Manchester United vs Sevilla! Man Utd sign Filip Stevanvic according to Romano as Solskjaer faces his biggest tactical test yet as United face up to Europa League semi final against Sevilla. Get the latest Man Utd news on The United Stand. Barcelona vs Bayern Watchalong

Match Reaction

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100+ comentarios:

Man City Bad
Man City Bad:
Who’s here after 8-2 to Bayern
Jack Day
Jack Day:
That makes sense with the ole lip reading, he was talking to matic (a Serbian) about the signing of a Serbian player?
Apple lord gaming
Apple lord gaming:
Who’s here after 2-1 😂😂
Filip is a good young winger. He can work on the finishing but other than that he is a great dribbler, has good technique,footwork,ball control and composure
Red Devils Unite TV
Red Devils Unite TV:
I swear my eardrums will bust if i hear Mark say "confident of Sancho deal" again
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar:
I would literally be very disappointed if Ole played a back 5, or if he played defensive. If we want to take over Liverpool and City, we must trust our team, and way of playing.
John Miller
John Miller:
A few stats on Sevilla.

3rd highest for possession in the La Liga only Barcelona, Real Madrid better and their average possession for Europa league games is 71%

In the La Liga no side scored more goals from set pieces and United tend not to great when defending set pieces and of course the winner v Wolves came from a set piece.

They conceded 34 goals in their 38 league games better than United 36 and so far they have conceded just 4 goals in the Europa league.

A very tough game for United Sunday and I believe the winner of this semi final will go on to win this title.
GudBeatz Ent
GudBeatz Ent:
Don’t know where the confidence come from, Sevilla are a proper team, they keep the ball for days, United have to defend very well, which I doubt they can do
Jaydeep Kulkarni
Jaydeep Kulkarni:
All 4 semifinalist of Europa league have qualified for the Champions league next season.
Team complacent with only CL qualification will go out.... United badly need this trophy to gain extra confidence for the next season... I hope they win Europa league...
Bernard Glover
Bernard Glover:
be a follow of you page since you was walking you dog.
Dimeji Abaniwonnda
Dimeji Abaniwonnda:
With bayern doing this to barca we shouldn't be dissapointed that we are in europa this season we weren't ready for champs and europa is what we needed to develop youngsters and to improve ourselves there was no point being in champs if we weren't going anywhere
Nikhil Shinde
Nikhil Shinde:
Barsa got dismantled..!!
Absolutely humiliating.
Cress Welsing
Cress Welsing:
It's great when we sign someone and none of the social media bods know about it. Fantastic!
Callum Mafarlane
Callum Mafarlane:
I'm really excited about filip stevanovic
Dre Mac
Dre Mac:
This midfield needs addressing mark .. fred needs to play matic is too slow in the middle .. Sevilla moves the ball quickly in midfield.. their midfielders changes direction quickly .. I think fred should start
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain:
Ole has beaten Sevilla 1-0 with Molde In the second leg. No reason to why they can’t win this one.
Michael Hines
Michael Hines:
Good morning!!!! Thought for the day: Let the views of others educate and inform you, but let your decisions be a product of your own conclusions. Have a great day
Rishi Kamath
Rishi Kamath:
3:01 - Mark getting ready to be clipped 😹
Dormant Hero
Dormant Hero:
"We don't have a good record against them in European competition". Where tf else you play against Sevilla? ASIA Comp? Africa super League final?
Casey Ofoma
Casey Ofoma:
I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we win this game. We have not played well in the last 4 or 5 games, we look tired and we are coming up against a well coached Sevilla side....I’m not confident at all
ben lennon
ben lennon:
Classic Mark, "this was one of my favourite comments because it's something I said already" lool
Bro, if we lose this game, what goldbridge has said will turn into a meme 🙃
Craze Pg
Craze Pg:
Every two minutes an advert so frustrating
Faghat Vatan
Faghat Vatan:
I hope Fred starts, we have no other like him in midfield, he improves the team. I don't mind seeing Baily start, we don't have that aggression in other defenders. I think we need Fred to start, makes us a better team.
Rdmaxzz YT
Rdmaxzz YT:
it's a very nice signing, but it doesn't count in terms of building up the current squad. i hope the board isn't counting him as one
William Rowley
William Rowley:
We need to get Pogba more involved high up the pitch , I fear ole left the star players on for to long against Copenhagen and tiredness will be a problem , in semis city smashed us 3-1 and Chelsea did same in fa cup praying we win 3-1 this time
Animeworld Mangaworld
Animeworld Mangaworld:
Mark.. Think.. To win a title most important u need a good Coach.. And good players.. Do u think OGS will win a title..?? I can't see that in 20 years
Evil Jim
Evil Jim:
Have the forbearance to except these early days, United will make Big moves This window !
Jefferson Bobrey
Jefferson Bobrey:

