Marilyn Manson Calls Evan Rachel Wood Claims 'Horrible Distortions Of Reality'

Marilyn Manson has responded to claims made against him by actress Evan Rachel Wood, who dated Manson and was briefly engaged to him. Marilyn Manson released a statement denying the claims.

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100+ comentarios:

Ngl “Horrible distortions of reality” sounds like a dope album name
Kapel and Hadassah
Kapel and Hadassah:
Rose McGowan is always looking to find a place to be relevant. She says “he wasn’t like that in our relationship” so what’s your point then. I can’t stand her!
She says he wasn’t like that with her and then seems to proceed to get auto intoxicated on throwing him under the bus.
Purple TreeD
Purple TreeD:
Let’s keep in mind that when a record label like this one publicly disowns an artist after allegations surface, they are doing so only to save face in a world waking up to an industry (Hollywood and music biz) teaming w sexual predators. For decades, this kind of behavior has not only been tolerated, but covered up while victims are ignored and smeared. Let’s not make a hero out of this record label while they pretend to take the high road.
His ex is probably just mad at him or something and saw an opportunity to take « revenge ». Idk the full story of these two but it just seems out of nowhere that she supports the allegations against him even though she states that he was not like this with her.
Taylor Kolias
Taylor Kolias:
Doesn't anyone find it to be interesting that these accusations after the whole Johnny Depp's case.
Jeremy Jacobs
Jeremy Jacobs:
I'm still going to listen to his music regardless an I'm not believing anything until proven guilty or innocent
I like the exes video.
"He never did anything like that to me"
2 seconds later
"All his previous record labels knew about it"
Ok sound like a fool
Adel Darko
Adel Darko:
I stand with manson, let that sink
Chris P
Chris P:
That is crazy to drop him from a label before anything is proven. WTF! Allegations are just that.
Isaiah Shelton
Isaiah Shelton:
He doesn't need anyone to promote the record with all this publicity
Rhuairidh Walker
Rhuairidh Walker:
No matter if he is guilty or innocent, we are yet to know the actual truth, but Rose McGowan's "statement" if thats what you want to call it, was so incredibly pointless.
Hold on? Why is that video from Rose apart of this? One of the first things she says is he wasn't like that with me..... But then goes on to support the hanging of him? She is a character witness in his defence not his persecution.
I'm all for putting an end to abuse but surely posting videos like that is only adding weight to the trial by media hobby of the modern day
Sid Varg
Sid Varg:
Imagine Harley Quinn trying to cancel the Joker... Soon after the Joker gets married... To someone else... Get real.
Black Jack’s Armory
Black Jack’s Armory:
I will hold my judgment on him until he is found innocent or guilty in a court of law. Isn’t the American justice system great? I have his book, seen him live 17 times even partied with him at the Antichrist Wheeling West Virginia show with L7 and hung out with him and rRob Zombie before the Pittsburgh show 2 years ago. I think I know him pretty well and he was always cool with me. I’ll wait for an actual conviction.
Cameron Steven
Cameron Steven:
Why tf are they shaming record companies and agents for hiring him if they had no clue about these alligations
Retro Fan
Retro Fan:
Wood, in a 2015 interview said that she had no regrets being in a relationship with Manson. I'm 37, listened to Manson since I was a young kid ( POAAF days). I seriously doubt these allegations. What I think is that these people felt hurt in someway by Manson and are using the me too movement as a means to attack him because they know there's a bunch of people out there that'll believe what they say because they have a vagina. They're lying, manipulative little devils.
Homewrecker Hollow
Homewrecker Hollow:
How about ruin the guys life when he's been found guilty by the court of law, not by the court of public opinion.
Charlton Lavey
Charlton Lavey:
Im a massive fan of Manson, it is horrible if this is true. But there are so many facts that make me doubt it.
After what happened to Depp i will wait, to see how this evolves.
Jason Myers
Jason Myers:
So basically.....Rose is just going off of allegations and, assumptions? I'm not saying he DID or DID NOT do those horrible thing's. I'm just saying Rose's statement wouldn't stand up in court. I sure hope no one takes her in account of this other woman filing charges.
ϏƗȐȺ Ϫ999:
Didn't Manson literally call out the Hollywood cult? I think his accuser would be more behind it and this could be the cults way of overthrowing Manson.
Reece Hinson
Reece Hinson:
Innocent until proven guilty ✊
mcgowan might wanna get herself together before she speaks out about anything.
Reuben Kincaid
Reuben Kincaid:
Saying that everyone who ever worked for/with him are "accomplices" who knew what was going on is preposterous, and reckless language. You don't know what people you work with do behind closed doors.
