Mario Balotelli All 5 Goals vs Goztepe | 2022

Mario Balotelli (born 12 August 1990) is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Süper Lig club Adana Demirspor and the Italy national team. Sunday 22 May 2022 he scored 5 goals against Göztepe with one being a rabona! This video shows all of his goals in this match.



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100+ comentarios:

*Let me know what you think of Mario Balotelli's performance! 🧐*
Balotelli is 95% talent 5% work
Zin Ye'Htet
Zin Ye'Htet:
Last goal is masterpiece Love that Stepovers
The last goal shocked even his teammates 😳 my man is a monster but we all know our bad boy is quite a character so you never know what to expect for him
edgardo moroni
edgardo moroni:
He still has it. As far as him having a "peculiar" personality, there are so many other players who have done worse things in and out of the field but the press seems to concentrate on him only. Aside from having a little too much fun when he was in his early twenties, in these last years he has done rather well. When in 2010 Italy went out of the World Cup, it was disgusting to see a lot of his teammates and the press blaming him only, when the whole team played like crap. Seeing Italy's attack yesterday against Argentina, I'm sure I wasn't the only one wondering why he hadn't been selected. Go Mario!
This guy had potential to be one of the all time greats of football 😢
Son 10 yildir attigi hicbir gole sevinmeyen Balotelli'nin artik yuzu guluyor. Türkiye'ye hosgeldin bro.
Don Solis
Don Solis:
One of the greatest crimes in sports history is the destruction of this man's career by the Italian and British press. I will never forget or forgive them as long as I live. He is the most naturally talented player since Ronaldinho.
Real Face
Real Face:
When skill meets character, then success is born.

