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63 comentarios:

Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse:
Jose is showing this season at Spurs that the manager has never been the problem at United. The issues are deeper.
Haaland has scored more goals on open play then Manchester has with penalties combined
Steven Ow
Steven Ow:
Crazy to have MAta in the starting team. I think Cavani will be move effective against the physical and low block of WBA
Ashutosh Sampat
Ashutosh Sampat:
Sometimes I feel Ole would be having specific drills with the forwards about how to draw a penalty in the box😂😂.

On a side note, love Martial and Rashford but elite strikers finish those chances easily. Ideally it should be Cavani at no.9 , Martial on the left, Rashford on right or coming off the bench.
Katana Lugo
Katana Lugo:
Even though I've lost a bit of taste of watching man Utd... Will always love man Utd..
Geoffrey Piel
Geoffrey Piel:
I don't believe Ole is our problem. First of all, our board didn't back him during the transfer season (I'd like to see Pep or Klopp try challenge for the title with this squad) our "big transfer" is Van de Beek who was only brought in for squad depth. Second of all our players have been playing so much football lately, they are completely knackered. Our players have been flying around the world from game to game. Try flying 30+ hours in the space of a few weeks then play top class professional football and be at your peak in a space of a few days... Even Pep and his Man City look shakey.
Amin Mujević
Amin Mujević:
Bruno miss at 2:41:53 Bruno goal at 2:43:10
Idk how Martial is starting before Cavani. Martial gets much better service to him and bottles every chance he gets. Cavani comes on and barely gets a decent pass to him but plays much better than Martial.
kolim jone
kolim jone:
Man of the match Utd.... VAR Man of the match WBA.... Johnson!
Spurs Flying High
Spurs Flying High:
Robbed 20+ points last season, and continuing to rob points this season. Mafia bribery club.
Jack Scanlon
Jack Scanlon:
The ref was aight I thought today - we’ve had a lot worse this season
Borislav Alexiev
Borislav Alexiev:
The English referees cheated once again in favor of Manchester United.
3:16:45 yes!
Emperor Ceaser
Emperor Ceaser:
Ole is a finished manager. Let him go back back to be the super sub he is used to
John Lee
John Lee:
Lets face it guys, if Ollie had the same squad as what Mourinho had at Utd, he defo would not have won the Europa League Cup or finished second in the EPL!!! Our loss is Spurs gain.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo:
1:21:56 even if he wins 1-0 with a penalty.
Patrick Ennis
Patrick Ennis:
Lets face it guys, if Ollie had the same squad as what Mourinho had at Utd, he defo would not have won the Europa League Cup or finished second in the EPL!!! Our loss is Spurs gain.
I hate to say this but we are Varceshter United 😥
alister wildman
alister wildman:
Man of the match Utd.... VAR
Man of the match WBA.... Johnson!
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi:
Jose is showing this season at Spurs that the manager has never been the problem at United. The issues are deeper.
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse:
I think the evidence suggests we won't do any better under another coach.
Kenneth Ajay
Kenneth Ajay:
If Bruno can hop the GL should be allowed to step out of the line
ferrer chee
ferrer chee:
What happen to Odion Aghalo, keeping him as a miniature.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi:
space of a few days... Even Pep and his Man City look shakey.
kevin gooptar
kevin gooptar:
1:21:56 even if he wins 1-0 with a penalty.
Dylan Gibbons
Dylan Gibbons:
Bad game but at least we won
Ben Blackwell
Ben Blackwell:
United should of backed Ole and should have done whatever it needed to bring Haaland to the club. Now they are struggling to hit the net with average strikers.
Yourboy Bill
Yourboy Bill:
Temmz Baller
Temmz Baller:
Absolutely shite. Don't know what we're doing. It's got to the point where I probably need to turn off my social media because I just get depressed hearing about United. Rotten from top to bottom 😠😠😤😪
Kai Havertz
Kai Havertz:
Chelsea 4ever!
Wayne L
Wayne L:
Jesus...3 points but what a terrible performance. Salt in the wounds... Jose's Spurs top of the league.
Jamir Assen
Jamir Assen:
Use me if you believe that United are going to win the premier league
S.A. A
S.A. A:
West Brom robbed!
JC Gaming
JC Gaming:
Not good enough, winning by a penalty is what this club is about these days. The fear factor and the quality football we had has gone and I blame the board for the crappy window we had in the summer.
Carlos hernandez
Carlos hernandez:
The scary police monthly tire because hamburger predominantly attend lest a stimulating creditor. drab, mammoth teeth
Harry R
Harry R:
Mark how can you say that it was a good tackle from Bruno? Unbelievable. Clear penalty
John Doe
John Doe:
How is this number 5 in trending??
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
How is this number 5 in trending??
Tim Kaminarides
Tim Kaminarides:
Wow that ref is rigged af
John Pearson
John Pearson:
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abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali:
Hey Mark
Len Leatherland
Len Leatherland:
Next game start Cavani instead of Martial. Martial is too selfish and always one too many touches. Also a big improvement by not having Pogba in the line up. Maybe have him training with the youth team until they can get rid of him.
Miguel Halford
Miguel Halford:
Bruno miss reaction 😂 2:41:55
Bruno goal 2:43:10
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
I hate to say this but we are Varceshter United 😥
WHy do they call us Varchester we have had many decisions AGAINST us this season, Lindelof against Palace, Martial red etc
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
Spurs gain.
ken juan
ken juan:
We have to accept that Rashford and Martial are not ManUtd starters, they are just not consistent enough and for both of them to be on the bench means that one of them is not a ManUtd player at all...Enough with the excuses if we had capable strikers they would have dispatched WestBrom with ease...we keep jumping on the defense when clearly the attack isn't doing their job either...complete shambles...a season where the title race is wide open and Aston Villa is putting in better performances.
Aaron Dixon
Aaron Dixon:
When mark thinks the penalty decisions were wrong, you know the games gone.
Bahamut 1010
Bahamut 1010:
Bruno 🐐
Darron Mcnulty
Darron Mcnulty:
Leeds Leeds Leeds!
Dylan Littlewood
Dylan Littlewood:
no 5 on trending
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
no 5 on trending
Peter Cruz
Peter Cruz:
Really unfair pen, the second pen was just as bad.

Man united really didn’t deserve more than a point a the most
Tropical Storm
Tropical Storm:
Your club is a joke West Brom was cheated!!!!
Jorge Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez:
Devil red 7
Devil red 7:
Another awful performance but ole in he scored a goal in 99 🙄🤦‍♂️
Meanwhile Haaland just scored 4 goals against Hertha...
For all you man united fans complaining about how we are rubbish in the prem
Just think about the fact that we are ahead of Man Shitty to make your self feel better
Damien Daly
Damien Daly:
shocking man u team and ole is again out of ideas
Cole King
Cole King:
Can I say Penandez ???
Mr T J Peno
Mr T J Peno:
I believe United will win the premiere league this season
Typical premier league bias. If utd cant win, they get a penalty. If they miss a pen, they get another go.