Manchester United's Formidable Run to the Quarter-Finals | The Story So Far | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

After a tough draw against Wolverhampton Wanderers, the Red Devils have had a dominant run to the quarter-finals of the Emirates FA Cup. After comfortable victories against Tranmere Rovers and Derby County, can the good form continue against Norwich City?

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100+ comentarios:

One main reason for us being decently solid in the other competitions is because of Romero. He's one of the best back-up keepers.
Judy Agbo
Judy Agbo:
United have scored 12 goals and conceded 1 in this season's FA Cup.
Romero is an absolute beast in that goal.
But I expected him to save that goal. Anyways, we are going to Wembley
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan:
I dont know what am doing here but Romero is a great goalkeeper
aidan straughn
aidan straughn:
its mind boggling how sharp Romero is considering the amount of playtime he gets
Dax Steel
Dax Steel:
you know tranmere are bad when Lingard, Jones and a RB who hasn't played in a year all score against you
Mohamad Riski A B
Mohamad Riski A B:
United have 3 great goalkeepers. De Gea, Romero, and Dean Henderson
Hashim K
Hashim K:
Jones hadn’t scored for so long he forgot how to celebrate
Tanay Shah
Tanay Shah:
How could u not show Rooney s other free kick?! He made two brilliant attempts and two brilliant saves from Romero u only showed one
Gilang H
Gilang H:
and now I can see how underrated is Diogo Dalot
Tommy Pal05
Tommy Pal05:
that reaction save against doherty is unbelievably world class
Ryan Stibbles
Ryan Stibbles:
Romero needs to get a start in the premier league with all of David’s mistakes lately
jeganaden chinnan
jeganaden chinnan:
One question for all those who see this comment, do you think Romero could start in champions league if man utd qualifies
Shahin Alaei
Shahin Alaei:
James had a great game in the second leg
0 goals comceded yet for romero 🔥🔥
officiall_ hollychris
officiall_ hollychris:
If I were United's coach, I'd start Romero anyday, anytime
KJ 2020
KJ 2020:
love tranmere's pitch 😍
Terrible quality Fifa Goals
Terrible quality Fifa Goals:
I feel like that tranmere commentary was different on the highlights of the game
Theo Santana
Theo Santana:
Appreciation for Sergio Romero
Tj series
Tj series:
United must finish fourth win fuel or do both
Correction: uel instead of fuel😑
I feel the time has come to give Romero a chance in PL.
Romero is absolutely amazing
Capt. CoCo
Capt. CoCo:
Ighalo doesn't seem like he's on loan. His passion is heart warming
Romero is one of the best back up keepers!
j_ gauntlett
j_ gauntlett:
romero is criminally underrated just because he’s a substitute keeper, he’s probably the best second keeper in the world
Bruno: Hits volley misses
Shaw: Look kid lemme show u how its done
Testes McGee
Testes McGee:
FA Cup goals this season
Lionel Messi: 0
Phil Jones: 1
Fantastic finish from Ighalo against Derby
Ryan Warner
Ryan Warner:
Romero is actually so underrated it’s insane
I think carrick plays a huge rule hes one of the last people that played with some of the best players the epl has seen
Ryan Waterlazy
Ryan Waterlazy:
We can't get complacent
I am happy he is Uniteds number 2! He is a great placement if De Gea ever leaves
Imagine ole winning the fa cup and the europa league
osman abdirahim
osman abdirahim:
Romero is ths most underrated keeper on earth,the guy is a beast !
That free kick from Rooney. Maybe more managers should be playing? Very nice attempt.
14. Hanif Ferdiansyah S
14. Hanif Ferdiansyah S:
Romero saves its so amazing
Noa Mateyawa
Noa Mateyawa:
Romero was once Argentina # 1 Keeper.... until we put him in the bench
3:55 Lingardinho at it yet again.
Capt. CoCo
Capt. CoCo:
Lingard should learn scoring from the captain.
MÖzil 99
MÖzil 99:
If Lingard and Jones score in the same match something’s off
Flagpies 2020
Flagpies 2020:
stairway to heaven in the intro of a united video it doesn’t get any better 🤩🤩
Alex' D497
Alex' D497:
I just wish united would drop de gea for a league game or two to wake him up so we could see the de gea that we all loved
Shreyashi Sengupta
Shreyashi Sengupta:
Romero❤ 👑Romero❤ 👑Romero ❤👑
Graeme Handley
Graeme Handley:
Formidable run to lose a fight with wolves for 5th place in the prem.
Colin McDermott
Colin McDermott:
Sergio Romero. Best Back up Keeper in the premier league change my mind!!!!
Joshua obaga
Joshua obaga:
Romero should start the next EPL game to get some fire up DDG for form.
Joshua Gouveia
Joshua Gouveia:
James started off great. Then just dropped off as the season progressed
Diana Atieno Otieno
Diana Atieno Otieno:
🎶"Glory glory man utd,glory glory man utd,
Glory glory man utd as the reds go marching on on on"🎶🧊🌋🌋🌋♨️💕💕💕💕🤩
MÖzil 99
MÖzil 99:
After De gea recent mistakes like wat ford and Everton make Romero a reg the mans a beast
Canady Canady
Canady Canady:
Romero best backup goalkeeper
Ramin Faiz
Ramin Faiz:
You know this teams are bad when we are starting Lingard and Jones
sofyan hw7
sofyan hw7:
Penyelematan Romero, Anjing emangg 🔥🔥🔥
Ramin Faiz
Ramin Faiz:
Romero is excellent and shows class I think if we give him a chance he could become a number 1 for United

