MANE'S INCREDIBLE ASSIST FOR SALAH! | Every angle of a great team goal

Presented by Sonos, get the best view of Liverpool's second goal against Manchester United as Mo Salah slide past De Gea following an excellent pass by Sadio Mane.

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100+ comentarios:

Ong JunWei
Ong JunWei:
We are really on a different level this season,not to compare to others,but really the most brilliant team in the world now. Look at that mane's pass,so unpredictable
Sutan Abdurahman
Sutan Abdurahman:
Why is no one talking about Matip’s amazing one touch pass? That was so elegant!
Nicholas Bell
Nicholas Bell:
Man City fan here. That goal was pure class. You can't even defend that. Look at the pace at which Matip receives the ball and passes to Mane. Then that assist by Mane is just as good as it gets. Unbelievable football. Mane is one hell of a player!!!
Ape Astronaut
Ape Astronaut:
Only VVD who didn't touch the ball in this passing sequence.
What a team's goal this was.
Ahmed Sorush
Ahmed Sorush:
Mane and Salah know each other so well that as soon as Mane got the ball, he already knows how to find Salah, and Salah, knowing Mane has the ball, already makes a run, having no doubt that Mane will deliver.
Victor Etonu
Victor Etonu:
That Mane's pass is an art. Credit to other artists in the team, weldone Thiago
Mane's ability to accurately hit the ball first time - whether passing or shooting - is astonishing. He took six Man Utd defenders out of the game with that pass to Salah.
This goal has it all!
* long build up from the back with everyone involved
* cross field switch to Robertson
* incisive diagonal long ball from Thiago
* Mo backheel pass to Henderson on the overlap
* TAA inverting
* one touch triangles to pull the defense out
* Matip going forward
* Diaz drawing 4 defenders
* Mane worldly assist
* silky Mo touch and finish!
This assist will never get old I swear,,it should be stored for future reference
Kenneth Loo
Kenneth Loo:
The passing is so exquisite that the cameras cant keep up. Mane's pass is worldie. Maguire reaction at the end is gold.
Yusni Yunos
Yusni Yunos:
This is one of those times when the assist is much more beautiful than the goal itself
pinsen galaw
pinsen galaw:
This must be the goal of the season. Must be. One of the finest goal I ever seen in my life.
One word for Liverpool at this time is "Brilliant" this is a team that has extraordinary cooperation and cohesiveness.
Lindsay Newell
Lindsay Newell:
10 players, 18 passes. Incredible goal. I love VVD's reaction - he was the only player not involved, but perfectly placed to watch it unfold. Sadio didn't even seem to look - he just knew that Mo would make that run and placed it perfectly in front for him. Mo's first touch, not only on the goal where the ball had so much spin, but also from Thiago's long pass - stunning skills. All the 'Inside' videos show the rapid one touch passing they practice and these are the goals that come from it. Matip is so underrated as an attacking force and knows he can trust Fab and Hendo to cover when he pushes up like this. Hope we keep all the top 5 forwards together for many years.
You have to give credit where credit is due. This is one of the best goals I have ever seen.The build up play and the assist especially where unbelievable. Not a Liverpool fan, but I have to admit I enjoy watching them play. Football at its finest.
The trust between Salah and Mane this season is opulent. They have a complete understanding of where the other will head to and know exactly where to pass the ball
MP Rencher
MP Rencher:
One of the great assists of all time...
Abelity Gaming
Abelity Gaming:
The build up, the matip passes, THAT mane assist, and of course the finishing by salah. What a beautiful game
Mavhaga Ronewa
Mavhaga Ronewa:
What a delicious pass from Mane, and Salah understood the assignment 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Per Spellman
Per Spellman:
Everybody emphasize Thiago who was brilliant, but the mancs basically gave him an easy job. Sadio had a more difficult task central but solved it superbly, constantly getting their defense out of shape, had the ultimate pass for two goals, and scored a marvellous goal. Sadio Mané - MOTM - with an assist for Salah that deserves space on a wall at Anfield.
adu doye
adu doye:
This is one of those times when the assist is much more beautiful than the goal itself
Thomas Pratama S
Thomas Pratama S:
Superb assist by Mane and great finishing by Salah and excellent team work.... Congrats Liverpool for having this duo :)
What an other-worldly pass by Mane
Absolutely unreal. This is like a goal Barcelona would have scored when they were at their prime. Everyone on the same wavelength, lightning quick reactions. Pure footballing perfection.
