Marin Cilic vs Casper Ruud - Semifinals Highlights I Roland-Garros 2022

Marin Cilic vs Casper Ruud - Semifinals Highlights I Roland-Garros 2022. Watch the best moments from the the match that opposed Marin Cilic and Casper Ruud at #RolandGarros 2022. Casper Ruud won 3/6 6/4 6/2 6/2.

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Roland-Garros 2022: from 16 May to 5 June.

100+ comentarios:

As a Norwegian, I never believed I would be alive to experience a Grand Slam final with someone from my country.
Juan Pedro Arévalo
Juan Pedro Arévalo:
It's incredible how has evolved Ruud's level during last years, always doing a very quiet work, being a really good guy, he came to his first Grand Slam final and will just play in front of his favorite tennis player from childhood, Rafa Nadal.
Wishing the best to the Norwegian on this dream come true for him 💪 🎾 🇳🇴
hr. Doctor Løve
hr. Doctor Løve:
2 years ago I thought it was The end for marin after he got a child and climbed down The rankings. Now he reached The semis and has been playing some real quality tennis during The tournament. Congrats for reaching The semis marin. Hope to see you around for many more years to come.
Nathan Lapham
Nathan Lapham:
Ruud continues to impress me, not only is he one of the nicest guys. His ability to turn defence into attack is incredible. Well done mate!
Sam Novak
Sam Novak:
So happy for Casper, I tought his backhand was gonna be too much of a weakness but he was hitting it much better than in previous matches.
Joachim Skahjem
Joachim Skahjem:
Ruud has played five 4th sets and one 5th set in this tournament, and he's won all of them. He's finally cracked the code for playing best of 5 tennis, and with that heavy spin + physical shape he can wear most players down pretty easily. I think there are only 3-4 players who can beat him at RG now. Unfortunately, Rafa is obviously one of them (but never say never).
Airul Anuwa
Airul Anuwa:
Casper has a quality of the champion. He is so calm and the way his carry himself is awesome. Now I have him as a my new favorite player. To Cilic, it was great performance.
Won the US open, finals at Wimbledon and Australian open, semis at french open. Exceptional career Marin Cilic.
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Quiet, classy, keeps his down, goes about his business. Gets to a Grand Slam final. Love this guy. And that's one hell of a forehand.
The advantage of highlights is that we don't have to see Cilic bounce the ball 425 times before he starts his serve.
Forest Chen
Forest Chen:
this match was shorter than nadal vs zverev, and they didnt even finish the second set. That's crazy.
Zed Earl
Zed Earl:
I’ve been following Casper Ruud over the past two years, what an improvement in his game and now in the top 10. Well deserved and good luck in the final against Nadal! 👏🏾
Keenan Henderson
Keenan Henderson:
Rudd had 16 aces and no double faults in this match. Guessing he has problay never served that well before.
John Boytim
John Boytim:
When it comes to class, these are two of the classiest guys on tour !!!
They both have my extreme respect.
Andy Jacobs
Andy Jacobs:
I have fallen in love with Casper in the last couple of years. Such a classy guy! I am so happy for him to be in the final. I am a fan!
Two gentlemen of the game … sad that one had to go out. Really happy for Ruud, his first GS final. But I’m really also sad Cilic couldn’t have a chance for another GS as time is running out.
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy:
I love this guy! As for as I'm concerned, he is my next Roger Federer!!! He is a classy ambassador for the game of tennis. I hope he wins the whole thing.
Ron Zakrin
Ron Zakrin:
I was truly hoping to see Cilic in the final. Two old timers pushing the clock back would have been a sweet demonstration of fitness against the odds. But regardless the outcome, Marin should be proud.
It's good to have a class act topping all the grunting fistpumpers. I can't see him defeat the godfather of grunting fistpumpers though.
I like Ruud a lot, but his game is very comfortable for Rafa on clay so I don't see him beating the king of clay in the finals. That being said, what a great character person. I remember when Kyrgios made fun of him saying nobody knew who Ruud was. Well Ruud is now in the finals of a major and a solid top 10 player. Where is Kyrgios lol?
Mountain Guy
Mountain Guy:
I know Rafa is a beast and he has a perfect record at RG finals but just imagine if Rudd able to pull off the unthinkable on sunday. Something that Novak and Roger couldn’t do in many attempts. Rudd has a chance to create a record of his own.
Fabien H
Fabien H:
My God, Ruud is decent in his victory. It's a pleasure to watch after the "roaring twenties"
Casper seems to be a really nice guy. So respectful, kind, has manners...
Congrats to Ruud for reaching the finals. He is starting to be one of my fav players because he’s so humble and a very nice guy. I don’t think he’ll win against Nadal but I hope he can at least play his best tennis
Really hard to root against Ruud. Class act all around. No annoying court antics. No annoying grunting. No time wasting between points. A true pleasure to watch.
Love Ruud, a well deserved spot in the final! Unfortunately, like last year, it seems like whoever wins this semi final will be the runner up later. Ruud against Rafa is pretty much like Stef against Novak last year... would love to see the young guys win the Slams for once 🤣 but Rafa is the king of RG so maybe it's meant to be that he wins here one more time (at least)
Cimbom 1905
Cimbom 1905:
He looks so humble. I love it! Congratulations Casper!
Christine Keeley
Christine Keeley:
Feel it deeply for Marin....I was sure he was gonna do soo well...onwards now Marin . .you know you are capable..💖💖 You did yourself proud getting to this point..
Bruno Libbrecht
Bruno Libbrecht:
Congrats to ruud, yet I believe the 4 or even 5 best players on this surface were on the same side of the draw, talking about nadal, djokovic, zverev, Alcaraz and Auger-Aliassime. Thats brutal and will result in a final that will be over in straight sets.
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious:
Man been following him ever since he started stepping onto the scene in 2016. Crazy how far he has come.
Patrik Marflák
Patrik Marflák:
Good to see proper highlights on the RG channel at last! Please make them longer from the first round next year.

