Mara Wilson REACTS to Matilda

Mara Wilson ( Matilda , Mrs. Doubtfire , Miracle on 34th Street ) and I snack on SUPER SOUR mystery snacks and react to the most amazing parts of her career!

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About Christy Carlson Romano:
Welcome to the official Christy Carlson Romano YouTube channel! Christy has been a working actress and singer since she was 6 years old. She moved to Los Angeles with her mother when she was 14 to star in the Disney Channel franchise, Even Stevens as Ren Stevens alongside Shia LaBeouf. Christy enjoyed many years with Disney gaining an Emmy nomination for her voice work as Kim Possible and starring on Broadway in Beauty and the Beast. She went on to balance her college career at Barnard College, Columbia University with filming movies for ABC Family including: ‘Campus Confidential’, ‘Taking Five’, ‘The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold’, and ‘The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream’. Christy returned to Broadway in her mid twenties and learned to be a puppeteer in the Tony-Award winning ‘Avenue Q’. Christy was married to her husband on New Years Eve , 2013 in Banff, Canada after having met in a screenwriting class in college. She became impassioned with directing and made her debut in Lionsgate’s “Christmas All Over Again”. While she still works as an actress, she enjoys living in Orange County with her husband, Brendan Rooney, and daughters, Isabella and Sophia. Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications!

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100+ comentarios:

Christy Carlson Romano
Christy Carlson Romano:
What would adult Matilda be doing right now???
justagirl :P
justagirl :P:
Bless Christy for always giving us the content we never knew we needed
Jeremy Coleman
Jeremy Coleman:
Can you believe that it has been 25 years since the movie Matilda was in theatres. I can bet that Matilda still has her powers.
Drea Choo
Drea Choo:
She is exactly what I imagined she would be as an adult. Still adorable ,witty ,gentle and easy to talk to . Not far from the Matilda character 💕
Trina Q
Trina Q:
It's so wonderful to see Mara back after so ling, and I'm delighted that she's found success out of the more toxic film industry, and as a playwright. She was always one of my favourite actresses growing up! 💕🎭
Beanie Gee
Beanie Gee:
Matilda and Lavender are still friendship goals!!
She's still got a hint of the child star in her. One who grew up right and not into a train wreck.
Forest Duffe
Forest Duffe:
This is astonishing, Mara Wilson is one of my favorite child star actors. Thanks Christy ❤
Harley Moore
Harley Moore:
She seems as down to earth and sweet as I imagined her
I quite literally cannot believe I’m watching this video. My two childhood QUEENS😭♥️
fun fact: mara wilson got mad at me on twitter once

