Martial scores 9! Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen Player Ratings

Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen and the guys score Bruno and Martial highly as United go through to the semi finals of the Europa League.

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100+ comentarios:

Richard Littlewood
Richard Littlewood:
Saeed’s face lights up when other people say Maguire had a good game. Like a proud parent 😂
Marcus Macedo Fischer-Hardinge
Marcus Macedo Fischer-Hardinge:
Adam: "Did de Gea play in a World Cup final?"
Everyone: "Na, no"
Adam: "Romero did"

Sit down. :D
If I had met the Copenhagen keeper earlier, he would have saved my relationship 😅
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob:
Romero deserves to see this thru. Ole made a mistake pulling him vs Chelsea in the FA Cup. Time to learn from past mistakes...
Robin Joshy
Robin Joshy:
This is how many want United to win the EL this season👇👇
Romero is just more reassuring on crosses and commanding his space.
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson:
Do not bring De Gea back in. Not for the semi or the final. I'm riding with Romero all the way for this tournament !
De Gea messed up v Chelsea though!! Why does he deserve to start ahead of Romero????? No logic. Pure favouritism and delusion.
Elwin Mwangi
Elwin Mwangi:
Greenwood is a great finisher. His dribbling, hold up play, speed and strength is well below that of Martial. And right now we need a person who makes defenders think hard and that's Martial!!!
Imagine a show with these 4 and Ricky and mark, would be absolute carnage
Abhishek Bhattacharya
Abhishek Bhattacharya:
I feel I might get abused for saying this....
But Lindelof and Bailly may be the best cb pairing we have in games we dominate....
Both are brilliant in passing and Lindelof is the Iceman at lcb....
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi:
people hype rashford to much but not martial
Here we go again itsme
Here we go again itsme:
If Lindelöf put in a shift like Rashford have been doing, you would scream, sell him or drop him.....
Base DaKID
Base DaKID:
Some biased praise for Bruno. He was awful in this game.
Bobby Khaw
Bobby Khaw:
The lads must have watched a different game. If we are being real, no one deserved higher than a 7. Happy with a win, but it’s Copenhagen, if we play like this against Sevilla/Wolves, we are in for a whooping.
9 for Bruno ??? Better than Pogba ??? I usually rate Adams opinions but today Bruno was average
Nnanna Ojembe
Nnanna Ojembe:
Michael Adeosun
Michael Adeosun:
I think Fred look at his passport before the game and realized he's Brazilian
Shane Heffernan
Shane Heffernan:
Saeed was lying about letters to Maguire, He actually sends him love heart shaped cards with his face in the middle of it and chocolates in the shape of his head.
Neil Mcadam
Neil Mcadam:
Put some respect on the result we didn’t play very well and everybody is getting 8’s and 9,s on here. How?
I agree with KG about williams, Teams look to attack us on our left wing. He needs to be better defensively
Robbie Stones
Robbie Stones:
Rating was a bit high on most of the players lol....if we had won 5 0 I probably would of agreed.. I know gk made alot good saves but the performance wasn't great times we look dreadful and was being passed off the park..
Jordan Bamidele
Jordan Bamidele:
Anthony martial was Sensational tonight ❤️🙏
🐸 Maahi
🐸 Maahi:
These ratings are way too high lol we can't forget the shockingly poor first half
Michael King
Michael King:
Forgot too mention Williams header that stopped a certain goal in the 1st half.
Saeed is so right about Brandon Williams
Nathan Palmer
Nathan Palmer:
Shocking ratings no one deserves over a 8 today. Bruno was average for most of the game, Rashford was poor Saeed, call a spade a spade. I had no idea what he was doing today. We scraped a win against Copenhagen.

