Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | New Trailer

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100+ comentarios:

*I just can't wait to see an MCU movie in the theater again*
Ankush Armo
Ankush Armo:
Nat deserved a film series of her own. You should have shown her past, her days in red room, how did she escape red room and how did she become an Avenger. Despite being a normal human, she was as powerful as other Avengers. You should have made Black widow film series 😭❤️
Kawon Suggs
Kawon Suggs:
The Intro in this movie is another movie within itself.. absolutely mind blowing 😶
God, the intro to this movie was probably the darkest thing the MCU has ever produced in any of their movies. Simply chilling.
Seyi A
Seyi A:
She needs a trilogy series. That was so good
Every time a new trailer comes out for this my hype is restored a hundred times over, let’s go!!!
All I know is don't mess with a Black Widow
Travis Blackburn
Travis Blackburn:
Florence Pugh is an absolute queen I definitely can’t wait to see more from her, this movie was outstanding!!! Definitely in my top 3 Marvel films, seen it 3 times already.
can we have a black widow 2 where we see natasha's time in the red room, up till her deflection to shield?

im still not ready for a mcu without natasha.
So, basically *Jim Hopper* went into the upside Down, and ended up in the MCU.
whoever thought out the Avengers theme with a Russian Choir is a genius.
Dare I say, Black Widow has the best action sequences in all the Marvel movies so far! Incredible actions!
Miri Lana
Miri Lana:
I miss natasha she needs to come back. She was treated unfairly😭
cant believe this might be the last time we see Scarlett Johansson in MCU. Black Widow was my favorite since Iron Man 2.
Weaponx 052
Weaponx 052:
"Before I got this family"

Ah yes insert dominic toretto meme
Def Noodles
Def Noodles:
not gonna lie, got kinda sad when i remembered what happened to black widow in end game. happy we finally got this tho :D
This makes the captain marvel movie even dumber. It added nothing to the MCU. Imagine if we got this right before end game. We would have been in love with Natasha even more. She would have been positioned to be the leader of the avengers. And BAM she dies. That would have been a story ARC masterpiece.
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester:
Am I the only one who watches trailers after I watched the movie? 😂
Charles Gibson
Charles Gibson:
This movie on it's own is not bad. Unfortunately it should have come out far sooner. Seeing this after Endgame is like reading a book to the end after skipping chapter 6, and then going back and reading chapter 6. Even if chapter 6 were good, by reading the end before you read chapter 6 you've nearly made chapter 6 irrelevant. Hard to get into for what it could have been, when you already know "the end" from the opening scene. Good movie, very poor execution on timing.
Кристиян Костадинов
Кристиян Костадинов:
I can't believe this movie is actually out now. So many delays, so much waiting, but it was worth it.
Boong Boong
Boong Boong:
Nat is the only avenger who got the Avengers theme in their solo movie and she deserves it, definitely.
Julie H
Julie H:
Just saw this movie during opening weekend and it really BLEW ME AWAY! Such good pacing, great action and storyline. The chemistry between Scarlett and Florence was one of the best parts of the film. Very sad that we won't be seeing more movies with them together. :(
Adam Benabz
Adam Benabz:
WHAT A MOVIE! Loved watching every second of it.
“pain only makes us stronger.”
Boong Boong
Boong Boong:
You know what... The movie is already out a month ago and I still get the thrills whenever I watch this trailer and that music. This movie is insane I got to love it more than I expected
Rommel Tabaquero
Rommel Tabaquero:
It's so sad that we'll never see stan lee cameos anymore.
Team Chaotix Br
Team Chaotix Br:
Good to know that is finally coming, it looks like many lifes ago...
Kim Vincent Pimentel
Kim Vincent Pimentel:
This movie gives closure to fans after Nat's death in Endgame.
Star Wars Galactic
Star Wars Galactic:
Say whatever you want about the movie, but can we just appreciate the music in this trailer? It’s AMAZING!
This feels like the sequel to the Black Widow movie we were supposed to have gotten eight years ago.
Rad Ortega
Rad Ortega:
Ignore the haters. This movie is really good.
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers:
See you in a minute

