Manchester United vs Manchester City Carabao Cup ROAD TRIP!

Flex gives his thoughts on todays match in the Carabao Cup semi final against Manchester City. Flex thinks winning the first leg is vital if United are to continue their cup run.



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86 comentarios:

Big ups to u flex for travelling far & wide to bring us this content
Jameca AFC
Jameca AFC:
The United Stand, keep doing your thing, will be an interesting game.
Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon:
Romero should play. Over the years he has generally played in the League Cup, and Europa League, and Mourinho to his credit played him in the Europa League Final.
No good reason, particularly given De Gea’s patchy form, why Romero should not play tonight.
The Imposter
The Imposter:
Last time i was this early united managed to make good transfers
Non cookie cutter
Non cookie cutter:
We are done out here. Bout to hold a 3-0 to city I think...
RazWorthers _
RazWorthers _:
I really want to be hyped about this game but im that fed up with the club, the owners, that Im just not really that intrested win or lose
Patrick Muyonjo
Patrick Muyonjo:
Man United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: “In a derby it is about adrenalin and atmosphere. hahaha. The manager is banking on adrenalin and atmosphere to win games.... amazing.
It's the second leg I'm more concerned about
Tyson 'Gypsy King' Fury
Tyson 'Gypsy King' Fury:
From the banks of the Irwell to Sicily

We will fight fight fight for Man Utd FC!!!
Snaggle Tooth
Snaggle Tooth:
The PE Teacher has to go
Shush Shush
Shush Shush:
Whose here when they lost 3:1
Jesse Quao
Jesse Quao:
Y'all have a lot of confidence 😬😬
Flex in his fleet of limos

Whoops wrong channel
Rocky Rampersad
Rocky Rampersad:
Lingardinho still continues to make the squad.😭🤣
Big yourselves up road trip gang! Noticed in the Wolves road trip video and seeing it again here - Miles' beard is getting LONG. Stay safe, everyone!
Football Legends 69
Football Legends 69:
Cmon United ❤️
Jo Bickley
Jo Bickley:
Come on man utd what car you driving? I'm guessing Audi RS4
Mr zaky boy
Mr zaky boy:
Manchester United 2-2 Man City
david sief
david sief:
"Today I shall be picking poorer players, players out of form, playing players out of position, using a tactic destined to fail, overlooking youth talent, making no in game changes until the game is well lost and then making the wrong ones from a poorly selected bench. Finally I shall talk about how well the lads have done, the process and time... " Seriously, someone get the bog roll, and rid us of this 'cling on' .
Tom Speller
Tom Speller:
Bro, You have a local team who you can support?
Kris ManUtd Devil
Kris ManUtd Devil:
Ole on building for the future is like the global warming talk alot of talk about it cant see nothing happening... but stay loyal and optimistic 2-1 united
Ali A
Ali A:
Do away goals count today??
Who’s here after 1-0 to city
Julien Bateba
Julien Bateba:
Lindelof and jones at centre back what do you expect
Sean Costello
Sean Costello:
1-1 be good for us
Jay Henry
Jay Henry:
Need to score 3 at least
Brian Servin
Brian Servin:
As a neutral, can't wait to see how both teams play today. I think city will win slightly 2-1
Jon Tucker
Jon Tucker:
Look out for the headbutts
Lee 89
Lee 89:
Stay safe tonight guys
Lady Boy
Lady Boy:
Ez win for United
josh and flex stay safe out there
mark cartwright
mark cartwright:
Be a shock if city sell out in the final,unless sterling gives away 10k tickets
Five Alive
Five Alive:
United always turn up for these games 2-0 UNITED
Chris Higgins
Chris Higgins:
Sack the Tea Lady!
last time we had a stronger mid in fred and scott and perrera this time we dont id say ole aim for a draw
Nangolo Angula
Nangolo Angula:
city were hardly weak in the last match they dominated everything, i guess watching a game with the suspense of being in the lead takes the facts away. we need to really either imrove ball play or just play the long ball forward in defensive mode.
We can’t win the tie tonight but can certainly loose it let’s hope tonight 🤞
Mark 123
Mark 123:
Last time I came this early my girl left me
Marcus Mishima
Marcus Mishima:
Lets go 1-1
Steven Donelan
Steven Donelan:
safe journey fellas ....up the reds...enjoy
Peter Ziebell Runge
Peter Ziebell Runge:
noway we're keeping city quite for a 2nd time. they're gonna win both games.
Alef Ye Kirkos Lij
Alef Ye Kirkos Lij:
George Gaming
George Gaming:
United can win again everything is possible ❤❤❤
So is Flex just driving in circles or does he live in London?
Get your POPCORN ready guys and CHILL because it's going to be fun when they get SMASHED😂😂😂
Tomica & Trackmaster
Tomica & Trackmaster:
another 200 mile round trip
Niccolo Nova
Niccolo Nova:
1-0 mu
Sam Clark
Sam Clark:
With the midfield we’ll have to put out with no mctominay or pogba could be a bloody cricket score to them
Asma Joe
Asma Joe:
Positive any thing is possible today
Beatkage Beats
Beatkage Beats:
Flex is going grey man this club mate kmt
Abdul Shahin
Abdul Shahin:
Just counter? Lawd you all underappreciate solskjaer
Jeris Lendore
Jeris Lendore:
I don't think there is such thing as 'away goals' in domestic cup competitions
Eren Nova
Eren Nova:
Who's playing Cam today? Mata?
T P:
Why don't you talk about how you lied about another United supporter? Bunch of frauds, you'll get what's coming to you soon enough.
Alfred Bigboots
Alfred Bigboots:
United score win ⚽⚽⚽
How else looking at the membership and thinking who tf would pay £6 a month for this😂😂😂😂😂
david sief
david sief:
Vision , courage, intelligence, experience, stature and innate talent. If you have none of the above, Please apply for the job of Manager of MUFC... well done ED, job done.
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis:
Hows martial not on I'm mean come on probly only thing we got a chance of winning n he starts Jones 😂😂😂😂 wat is goin on
Johnny Dre
Johnny Dre:
A good beating on its way I reckon. 0-3 City. Tie over. Season over, tiny hopes of a trophy over.
Oliver Heaney
Oliver Heaney:
City to deliver a beating to united tonight- can’t see it any other way .. 50/50? Can’t see how you can come to that conclusion
Haroon Nadim
Haroon Nadim:
Inshallah we will win
Abdi Essa
Abdi Essa:
You’re gonna get touched by Man City 😂
Glory Glory Arsenal! 🤲🏼🤲🏼
Murphy moe
Murphy moe:
What a piece of that this team is now even scoring their own goals. Get outta here
Leon Lovelock
Leon Lovelock:
James over greenwood everyday.
david sief
david sief:
Last 10 minutes, take off Mason Greenwood. Feckin insane.
MesonicGraph 946
MesonicGraph 946:
Did they win
Esteban Fire
Esteban Fire:
Jesse Lingard has shown signs of improvement. He scored in the Europa League against Astana when he captained. Since that game he has been better albeit without an assist or a goal - Robbie Savage