premier league _itk
premier league _itk:
Its crazy to think Henderson is gonna be no.1 when Romero's levels above him
Crazy to think that united would’ve gotten into the final against villa if Periera didn’t score that OG against city. Would’ve definetly he beaten villa in the final
Romero should start deagea just lost his ability to save for some odd reason
Big man marty Wray
Big man marty Wray:
@the Emirates FA cup you should do one for Chelsea
Harshit Jain
Harshit Jain:
Should have made this video a week later including united's win over norwich in the quarter finals
Jesper Nessa
Jesper Nessa:
Great video!
Martin Majax
Martin Majax:
Thumbs up for Romero, its just impressing
Salim Mohamed
Salim Mohamed:
I think Romero should be no 1 goalkeeper for man u
anu .S.S
anu .S.S:
Romero deserved to be playing somewhere else as no:1
Sharath Krishna
Sharath Krishna:
Wayne Rooney should play his last season for Manchester United
Abinash Mahapatra
Abinash Mahapatra:
Mata was class against wolves
Oluwaseyi James Adebayo
Oluwaseyi James Adebayo:
Glory glory man united
romero would start for in any other team
okonomi katsu
okonomi katsu:
Romero is beast!!
Adam Tastic
Adam Tastic:
Our B team + Fernandes and Pogba to take us to the finals but our main target is top 4.
Mac Outten
Mac Outten:
hope Romero starts against Norwich in the Quarters
Radiant Jon
Radiant Jon:
Subtitles: Massey Ali, Eagle Oh
premier league _itk
premier league _itk:
Jones use to be a beast under sir alex
Kinito Kinny
Kinito Kinny:
I missed those noisy crowds 😢.
ya boi whizard
ya boi whizard:
Why don't we give dalot a chance at RW? We need pace there and he's clearly got it
Romero is class
Joe Gregory
Joe Gregory:
How is it remarkable they’re a ‘top 4 club‘
bina saputra
bina saputra:
Phil jones goal is gonna be goal of the season
Glory Glory Man United
Luka Doncic
Luka Doncic:
Stairway to heaven in the intro😍
Jiggs Wut
Jiggs Wut:
Greenwood takes penalties with his weaker foot? 😲
Rohit Sen Sharma
Rohit Sen Sharma:
Romero what a goalkeeper
Jovan Gunawan
Jovan Gunawan:
Glory Glory Man Utd🔴🔴
Victor Kamau
Victor Kamau:
Hope we win
Derrick Muga
Derrick Muga:
We are the famous man United and we are going to Wembley
Romero is a beast
Mohammed Alansari
Mohammed Alansari:
Nobody realized that if rashford scored against wolves at molineux then he wouldn't have gotten injured at old Trafford against them😳
Football Now and Then
Football Now and Then:
Best backup goalie.
Memes Production 2456
Memes Production 2456:
I’m not a United fan but I really want United to win it
Sohaib :
Romero could be our first choice. We can sell de Gea to get someone else in. Grant can be backup.
Walter Clements
Walter Clements:
Imagine being that bad that Jesse lingard scores against you 😂
Partgamer 1
Partgamer 1:
I like how the commentator said Lindelof instead of Lingard lol
idk but i really think ighalo would work much better as a striker compared to martial.
John Munro
John Munro:
Wolves away. Tranmere away. Derby away. Norwich Away. doing it the hard way.
Beuken Phom
Beuken Phom:
Hate it or no
Romero is the best backup keeper in the world.
H Hassan
H Hassan:
Who do you guys think should be United number 1? De Gea, Romaro or Dean??
Rohan Reid
Rohan Reid:
Norwich must be like, Yikes!!!
Let's talk about ighalo too😂
Chetan Bangera
Chetan Bangera:
Afif Abdillah
Afif Abdillah:
0:37 what a save!
Dalot could play rw against Sheffield tonight?
Randy Harkediansa
Randy Harkediansa:
05:35 I use to think Mason greenwood is right-footed
kernel pop
kernel pop:
Romero should be United's no.1