Margaret Thatcher's Memorable Remarks: A Video Mash-up | The New York Times

Margaret Thatcher's memorable words — from her 1979 victory, to her remarks at the end of the Falkland war, to her fight against European integration.

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Margaret Thatcher's Memorable Remarks: A Video Mash-up | The New York Times

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Alessandra M
Alessandra M:
I’m here to compare Gillian Anderson to the real Margaret 😄
Karin R
Karin R:
she talks pretty normal compared to her portrayal on the show
Ann Brew
Ann Brew:
Gillian’s impersonation of her seems over the top, after watching this.
Juanico Marco
Juanico Marco:
Love her, Hate her. But you got to admit she has more balls than other leaders out there.
Aleena Aaah
Aleena Aaah:
why does gillian make her sound like a wheezing old dying dog lmao
Came here after The Crown (as most of you reading this). I honestly wanted to check if Margaret’s voice was similar as Gillian has portrayed, but she definitely exaggerated lol
Gay Comedy Fan
Gay Comedy Fan:
Gillian Anderson made her sound like she was on the cusp of death her whole tenure. She may have been a ghoul but she wasn't literally a reanimated corpse.
James Winn
James Winn:
Gillian Anderson totally over-acts her role of Thatcher. It’s a travesty. Meryl Streep nailed it.
Lekeisha Crawford-Mathys
Lekeisha Crawford-Mathys:
Who's waiting for Gillian Anderson in The Crown to play Margaret Thatcher?
Sebastian Thomson
Sebastian Thomson:
I can't wait for season 4 of The Crown.
Haniya Saba
Haniya Saba:
Her voice sounds so normal and she looks way more younger than in the crown..
Buckshot Cheney
Buckshot Cheney:
"You would rather the poor were poorer, provided the rich were less rich."

