Manchester United Target 5 MAJOR Signings For January! | Transfer Talk


Manchester United have a lot of weak areas in their squad so it's looking like January is going to be a busy one for the Red Devils during the winter window with Sancho, Haaland, Maddison & Rice all linked with moves!


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Football Daily
Football Daily:
Who would be the ideal signing for Manchester United in the winter window?! ⬇️
Röss Åke
Röss Åke:
Sterling is still only 24 years old?
He's a reverse Lingaard.
Laurence's Daddy
Laurence's Daddy:
You have to be stupid to try and deal with the Leicester city board. Leicester would demand like £120m for Maddison lmao. Maguire should send warnings to other teams.
Panayiotis louka
Panayiotis louka:
Madisson will be a great asset for us time to replace Lingard!
Modern Mexican
Modern Mexican:
The same thing happens every season. United have several targets, say their gonna get all of them and end up getting 1 maybe 2 of the players. Keep dead wood in the team.
Mxsticツ Gaming
Mxsticツ Gaming:
Liverpool:Signs top player and winning
Leicester:Never signs a top player and winning
Chelsea:Signs players and talks like winning a lot of game
Manchester City:One defender down and they will not win
Manchester United:Signs many players and still losing
cheee chee
cheee chee:
Guys, any chance for you guys to make a 10 predictions for the next decade video? Just an idea.
Pradeep Kanchan
Pradeep Kanchan:
6 months left on contract and a better duo!!
Jose Pereira
Jose Pereira:
Rúben dias only 30 million? He has a release clause of 100 so we Expect at least 80 million for our next capitan
Rashid Ali
Rashid Ali:
Sterling to real. Sancho to man utd, halland to utd.
Benjamin Tirone Nunes
Benjamin Tirone Nunes:
Dias isn't leaving Benfica for less than €60m
These Man Utd transfer rumours are just memes.
Pep made sure both Bayern and City were making signings he would want years in advance of him moving to them.
Kazi Alam
Kazi Alam:
man utd will not get to sign jadon sancho and is jadon sancho considering a move to utd??.if he is keen to move to the prem its either chelsea or liverpool.
Javi Ismael
Javi Ismael:
Moussa Dembele
James Maddison
Cullum Wilson
Ngam Yt
Ngam Yt:
Manchester United can sign player like
1.Jadon Sancho
2.Memphies Depay
3.James Madison
4.Haland etc
Emmanuel Praise Ugomsinachi Tunde Duhu
Emmanuel Praise Ugomsinachi Tunde Duhu:
We need James Madison first
If Man U don't sign good mids this Jan, WE'RE DONE
I think man utd Rly need to sign dembele and maddison as we need an out and out striker and to strengthen our midfield
Henry Selby
Henry Selby:
The only reason I watch fd
iwantgoals 15
iwantgoals 15:
Here we are in desperate need of midfielders and we’re mainly being linked with wingers and forwards aside from Declan rice who is too expensive. It not looking good.
Matt Matthias
Matt Matthias:
Manchester United needs everyone
United will have to spend upwards of 150mill to bring there season back to life and bring in players in different positions, not bring in 4 attackers
lecister’s board would want 250 million for maddison lmao
Nick van Betuw
Nick van Betuw:
**Atalanta star Ezequil Barco*