See how many miss him
Norberto Jesus
Norberto Jesus:
Ele sempre foi letal e Talentoso. É apenas mais um Golo espetacular de Super Mario na carreira.
Morrie's world
Morrie's world:
One half of me always wanted Balotelli to showcase his talent and the other half was so angry with him for getting too distracted resulting in him not doing that. I will always be a fan of his talent. Forza Super Mario!
El Presidente
El Presidente:
People need to understand that Balotelli was seen as one of the best strikers in the world!
Wtf was that last goal! That was crazy 🔥 how many step overs was that. He could of been so much more but seeing him happy is good 👍
Dr. Diaz
Dr. Diaz:
He will always be the eternal golden boy.
Furkan Kardaş
Furkan Kardaş:
Her gün acılı adanayı dayamışlar adam kendine gelmiş beşiktaşlıyım ve hiç bir zaman ön yargılı olarak bakmadım bu adama yaşadığı hayatı kimse bilemez bence gerçekten güzel bi insan ve içinde art niyet olmayan bir insan böyle insanların değeride yokluklarında ortaya çıkıyor umarım her şey gönlünce olur BALOTELLİ 🔥🙏
alim baloch
alim baloch:
If he had mentality and discipline ,he has all the skills and talent a top player needs
Balotelli has the all assets and talents that you could ever find in a striker to be one of the world class football striker of all time. I hope that he can revive his career and live to what he has been given
Creative Earth Plus
Creative Earth Plus:
Balotelli is just wow, very talented player love his style.. ❤️
Crazy how he's still only 31 years old yet it feels like he's been gone from the big stage for like 10 years.
S Tarhan
S Tarhan:
Son golü muhteşem ötesi . Fevkalade .!!
Augusto Carvalho
Augusto Carvalho:
Que golaço 🔥🔥🔥
Parthiv Pandey
Parthiv Pandey:
Last one was like a wizard moving his wand and tada magical goal.
Harry Kamiza
Harry Kamiza:
he is always good n I love the fact that he took discipline into his life
Jimbo Jimbo
Jimbo Jimbo:
Most talented player ever
Kipros Lofitis
Kipros Lofitis:
God bless you Mario, crazy diamond of football!
Let's respect Balotelli He's the lengend ❤️🇮🇹✊
Brian Burandt
Brian Burandt:
He could be one of the greatest of All Times but... you know 😉
Shatti 1Syde
Shatti 1Syde:
That last goal….🔥🔥🔥🔥
Curtis Wiggins
Curtis Wiggins:
That last goal was showboating 🔥💯
Matty Ice
Matty Ice:
What a player, has wonderful technique. Could've been the best player in the world of he was more dedicated but that's who he is
Aa'lim Jivan
Aa'lim Jivan:
With a performance like that I can't understand why he's not in the Italian squad! Super mario... 99% talent and 1% super
Keto Meeko Way
Keto Meeko Way:
😐 did I just witness the goal of the season?? Big stepper Balotelli💯
Goal of the year in Europe.
Mario remains the best No.9 striker in Italy.
Sebastien Lee
Sebastien Lee:
3rd goal was crazy! 5th goal was MADNESS!
Mx Barry
Mx Barry:
Wow, what a young talent! He has a bright future if he continues to work hard and be serious in his career...
Macaco do Sistema
Macaco do Sistema:
the last goal is a masterpiece
hes really looking good out there these days .. looks like he might have found his spark someone should honestly sign this man
Sera da 1 gün
Sera da 1 gün:
O kadar rahat oynuyor ki sanki mahallenin küçük çocuklarıyla eğlence maksatlı top oynuyor adam farklı bir kalite farklı bı yetenek bir Galatasaray li olarak gerçekten gönülden kutluyorum ads kulübünü bu adamı getirmek ve bu boyutta iş yapacağını hesaplamak büyük icraat, aynı yaşlarda bu ülkeye gelen büyük isimleri tek tek görüyoruz günümüzde ama Mario gerçekten oynuyor oynamayı seviyor
Alex Dieci
Alex Dieci:
Magic performance.... Amazing 5th goal.!!
Vinz W
Vinz W:
That last goal via rabona was insane, as insane as brilliant as Mario can be.
Fatih Arıkan
Fatih Arıkan:
Virtüöz, orkestra şefi, şov yaptı, yine büyük oynadı, Adana onu, o Adana'yı alkışlıyor.
Bran Stark
Bran Stark:
The man who makes me love mancity till now with "why always me" celebration👏👏
unknown person
unknown person:
Damn he didn't have to disrespect them like that in the last goal. What a beautiful goal it is.
Sezon başında formasına kuzenle iddiaya girdik balotelli 15 gol atar dedim o atamaz dedi.37. Hafta 13 golü vardı adam son hafta yaptı şovunu formayı kazandırdı
Dr Budnacab Diiriyeyn
Dr Budnacab Diiriyeyn:
I rupped my eyes more than 10times yes he did step over more than 7times what a goal what a skills
My Two Wheel Life
My Two Wheel Life:
Unappreciated Legend!
That last goal was an epic proportion. It's breathtaking.
Edip Işık
Edip Işık:
Dünya futbol tarihinde bir Ronaldinho bir de Mario balotelli Yok böyle bir futbol son golu bin kere izlesem doymam👏👏
Hlel Zied
Hlel Zied:
The best strikers in the history are: R9, Adriano, Balotelli ❤️
AkWu Sports Diary
AkWu Sports Diary:
If ⚽️ had more players like him, the game would be more exciting to watch
Georg Georg
Georg Georg:
Mario Balotelli is extremly gifted....he doesn't even know how good he is. This performance does not shock me. He can do even better when the "rest" fits in his plan. Great player. Bravo Mario !👏
His timing and positioning are spot on.
Ben kaç yıldır Adana Demirsporluyum böyle kral görmedim 🔥🔥🔥
stonex ccc
stonex ccc:
sempre teve talento, pena que não foi muito esforçado. mais entendo já que sofreu muito então ctz que tá feliz como e. e só isso importa
Trial ZeeZ
Trial ZeeZ:
Just need him in the top flight one more time please🔥
That last goal. 🔥
Mahmoud Fathy
Mahmoud Fathy:
He could have been one of Italy's legends
J. B.
J. B.:
That last goal though, crazy good!
N25 African
N25 African:
Magnificent Balotelli what a talent
Wisdom Emeka
Wisdom Emeka:
Oh my goodness...last goal was🙄🙄jesus Christ..dude is too good🙏❤
M. Akif
M. Akif:
Hiçbir futbolcuyu abartmayı sevmem ama bu rahatlığını ve özelikle son golünü izleyince "sen nesin yaaaaaaaaaa" dedim...
Always loved balo. Gutted he never stayed in the big leagues was an absolute animal of a player. Will never forget the goal for Italy and the stance with his top off 😂 legend.
Kyhn YSL
Kyhn YSL:
Bu adamın kariyerini avrupada mahvettiler. Türkiyede daha büyük takımlarda oynaması lazım. Ama hak yemeye gerek yok. Adanada fırtına gibi esiyor Black Kinggggg. 👑
I watched this matchup live they was insane especially Balo thanks to all who made us happy 💙⚡
Gabriel A
Gabriel A:
When Balotelli is at perfection in balancing talent with work!
fariz kurniawan
fariz kurniawan:
Balotelli's dribble was so amazing
The reaction of 77 on that last goal says it all
Danny Mac theatre of life .
Danny Mac theatre of life .:
Absolutely outrageous from BALO , please come back to man city , he looks back to his best 🙌👍
Paul Nova
Paul Nova:
Insane brilliance!!!
Kemal Tuğrul
Kemal Tuğrul:
Ligimize renk kattın ❤️
Mar C.
Mar C.:
How did that defender not want to throw hands after getting destroyed like that? 😳
Double O Physique Creation
Double O Physique Creation:
You have to admit that Rabona goal was pretty special ✨✨✨
Güncel Işık
Güncel Işık:
Bu adam ADANA da harbiden mutlu, kimse transfer etmeye çalışmasın. Bol acılı yiye yiye adam kendine geldi resmen.
Komakech Daniel
Komakech Daniel:
When he’s plays with a smile, He puts on ashow
Asil’Türk 🇹🇷
Asil’Türk 🇹🇷:
Son golü; dehşetül vahşet… 🔥⚽️🔥