This is the level of delusion among man united fans especially former players on average british players
Magic Mike
Magic Mike:
None Mancunian and a typical plastic Manchester supporter who really loves his cricket team and a desire to moan and rant over the club in freefall and run by a idiot who can't wait to get the sack to run to the bank with his laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wolverine Scratch
Wolverine Scratch:
All depends if we want it (coming from a City supporter)
Max Z
Max Z:
Mu are below average
Phil Clarke
Phil Clarke:
City 2 - 1
RH Gaming
RH Gaming:
Shane Ryan
Shane Ryan:
4-0 city
Based on previous transfer windows , it is not likely will complete United transfers in January.I hope I am wrong here.
Murphy moe
Murphy moe:
GET ANDRES TO UNDRESS that shirt Lindelof and lingard follow don't buy any players..This will help in signing too everyone will want to join
Not sure how I feel about this one 🤔 Ole won’t win no titles either and I don’t want him here next season. OLE OUT !

Did this guy just used the word CREATIVE, Tactics and Ole in the same sentence? 😂🤣. You also used the word smart 😥. What’s this dude on ? 😳
mark cartwright
mark cartwright:
two so called big clubs,who cant even sell out a semi final.
Willness to Wellness
Willness to Wellness:
we are going to get absolutely humiliated
Lol united playing like a championship team
Ivan Aleksandar Tsanev
Ivan Aleksandar Tsanev:
Is it true that the police said there was no incident after the Wolves game? Why are you falsely claiming the camera man got attacked?
Ronaldo Owino
Ronaldo Owino:
If pep doesn’t adapt to the counter attacks he is a bald fraud.
Arry Young
Arry Young:
Gonna stage another attack this week boys?
martin oviasogie
martin oviasogie:
Flex I guess fans have started to dislike you now because you never see anything wrong with OLE tactics, style of play and managerial ambition. I don't know if you are trying to play devils advocate or you are OLEs yes man.