Truer words have never been spoken.
Simão Monteiro
Simão Monteiro:
Can't wait to see Gillian Anderson playing her in The Crown.
Gillian overdid the voice and the hair is huge lol...
M 21
M 21:
Gillian sounds like an SNL version of Margaret in the crown. It's a shame because it really stands out in a bad way between all the more life like performances
Baga Chips
Isabell Jean
Isabell Jean:
I wonder why Gillian did her voice like that, she sounded normal.
Gillian Anderson's "Your Majesty" in the latest trailer of the Crown omg
Melissa James
Melissa James:
Here to compare Gillian Anderson to the real Thatcher, she does speak more slowly than the real Thatcher but otherwise, great job.
Jorge Javier Gomez
Jorge Javier Gomez:
Who's after the crown season 4?
Gary L
Gary L:
Always the best and toughest man in the room. "SINK IT"!
Gillian's voice is nothing like Margaret's. It was so annoying to listen to her talk like that all the time on the show.
Stan Stan
Stan Stan:
Welcome Jimmy, come in, this must be the eleventh time we've had you at Chequers for Christmas. So happy I could fix it.
Thanks for the great comeback, I haven't laughed that much over a YouTube comment in a long time.
Nathaniel Myrthong
Nathaniel Myrthong:
When you realise that "Her Majesty" then is still the same till date.😂
Duhin Ganju
Duhin Ganju:
Here after watching the first episode of Season 4 of #TheCrown. I can hear the #Emmys calling... for #GillianAnderson. What a fabulous performance!
Pharaoh Ramon
Pharaoh Ramon:
1:09 They tried to make me go to the rehab, but I said no, no, no 😅
You missed the most memorable quote, which was "um", when a child asked her where she would be in the event of nuclear war.
SameOldFitUp Photography & Film Tameside & Beyond.
SameOldFitUp Photography & Film Tameside & Beyond.:
“Life is all memory except for the one present moment that goes by so quick you can hardly catch it going.” Tennessee Williams.
Even the Soviets admired her!
Beverly Glover
Beverly Glover:
When Gillian Thatcher says anything, I have to squeal with laughter. It never gets old.
Gerard Collins
Gerard Collins:
Compared to the real life Margaret, Gillian Andersons Thatcher sounds like she's smoked 40 a day for 60 years.
Scott Machaser
Scott Machaser:
The crown really made her into a granny lol
Aleyna Morales
Aleyna Morales:
Comments: I came here after “The Crown”
Me: RPDR ✨👁👄👁✨💅🏼
d p
d p:
A true Dynamite!! 🙏🙏💥💥
Good point. I'll think about that. We'll see what happens.
Keijo Kuikka
Keijo Kuikka:
As a foreigner i dare to say: Thatcher was a great wartime leader doomed to reign through a time of peace.
I could varnish it instead if you like, i mean it will cost you more than the original quote but really im doing you quite a a big favour considering how long it took me to tarnish her memory, with only the finest quality tarnish i might add!
Elijah Sackville-Germain-Glücksburg
Elijah Sackville-Germain-Glücksburg:
0:53 the reason why Meryl Streep is the perfect person to have played Margaret Thatcher. Now, I can't wait for Gillian Anderson's portrayal, I know it's going to be great too but man, Thatcher's voice and Meryl's voice are literally the same here.
There is actually a clip where MT sounds exactly like Gill in The Crown.
However, this clip is MT in 'her last days' of life, rather than in the 'last days' of her premiership. So, compared to the clip in the link attached, Gillian did a fantastic job. It is however unfortunate that she chose to adopt this phase of MT's voice for the entirety of the series. Otherwise, I must say her performance, especially her body movements and expressions are frightfully alike MT in her PM days. so Kudos to that. Such a shame that the voice was ... distracting.
John Chapol
John Chapol:
ive never seen a strong woman before, and it's cool you had the queen and her running it
Lars .Holme
Lars .Holme:
My father once commented, 'She was the only person in Britain who had a pair of balls in those days'
A beautiful strong lady with Received Pronunciation, showing us that a woman can also become extremely powerful in the world, not because of her big muscles, but because of her intelligence and her love for her country
maggie may
maggie may:
Very well said ! Thank you Christopher ! She was loved and adored by the honest workers. She had no time for the lazy layabouts !
Ariel Elisa
Ariel Elisa:
The Crown really did the most with her voice lol
Joe Stewart-Paul
Joe Stewart-Paul:
Not a fan, but I have to admit, she had style.
Kim DiMino
Kim DiMino:
I second that!
Jonathon Jones
Jonathon Jones:
What an amazing leader! Madame Thatcher I miss your courage and tenacity. Rest In Peace, ma’am.
Who's here after the crown season 4?
Baga Chipz nailed it.
Josh Singson
Josh Singson:
Lily Eileen Snape
Lily Eileen Snape:
Gillian makes Thatcher sound like she's in her deathbed.
The Greek Pianist
The Greek Pianist:
Meryl Streep did a great job playing her lol
Saina Palana
Saina Palana:
Meryl Streep did a great job in the iron lady 👏
Maribelita Mañanera
Maribelita Mañanera:
I was literally an infant when she was PM, but even then I remember hearing about her.
Random Grilled-Cheese-Sandwich
Random Grilled-Cheese-Sandwich:
"Yesterday, we had a piece of cheese and it was very good"
Gus Greenwood
Gus Greenwood:
this video should've just been the title, "Margaret Thatcher's Memorable Remarks" and then the immediate end of the video, because there weren't any.
Paul Goodier
Paul Goodier:
She did what she aid she would do, for 2 terms in office I respect her immensely for that Thank you Maggie
Tardis Time
Tardis Time:
Can’t deny she certainly won’t be forgotten
She really was 'the iron lady'.
Crazy loc Loc
Crazy loc Loc:
Thatcher was a goddess no surrender 🇬🇧🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Thomas Bauer
Thomas Bauer:
For better or for worse, she truly has been a remarkable woman.....
Baga Chipz was spot on
After Children's school meals were systematically de-nourished she decided to enable a law allowing no minimum limit to nourishment in school dinners.
john holmes
john holmes:
sweety alwal
sweety alwal:
Wth does Gillian make Margaret sound like she's wheezing let alone behaving like oldest woman in the hospital. Margaret is active
Rene Decart
Rene Decart:
Adrian Nevill
Adrian Nevill:
She was in love with Gorby!😍😍😍😀
A great woman. We won't see someone like her again.
Alex Persaud
Alex Persaud:
Baga Chips did her justice ✌🤣
Suz C
Suz C:
Hearr, hearrr... Gillian is spot on as Thatcher darlinggg 👌🏻😄
Nathan Robertson
Nathan Robertson:
Baga Chipz nailed this performance.
I Luvv Art
I Luvv Art:
Who is here after watching the crown 😉
Ulises Quintero Castro
Ulises Quintero Castro:
i agree, as she once said, 'sometimes you have to take the medicine to make you better, it may taste bad but you still have to take it' Britain today has a lot to thank Baroness Thatcher for, if not for her we would have declined so much we'd be at the same significance as Spain or Portugal or less. She took the 'sick man of europe' and turned him into a world leader a force majeure again. Regardless, of anyones opinions she deserves the nations respect.
Melitza Humbert
Melitza Humbert:
I’m here after watching the Iron Lady :)
yoga asix
yoga asix:
"No" is Margaret favourite quotes 😁
Enzo Raymond
Enzo Raymond:
Margarete theacher ❤️
Mary May
Mary May:
"where there is discord, may we bring harmony"
people in background : "Boooooooooooooooooo"
Dash Thunderbolt
Dash Thunderbolt:
long fukery
long fukery:
clap clap
Phil Royce
Phil Royce:
La Dame De Fer.
Emilia De Rochefort
Emilia De Rochefort:
Mirriam Defensor Santiago

