Manchester United vs West Brom | LIVE | Watchalong

Join Adam Mckola, Stephen Howson, Joe Smith, and more for the Man United vs West Brom watchalong!

Get your predictions in the chat and make sure you leave a like on the video...

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12 comentarios:

Stretford Paddock
Stretford Paddock:
To get 20% off Manscaped products + Free shipping use code PADDOCKWAL at checkout. Head over to to shop all of their current products including the Lawnmower 3.0!
Bald Martin
Bald Martin:
We aren't winning anything soon with them performances, gives me flashbacks of mourinho
I'm worried for the future of my beloved club 😓
DJ General Outlaw 2
DJ General Outlaw 2:
It's much needed performance yes we didnt take our chances thanks to not clinical enough martial front of goal needs to learn off cavani did more when he come on than martial did whole 90 mins. My motm is fred was everywhere on the pitch.
Dan Stone
Dan Stone:
Can Adam put a constructive argument forward or can he just shout over Joe?

Joe’s asking a valid question, not his opinion, but a question that can be discussed. Just discuss it, don’t shout over someone because you don’t like the question.

To make it worse, Adam quite clearly holds a grudge for at least 30 minutes afterwards making sly comments to Joe.

I’m usually a fan of Adam, but not today.

Well presented Joe. Keep it up.
AaH sIgH
AaH sIgH:
I feel like this MU fans talking over one another was massively stimulating. Positive vibe to it too. Keep shouting over each other. Spanish saying, vivimos tu pasion . I heard that one.

One of you guys watch Chile/Mexican and South American football. Enough of Arsenal style rants ( just "saying"). Those rants have no f... passion. No need to "bottle up" for Christ sake then expect to stay silent for no reason but respectively watch this other guy stop ranting or the other alternative he stops breathing a bit. 🔥🍸
Workout Motivation
Workout Motivation:
Bruno goal 2:42:24
Ant El
Ant El:
Yet another lacklustre, poor performance from us.

I'll take the win all day long, but this simply isn't good enough!

Can you imagine what the hell is going to happen when Bruno gets his first long-term injury for us? We will be lucky to stay in the top half!

Whats even more frustrating is two players I predicted donkeys ago would be brilliant are totally lighting it up!

Both were very reasonable transfer fees and one we SHOULD have signed but totally fucked up!

Ziyech and Haaland!

There is no way we wouldn't be 30-40% better than we currently are with both of them in our team!
Ste Rawlings
Ste Rawlings:
Because Martial never misses penalties...
Damien Duffy
Damien Duffy:
Awkward or what
Devil red 7
Devil red 7:
Another awful performance lol if any of you are expected anything this season I feel for your stupidness
Russ Bhagwansingh
Russ Bhagwansingh:
Poor performance.It's down to the manager.Sack Ole