He predicted it...
Fire Hawk
Fire Hawk:
Thier you go our marquis signing, no more transfers we spent 10 mil.
Great, Want Sancho end up with this dude.

Love ya Ed

Really appreciate watching City n Liverpool win things and us struggling for Champions league places
Sevilla leave spaces at the back because both of their center backs are very fast and they rely on them
Aaron Dawson
Aaron Dawson:
We're playing great at moment creating chances and attacking really well should win we need a keeper who going to turn up every week tho
Oscar Rye
Oscar Rye:
Every time post Sir Alex we quality for the CL the owners drop a disasterclass, these guys are not serious and I fear for us next season without proper investment.
Le Roi du Hip Hop Na
Le Roi du Hip Hop Na:
I don't remember de gea having such a good game that day. Simple mistakes and silly goals. That team was wack! We should've won
james cooper also said that there are promlems in realtion to a sell on clause, and the fact that sancho wants a lot of money at 20 is a bit concerning if true.
We need to buy messi now ! 🤣🤣
IF city win UCL it should force Man Utd to really look at themselves
Callum Ford
Callum Ford:
Anyone else clock unitedsynical's spot on prediction @ 20:15
Mud Budi Abdul Malek
Mud Budi Abdul Malek:
With respecful Man Utd need new players pls pls buy!!
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri:
What's in that drink! I've never seen Mark so tongue tied.
Khalid Ibn Walid
Khalid Ibn Walid:
Last time sevillas issue was also finishing and we underestimeted them. Utd need to be at their best imo.
Kjell Andre Egeland
Kjell Andre Egeland:
We all remember last time United played Sevilla, do you?
Just Emeka
Just Emeka:
If United gets Sancho then the entire transfer seems staged for social media interaction
Jay JAY:
we will soon accept that the sancho deal isnt going to happen
this is not an prediction its an spoiler: United will play 5 at the back vs sevilla.
Only an idiot can say that Fabrizio Romano is right about everything.
Not even his wife can admit it.
The same idiocy that says Anthony Martial and Luke Shaw are world players ... and never do wrong.
They can drop the ball to a teammate ... then it's a brilliant pass.
He's a classic Troll.
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas:
Already comparing him to ronaldo😂😂😂loool
Where is that phrase: Sancho transfer isn't off yet lol
fel b
fel b:
Really good coming to visit after a united loss!!
Noam Almog
Noam Almog:
5-1 to United I came from the future...
Yan Hanna
Yan Hanna:
Now mark has said Man Utd will easily win, expect a loss then 😀
Bijay Malla
Bijay Malla:
Ole must play a attacking game from the start. I would prefer if he played James in place of Rashford.
Mark Wojtowycz
Mark Wojtowycz:
Another great signing for the future who will probably never see first team football, need class players NOW! Another Tosic maybe.
Eamonn Conroy
Eamonn Conroy:
Seville will dominate this game. 3-1 Seville cry more.
James and the giant peach😭😭
What's the difference between him and all the other academy players we sign😕
David Patterson
David Patterson:
They looked great against wolves!! Very good on the ball!!
Jay JAY:
wait, did he just say weve got matic?
Sean Forbes
Sean Forbes:
Stevanovic! WOW!
Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice:
We really did want Bellingham and haaland but WE DIDNT GET THEM🤦‍♂️
Lee 89
Lee 89:
i am pretty sure you said sevilla were toothless up top last time we played them mark look what happened 😂😂😂😂😂
Akwesi Appiah
Akwesi Appiah:
This lad can talk!
Babatunde Omoniyi
Babatunde Omoniyi:
I would really love Ole to be a very unpredictable manager. Field a 3:5:2 formation and tinker it a bit!!!