See the mistake?
Nizam Latif
Nizam Latif:
Safawi rasyid 🖒
hassaam baig
hassaam baig:
They need cavani. Hes almost outta contract, and ges a good experienced striker
Half kastMf
Half kastMf:
United Need Bruno Fernandes 💚❤
tumelo nkodi
tumelo nkodi:
Manchester United needs Erling Braut Håland
#PgTrym91 Norwegian Sports fan, gamer & Guitarist
#PgTrym91 Norwegian Sports fan, gamer & Guitarist:
I am full on Erling Braut Haaland ! :D and the winger Sancho so.... those are the ones i hope for
Mohaiminul Karim
Mohaiminul Karim:
Talbot .21
Talbot .21:
Wilder leaving the blades 😂😂😂😂😂clueless .... Unsubbed
NBA Shaqz
NBA Shaqz:
Make this blue if we’re getting none of those players😂
Vickram Suchonsamran
Vickram Suchonsamran:
Here we go again
abd salie
abd salie:
I feel like man I needs to sign hakim zyiech to score and provide assists for rashford and martial
Joseph M
Joseph M:
We need James Madison at united👌👍⚽️🔥🤞
Certified 254
Certified 254:
6th on the table
Itsnotryan 7
Itsnotryan 7:
despite all the rumours, ed woodward will probably sign none of them
Hello There
Hello There:
Like Man U are signing any of them 🤣🤣
Big Chungus
Big Chungus:
Haaland has a release clause of only 20 mil sooo would hardly be 80 mil
Just watched this video to laugh at all the players Man United obviously aren’t gonna sign
Jiren DaMacc
Jiren DaMacc:
Man U needs to ditch Fred!
So what was the point in Manchester United to sell Lukaku because all there doing is there getting a similar player and it’s a downgrade?
random youtube guy
random youtube guy:
West ham have literally 0 chance of getting wilder dont be silly loool
Moise Kean would do wonders at Chelsea
I bought Mbappe for Utd in FM19, solved all my problems.
Reece Dilling
Reece Dilling:
la7 _ mu
la7 _ mu:
We need Madders the most !
Ryan Doyle
Ryan Doyle:
I'm clicking off right now cause sterlings first on the list
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman:
MDTA playzz
MDTA playzz:
Well Man U need all of them
i didn’t come on this video to watch potential tottenham and man city signings😂😂
Jamie's Maddison
Kev J Smith
Kev J Smith:
Maddison should be United's #1 target
Toruk Makto
Toruk Makto:
United should keep their hands off EPL players. PL clubs will rip them off. There is a thing called scouting, do that and find better players in other leagues.
James rodd
James rodd:
Sterling spotted in cardif
Syno Osprey
Syno Osprey:
I'm a man utd fan and I think we need everyone u said the most and make it 4 wins in 14 games
Diego Smith
Diego Smith:
Never gonna happen as long as Woodward and Glazers are in charge.
Alabassi Abullahi
Alabassi Abullahi:
Man utd to sign January :
Bruno Fernandez
Raul Jimenez
Is a great signing
Aidan Rogue
Aidan Rogue:
useless lol
Zain Hussain
Zain Hussain:
Sterling is now 25 it was his birthday
srinath sri
srinath sri:
Me after seeing thumbnail
5 more Jesse lingard's ?? United are really over😂😂
Aswin K
Aswin K:
We want Ronaldo back
Brad Sorensen
Brad Sorensen:
can united be the next leeds already
Pepe Coby
Pepe Coby:
They forgot Pochetino!
Muhad Kabeer
Muhad Kabeer:
And none of them is going to come
Sancho & Haaland we need strikers and wingers
Rebecca Pratt
Rebecca Pratt:
Sancho and rice
Marchello Syster
Marchello Syster:
I must get bruno fernandes😌
Sudeis Abdiwahab
Sudeis Abdiwahab:
We need a striker Manchester united
Kuhle Mchunu
Kuhle Mchunu:
Manchester united needs Jack grealish
Human Being
Human Being:
Man U needs a manager
And then dybala for lingard
Their forwards are good just need the Creation that dybala can provide moreover he isnt having good relations at juve so
For me that is a very nice and tactical move
U can buy sancho but there isnt much need
What manU need is a confident mid field and another strong CB
Vasilis Siniosoglou
Vasilis Siniosoglou:
United always wants to spend but never spends just leave them dream
*Man utd should try to buy Christian Eriksen. How he is a bench player, i will never understand.*
V1nn9 S1n9h
V1nn9 S1n9h:
Halland or sancho
pac dmx
pac dmx:
No matter who they gonna signing the worth of that player will be 80-100£mil..
We aint buying any of these so obvious players
Jon Seymour
Jon Seymour:
Utd daily
Keviel Massar
Keviel Massar:
And buy saul
Rabie Houdjedje
Rabie Houdjedje:
What about Youcef Atal?
lingard is 27 and trash,

sterling is 25 and good
Fitzroi Carter
Fitzroi Carter:
Why lawd why does Man United need D. Rice? Whhhyyyy!!
Federico Liguori
Federico Liguori:
Manchester United board: "We want Sancho"
Borussia Dortmund board: "Yeah, just give us Old Trafford and Pogba"
MU needs at least 2 creative midfielders + Sandro Tonali and a true RW.
Coach Dabs
Coach Dabs:
Man U needs a midfielder
Anna Rose Botsoie
Anna Rose Botsoie:
A video just for the sake of it.... pointless
Man Utd has never made 5 signings ever during Winter transfer window so I don't see why they will start now....
Kay B
Kay B:
Man Utd need a LB,CDM, CM,CAM,RW, ST in order to be competitive I but doubt we’ll sign more than 1 player in January
Jadon Sancho
Bright Fire
Bright Fire:
Man U need to try sign Dybala and Alderwield.
ÌbRÄhím0vìÇ çr7
ÌbRÄhím0vìÇ çr7:
Not that y'all can fix it, but the ticker at the bottom says Atalanta instead of Atlanta for Barco.
Unnar Haraldsson
Unnar Haraldsson:
Pepe Coby
Pepe Coby:
Get sanchez and smalling back! Boom! Problem solved!
United need a fkn CAM it's clear Pogba does not want to play and Lingard/Mata are terrible. Solskjaer needs to set his priorities straight.
at this point it doesnt even matter what they target, as soon as they hit manchester they forget how to play football.
magnumsiber siber
magnumsiber siber:
I think pogba will leave us.

new players in :
ST : Halaand
RW: Sancho
CAM : Eriksen, Madison , SMS
CDM : Longstaff / Rice

Bring back smalling. Sell Jones, Mata, Matic, Lingard.
Keviel Massar
Keviel Massar:
Man u should sell pogba
Mankusic YT
Mankusic YT:
Dembele and Sancho is coming to Chelsea