Margaret Thatcher

These 2 Woman is More Scarier and Fierce than your Boyfriend

Man . From Lh and been watching their Documentaries and I hope they lived longer 😔😔
franchesco Palacios
franchesco Palacios:
Margaret Thatcher's Dad (a man) was a big big influence on her life she even says so - "my father molded my character " . she always mentions her father about the way he brought her up to always think for your self .
Michael Young
Michael Young:
Miss Maggie, and i say that as an Irishman 🇬🇧
Unforgettable woman !.. She was the best for UK.
So sharp and unique...just love her !!! ( and she had more balls than any man ever ! ) Rest In Peace ❤🇬🇧
stephanie ricketts
stephanie ricketts:
RIP to Maggie, can I point out to those that were not aware, nobody was buying coal anymore in the quantities that were being mined.
Solee K
Solee K:
Gillian made her sound like a dying cat. AND I LOVED IT😂😂
ppl here talking about how bad gillian anderson's portrayal is, let's talk about how spot on spitting image's portrayal is.
Boten Daddy
Boten Daddy:
Right then! Move it along! Sharp sharp! Too Right!
Sean Rayan
Sean Rayan:
You're Majesteee
maria silvas
maria silvas:
Angelo Valavanis
Angelo Valavanis:
Praise Lady Thatcher! 💪 🇬🇧
francesca ‘s
francesca ‘s:
Gillian Anderson is incredible. her mannerism and voice are spot on!
Toni LaVey
Toni LaVey:
Ngl she’s giving me straight Libra vibes.
Terzel Rasmus-Williams
Terzel Rasmus-Williams:
Who is here before Season 4 of the Crown on Netflix premieres?
Rafael Leon
Rafael Leon:
You may not like her, but you won't deny that Tatcher has style.
Nan Minerin
Nan Minerin:
Que mulher fantástica!
Nargis Khanam
Nargis Khanam:
Who is here after watching 'Crown'😁😁😁?
Everyone's talking about The Crown, I'm trying to compare Thatcher to her portrayal in Spitting Image.