anyday, anytime
Salim Mohamed
Salim Mohamed:
I think Romero should be no 1 goalkeeper for man u
Ganbaatar Guyeg
Ganbaatar Guyeg:
I feel like that tranmere commentary was different on the highlights of the game
KJ 2020
KJ 2020:
love tranmere's pitch 😍
MÖzil 99
MÖzil 99:
After De gea recent mistakes like wat ford and Everton make Romero a reg the mans a beast
Fanchester United
Fanchester United:
You know this teams are bad when we are starting Lingard and Jones
Tinky Winky
Tinky Winky:
Manchester United's formidable run to the Quarter Finals? You make it sound like they're a League Two side that have had to battle much stronger teams to get this far.
Manchester United have beaten Wolves, Tranmere and Derby. Hardly 'formidable' is it? "Routine" would've been a better word.
Larry Feruzi
Larry Feruzi:
They should do one of these for liverpool...

...Oh wait
Derrick Muga
Derrick Muga:
We are the famous man United and we are going to Wembley
Capt. CoCo
Capt. CoCo:
Ighalo doesn't seem like he's on loan. His passion is heart warming
Luka Doncic
Luka Doncic:
Stairway to heaven in the intro😍
MÖzil 99
MÖzil 99:
If Lingard and Jones score in the same match something’s off
Qincent Rusca
Qincent Rusca:

Rohit Tummala
Rohit Tummala:
The wolves match literally took up half of the video😅
Capt. CoCo
Capt. CoCo:
Lingard should learn scoring from the captain.
Colin McDermott
Colin McDermott:
Sergio Romero. Best Back up Keeper in the premier league change my mind!!!!
sofyan hw7
sofyan hw7:
Penyelematan Romero, Anjing emangg 🔥🔥🔥
Afif Abdillah
Afif Abdillah:
0:37 what a save!
02:07 Why what large posts you have... 😂😂😂😂
@the Emirates FA cup you should do one for Chelsea
Shahin Alaei
Shahin Alaei:
James had a great game in the second leg
Formidable??? Yeah, thanks for the laugh!!!
Martin Majax
Martin Majax:
Thumbs up for Romero, its just impressing
I feel the time has come to give Romero a chance in PL.
Romero is one of the best back up keepers!
Romero is absolutely amazing
Jason Allen
Jason Allen:
ez dubs, watch us win the finals 🤘
I am happy he is Uniteds number 2! He is a great placement if De Gea ever leaves
Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool:
😍 GGMU 💪 OLE ♥️👍
A’ D
A’ D:
I just wish united would drop de gea for a league game or two to wake him up so we could see the de gea that we all loved
AiZaT_WorLD 5858
AiZaT_WorLD 5858:
7.46..twin memphis depay😂😂
Afiq Nizam
Afiq Nizam:
How did bruno fernandes manage to be in the thumbnail 😂
Flagpies 2020
Flagpies 2020:
stairway to heaven in the intro of a united video it doesn’t get any better 🤩🤩
premier league _itk
premier league _itk:
Its crazy to think Henderson is gonna be no.1 when Romero's levels above him
Gary Mason
Gary Mason:
Watch with subtitles, very funny
Canady Canady
Canady Canady:
Romero best backup goalkeeper
don't tell me any different but when the players walk out at molenyeux, strikes me as a boxing ring walk
Hanif Ferdi
Hanif Ferdi:
Romero saves its so amazing
Harshit Jain
Harshit Jain:
Should have made this video a week later including united's win over norwich in the quarter finals
Daksh Patel
Daksh Patel:
Let's talk about ighalo too😂
Jesper Nessa
Jesper Nessa:
Great video!
IK tube
IK tube:
Best backup goalie.
Joe Gregory
Joe Gregory:
How is it remarkable they’re a ‘top 4 club‘
Emirates cup in UK ? welcome in pandemonium
That free kick from Rooney. Maybe more managers should be playing? Very nice attempt.
Mike Karuma Boss
Mike Karuma Boss:
Fantastic finish from Ighalo against Derby
A K:
Romero vs THE FA CUP

Rohan Reid
Rohan Reid:
Norwich must be like, Yikes!!!
Romero should start deagea just lost his ability to save for some odd reason
Amiruddin Muslim Anshori
Amiruddin Muslim Anshori:
I see jimmy page
Gilang Permana
Gilang Permana:
Come on reds Devils
dhruv Pandya
dhruv Pandya:
Who else heard Zeppelin?
osman abdirahim
osman abdirahim:
Romero is ths most underrated keeper on earth,the guy is a beast !
Fanchester United
Fanchester United:
Romero is excellent and shows class I think if we give him a chance he could become a number 1 for United

Rohit Sen Sharma
Rohit Sen Sharma:
Romero what a goalkeeper
Kinito Kinny
Kinito Kinny:
I missed those noisy crowds 😢.
Aaron D
Aaron D:
romero would start for in any other team
Joshua Gouveia
Joshua Gouveia:
James started off great. Then just dropped off as the season progressed
Oluwaseyi James Adebayo
Oluwaseyi James Adebayo:
Glory glory man united
Romero is actually so underrated it’s insane
anu .S.S
anu .S.S:
Romero deserved to be playing somewhere else as no:1
Graeme Handley
Graeme Handley:
Formidable run to lose a fight with wolves for 5th place in the prem.
Joshua obaga
Joshua obaga:
Romero should start the next EPL game to get some fire up DDG for form.
y didn't Romero played in 2018 wc?
Maulana Ali Firdaus
Maulana Ali Firdaus:
Did anyone noticed Stairway to Heaven at the beginning? :)
The Loqicest
The Loqicest:
Man utd would be in final
Unlucky 😔
mohd nabil
mohd nabil:
someone please tell me what happen to daniel james?
Adam Tastic
Adam Tastic:
Our B team + Fernandes and Pogba to take us to the finals but our main target is top 4.
hancorzh hafizh
hancorzh hafizh:
romero or nomore?

Noval ardiansyah
Noval ardiansyah:
GGMU brooo
Abinash Mahapatra
Abinash Mahapatra:
Mata was class against wolves
j_ gauntlett
j_ gauntlett:
romero is criminally underrated just because he’s a substitute keeper, he’s probably the best second keeper in the world
Noval ardiansyah
Noval ardiansyah:
My two bæs
My two bæs:
I think carrick plays a huge rule hes one of the last people that played with some of the best players the epl has seen