Rahmat syarif
Rahmat syarif:
Mane knows where to pass accurately and Salah reacts quickly even before Mane receives the ball to pass to Salah. they are both brilliant
Saifuddin Islam
Saifuddin Islam:
What a pass that was🔥🔥
Carl Richards
Carl Richards:
On form right now MANE is the best player in the World, hands down....🙏❤️
Bartek Jasinski
Bartek Jasinski:
The pass from Mane its against physics absolutely top class perfection Salah should be much appreciate for gift like that
Incredible Sadio Mane 🔥
The best Liverpool side I've ever seen in my lifetime.Thanks Jurgen Klopp.From Doubsters to Believers.Klopp deserve a name in the Anfield stand and a gold statue.
Syed Mubashir
Syed Mubashir:
2:08 his first is disgustingly amazing 👏
Peter Rönnau
Peter Rönnau:
Sensacional. Mané Joga demais!
Flavio Araujo
Flavio Araujo:
Nossa Mané é um jogador de uma qualidade excepcional, que passe que foi esse para o Salah meu é muito louco ....
Cpt. Sinbad
Cpt. Sinbad:
The entire buildup to the goal was total football. Absolute domination.
That was some X Rated stuff for sure
Rehan Sheikh
Rehan Sheikh:
Matip's one touch pass ❤️
Mane's assist ❤️❤️
Salah's first touch ❤️❤️❤️
Team goal of the season for me. Just a beautifully crafted goal.
Thiago’s reaction is priceless! He had a brilliant game.
Ali Shawesh
Ali Shawesh:
This goal shows how much understanding they have and how much their relationship grew
The Neut
The Neut:
Mane’s no look assist was scintillating no doubt, but even matip’s first time pass through that utd midfield should also be appreciated, he has been rock solid next to vvd and i think he has been as good as him this season, so underrated for liverpool.
Steve Daley
Steve Daley:
Absolutely sublime reverse dink ball over the defenders. Just beautiful from Sadio
Peace of mind
Peace of mind:
I am very happy to see that connection now between Mo and Mane , they look for each other and give super assists , hoping this to continue always and hoping Senegalese fans to calm down on social media and stop hatred against Mo as both players are friends and enjoying together
Captain Pugwash
Captain Pugwash:
Best team goal of this season. Mane's pass was surreal!
Gorbi Norbit
Gorbi Norbit:
Best team in Europe, anazing how they play, hopefully Mane or Salah will ballon d'or especially if we make quadruple
Nxby Szyslak
Nxby Szyslak:
The assist from Mane 💞😊🙏🏾
bagas reza
bagas reza:
Salah pointing mane, always give credit first to his most trusted partner. The last two goal, Sadio didn't celebrate it because Salah goal's drought. What a friendship between two🤝
Superb passings!
Superb assist!
Superb finishing!
Superb goal!
Ghost veiwer👻
Ghost veiwer👻:
What a sublime pass and incredible team work
Aires Castro Gabriel Novela
Aires Castro Gabriel Novela:
Mané é terrivel Bola de ouro!
Valerie Boots
Valerie Boots:
All the 4 goals last night were footballing perfection.
For the Salah goal all Virg could do was look on in awe - he never got a touch . He stood in the centre circle and just admired . Poetry in motion. This is the way the beautiful game should be played.
Ma Ki
Ma Ki:
Superb Liverpool!!! beautiful pass by Mane and the comeback to business of Mo Salah. What a great team.
Steve White
Steve White:
That whole possession was incredible. Training ground stuff come to life. Matip's one touch was unreal, Sadio's vision and delivery beyond that.
Александра Лебедева
Александра Лебедева:
Matip's one touch pass ❤️
Mane's assist ❤️❤️
Salah's first touch ❤️❤️❤️
GaemPol Summer
GaemPol Summer:
Mane, amazing!
Muhammad Abdulsalam
Muhammad Abdulsalam:
It's as if he has eyes on his back and curling feet beautiful assist
Mr. Calm
Mr. Calm:
Perfectly executed goal. That Sadio's first time pass, Mo's first touch and clinical finish. Pure magical✨️✨️
Urken Karakulov
Urken Karakulov:
this is the key (apart from overall team cooperation) - Mane and Salah looking for and assisting each other!
Chris Sabian
Chris Sabian:
MANE' touch was exquisite and Mo' run well timed.. that's 2 players who know each other up was poetry too.
The assist from Mane was as beautiful as the goal from from Salah!! Incredible!!!
S. O
S. O:
Mane's no look assist really has to be the second best thing.. Maguire's no look defending still tops the list though
Pushkar Rai
Pushkar Rai:
That lob from Sadio was otherworldly....this moment between Sadio and Mo exactly complements a phrase by John Keats- "a thing of beauty is a joy forever"'s such a joy to watch....YNWA
That last slow mo angle, aside from the goal itself where it ends on Maguire is perfect! 😂😂😂
Nab N
Nab N:
A feast for the eyes!! So proud of this team! ❤️❤️❤️
A Pan
A Pan:
Sadio is playing with pure intelligence..a sublime pass! 👌
Nobody survives even one bit
Nobody survives even one bit:
That assist is one in a million
Mk. Col.