Fevkalâdenin fevkinde… 🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻

1️⃣0️⃣ numara 😍, 5️⃣ yıldız…
Memo Svskn
Memo Svskn:
He has found himself again in Adana . The Chilli pepper and warm welcome of the city again gave him joy of playing football.
Adrian Boroszewski
Adrian Boroszewski:
Super Mario! What a goal! Respect !
Sebastian Jackson
Sebastian Jackson:
Absolute LEGEND.
Ririn Borreg
Ririn Borreg:
Fenomenal 👏👏👏
Vinay Chiplunkar
Vinay Chiplunkar:
Never Forget this legend who wss responsible for Agueroooooo moment 💙💙💙🙏
muhsin kartal
muhsin kartal:
If his coach was Mancini, he would have fought with Balotelli after the last goal.😂
Ranjit Vincent
Ranjit Vincent:
The last goal.. Oh man... Wish he will be back in Italy squad soon😍
Made in Italy ASMR Official
Made in Italy ASMR Official:
He’s finally at the level that he deserves to be in
This young lad has a hell of a future ahead of him
Oquest VEVO
Oquest VEVO:
He was too good to be there 🤨🥰
One of my fav players of all time SUPER MARIO!
K A:
This man was so talented... god only knows what could he have been if he had only been a bit serious... ends up serving as the perfect cautionary tale for unmeasurable talent with absolutely no effort or seriousness... sad
Mahir Jaleel Ali
Mahir Jaleel Ali:
Last goal was legendary
Allen Octave
Allen Octave:
none of the great players before Balo has scored a goal like this or maybe even think to score a goal like this even when they meet weaker opposition. Balo we all know is class and an elite player is just his attitude is the problem. Also, i am convinced if he was still in the Italy squad they would have been going to world cup. We saw what he did to Germany at the 2012 Euros. I think Balo still has a lot to offer to Italy, Mancini is the right coach to handle him because they know each other very well.
Same old top class balotelli🔥
Still knows his the best in the world
Tarık Demir
Tarık Demir:
İzin verilen goller..abartilacak birşey yok
The fifth goal is out of this world. Man still got it in him. Also with his no smile jubilation. Some things never change lol
Simbarashe Webster Kudambo
Simbarashe Webster Kudambo:
it's great to witness a great player really performing exceptional regarding the racists abuse his faces over the years.
Now Mario plays with a smile
Cheers to Turkey
Makes you wonder, if you love playing football why would you go to a big league where its all stress and media pressure and every game is taken so seriously. Balotelli's living the best life here
Edwin Olvera
Edwin Olvera:
he's back gonna sign for Manchester United and bring us back to glory
Nunzio Cartalemi
Nunzio Cartalemi:
Dopo di lui in Italia, nessuno. Puro talento, ultimo dei giganti
Buffon Dji
Buffon Dji:
Talentoso Mário
Back to Purrrfect again
Back to Purrrfect again:
That player number 77 reaction in the end...😂😂
Great to see him smile again 😀.
veletler agar oynayor
veletler agar oynayor:
adamlar çok iyi forvet hattı kurdu. ayağına geleni atan bitirici forvet 2 sprinter ters ayaklı olmayan kanat deli gibi besledeliler