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100+ comentarios:

Taha Raheem
Taha Raheem:
3:02:50 . I'm still dying of laughter. Horrible match but this is just hilarious
Red Said
Red Said:
Only positive thing to come out of this game is Mark's meltdown. (And Donny's goal)
Rhian Oduwungu
Rhian Oduwungu:
Mark I don’t care about the owners, we should be winning that game with that team
Every other club after £250m spend: We've built a title challenging squad
Man Utd after £250m spend: We need to spend another £250m to be competitive
Drew Chew
Drew Chew:
Goldbridge : You cant be losing 2-1 to crystal palace!
Zaha : Fine! 3-1 then!
Tsinde Mathanga
Tsinde Mathanga:
What were the bloody tactics in that game, poor donny
Red Mancunian
Red Mancunian:
One of the worst united performances I’ve ever seen in my life. Forget the penalty we got battered from start to finish by palace haha no chance of top 4 never mind a title challenge
Sam Tong
Sam Tong:
2:45:30 is the funniest thing I’ve seen today
These goal reactions were brilliant Goldbridge. Thank you
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters:
“Noooo, it’s not a penalty”...... What goes around comes around Mark.
Cant wait to see Mark “unload” on his match reaction 🤤
Ayush Ban
Ayush Ban:
Herschelle Benting
Herschelle Benting:
It's soo ironic tht the team that had the most penalties given to them in the history of any team ever in one season are complaining abwt VAR and trying to explain rules
Penalty all day long based on the rules. Get used to them, will get more against all teams but more given against you as well.
For The Disenfranchised
For The Disenfranchised:
Oh so no penalties today, how are you supposed to win when you're not given a penalty or two?
Thompson Tom
Thompson Tom:
With each defeat (plenty more to come) it's a step closer to get Ole out. I don't doubt his passion but how long can we ignore the obvious shortcomings..
Danielle Marshall
Danielle Marshall:
michael earwaker
michael earwaker:
Watching him gloat about the penalty save just for it to be retaken and go in is brilliant
Brad Carling
Brad Carling:
Mark complains about var and penalties yet Man Utd were given loads of penalties and var went there way constantly
Can’t watch AFTV anymore but man united have my back all the time 🙏
Tray 37
Tray 37:
Stay calm and remember you’re still varchester united
Tenn Kenobi
Tenn Kenobi:
Mark has the tendency to say ‘We’re Manchester Utd!!!’ in times of exasperation and annoyance. But now in 2020, what does that actually mean anymore?
Cormac Culkeen's Culture Bunker
Cormac Culkeen's Culture Bunker:
Oh, that was lovely. Keep it up, Comedy Fc.
OrcasRule x
OrcasRule x:
I love Solskjaer but he has to take the blame here poor team selection. Same with the cup semis
Siddhant LCFC
Siddhant LCFC:
United stand turning into Prime AFTV...
Tony Mullins
Tony Mullins:
This man cured my covid
Gaz Mach1
Gaz Mach1:
Really ? A one minute countdown like this is something epic after waiting 8 minutes already ?
Brian k
Brian k:
By rule of law it was a penalty.If it was at the other end Mark would be making that point.
Fut Master
Fut Master:
2:49:38 I’ve never heard someone say “UR HAVING A LAUGH” so many times 😂😂😂
I love how Mark didn’t bother to change the scoreboard to 3-1 😂😂😂
Red Man
Red Man:
Never EVER thought I’d say this but.... bring back Mike Smalling he would honestly make us better!!
Soap Mactavish
Soap Mactavish:
Looool we didn’t even have to wait long to laugh at united and goldbridge 🤣
Watching Rashford nowadays is like a tutorial on what not to do on a football pitch. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Ole has to go, losing in Old Trafford, My side is hurting from laughing, Keep up the good work United and bus man Ole.
Alex H
Alex H:
United are complete joke. This result is a reflection of NOTHING!!!! No preparation. No Improvement.
We just picked up from where we left off last season..MEDIOCRE.!!!! I had to stop watching
this match 30 mins in as I saw nothing that suggested we would be putting up something
worth watching!!!
Ram Prasad
Ram Prasad:
Thanks Mark for the banter. 2020 is back again 😉
Couldn’t of happened to a better YouTube channel. 😂😂😂 When I was watching this game live. I was like he’s going to be going off his nut. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
If this humiliation doesn't make Ed Twatwood and the Blazers sign Sancho and Upamecano, I don't know what will
Itsa Goal
Itsa Goal:
Back your man, back your man!! Haha! How can Man Utd complain about VAR and pen decisions after all the luck and dodgy calls they got last season?
The irony of you moaning about a penalty going against you when United literally get penalties if they ask the referee nicely enough.
Gary Casey
Gary Casey:
DDG was further off his line on the penalty retake than the 1st, what a farce. Why would Sancho join this mess of a club.
loyal mufc
loyal mufc:
Ole will never be successful at man utd as he always picks the wrong team
Dequan MSealey
Dequan MSealey:
Quality Performance by United
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan:
I had a bloody laugh!!🤣🤣🤣
chege daniel
chege daniel:
This is gold 😂😂
Sushil Kumar
Sushil Kumar:
Forget sancho we need to think about full backs for sure
Good things from this match/video is Donnys goal Marks meltdowns Marks happy that de gea saves the first pen are team needs are freaking rebuild like
Got what we deserve we are hopeless same crap different season Ole picked the wrong team at the start and i've lost any respect i had for him now thankfully i never renewed my season ticket or my two boys also no merch either, more important things to do now rather than watch this crap again.
Eli 2708
Eli 2708:
why has fosu mensah started over wan bisaka, mctominay over matic or donny and james over greenwood?????
Craig0 Weston
Craig0 Weston:
Goldbridge is priceless LOL
Sanchoo will play as CB😂😂😂😂😂
At this point, Ole should start playing Lingardinho.
PE teacher on the wheel
Imagine if we had done this vs you lot in the fa cup final 🤦🏾‍♂️
United stand turning into prime quantity AFTV... yes!
Need to sign some new players asap
Thanks zaha for making this possible
Crypto Gee17
Crypto Gee17:
So happy footballs back lol
We will sign 10 players in the next 20years. One player every 2years. This is Glazer'sManUtd
pizza man
pizza man:
Mark crying but was happy for the penalty United got against PSG lol
Oliver Frugtniet
Oliver Frugtniet:
Prefer to watch the reserve team lose than this
This club is a mess from top to bottom. Panic buys pending
John Kay
John Kay:
Laurel and hardy at the back. And that’s another fine mess.
Muhammad Farhan
Muhammad Farhan:
I'm enjoying this 🤣🤣
*Mark I don’t care about the owners, we should be winning that game with that team*
Basket Case
Basket Case:
This game was awful. But on a different note, We needed a RW and a CB. Wtf do we do when the board can't even sign a birthday card?