My ratings
Romero- 5
AWB- 7
BRUNO-6 I'll give .5 for the penalty

Lindelof- 7
JM-7 big impact off bench

GK- 10 congrats to him, he was like hitmonlee today
Manish Desai
Manish Desai:
Pogba’s best game since he returned . Controlled the mid field
Niall Wagner
Niall Wagner:
Thought Bruno was decent last night, played some dimes through to Greenwood and Rashford they just didn’t take their chances. Good defensive work rate too. His passing can be really erratic sometimes though.
bhakta bhakta
bhakta bhakta:
Rashford has 4 amazing games a season. After that it’s obvious to see he has no football intelligence. And never will.
I did not rate Williams. For his ages, yes he's doing alright. In CL tho? NO no no. We will get exposed! He should be 3rd in line. He's a great battler with heart. But his football IQ and position leaves much to be desired. He can improve, YES. but he should be 3rd in line imo. He's not a wonderkid.
I'd like Williams as a RB, I just don't like right footed LBs
Eighty Five
Eighty Five:
Pastor Fred took us to Church today 😂 Amen
Lorcan O' Neill
Lorcan O' Neill:
Ratings waaaay off tonight. No one deserves more then 8. Where is it going with his 9.5 . Stupid
Harry Jones
Harry Jones:
MArtial has been brilliant all year and ever since that liverpool goal on his debut he has been my favourite player with maybe paulo n marcus but even I have to admit Martial has added another level and facet to his game this year- and one that I didn't see him adding and that i didn't think he would need with his style and ability. But obvs he has bulked up a bit and is using that strength really well PLUS his work-rate has undoubtedly gone up- not that i ever considered him lazy but i guess being believed in by the manager and in return him prob believing in the team n what tha managers doing means work rate and passion, his scrapping its like early rooney. Add that to his pace skill and finishing ability- as well as the classic poacher cf stuff like movement and instinctive finsihes OGS had himself and has clearly been working on with him- which he has said so since coming in- AND finally add that to the forward line and indeed whole team only getting more acquainted and more fluid in their roles and finally with any luck having Pogba and bruno and actually himself being fit for the WHOLE SEASON with in reason- then his potential and potential stats are frightening
Jay A
Jay A:
When will this guys accept Brandon Williams ain’t good enough
It was COPENHAGEN for crying out loud - they finished 2nd in the Danish League 13 points behind the winners - that well know team Midtjylland.
Piyush Poddar
Piyush Poddar:
I dont think rashford is playing left wing these days, he plays left midfield 😐
Jay A
Jay A:
This Bruno thing is a joke. 8s and 9s he was awful today. Penalties masking his performance
Abdul Deen
Abdul Deen:
I thought Brandon Williams is excellent today.
Manny 97
Manny 97:
No one deserved a 9.... Martial 8, Pogba 7, Rashford 4/5. The rest of the team 6. I hope we can see more of Fred with Pogba not Mctominay.
Micael Schiller
Micael Schiller:
Crazy rating,crap game against a crap team! Dont get this raiting at all,off the wall
S K:
Got to say we have a really good balance of people on the show, you can have an opinion and take a little banter for it really good vibe guys. An example of how you can have opinions of players and still give and take some friendly banter.
Southpaw LovesSports
Southpaw LovesSports:
I thought Brandon was ok but I'm closer to KG than the others
Was he watching the same match????🙈
Brandon Williams best match so far for me
Brandon nearly cost us if Lindelof had not blocked the striker from shooting at the near post. He screamed at Brandon for that error. And I liked Lindelof for that..
Nhlonipho Msweli
Nhlonipho Msweli:
Brandon Williams : [does game-saving-tackles and blocks in every game]
KG: He’s looking very right footed, he’s not my cup of tea.

AWB: [Does two game saving blocks]
KG: That block helped us so much, and that’s why we’re in the competition right now so it’s a 7 for me.