Stu Harrison
Stu Harrison:
What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Surely the label should drop him if he's guilty, not over allegations
Cristal Perez
Cristal Perez:
Can't say I have an opinion yet. Its mostly the same shit. All I can do is wait for more evidence. 🤷‍♀️
Wait so Rose McGowan his ex said he was not like that with her... but continues to kick him... I think shes pissed he wasnt like that with her
alexandra filipe
alexandra filipe:
Being a fan of the Man for more than 20 years now... innocent until proven guilty
Don't like the guy but innocent until proven guilty! At the end of the day she was of legal consenting age and knew what she was getting into from the info I know as of right now. If it turns out to be true then good riddance if not then Evan deserves to be cancelled.
08 SB 80
08 SB 80:
When he was with me he was not like that but I’m glad I now have a reason to throw my ex under the bus.
That chick sounds bitter. She probably got dumped by him.
ϏƗȐȺ Ϫ999:
2019: John wick - Excommunicated. 2020: Jonny Depp - Fired. 2021: Manson - Over thrown. 2022: An uprising begins
" Hollywood cult must be stop."

Woohh thats deep..
Why is Rose McGowan speaking up when she never had that experience with him so petty, like errr he’s my ex so I support her
after reading her statement i was just as much informed as if i hadnt read it.
Perry the corpse Flower
Perry the corpse Flower:
Haha “he wasn’t like that to me” then goes to crucify him just cause the others blame him. Garbage
23 yo Doomer
23 yo Doomer:
Yeah, I’m gonna listen to Rose McGowan, the woman that broke up with Manson because of cocaine... And don’t forget what the other lesbian said, when Kobe died,about him
I think it’s gonna be something like Depp’s incident
Loyd's LizardsIII
Loyd's LizardsIII:
Hypocrisy on both ends. Manson is known for wanting a distortion of reality to play a role in his life, and the only person to face us directly about the matter, although through a screen, is telling us that he wasn't abusive towards her.
So the claim is made, and people instant attack him and stop promoting his work, innocent until proven guilty? If guilty than stopping makes sense. But yet again can not help but look at a female domestic abuser and think there is alot of double standarda with regards to abuse. And the less said about rose the better!
I’m not into this guy’s music, but I do have an opinion of Hollywood. Never believe what they say, if only to up their career agenda.
He deserves his day in court. I won't judge until then as I've seen too many women play this card when later it comes out to be completely fabricated for the sole purpose of revenge and not justice.
Jeffrey Moscardelli
Jeffrey Moscardelli:
Music wise he's on the high end of talent but also he did put his junk on other people thinking it was ok while drunk and high on stage as well at this point every bridge he trail blazed over he burned to be on a island by him self
Joann Byrne
Joann Byrne:
It's just a shame rose has to cheapen things with her well what would you call it? rather than a short supportive statement she had her little tangent ramble and one woman show camera angle bs
Jim Sinister
Jim Sinister:
So you get involved with a rock star calling himself the anti christ superstar for years but now come out Claiming abuse without any EVIDENCE ? Sounds like a bunch of ex’s grubbing for money.
Jakub Port
Jakub Port:
His ex in this video literally says that "when I was with him, he wasn't like that". And yet, she says she's proud of what Evan Rachel did. She doesn't know if her claims are true or not because she didn't experienced this behavior from Manson, yet she proudly stays by her, claiming he must have done it. That's some next level shit. This is just another Johnny Depp scenario.
helen haubensack-bitterli
helen haubensack-bitterli:
Think we know whose reality is distorted.
floridanica moses
floridanica moses:
Didn't Tom Cruise sue dozens of people and win, because of accusations and slander?
David Frontman
David Frontman:
Some groups of people are about to kill the rock n roll!
Li Ha
Li Ha:
I think they are witch hunting. Will he sink or swim, is what they're trying to see. I think Evan seems like a "half-baked suburbia brat." One has to ask, and where were your parents Evan? Why weren't Mr. And Mrs. Wood more involved in leading you down a better path. Vvvvmmmmbb?!
S B:
Maybe she's thinks she's still avenging Westworld
Burning Bassist
Burning Bassist:
I feel that it is too soon to make a call on the situation since there really isn't any damning evidence and these are big claims. I'm very interested to see how this plays out.
Shane Zombie
Shane Zombie:
Anyone remember the song he wrote
"If i was your vampire "
In the song he goes on to speak about how evan rachel wood. She handed him a knife and said I love you so much you must kill me now. Begging him to kill her. Just saying she might be a little bit insane
Raven Storm
Raven Storm:
I have been a Manson fan since I was young, and I still adore his music. However, I believe this is a case of separating the art from the artist, like I have with Harry Potter and J.K Rowling.