she completely misinterpreted what I said, which totally happens so I'm not bent out of shape about it, but I was like, "dammit. I somehow managed to piss matilda off."
Kee Leichtle
Kee Leichtle:
Mara looks great! I'm so happy to see her back on your show! Such a rare blessing to see a former child star still be so grounded and...I don't wanna say "normal" but still being herself. 😊
Capone Boxer
Capone Boxer:
Mrs. Doubtfire was my first Mara experience. This was amazing. Thank you so much for making this video ❤
Poli Poli
Poli Poli:
Holy shirtballs, Mara Wilson did so much at such a young age. And she’s still fun and doing a lot
Strange to see her as an adult. Her childhood look is iconic. She's still cute and has a youthfulness to her.
Down on Movies
Down on Movies:
I’m 29, but it’s so cool getting to grow up with your favorite child just makes it special. Love this video
Haley Kofford
Haley Kofford:
Wonder why Mrs. Doubtfire was never mentioned... all-time classic!
Cody Becker
Cody Becker:
Love you both, and the show! Congratulations on all your successes
I just finished listening to Mara's audio book, "Where Am I Now" yesterday. Definitely worth listening to. I really enjoyed it.
A G:
I didnt know about this little series but I love watching these now, all my favorite kid actors! P.s Why does it look like Cristy hates everything she gives her guests to try 🤣
I have so much love and respect for Mara 💕 I follow her on social media pretty closely actually.
julian fishman
julian fishman:
Mara Wilson’s one of my favorite childhood heroes! Thank you so much for bringing her in! She’s really amazing!
Ant Merf
Ant Merf:
Man Matilda is such a great movie! Thanks for this 😊 I love the snackin' n reacting videos!
J F:
Love her! She's such a sweet person ❤️
I love how much she shared. Even the pie story
Rainbow Sprinkles
Rainbow Sprinkles:
Oh magosh!!! My little boy just saw me watching this and said, "Ooohh!!! MATILDA!!!" He said she looks cute and wondered if Mara is still magical 💚💜
Aren JTumaStens
Aren JTumaStens:
Love you, Christy! ❤ This was just as great and fun as Mara's appearance in the CKT episode!
Sailor Arwen
Sailor Arwen:
Mara was so gosh darn cute, and a huge part of my childhood! I wanted to be Matilda and I still sing her solo from Thomas and the Magical Railroad 😅
The Cynthia Navarro
The Cynthia Navarro:
What an amazing concept. So creative and fun! Wow I am blown away by the editing. Plus two of my favorite actresses. And I loveeee all those snacks. Great way to spend my break from training. Thank you. ♥️
Zari G
Zari G:
Christy and Mara have such good chemistry, they should TOTALLY do a podcast!
Travis Keaton
Travis Keaton:
Nice to see Mara. She was such a big part of my childhood.
Joe Schook
Joe Schook:
Omg these two seem so nice and genuine. I love these videos.
Homeschool Bliss
Homeschool Bliss:
I just said yesterday “Ooooh, we need to watch Matilda!” to my 7 year old. I am so glad I fell into this rabbit hole of videos featuring my childhood favorites.
Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire were two of my favorite movies as a kid! Fun times!
Cici Gonzalez
Cici Gonzalez:
I'm rewatching Boy Meets World now and I was thinking I would love to see Ben Savage on here.
Just A Cloud
Just A Cloud:
Mara was such an adorable little girl back then….
And I am sure she does still have that spirit inside today.
Such a fun and awesome video with a wonderful guest! Thank you so much Christy, you are so awesome!
Omg the sour cream part was funny 😂
Love this snack and react show great content 🥰
Caraga and Mindanao Videos
Caraga and Mindanao Videos:
Mara's hair is so cute. I think I'll grow out my hair into a mini bob like her and straighten it.
Tbh she's my favorite person to follow on twitter - I just adore her.
Teacher Cyndi
Teacher Cyndi:
Wow Christy! Was just scrolling through and noticed your reply to *all* the comments!
What a great thing to do!
I love that you take the time to interact with your audience ❤️
Ervin's Movie Corner
Ervin's Movie Corner:
Great job, Christy! Easter is this Sunday!🐣
The LostOne
The LostOne:
Loved Matilda, but today I also learned that there's a lot of Mara's work that I've seen without knowing she was in it.
Aren JTumaStens
Aren JTumaStens:
Excited to see her react to her own film.
I literally JUST showed my children Matilda for the first time! I of course was living for it and my kids were literally only interested because some how all three are obsessed with Danny Devito. I don’t even know lol
Aren JTumaStens
Aren JTumaStens:
Been following Mara on Instagram and Twitter for months. Plus, I remember learning that you two were in Big Hero 6.
Batman Pop's
Batman Pop's:
Mrs. Doubtfrire, Matilda, And A Simple Wish, Are All Good Movies I Had Fun Watching As A Kid Growing Up Back In The 90s 😃
I literally want to cry! My entire childhood in one channel i didnt know existed!! THANK YOU CHRISTYYY!
Alexander Cullison
Alexander Cullison:
Hey, Christy! I remember you as the voice of Yuffie from Kingdom Hearts 1! That was the first I’ve heard of you. Now you’re just kinda all over the place! Lol! You did great work on that as a voice of a memorable character from a memorable game. How was it, being her, until you had to move on? You can answer when you want. No pressure! Keep up the keep on! ;)
Jcrazed the Shepard
Jcrazed the Shepard:
Christy was my first crush as a kid lol so naturally I'm glad to see this channel thriving. Love Mara too! Maybe one day you can get Shia
Joshua Riddensdale
Joshua Riddensdale:
I was in elementary school when Matilda came out. Freeform plays it nearly every weekend. And I believe Mara's final movie was Thomas And The Magic Railroad.
Madeline Mudd
Madeline Mudd:
My besties fav movie growing up was Matilda so she named her kitten after her 😻
The Lazy Girl World
The Lazy Girl World:
I wish she could have made soup like in the movie. Have her open up the can with her mind lol
I feel like if they were ever to do another remake of "Whatever happened to baby Jane" Mara would be the perfect fit.
