Manchester United vs Brighton 3-2 Highlights FULL TIME (26th September 2020)

Manchester United vs Brighton Highlights
Brighton vs Man United 2-3 Goals
Man United vs Brighton
Brighton 2-3 Man Utd

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58 comentarios:

Samson Masebu
Samson Masebu:
Crossbar challenge presented to you by Trossard
Johnson Iyke
Johnson Iyke:
Brighton played real well tho
Paddy Live
Paddy Live:
That panenka was so to humiliate United and Maupay's crying baby celebration confirmed it. Glad it came back to bite him in his handball that gave away the penalty and won United the match. Cheeky busterd 😂
Nanzing Dadi
Nanzing Dadi:
That rashford nasty..damn..
Quốc Huy
Quốc Huy:
Brighton: The match is over,we have drawn and got a point!
Man Utd:*renewed the Premium VAR package....
Rishi Bissumroy
Rishi Bissumroy:
Utd seems not playing wiz confidence.
Pogba can't play football now.
We have a poor defense .
Although we won this game we have a lot to do to be more efficient.
Damn Solksjaer needs to wake up, he’s got the team playing pedestrian football all over again. This ain’t no Italian league, we can’t afford to play like this. Where’s our football DNA?
Henry A
Henry A:
What is the logo of Crystal Palace doing on the thumbnail?
Brian Ong'ondi
Brian Ong'ondi:
Ole needs to do something,we are getting disappointed with Man United game.
Harry Saroy
Harry Saroy:
Penalty executed perfectly for Brighton 👌
Woodwork did the job better than Woodward. It is painful to watch UTD play at the edge of the sword, too slow.
Ogunjobi Idowu
Ogunjobi Idowu:
Thorn my ticket when I saw 2:2 5 hours later my ticket was still open wtf
Wtf it looked like the trossards last woodwork was in and then cameout
Luyanda Jay Jonsile
Luyanda Jay Jonsile:
Brighton meant business here....Man u just survived the war
LK Marett Games
LK Marett Games:
My guy put Crystal Palace in the thumbnail
Doka Matla
Doka Matla:
am i the only one that realized the crustal palace logo
joshua p
joshua p:
Man United were lucky to get a win.
I think Brighton deserve to get at least a draw
Wrong team in the thumbnail
Chukwu John
Chukwu John:
What I know that match is 2-2 draw that all
juma othman
juma othman:
Brighton played with 12 player of man u including referee.
Gee Arita
Gee Arita:
Brighton was the better side...
Pathetic...if United can only win this way, they are not gonna get far this season.
Lucas José
Lucas José:
Crystal palace ? 😂😂
coco fresh
coco fresh:
I thought that cry baby celebration by maupay was cruel until rashford made those defenders kiss the ground
Najib Mohamed
Najib Mohamed:
Crossbar back in action
tebogo mokgethi
tebogo mokgethi:
Well done lads, #GGMU
Lucky Lucky Man Utd...
we do x
we do x:
what a game was this today!!, Brighton deserved to win here,
and Chelsea was strong enough to beat these monsters.
Frederick dove
Frederick dove:
What a match happy we won
Raphael Adegoke
Raphael Adegoke:
Victory at last.
Thuo Hamprey
Thuo Hamprey:
It's good for Manchester United
Amanya Kevin
Amanya Kevin:
Really manutd has eon a dramatic game
Chukwu John
Chukwu John:
Brighton play pass Manchester United
I made this video too
we do x
we do x:
foul 3:03 and not on 3:37 and 4:52 bravo ref,
tapiwa siwonde
tapiwa siwonde:
very very weak Manchester United ....
LangkaSuka Boy
LangkaSuka Boy:
Reff.. help.. help..
Broo how can I download videos like these ones without copyright claims?
Krishnil Nand
Krishnil Nand:
C'mon Manchester United.....
Jinksboss Wicks
Jinksboss Wicks:
Thank mate
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sunny D
sunny D:
Came first ...
John Dominguez
John Dominguez:
Where's the third goal? Stupid
Jay H
Jay H:
Linderlof only starts over Baiily because of colour....cause I dont see how Ole can continue to start him.
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Halldór Þormar Hermannsson
Halldór Þormar Hermannsson:
Terrible cuts and editing
robert kiplangat
robert kiplangat:
Rashford best player ever seen
The Mlu Lungsta
The Mlu Lungsta:
Maguire is an expensive centre back for nothing infact that back line has to be replaced, Wan bassaka was terrible today
Rovshen Hesen'zadeh
Rovshen Hesen'zadeh:
11 nomer 🚀
D. Arunovic
D. Arunovic:
At the end of the day Brighton were not clinical. Goals win games
Gideon Njeru
Gideon Njeru:
Anh Be 5 bo giong
Anh Be 5 bo giong:
đứa nào hậu vệ trái man u vậy
Steve gwamcis
Steve gwamcis:
Victor lindelof is a scam😖😖😖😖😖
Elias Chokwe
Elias Chokwe:
Man United are not going to finishing on the top 5 this season. Screenshot this.
Nkrumah Chinweizu
Nkrumah Chinweizu:
Highway robbery