Wode Dagawd
Wode Dagawd:
Damn near 30 years a shock rocker and you would have thought stories like this would have flooded his career
Ankit Amar Kashyap
Ankit Amar Kashyap:
"Yeah he didn't treat me like that...but... I STAND FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS. ✊ AND I AM PROUD OF ALL THOSE WHO ACCUSED MANSON." 🤦🤦🤦
Victoria Black
Victoria Black:
Mmm 🤔 Rose said he wasn’t like that with her but yet she’s standing by these claims that other women are making that may or may not be true. If that was my ex and he never abused me I would be inclined to lean more towards these women lying for reasons unknown possibly for publicity and money. I mean, if he was an abusive person wouldn’t he be abusive in all of his relationships?
Ain't that the woman who called Kobe Bryant a rapist shortly after his death? 😶
What if Evans memories were distorted from the trauma and he is innocent and someone else did it? Just saying
Courtney Blue
Courtney Blue:
We should all find it truly terrifying that people are no longer “innocent until proven guilty”. Makes no difference what HE has to say, right? These women are ready to burn him at the stake without a shred of actual evidence. If you support this, don’t be surprised when it happens to you!
The N!h!list Project
The N!h!list Project:
I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this but I am standing with Manson, Wood was into BDSM and so was Manson. Now it’s rape?
Pippy Pop
Pippy Pop:
Gonna love to see how this plays out. Gonna be huge. Either way it probably wont change my life that much, I feel very selfish.
Manson abused his bandmates on stage all the time, throwing mics at his drummer, setting on fire his guitarist etc... but it was all consensual to make a great show! lol
Black Jack’s Armory
Black Jack’s Armory:
Innocent until proven guilty
Birdy Orlando
Birdy Orlando:
Dolores strikes! And breaks free from his distorted reality. ( wait I've seen this before)...
Marko Zivanovic
Marko Zivanovic:
Rose made the video all about herself, beautiful. Innocent until proven guilty.
Austin Leiker
Austin Leiker:
This is getting ridiculous. So now Trent Reznor is gonna be called out or what? He hasn't ruined everyone's lives. He saved mine and gave me the balls to walk out of that life... I know I am not the only one he has helped.
Dale Stubbs
Dale Stubbs:
Although I appreciate Rose McGowan for past endeavors to expose the horrors of Hollywood elites, she offered No evidence to these allegations about Marylin Manson. Actually she did quite the opposite, she said he was nothing like that throughout her relationship with him. Her views and thoughts now appear to be Completely Irrelevant and offer Nothing towards the guilt of Manson but just the opposite that he may actually be innocent.
Wine Ghost
Wine Ghost:
This is so pre Covid..
Ok this is different but ok i can go with the marketing. Love his new album name too “horrible distortions of reality”. I’ve seen surreal promotional material but this one’s really selling it with the whole abuse themes. Ok Manson, you had me since Portrait of an American Family.
Siouxanne Buehrer
Siouxanne Buehrer:
Providing there are police reports, DNA, photographs and such proof, his record label should be sued for millions if there are none.
Clout so woods was groomed at 19 and is ashamed of her Consensual BDSM relationship this has to go to Court
as for Rose at least she's not claiming abuse by him and she was always consistent with her Me to stances but if anything killed
the me to moment its 2 things Politics and false accusation Johnny deep 2.0 and woods is friends with amber after all interesting
Lemmy Milkister
Lemmy Milkister:
What happened to innocent until proven guilty?? Some chic starts throwing accusations and he’s automatically a monster?? WTF?
I’m not even a MM fan but I am a fan of actual justice and liberty.
Wooden Leaves
Wooden Leaves:
I am so eagerly looking forward to new Marilyn Manson alboom.
I will neevr be able to watch The Wonder Years again.
Jayne Manning
Jayne Manning:
I choose to hold any conclusion until I hear more. But this would be a good time for everyone involved to come clean. If he was abusing these women it would be an excellent time to admit it, explain it. Was it drugs? Ego? Just perversion? If he didn’t do it, it would be great for him to sit with his accusers face to face and have an honest open discussion about what transpired. He really has nothing to lose... people who love him will continue to do so... the rest will think he’s a freak.. which many already thinks that. Either way you don’t need a record label to put out music. But it would be great to explore the different sides of this equation....
why so much drama? if he committed a crime, report it with evidence. But they do unnecessary videos, posts, and antics. does she want everyone to know? or does she want to report her alleged aggressor?
On 1 hand I hope it's true so it doesn't make it harder for victims in the future but on the other hand I don't want it to be true either ... having said that without any evidence and with Rose saying he wasn't abusive to her it makes it hard to believe them.
While I'd love to believe everyone that says they were abused there's been too many people that make false claims, so I kind of need evidence to believe people now.