Edit: typo
Andrew Frost
Andrew Frost:
Why do I continue to bet on Man United to win games?! Always giving them the benefit of the doubt. They are absolutely awful!
Tracey Byrne
Tracey Byrne:
Mctom played well
Tenn Kenobi
Tenn Kenobi:
@ 1.24.47 ‘the team looks like it’s lacking confidence...’. WHAT?? 😂 the first game of the season?!
Dara Azizi
Dara Azizi:
You ended up swiveling on it!
Alex .C
Alex .C:
I dont support united but during the first half when they couldnt string a pass together I was actually laughing. Some of those players should be nowhere near the man united first team.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini:
Jose got a back four of Jones, Smalling, Luke shaw and Young to 2nd, and Ole needed Bruno to save him from hell.... OLE OUT
Ryan Galloway
Ryan Galloway:
Pens not saving United this season 😂
Jam mane
Jam mane:
Man just said Fernandes's gonna win premier league player of the year 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂mark your a joke
aola wili
aola wili:
Penalty all day long based on the rules. Get used to them, will get more against all teams but more given against you as well.
H Rider
H Rider:
What a shocker! 1-3
Scott Mottershead
Scott Mottershead:
He gives absolutely no credit to Palace who played very very well and deserved to win. It didn't turn home !
Eric Onzere
Eric Onzere:
3:00:30 obviously a points is better than a draw
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan:
I feel so sorry for van de beek choosing United already seeing how bad the club is
this is such good entertainment. Goldbridge is delusion at its finest ahahaha.
DT 17
DT 17:
The amount of pens utd got unfairly last season... Now ye know how it feels
This club is gone to the bins we need to sign a quick cb, we dont want to become “last time was 2013” fc
Jackhandsley 10
Jackhandsley 10:
About time you got some back at you
If we are getting dominated by crystal palace then we might as we just back out if the champions league from now🤦🏿‍♂️
Herbert Rivas
Herbert Rivas:
Experience > over hyped children running around
loyal mufc
loyal mufc:
We started where we left off...going to be same old same old
Aaron B
Aaron B:
As useful as Steven hawkings treadmill 😂
Junior Mwamba
Junior Mwamba:
Rashford and Martial no where to be found, pogba losing possession so many times, mcsauce no words for that guy terrible, we need CB n SANCHO
Sabitri Bhatta
Sabitri Bhatta:
2:48:15 😂😂😂😂
anon z
anon z:
This had nothing to do with glazers they got ole the players he wanted united squad cost more than palace united wanted to spen to close the game on city and liverpool not to beat palace

Teach United
Teach United:
Was cheering on crystal palace because man u refuse to turn up for the match.
subbing to everyone who subs to me
subbing to everyone who subs to me:
**I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life.**
The problem is that MU don't know how to negotiate. They haven't sign one quality player the whole transfer season and everyone of their negotiations are being dragged on forever
M R R:
Man said hello Arsenal. Nah bro we actually have a manager that is taking us places. Say hello to 8th place for us we will be taking your 3rd place this season
Grant Savin
Grant Savin:
You are a male Karen lol kills me 😂
Luca Udron
Luca Udron:
Love u mark
This is the only team I have seen in EPL without hunger for success on the field. They only play to the gallery, and get paid weekly. It's a shame.
Mark Lynch
Mark Lynch:
I've seen enough I wont watch a match until the glazer's are out I love utd & I'm trying to think postive but this is just sad it might take a few years but I will not watch this garbage & pay for it
Justice Prevails
Justice Prevails:
my beloved man united were extremely unluckful this match. they played some world class football you can see where olly is wants to go. very very bad referee but olly is still right man for job we will win quadruple this season. GGMU
John Kay
John Kay:
This club no longer excites me.
Jed Eye
Jed Eye:
Roy Hodgson mater class. A man who got sack from liverpool job after a couple of months
Reactions around the pen make one of the best vids in a while. Everything was correct about penalty decision and retake as per current rules but it's a rubbish rule and should be changed. Regardless, Palace were miles better and United were never in it.