Well played by Ruud, he played a lot of backhands :) Surely that will also be the case in the final. I think Nadal won’t give him a chance but let’s see. Hoping for a good match.
Congratulations Casper, you made it to the Final, go out there and play your heart out out for the runner-up plate, collect your cheque and go on vacation. 👏🏾👏🏾
LazyBoy Gaming
LazyBoy Gaming:
I'm so happy for Ruud, looking forward to the Finals vs Rafa.
Ruud is an overly calm player. Great player and happy for him reaching the final
For information ruud is firing 16 aces in this match to cilic's 10 aces, which is pretty impressive considering cilic has a good serve
parekhit bhattacharjee
parekhit bhattacharjee:
So happy for Casper! He seems like one of the nicest played on the tour. Humble, passionate and always respecting his opponents. Not to forget clay is his natural surface. Will be a good match Vs Nadal. Of course Nadal goes into the match with a big big edge. But well, anything can happen on a good day’s tennis.
Congrats to Casper but he is in for a Ruud awakening in the finals.
GF 陳
GF 陳:
Fun but sad fact: This match was in 4 sets and used 2 hours and 55 minutes. Another Rafa vs Sascha match, two sets weren't over but it was already over 3 hours. Anyway, hope we will see a high-quality final and Sascha comes back healthily.
Casper looks like he is calm and in shape. Going to be interesting on Sunday💪
It might not be the best but Ruud's serve is underrated
subodh bhave
subodh bhave:
I love how both Cilic and Ruud made this look like a hardcourt match with their flat clean groundstrokes. Ruud definitely has a future. Lets see how many sets he can take off Nadal in the final.
Yulius Bulan
Yulius Bulan:
Two thumbs for Ruud....his play with patient & looking mature👍
I really love Ruud's demeanor on court, gives off GOAT vibes
Tomás Bahia
Tomás Bahia:
Congratulations to Cilic for a great run. Hope you keep performing like this. Great match, great win for Ruud! Excited for the final!
Jason Rennie
Jason Rennie:
Love Casper's fight! Would have been so easy to give up on some of those long points---Cilic's attacks are excellent. Impressive!
Alex Armstrong
Alex Armstrong:
Two very classy athletes. Ruud has his work cut out for him Sunday…
Klingon Kaffir
Klingon Kaffir:
Great tennis players and even more humble as people. Joy to watch them
couu alis
couu alis:
When it comes to class, these are two of the classiest guys on tour !!! They both have my extreme respect.
Cilic sure had a great run. Good luck to Casper in the finals against the King of Clay!
Krishnendu Kes
Krishnendu Kes:
This man has played at least the semi finals of every Grand Slam!
Wow this casper ruud guy was never on my radar. Cant believe he made it to the finals! Congratulations!
Noel zachary Recidoro
Noel zachary Recidoro:
I hope you win Casper ruud! May the force be with you!!👍🏽
Ramadean Channel
Ramadean Channel:
So happy for Ruud 👏👏👏. This is a dream final for me.
Happy to see someone from Norway in a Grand Slam final!
anna met
anna met:
Congrats to Ruud for his first GS final, what a tournament for him! Best of luck in the final ! Congrats also to Cilic for performing so well and reaching semis.
David Turco
David Turco:
Love the fact the Ruud controls his emotions and doesn't go berserk after winning a point let alone a match.
Sham Bakri
Sham Bakri:
well done casper. i love it. so subtle. so deadly. so classy
What a luck Ruud got. Going to the final without playing anyone in the top 20.
Akaal Kripal
Akaal Kripal:
I believe Ruud will play the match of his life, take Rafa to 5 sets. After that, it's anybody's match. He's going to be a toucher opponent than Zverev was, because he's way more consistent, will not give Rafa free points, plus he's very fit.
Alex Hubanov
Alex Hubanov:
As someone, who follows a decent amount of sports, it's starting to feel like everyone in Norway is a sports person. It's unbelievable how many norwegians are at the top of sports (mainly winter sports but not only).
Mauro Oliveira
Mauro Oliveira:
Very nice match, Casper Ruud playing very well, I enjoyed watching both.
Marin Cilic is a very good player too.
Ray Sawhill
Ray Sawhill:
Great stuff, even though I was rooting for Cilic. Fabulous tournament from both guys.
While cilic is a tough opponent, there is a reason Rafa has 21 GS. He plays a different game. Depending on the conditions Sunday, Id expect Rafa to win. Ruud is an excellent player but not on the level as Novak or Rafa. IMO.
Dragos Valentin Macesanu
Dragos Valentin Macesanu:
Ruud and Alcaraz are the real future in tennis! I hope tommorow Ruud will beat Nadal in Roland Garros final! Congrats Ruud for the semi final with Cilic.
Really enjoyed watching Ruud play throughout this tournament 👏🏽
The fact that even Cilic couldn't hit through the court tells you how heavy and slow the conditions were. Great performance by Ruud considering that it's his first time going this deep at FO but he was definitely the favorite considering the conditions and obviously because it's clay
Edwin Paul
Edwin Paul:
Great stuff from Casper but he knows it's going to be a nearly impossible task to win ... But if he truly believes n works hard ... He will
Ruud is the guy everyone wants to have as a friend.
I think people would be surprised to know that Cilic has won as many Grand Slams as the top 20 men's players (aside from Djoker and Nadal) COMBINED.
Felix Watkins
Felix Watkins:
Ruud is a very solid player but I think Nadal will have too much for him. Great to see Cilic back.
This is the biggest moment in Norwegian sports since Karsten Warholm's WR at the men's 400 meter hurdles.
Pakozg gaming
Pakozg gaming:
Great match was nice to watch, too bad it wasn't in 5 sets 😍
Trevor Philip
Trevor Philip:
I’m happy for cilic considering he was basically a meme for 2 years or so. It’s good he’s back in form.
Carlo Colombo
Carlo Colombo:
Premier League Freak
Premier League Freak:
Cilic was quite good throughout the whole match, kudos to Ruud for keep grinding and his serve is so underrated
Sam HouChun
Sam HouChun:
Ruud is now the top5 players in clay court, he will be in ATP top4 ranking soon! Congrats to Cilic, he is now the best form since 2017-2018, I hope he will be the Wimbledon Champion.
Bee da trot TV 👊
Bee da trot TV 👊:
I admit. Rudd is pretty consistent appearing QF, SF, even in Finals. Good luck to him. Im a Rafa fan tho.🙏💪
regguyftl65 Don
regguyftl65 Don:
Calm,cool and ON TO THE FINAL!!! CONGRATULATIONS CASPAR 👏👏. Great tournament for Cilic,too
carlos sanchez
carlos sanchez:
Let’s go Ruud !! So excited about this !
LeGoat JaGoat
LeGoat JaGoat:
Marin was looking unstoppable at the beginning
Marks Frolov
Marks Frolov:
I’m happy for Casper. He is my favorite player🙏🏼💪🏼👊🏼👍🏼
2 class acts playing some crazy great tennis!
Ruud is a phenomenal person and a phenomenal player.👍👍👍
Nurul Ansari
Nurul Ansari:
Casper is a amazing guy,he neutralise cilic serve and forehand after first set.I would have rooted for him in final but i am rafa fan so i want rafa to win over rudd in straight set
When you feel good for Ruud but at a time knowing Nadal Is on beast mode yesterday with zevere 😓
Ruud is super solid and has no obvious weakness. It will be a tough final for Nadal as Ruud can wear him down in 5 sets.
Andrej Chalas
Andrej Chalas:
Remember few months ago when so many people commented Cilic is far past his times and dont know when to retire? What a great run for him. Got to love Ruud tho, didnt expect him in the final as well
Rafi Derianto
Rafi Derianto:
in final : Rafa vs Rafa Nadal Academy's Best Student
Tommy O'Neill
Tommy O'Neill:
I like Cilic’s style of play a little. I like a mix of both rallies and short quick points. I hope the future of tennis isn’t just baseliners grinding it out. I want some serve and volley as well.
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora:
Casper has never played Rafael before. He is playing him in one of the sports greatest arenas and in a final. He has his work cut out for him. Many congrats!
what a crazy match! hope the final is gonna be an epic match too!!
Jai Sharma
Jai Sharma:
I'm suddenly aware of how from 2016-2022, every year has produced new grand slam finalists.
Rik mcDik
Rik mcDik:
I was really hoping for Cilic to take it all out of nowhere like his US Open run a few years back. But Ruud really looks like a true clay court specialist. No complaints with him making it
L Moya
L Moya:
Both great players. I think Ruud was able to stay calm and move on. Nadal is going to have to play his best tomwin next game.
Deonna Carver
Deonna Carver:
Congratulations to Casper! Lykke til i finalen!
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami:
Cilic played really well, Im excited for the grass court season!
Ali Tahseen
Ali Tahseen:
For the last 15 years these matches have been a side show to the three titans of the sport. Lets see if Ruud can slay the Dragon
Mia Ash
Mia Ash:
A highly well deserved win!
always have a soft spot for cilic hope he carries this form to wimbledon
bing lee
bing lee:
Ruud played amazingly! And so did cilic