Bailly Lindelof Maguire
AWB Fred/Scott Matic Williams (LWB)
Ewok FromEndor
Ewok FromEndor:
I hope that Ole uses that team.. fight fire with counter attacking pace
Will Fillip play in the 1st team or go to the academy?
Matic holds back Pogba he's not that one
k x
k x:
Simon Cooper? You've just named an inbetweener lol
Shreeram Venkatesh
Shreeram Venkatesh:
Just casually saying he is the next Ronaldo 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mark i am absuletely furious we wont get sancho bcoz utd r tooo slow on fking deals takes every 6 weeks fam
Dave Stuart
Dave Stuart:
😃 is Stevanvic a poundland Sancho?
Kenil akabari
Kenil akabari:
Luke Shaw unavailable😥
Ub Fr.
Ub Fr.:
Imagine if filip flops at United
Janet Malik-aziz
Janet Malik-aziz:
Ngl never heard of this guy in my life
Matthew Snider
Matthew Snider:
14:25 Umm ... James Cooper, you mean?
ManUtdElite_ _
ManUtdElite_ _:
Man said ronaldo🤣🤣🤣

Its hazard mann
AJP Reactions
AJP Reactions:
I’m actually happy we got someone in the transfer I hope filip stevanovic will do good for us but I still hope we get a better winger like sancho because I feel like filip stevanovic is more like a super sub then starting player
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar:
Evan Quigley
Evan Quigley:
Big Improvements needed in Williams, Wan-Bissaka both can defend rather well going forward not helping
Ole needs to implement his first season press agains sevilla if we’ve learned anything from the barca game is la liga teams crumble against constant pressure
Neo Leso
Neo Leso:
Signing players for our development when we need players who are going to make an immediate in the first team yeahp smells of the Glazers
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar:
Romero didn’t even have to make a save against Cooenhagen
Sam Rapetsoa
Sam Rapetsoa:
Bailey completes Maguire I dont know why y'all force to partner Lindelof with Maguire
Juma Ali
Juma Ali:
Bayern have killed Barcelona 😂😂
Maroof Ali
Maroof Ali:
Watching Barca V Bayern and I just can't see United playing at that level with the team they have. This Bayern team will rip United's defense to shreds and the slow midfield of Matic and Pogba will be getting caught in possession every other minute. We still have a long long way to go. Honestly, I think even Sevilla will be playing us off the park. And playing 5 at the back will only aggravate things further.
Rohan Reid
Rohan Reid:
No more Sancho talks please!!!
hamedul islam
hamedul islam:
Mario gotze would be a brilliant backup for bruno and pogba a few free agents and sancho would be a gem for man utd
Jack Cunliffe
Jack Cunliffe:
Again Mark tries to undermine Romero and I don't get why? It's just illogical at this point. I love De Gea, at one point he was our best player and the best keeper in the world but we have to stay consistent with what's going on currently and this season De Gea has been massively off the ball and playing him in the FA cup semi final was a huge mistake. Romero deserves to start in the semis and also the final if we beat Sevilla.
10th comment😊
Steph Ewing
Steph Ewing:
I wish we had a awesome bench .
william beck
william beck:
Suso and munir they have great attacking players and Fernando cdm ur usual brazil holding player they not a bad team at all
Kbges Hji
Kbges Hji:
Yu can’t underestimate Sevilla.they r very dangerous United must be at their best .
Paul Sanyangore
Paul Sanyangore:
Is ED not delaying the Sancho deal hoping that we win the Europa cup so that he can get some money to add to the transfer kit
Manutd have the perfect front three to play fast direct football. They must play to their strengths
There soooo close to 800k get them to it
Dan T.
Dan T.:
Watched Bayern destroy Barca. I think we are still aways off from them but we are making good progress!
khawaja bilawal
khawaja bilawal:
If Sevilla give space then this suits James. Navas is also a threat & William has to bring his A game.
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson:
Yeah you are right but you need to watch out for them in the second half for in all their matches they come out stronger in the second half ; they have won almost all their matches against English teams (Liverpool,Man United,Wolves) in the second half ! ; and I am more worried about Williams playing from the left !
Zack Ahmed
Zack Ahmed:
Over. Confident 3-0 mark 🙄
Zack Ahmed
Zack Ahmed:
Rather 3-0 to Seville