*20 years later*
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo:
I am literally obsessed with this movie. It’s so good!
Cody Anderson
Cody Anderson:
Great movie. This makes me want another solo Black Widow film with Scarlett Johansson. Another prequel about her time before or with SHIELD would work
Ope King
Ope King:
Imagine how different the Avenger storyline would have been if Natasha had gone back for her sister and they both were working with the Avengers and they also rescued the remaining women under the influence of the Red Room. Imagine how cool it would be if Natasha and her sister Elena ran a superhero group with these female soldiers like a type of SHIELD.
Jacqueline Gullon
Jacqueline Gullon:
If you are planning to see this movie, definitely watch the after-credits scene. It's a nice circle, and it shows us what's to come!
Heroes Workshop
Heroes Workshop:
Did anyone else’s eyes roll to the back of their heads due to the euphoria from the Russian Avengers theme? Or are you normal?
One of the best marvel movies i've seen, and when I say that, I've seen many many movies..
Jayana Jayana.
Jayana Jayana.:
Ivy Ven
Ivy Ven:
Just saw the movie, and i think she should be named Catwoman, for having multiple lives and not having pain at all 😆 except for soul stone. Kidding aside, i was astonished with this film, this deserves another one!
This movie very powerful.... I'm see this movie..... Last one very touching scene
I’ve missed marvel movies so much
Ally Dean
Ally Dean:
1:45 bruh the chills that this part gives
Bling Bling
Bling Bling:
I was hoping to see Nats story while she's still on the red room. Knowing she died on End game, i think it would be better to show her training days or whatever u call that.
Seen it many times over already, and I ain't tired of it.
nyamka batbayar
nyamka batbayar:
This movie slaps real hard. Good job looting a bagpack of parachute, agent Romanof.
I just love how they mixed Avengers Theme music with Black Widow
Mrs Turkleton
Mrs Turkleton:
And the other funny thing is that for some reason Natasha's surname is pronounced as "Romanoff", when in russia such pronunciation would work only for a male. So the correct way to pronounce her surname would be "Románova". Just like you pronounced her sister's surname "Belóva"
Daniel Oleszek
Daniel Oleszek:
July 23, 2021
I recently watched Black Widow and its not your typical action super hero spy thriller movie now business. Performance wise its truly incredible how Scarlett Johansson plays the role from former spy to a heroine worthy of the title Avenger. The cinematography is beautiful from Atlanta to the bustling streets of Morocco which raises the action to spectacular new heights of excitement. The story focuses on the bond between sisters which is used to fullest potential overall I give Black Widow an Editor's choice 8.8 out of ten have a blessed evening give your parents hugs and kisses.
The truly impressive part about this trailer is the audio. Supercompressed still airy. Hollywood master audio engineering right there 👆
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man:
This being the first film I saw back at the cinema was an experience I'll never forget
Monkey Food Pranks VN
Monkey Food Pranks VN:
Plot twist: Taskmaster is actually Hawkeye trying to rescue Nat from a group of people pretending to be her friend in order to use her as an asset
Saif Merseysider
Saif Merseysider:
Watched it few times. Just a little bit dissapointed (I'm satisfied overall tho) at 2 things. After Endgame, fans demand answers from MCU on how was there no proper closure for Nat in the movie (ending was all Tony's). They said they can't make any proper closure because there'll b a standalone BW movie. Fine. But I couldn't feel any proper closure on her after watching it. Don't know about u guys. 2nd, the final fight and Dreykov's death were much too simple for the magnitude the movie has generated since it was announced. Those 2 aside, they still know how to insert humour and the actions in the right places.
nat survives more falls in this film than she does in endgame
Marky Garcia
Marky Garcia:
If only there's no pandemic, this can easily top box office!! Real cool
temi oye
temi oye:
Marvel should use yelena more often
She’s my favorite character in this movie
Johnny Blaze Gaming
Johnny Blaze Gaming:
What we all need right now!
This movie was exactly what I expected...EPIC!!
I’ve already seen this movie like 5 times, it was 30 dollars but worth it if you ask me, make sure to watch the ending it’s a mind blower!
its a shame we didnt get to see nat bond with thor. she was there with all the other 5 original avengers.
Saw it on the theater and I was more than thrilled during all the movie ♥️ I loved it, definitely my new favorite, and cried a bit at the end remembering that she's not going to be again with us.. ♥️
The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad:
There's a New Trailer after the Final Trailer.
Welcome to the new normal. :)
Wow I watched it in a cinema and I couldn't be more impressed it was so touching, Full of action and breathtaking!!! After watching Loki series and feeling the same I searched who are the directors to both because some things were nuanced so well I had an incling women could be directors AND imagine my surprise when they DID!! WOMEN PORTRAYING WOMEN AND LOVE IS MY NEW KINK! 🥰🥰🥰
Aham Vishwa
Aham Vishwa:
loved the scene where stark teaches natasha how to control and fly in the iron man suit
Denise Mungor
Denise Mungor:
This makes my heart beat so fast! Black Widow is a legend!
Mother Knows Best
Mother Knows Best:
Just saw it today!! Sooooo good!!! Marvel week from A-Z for us at home this week!
Gagan Srinivas
Gagan Srinivas:
everyone's a gangsta until Russian avengers theme starts playing..
Kdude 2312
Kdude 2312:
Just saw it a few hours ago and I think it was an excellent movie! It seemed to drag on just a bit at the end, but I can’t complain as it was still action packed the whole way through 🙏🏼
When Hollywood has fired all script writers to hire more CGI specialists.
Just Me
Just Me:
They delivered exactly as expected,it was worth watching.
This movie was great
Zoë Carson
Zoë Carson:
So excited to see Annie Lederman in her element. Her mum's gonna love the karate chops !
Lucifer Cave
Lucifer Cave:
Can we all appreciate that she's the only one from the Original Six who got Avengers theme in her trailer.
I've always wanted to cry again while watching a Marvel movie. But this oneee, I already knew what's coming but it still broke me. That post credit scene💔
Foil_ Fencer
Foil_ Fencer:
Bro I am so hyped to watch this cause we have a big movie theater in our house with sooo many speakers everywhere it’s gonna be insane 💥
"I'm done running from my past." And then Taskmaster tackles her in the sky. I get it now.
Paul K Saju
Paul K Saju:
Tony; Does she had a family
Cap; Yes, us
Yelena ; HA!!
Kim Heng
Kim Heng:
Who knew we needed a Russian choir of the Avengers theme, but here we are
I'm fully satisfied seeing Natasha finally got the love of a family. I can watch her die in avengers movie without feeling depressed now.
Mikhail Sporyshev
Mikhail Sporyshev:
First time in my life I felt like Hollyood represented accurately Russian mentality. Liked every moment of this move and definitely will watch it several times. Hope it does great at the box office. Thank you Marvel, the widow sisters are my favorites now.
Susie Uramoto
Susie Uramoto:
Just saw the movie in the theater….AMAZING!!!
워크윗미 코리아 walk with me korea
워크윗미 코리아 walk with me korea:
I watched this movie yesterday, it was good. Natasha and yelena both of them so powerful and beautiful❣
Mr. 'Phet
Mr. 'Phet:
It's cool now that I've seen it, I know what everything in this trailer means! 😁
There are so much spoilers when you actually understand what`s happening haha (i just watched it today, it was great btw)
The guy with black bike
The guy with black bike:
I literally cried in some parts😭...but then at last moment when i heard that avengers soundtrack i just got my excitement back
Wayne Jamel
Wayne Jamel:
It felt like I was missing a whole back story
Sebastian Schaffer
Sebastian Schaffer:
Fans: Is Black Widow still dead?

