Manchester United Vs Watford 1_0 All Goals Extended Highlights

Manchester United Vs Watford 1_0 All Goals Extended Highlights
Manchester United Vs Watford 1_0 All Goals Extended Highlights
Manchester United Vs Watford 1_0 All Goals Extended Highlights

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salman rashid
salman rashid:
Excellent Finisher Mc Tominay # 5 minute goal after wisely Play On.
karl harvey
karl harvey:
All goals?? Seems an overstatement
Mr Positive
Mr Positive:
Am still thinking and wondering how Ole kept Bailey out of City's game which was very important but played against Watford yesterday 🤔
dalee quipp
dalee quipp:
Manchester untied fan here.... lol I seen a comment in a chat group that read "we finally have a capitan that can head a ball" 😆, I also like Maguire but that comment had me dead.
zing zing
zing zing:
when u realise the GOAT lingardinho played...we surely win the match😂😂
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma:
Van de beek was class smart passing good forwards passes and really good recoveries plus he shouts as well leadership is one his qualities
Anindyajati Bagus Pratama
Anindyajati Bagus Pratama:
good to see this highlights.. keep support
Misty gingerich
Misty gingerich:
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world football
world football:
I just love vandabeek positioning and passes his just brilliant
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer:
Telles 🔥❤
มิยาบิ A50s
มิยาบิ A50s:
Get Enlightened
Get Enlightened:
Why is ighalo treated this way? Lingard on the pitch and ighalo?He took a pay cut to play for us
Ooii Sidley
Ooii Sidley:
Im just happy Henderson played twice in a row! That city debacle aint his fault. But Dan James just have that Champo feel when he shoots or cross. Surprised lingard still exists.
Chris Lorne
Chris Lorne:
FFS who is in charge of the editing on this video?
soni kemal
soni kemal:
When ighaloo??? You promise solskjaer. Not rispect
Adrian Taylor
Adrian Taylor:
2 ads in first 3 minutes, going back to match of the day
Nkosinathi Nathi
Nkosinathi Nathi:
Blue Frogman
Blue Frogman:
Watford what an embarrassing Bunch of players.
Playing so poor
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin:
See how much ole loved his lovechild scoring the goal.never seen him as happy 😁
agent 49
agent 49:
Not impressed at all
Kholou Duo
Kholou Duo:
Replace him with Maguire
Telles was absolutely class, everyone else was mediocre or shit.
aburemen ambrose
aburemen ambrose:
Where is Ighalo?
Is this a second team ?
Ilir United
Ilir United:
Shahid Saffar
Shahid Saffar:
Bailly + Tuanzebe = Dominant Duo
Henderson had a dreadful game. As long as Maguire is our captain we ain't winning anything.
Richard Obiekwe
Richard Obiekwe:
Mctominay is Ole's favourite
aburemen ambrose
aburemen ambrose:
Is Cavani still on ban?
Brian Phiri
Brian Phiri:
Tominay played like a big 5!!!!!
James Fagan
James Fagan:
Is fred the manager now
James Fagan
James Fagan:
Is Tommy Cooper playing tonight
Lalduh Kima
Lalduh Kima:
Lingardinho 🐐 in the game is a sure win
Ryshon Brooks
Ryshon Brooks:
jesse is back bay beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Quinn Freeman
Quinn Freeman:
KJack Timothy
KJack Timothy:
Alex to start! Dude creates more chances then Shaw
Outside The Box
Outside The Box:
So we got through to the next round scrappy game should have put it to bed at half time in my opinion . Ole was wise with who he selected to play today hoping we won obviously but shop window appearance i hope for Jesse lingard and another 2 or 3 that featured . next year this team will be much better if we get few off the big earners like mata Jones lingard matic sold id be happy . love Juan mata and glad Jose did not sell him or push him out . respect TY J Mata 💫
Back to the title now lets get behind our team and push them positively towards taking liverpool's only premiership title. GGMU
Jackie Awori
Jackie Awori:
Why wasn't Mata the captain, that was disrespectful of ogs
gene jenjirathitikarn
gene jenjirathitikarn:
James should cross kore often rather than failing to shoot
glen talst
glen talst:
McTominay allowed to attack makes it easy for him when box tobox. Ole plays him as a cdm so out of position.
James Fagan
James Fagan:
Watford played 9 up from and 12 at the back amazing
michael king
michael king:
If this is what we have to offer I fear for the future in more ways than one...!!!!Take note replace ,Pogba,Lingard,Mata,Matic,James to name but a few !!! You need two good Squad's to compete at the moment Utd lack at least in my humble opinion another 11 players.!!!
yousuf ali
yousuf ali:
People must understand that this is Manchester United 2nd team
Ali Mtoro
Ali Mtoro:
Why did ole bech lindelof
Guérick Obame
Guérick Obame:
Mc Terminator captain. 😍🤩🥰
Lingard 👌👌👌 played well
2/3 possession and only 1 goal , that's not great especially since I was expecting 4 against Burnley. Anyway... onwards and upwards , hope Ole plays his best X1 against Liverpool.
Another stupid thing from Ole 👎👎 but thanks for the win 👍👍
Francis Lee
Francis Lee:
As long as Ole is manager we will never win a trophy. Mark my words. The entire game was shit...
Mr. Jąî Hö Family-owned
Mr. Jąî Hö Family-owned:
James = out for LOAN
Ole = please OUT !!!!!!!!!!!
Manguire = Offside
Mctominay = On Fire
Michael Mitrovic
Michael Mitrovic:
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