Also I'd laugh if it's fake because the record label would've just made a massive mistake
Ker Plunk
Ker Plunk:
If you read the book about Manson he talks about him and Trent Reznor abusing fans for fun so its no stretch that he'd do that in his relationship.
Vie Nast
Vie Nast:
I think they were too young for his bdsm delirium, submission etc and he took advantage (of his delirium and their young age) to abuse it! MM is the kind of person who goes all the way of her delirium (there is no half measure with him, I think) and doesn't have much mercy on people. (i'm french and translation google... :/ )
That Artist
That Artist:
Weirdo Williams
Weirdo Williams:
Dropped for that? I'm sure Manson has done waaaayyyyyyyy more shocking things to get dropped for.
Andri Eis
Andri Eis:
Where is the evidence? Until then..
No matter what will happen in the future, THE ARTIST is there and his music will be listened!
No matter what situation he will be in, he wont stop being an ARTIST so YEAH! MARILYN MANSON, you ve got our ears!
Janelle 09
Janelle 09:
Did she think he'd be into missionary? Come on 😑
schism jizzum
schism jizzum:
sounds like maybe they had bdsm , dom and sub relationship and now she's too " woke" and disgusted with herself for at one time liking it. idk. I love Manson and like bdsm so I admit I am biased
Nicole Ashley
Nicole Ashley:
As a long time fan of his, I have to kind of step away from my fandom and look at this from a parent’s perspective. There are no words for the hurt that I would want to put on the individual that were to harm my daughter, and that’s kind of what I see when I look at these girls. On the other hand, I have sons too. And if it was their neck on this chopping block, you can bet your ass that I would want to see something far more substantial than some posts on social media and things that were said to ruffle feathers as this guy does, and always has done, very well. In all honesty, I feel like the truth lies somewhere between what they are saying and what he is saying.
Also, not that one really has anything to do with the other, but ERW lost my respect and some of her credibility with me when she said what she said about Kobe the day that he died. She seems a little too inclined to throw these accusations around for funsies, even with people who are proven innocent, which is both appalling and wrong.
Cam Clarke
Cam Clarke:
Manson has been scrutinised all of his life. Even got the blame for the columbine shootings. He has a face that is easy to throw allegations at. Innocent until proven guilty
Paddy The Irish Guy
Paddy The Irish Guy:
My take on it is that she was a young, big eyed girl swooped off her feet by this famous guy. She played into his sexual fantasy even tho she may not have liked it or been used to it. It embarrassed her, but she wanted to be with him. Or with his fame. And now, she decides she wants to do something about it. How do we know what really happened? For all we know, it could be true. It could be all fabricated. Either way tho, it's innocent until proven guilty.
Walking Through Ghosts
Walking Through Ghosts:
I'm reserving my judgment on this one, something doesn't quite seem to add up here. "He wasn't like that with me".
T. Maximus
T. Maximus:
I still support you Brian..dont believe the hype.
I'm Leonessa!
I'm Leonessa!:
Alright so, I am not a huge fan of Marilyn Manson, but I kinda feel like he's an easy target because of his persona.
Darren Simes
Darren Simes:
"He never treated me like that......." SHOULD have been the extent of her statement as that's all she can testify to.

Evidence MATTERS.........
Alisha Rivera
Alisha Rivera:
Can anyone direct me to the sections in Long Hard Road out of Hell where Manson has mentioned these F-ed up things? Its been a long time since I've read the book. If anyone knows exactly, I'd be grateful! Its bugging me to know.
Its Hilarious that a 36 year old would even want to date a 18 year old!
Mad Woman
Mad Woman:
Dita also wrote in her insta that everything was fine when they were together, for 7 years. That Wood woman is kinda strange if not more.
Maria Uribe
Maria Uribe:
Real Manson fans know what's up.🤘🏼
Matthew F
Matthew F:
If you’re with this dude you can’t tell me you weren’t already down for whatever kinks he’s into. People drop off and then blame others years after the fact. Not about it.
Nate H
Nate H:
"When he was with me he wasn't like that"
Then she just assumes that the other women are being truthful? When she just said that her experience wasn't like that? Not very helpful. I feel like this could go either way still, don't really know
Wladyslaw Aaron
Wladyslaw Aaron:
Is this true? Maybe, Idk, BUT we shouldn't lie to ourselves, this is not one way street - woman does abuse man as well. I'm not saying this change anything with this case, I'm just pointing a fact - that kind of problem is non-existent in public mind. Time will come to call out this problem too, and public dialog about those problems will be treated equally.
Sex abuse don't have a gender.
Patrick Donohoe
Patrick Donohoe:
I need to hear more specific assertions about this alleged abuse. What was said was far too vague for me to have much of an opinion about. What "horrible abuse", specifically?
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez:
Brian better have the tapes like Johnny Depp