Reminder on. It is so cool that you have Mara Wilson doing a video with you Christy! Your videos are awesome!
Dena So Random
Dena So Random:
Her laugh is the SAME! Oh my heart ❤️
I watched this movie countless times throughout my childhood. Such good times.
Elijah Garcia Gaming
Elijah Garcia Gaming:
Growing up watching Thomas and the magic railroad when I was 5 and being a huge fan of the series Lily was my favorite human character and my favorite scene was the chase scene 😊 I'm glad mara hasn't forgot about it
Mike The Chicago Critic
Mike The Chicago Critic:
Man be a cool episode to have You and Patrick Warburton who plays Kronk make Spinach Puffs!!!
You should do this as a new segment. This was a lot of fun.
I used to rewatch this movie alot when i was younger. I got DVD recently. Still good memories, that and Mrs.Doubtfire
Aisha Nematullah
Aisha Nematullah:
I'm really happy to see her as an adult
Sharon Valentine
Sharon Valentine:
So I’m turning 30 the 14 but I loved Kim possible, me and my partner started re watching it on Disney plus! I also watch Matilda every Halloween 🎃 love these collabs
Celena Yancy
Celena Yancy:
I was having a rough day and came across this gem ♥️
Curt Dover
Curt Dover:
I love that Danny Devito is actually a great and loving guy IRL
Aren JTumaStens
Aren JTumaStens:
So glad to see Mara on here again! I still remember her from that old CKT episode, which I saw back in my early days of being a subscriber on here.
Oh, I loved Mara Wilson! I read her book, and it’s fantastic.
Emmett McMullan
Emmett McMullan:
It's wonderful to watch a conversation with both of you. I'm clearly not acclimated to the aesthetic of the channel though; the editing is so surreal! Keep having fun and being awesome, Christy!
Alisha Selles
Alisha Selles:
This made my heart happy 🥰
Phil Fox
Phil Fox:
I always loved and enjoyed the film 📽️ Matilda from 1996! Mara Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman and the rest of the cast did a great job! As well as the film 📽️ Mrs. Doubtfire starring the late Robin Williams 🕊️ and Sally Field. I can relate to both of the films. Great Job Christy 👍🏽💯 and always enjoyed your work on Even Stevens! Also, you're a very beautiful lady ❤️.
Kevin Haynes
Kevin Haynes:
Mara Wilson is my favorite actor, I loved her in Balloon Farm, I saw her on a episode of Season 3 of Broad City
Mike The Chicago Critic
Mike The Chicago Critic:
Man I love your work wether in animation or this!!
dustin jones
dustin jones:
Mara is such an adorable lady!
I didn't think this collaboration would ever happened but here we are in 2021. Christy you're doing amazing I think Mara is such a cool person follow on twitter she's funny.
Lauren Bucciero
Lauren Bucciero:
How was Mrs. Doubtfire not mentioned!? One of my favorites that she's in.
Rose Berry
Rose Berry:
Also I love the movie Matilda. That is one of my favorite childhood movies 😊.
Little Blue
Little Blue:
Good To See Mara Back On The Channel
Victoria M.
Victoria M.:
I love, A Simple Wish! One of my favorite childhood movies. 🖤🖤🖤
Rose Berry
Rose Berry:
Mara Wilson and I have something in common. I like sour stuff too. Like pickles, sour cream, salt and vinegar chips, sour kraut on things likes sausages and I loved to suck on lemons as a kid. And love salt too. Salt is a weakness of mine 😩.
Heather Cordova
Heather Cordova:
What A Awesome Interview With Mara I Enjoy Watching It What A Great Friendship Together
This video is 🔥🔥 both of are living legends
Mara Wilson vs Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic/The Guy With The Glasses) was one of the best online feuds featuring Mara. Some of my favorite She did creepy very well in those scenes. Her videos with Lindsay Ellis, Nella, and Elisa Hansen are also great ones to go back and watch.
Meygan Marino
Meygan Marino:
Awesome Video! The graphics and backgrounds look great! ✨💗
Megan Schmittou
Megan Schmittou:
I call my almost-2-year-old daughter Matilda. She loves to 'read' her books and will sit with them for literally 20 minutes per book. After she gets up from her nap, she leafs through the book we read before she went to sleep. She also has had similar bangs to the movie character in her hair since about 9 months and when we put bows in her hair, she resembles the Matilda book illustrations ^_^
Joe Ryan
Joe Ryan:
Your doing a good job Christy, and I want to wish you a happy Easter
Patrick Fairchild
Patrick Fairchild:
GREAT VLOG - Love your long BEAUTIFUL hair and your WONDERFUL expressive face - no actor can fake that.
Great video. Definitely want more stuff like this, especially longer content!
dustin jones
dustin jones:
This is the start of a new channel called “tart ones” where guest are interviewed while eating increasingly sour candies.
Queef Latina
Queef Latina:
Omg this is like hot ones but with sour food 😱 I LOVE IT
Edward Sanchez Productions
Edward Sanchez Productions:
Matilda is one of my favorite movies of all time
callum hutchison
callum hutchison:
Ok that snake edit, scared the heck out off me LOL.
Ben Gallaty
Ben Gallaty:
Watching this I am reminded of so many good movies to watch with my kids.
You should really try to have more retired actors/actresses to appear in your videos. Mara Wilson is just one of many that can be hired.
Jessica L
Jessica L:
I love Mara so much!!! :)
Ahh! Can’t wait to watch this ! 😁🥰👍
Laycee Ferguson
Laycee Ferguson:
Matilda is still one of my most favorite films. I relate with her character a lot since I was and still am a huge book worm.
Carolina Railfan Productions
Carolina Railfan Productions:
@Christy Carlson Romano Mara Wilson was well known for play Lilly, Burnett stone’s grand daughter from the movie 🎥 I grew up with Thomas and the magic railroad which was based on the Thomas the tank engine series and the railway series books 🛤 besides playing in the movie 🎥 Matilda.

Just letting you know that.
YES!!! She mentioned Batman Beyond! That was such a good episode!
Wow Christy looks sooo different with blonde hair didnt even recognized her lol and Mara used to be the cutest little girl ever!!!😍
Amanda Trott
Amanda Trott:
I would love to see Broadway Kids people on here like Greg Raposo 😊