These agendas have no consistency 🙄
Matt Spencer
Matt Spencer:
Pogbas ability to get out of tight spaces while under pressure is unbelievable the amount of times I saw him get out of sticky situations was crazy he was underrated in this game
Luke Hughes
Luke Hughes:
Flex threw Ricky under the bus here 😂 twisted everything he said. He said Mata could offer more and games would be different with him over Greenwood because Mason goes missing in games and doesn’t get as involved in the build up.
james randall
james randall:
How can Saeed say de gea for his reflexes yet I remember him ranting over de gea getting beat on near post isn’t that a reflex save??
Jatin S.
Jatin S.:
Ole ratings should not just be about line ups and subs. Patterns of play, impact after breaks should be taken into consideration. If certain players are having quiet games, what tactical change does he introduce to get more out of them. That's where I judge the manager. Ole 6
Shobith Jacob
Shobith Jacob:
Edson Omana
Edson Omana:
Fred pogba and bruno is our best midfield
Jerry Agbe
Jerry Agbe:
Bruno deserves a lot of credit because when he plays bad we struggle but when he plays well we win. Shows this guy is A different level. We need more of him in the team.
Nichoz 1
Nichoz 1:
This saeed dude is crazy, he just disagrees with everyone because he knows that's what gives him views. Man said Williams was great when he got dribbled pass like 4-5 times atleast. I had to stop this video
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake:
Brandon needs to play rb more often. We need a left footed lb that can be relied on WHEN Shaw is injured. I wonder why we haven’t tried to get alaba. He’s got one year left & he’s in his prime of course.
Marcus Heinrich
Marcus Heinrich:
Saeed spot on today
ziq gAucho
ziq gAucho:
37:51 the looks on KG face when flex talking about ricky and his lovechild mata 🤣😂
Quinn O'Connor
Quinn O'Connor:
I know alot of persons may not agree this. Marcus Rashford is the reason we need to buy Sancho. He is the one who needs competition for his place. He misses absolute sitters, and genuinely looks disinterested by virtue of his body language. I would start Greewood on the left. Buy Sancho. Sell Rashford to PSG for 120mil.
Monna Gram
Monna Gram:
I like how the united stand listened to the fans and decided to have KG back on the shows, he’s reckless but we love him 😂❤️
Athi Grootboom
Athi Grootboom:
"Must have freestyled his way through a team talk for once" lol flex givinv it to Saeed
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski:
I have never seen a right back so useless in attack as Wan Bissaka. Total opposite to his role in defence
Trevor Khetsekile
Trevor Khetsekile:
Saeed was on fire today🔥
Einar Eindride
Einar Eindride:
Take off your bias glasses Saeed! I think he watches another game when it comes to Man U games. What he says can’t be related to the reality
Rusty Ryan
Rusty Ryan:
3:28 was good 🤣🤣🤣
Emeka Chukwukere
Emeka Chukwukere:
Bruno better than Pogba? lol I'm not having that
J.P. Savory
J.P. Savory:
I came to see Saeed’s reaction to Maguire’s performance 😂
Someone please start a petition to get Maguire to message out to Saeed! I'd love that to happen!
Simon Craymer
Simon Craymer:
Imagine talking about Ricky instead of inviting him to do the player ratings as well. If he's got a unique opinion to the rest, wouldn't it be better to bring him on the show?
Tactical United
Tactical United:
I understand everyone is happy we went through but i cant see us going any further, it will be three semi finals loses in one season shows that mentally we are weak.
Nicholas Healey-Dickenson
Nicholas Healey-Dickenson:
Swear to god i thought sayeed said buttsweats when referring to Busquets 😂
hamlet gomes
hamlet gomes:
Williams was good in my book. I would give him 7. But, Luke Shaw is definitely missed.
Phil Man
Phil Man:
12:04 blueface walking in
Joshua Lewis
Joshua Lewis:
I'm waiting for a masterpiece from Saeed titled "Slabhead's sonata in E major" any day now!🤣🤣🤣
🗿 👍🏻
Konstantin Jordal
Konstantin Jordal:
Big up Maguire, he has finally found his level!
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment:
When shaw plays rashford comes back to cover when its William's hes left alone and add the diving header to stop the goal
Brent Morris
Brent Morris:
I think Brandon William's was really bad today. They strolled down our left side anytime they wanted. I cant believe he got a 7/10.
K Chino
K Chino:
Saeed was right about Williams last night, that the Copenhagen team might try to exploit his side
H N:
I love the way Bruno realised the keeper was really good so changed his penalty approach and wen for direct shot.
Ding Dong
Ding Dong:
Keep papering over the cracks. Europe must be trembling. !!
Take a shot every time saeed says “for me”
Alex Langhorn
Alex Langhorn:
Romero 6
Wan bissaka 6
Bailly 7
Maguire 7
Brandon Williams 5
Fred 7
Pogba 7
Fernandes 6
Rashford 4
Greenwood 6
Martial 8
Matic 6
Mata 7
Xavier Sedras
Xavier Sedras:
Outrageous Brandon Williams is a Man United do not get spun and targeted but FC Kopenhagen!
Gabriel Ntshikose
Gabriel Ntshikose:
The way Saeed speaks about Maguire. We should praise our players when they do well
Springtrap Lover2010
Springtrap Lover2010:
What I love about Greenwood was even when he miss hit a shot it was still on target. Also during lockdown he worked on bulking up so he wouldnt get bullied off the ball. Such a mature head on such young shoulders.
mason Greenwood
mason Greenwood:
Williams didn’t necessarily have a poor game like KG is saying... but equally he does not deserve a 7. KG is just trying to let people know how suspect he is defensively which at times he was again today. Getting turned inside out by danish league players??!!?! Blatantly obvious the lad can’t play LB in a back 4 at this age. Love the kid he gives his all but they’re the facts.
Brandon Williams was getting frustrated with Valera. So for me, Varela won that battle. I side with KG here. & we def miss Luke Shaw. Am i the only one that feels Timothy Fosu-Mensah did great on the right-wing a few matches ago?
David Gardiner
David Gardiner:
It seems all saed want to do is congratulate himself on his own opinions. “See I told you”.
World Football
World Football:
brandon wasnt that good but its a learning process... nd i like his attitude so not worried abt him
Nikhil Rajalwal
Nikhil Rajalwal:
Fred was immense today. I personally believe he has a great future with the club because I don't see us signing a cdm this summer and Matic is not getting any younger.
Rashford was playing down the middle at several times throughout this game.
Nick 87
Nick 87:
No one:

Saeed: for me
Rajju Mhz
Rajju Mhz:
I see really good pass across too pogba by Brandon Williams dats the way we play from back ....i think he needs time too show is true ability
James McCreadie
James McCreadie:
Someone walked in 😂😂
Ako James
Ako James:
Fred will be a great CDM
Jason Wells
Jason Wells:
One day I aspire to love anything the way Saeed loves Maguire
Love these shows! Keep them coming!
Copenhagen's keeper got a 10 from me :)
Simba Choga
Simba Choga:
I agree with KG on Williams. Williams is not there yet, not good enough..On the pogba bruno, i still think Pogba is better than bruno
Bengm 527
Bengm 527:
agree with KG on Brandon.