Manchester United vs Luton 3-0 Highlights & All Goals 2020 HD

Man Utd vs Luton Highlights

Manchester United vs Luton Highlights
MU vs Luton Highlights

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Alexandros III
Alexandros III:
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Simon Kamami
Simon Kamami:
I see Bailly as a better partner for Maguire... At least he goes into challenges unlike our princess Lindelof
Jose-Marie Katende
Jose-Marie Katende:
No squad depth. We had to count on our oldest, most experienced player to score a penalty and nothing happened in midfield until Bruno came on.
we need to sign more players. we have no squad depth
henok tsegaye
henok tsegaye:
At the future most expensive player it is (Greenwood) 👌💪
In 20 m. he is 100% finisher
Hiền Nguyễn Chí
Hiền Nguyễn Chí:
Greenwood's finish. Class
Hạnh Nguyễn
Hạnh Nguyễn:
MU mà xuống hạng 2 của Anh thì trắc chắn vô địch với thành tích toàn thắng
Hieu Nguyenvan
Hieu Nguyenvan:
Mu players seem not to know how to do to win, sosa not good enough
Emma Eleganty
Emma Eleganty:
Manchester United is not doing well at all this season. If we continue like this we may not go far enough. GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED 💪💞
we are far behind liverpool, man city, chelsea and arsenal. we even behind everton, leicester city, spurs and wolves.
Hang Xuan
Hang Xuan:
I see lingard is improving 🔥
Paschal Agwunobi
Paschal Agwunobi:
Forget the scoreline, utd gameplay was abysmal
Pooza Gurung
Pooza Gurung:
ggmu glory gone manchester united.....a 2nd class performance....
Henry Eghaghara
Henry Eghaghara:
Typical man utd performance, not a team effort, just individual display
Pedro Fernando Hernández Velázquez
Pedro Fernando Hernández Velázquez:
Bailly come back, and Alex Telles sign now jajaja
Gustavo Andres
Gustavo Andres:
Se ganó pero vi la peor defensa del united me sorprende el desorden tan terrible del equipo no tiene sincronización
Vs luton still needs a penalty to open a score 😂. And maguire shot and pass highlights is on another level haha
Some data secrets in Manchester United.
Millionaire Homes
Millionaire Homes:
Cool video.. hey Alex how can I DM you?
Ramokobo Mpakanyane
Ramokobo Mpakanyane:
I thought i ll see Mengi n see how he can play at top team
Zaki Pk
Zaki Pk:
Eric Bailey: THE UNDISPUTED☺️☺️☺️☺️
UK Put8y
UK Put8y:
Those passes from Mr.80M 🔥😯
Davel Sosa
Davel Sosa:
Yunus Hamdi
Yunus Hamdi:
What are u doing lingard?🙄
Hay lắm cu
clare Tomlinzsonz96
clare Tomlinzsonz96:
I think miguire isn't a team leader
Nhìn mấy thằng Mu đá như mấy đội hạng bét
Muhd Hariz
Muhd Hariz:
Its funny to see how average the first lineup before rashford, bruno and greenwood come in.
Ezikpe Chioma
Ezikpe Chioma:
Massive performance
Erling Haaland
Erling Haaland:
Mu vs bot
Tarzan Malaya
Tarzan Malaya:
Again. No penalty no party
PRO-Tech Express
PRO-Tech Express: