Manchester United vs Luton 3-0 Highlights & All Goals 2020 HD

Man Utd vs Luton Highlights

Manchester United vs Luton Highlights
MU vs Luton Highlights

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Alexandros III
Alexandros III:
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Simon Kamami
Simon Kamami:
I see Bailly as a better partner for Maguire... At least he goes into challenges unlike our princess Lindelof
Jose-Marie Katende
Jose-Marie Katende:
No squad depth. We had to count on our oldest, most experienced player to score a penalty and nothing happened in midfield until Bruno came on.
we need to sign more players. we have no squad depth
Hiền Nguyễn Chí
Hiền Nguyễn Chí:
Greenwood's finish. Class
Some data secrets in Manchester United.
henok tsegaye
henok tsegaye:
At the future most expensive player it is (Greenwood) 👌💪
In 20 m. he is 100% finisher
Hạnh Nguyễn
Hạnh Nguyễn:
MU mà xuống hạng 2 của Anh thì trắc chắn vô địch với thành tích toàn thắng
Paschal Agwunobi
Paschal Agwunobi:
Forget the scoreline, utd gameplay was abysmal
Millionaire Homes
Millionaire Homes:
Cool video.. hey Alex how can I DM you?
Pooza Gurung
Pooza Gurung:
ggmu glory gone manchester united.....a 2nd class performance....
Hieu Nguyenvan
Hieu Nguyenvan:
Mu players seem not to know how to do to win, sosa not good enough
we are far behind liverpool, man city, chelsea and arsenal. we even behind everton, leicester city, spurs and wolves.
Hay lắm cu
Zaki Pk
Zaki Pk:
Eric Bailey: THE UNDISPUTED☺️☺️☺️☺️
Hang Xuan
Hang Xuan:
I see lingard is improving 🔥
Davel Sosa
Davel Sosa:
Henry Eghaghara
Henry Eghaghara:
Typical man utd performance, not a team effort, just individual display
Emma Eleganty
Emma Eleganty:
Manchester United is not doing well at all this season. If we continue like this we may not go far enough. GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED 💪💞
Pedro Fernando Hernández Velázquez
Pedro Fernando Hernández Velázquez:
Bailly come back, and Alex Telles sign now jajaja
Yunus Hamdi
Yunus Hamdi:
What are u doing lingard?🙄
Gustavo Andres
Gustavo Andres:
Se ganó pero vi la peor defensa del united me sorprende el desorden tan terrible del equipo no tiene sincronización
Muhd Hariz
Muhd Hariz:
Its funny to see how average the first lineup before rashford, bruno and greenwood come in.
clare Tomlinzsonz96
clare Tomlinzsonz96:
I think miguire isn't a team leader
Ramokobo Mpakanyane
Ramokobo Mpakanyane:
I thought i ll see Mengi n see how he can play at top team
Mu vs bot
Nhìn mấy thằng Mu đá như mấy đội hạng bét
Vs luton still needs a penalty to open a score 😂. And maguire shot and pass highlights is on another level haha
UK Put8y
UK Put8y:
Those passes from Mr.80M 🔥😯
Ezikpe Chioma
Ezikpe Chioma:
Massive performance
Nain Ali
Nain Ali:
Again. No penalty no party