Mk. Col.:
I love the fact the crowd all as one goes ‘ohhhh’ for Manes pass, before it gets to Mo and then changes to Yeeeesss! as he scores a quite simply sublime goal.
Love it! ✌️🇺🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿✌️Lfc.
I stand corrected. From the first angle, 18 passes from Alisson to Salah's goal. Amazing.
Omar Ali mahmoud
Omar Ali mahmoud:
What an assist🔥
mrahman t
mrahman t:
Incredible Mane and MO Salah❤️
Nasha Files
Nasha Files:
its an amazing team goal, amazing build up display,
amazing assist and amazing finishing
Youssoupha Sene
Youssoupha Sene:
Mané ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sujit Nair
Sujit Nair:
That first touch from Salah was pure gold😍
The entire move is like one of those FIFA goals when the AI is unplayable and your players just run around aimlessly, and you think "this could never happen IRL!"

Well, it just did. Absolutely brilliant ✨
Mohammed Aadil
Mohammed Aadil:
Thiago’s Reaction is all of us for the pass and the goal ❤️🤤
Lipok Yanger
Lipok Yanger:
That's a videogame level pass 😅 it's like he had a bird's eye view of Salah's movement. Just brilliant
Yahia Allam
Yahia Allam:
Mane's assist + Salah's control ♥😍
Logic Bender
Logic Bender:
What a beautiful teamwork, 19 passes starting from Alisson, covering left and right area, forth and back... great goal, awesome assist, but for me it was the process that so beautiful
hello there
hello there:
The chemistry is just Wonderful salah knew he just had to run and mane knew that Salah is running and exactly where to pass without even looking
Salaman Libya
Salaman Libya:
The way Mo constantly is asking for the ball ! He is so driven … great team play
Thiago's reaction says it all!
Brian Gallagher
Brian Gallagher:
Matip's assist for Mane's assist was fantastic. This goal was so good, even VVD didn't have both arms up celebrating before it went in.
Imraan Adam
Imraan Adam:
I was speechless after this goal. Simply beautiful. One of the best if not the best goal we've scored.
Khalifa Lo
Khalifa Lo:
Mane Best player of World 🙌🏾 He deserve the Ballon d’or what an outstanding pass 🤯
That was a classic goal, I'm a Man city fan but that pass from Sadio Mane to Salah was just magical.
Passing masterclass from start to finish
Jahar Tam
Jahar Tam:
What a beautiful assist from Super Mane
What a goal! What a team! What a coach!
Christopher Heflide
Christopher Heflide:
Salah Assisted Diaz 1:0
Mane Assisted Salah 2:0
Diaz Assisted Mane 3:0
Jota Assisted Salah 4:0
Shan Suleiman
Shan Suleiman:
Fantastic and brilliant. The build-up, the assist and the goal. Such a beauty to watch. Thank you, Liverpool..
July SH
July SH:
Thiago's reaction at 1:22 says it all
Alden Padilla
Alden Padilla:
Mane knew where Salah would run, Salah also knew where mane would pass even before he passed. What an amazing understanding between these two players and people say they hate each other 😂. Yes sometimes mane's passing has been bad and he wasted time on dribbling rather than passing and Salah too have been selfish to not pass to mane but it was very rare occasions. Now it seems they have become the perfect duo thanks to Luis Diaz taking the left wing job.
Faceless Dius
Faceless Dius:
The movement of the whole team is just scary good. Cant imagine if an amateur team like man utd having to go against this. Damn
da Rosa
da Rosa:
This has to be one of the better team/passing goals this season
Love the forward drive from Matip to get things happening!
Soccer Blogs
Soccer Blogs:
That’s 18 uncontested passes starting from Allisson ending with a sublime pass from Mane to Salah which makes this even a greater goal.
I am the Architect Gamer
I am the Architect Gamer:
World class assist
When assist become more beautiful than goal 🔥
Noor Mohammed Nayeem Shaik
Noor Mohammed Nayeem Shaik:
Brilliant assist from Mane as well as brilliant anticipation from Mo
Hrudaya Ranjan Sahoo
Hrudaya Ranjan Sahoo:
What a beauty of a pass!
Clara Mitchell
Clara Mitchell:
Truly an awesome feat from Mané to Salah!👌🏾 Simply BRILLIANT!!!
Salah is back in form! Great game for us!!!