Marvel: *yesn’t*
Natalia Alianovna
Natalia Alianovna:
I hope they showed her training days in the red room, how the winter soldier trained her, how she escaped, early days in SHIELD, her knowing about the avengers initiative.
Chase Richardson
Chase Richardson:
This was a very good movie and Scarlett Johansson did an outstanding Job! This was my first MCU movie I have ever seen in theaters and I’m glad it was I enjoyed this movie and for an origin story it’s the best way to say goodbye to Natasha.
Cat Person
Cat Person:
Amazing movie I just watched and loved it Yelena is the best character I hope we get to see more of her
Jo Asante
Jo Asante:
seeing this tomorrow - I cannot wait!!!
Okay this and Shang Chi look next level.
Empty Skies
Empty Skies:
What I love from the MCU; Character development of Ironman, Thanos, Loki, Mantis

What I hate from the MCU;
1. Wanda & Pietro are not mutants
2. Ultron moms is Tony stark not Dr. Hank Pym
3. Hela is not Loki's daughter
4. Swapgender of the Taskmasters
5. Comingsoon
Bruces Banner
Bruces Banner:
Movie was really fun to watch though there were some questionable scenes where she shouldnt of walked away like that parachute scene. Anyone else would of been crippled from that fall but not Black Widow
Karl Marcelo
Karl Marcelo:
I kinda wish that it was non linear film. Since she told us herself that she lived a lot of lives, The present story as it progressed would remind her of each lives that she lived. It actually give more substance to movie. We could've seen her as an assassin to the avenger that she is now. ♥️
Paul K Saju
Paul K Saju:
Now it all makes sense ,Hooper was taken to the Russian jail🤣
Transmission Festival
Transmission Festival:
WOW, so many scenes in Budapest! 😎
Dale Calma
Dale Calma:
saw this last night.. just when I thought I was over Natashas death during endgame 🥲🥲❤️
This movie slaps hard 💯 %
The bond that the sisters shared (Natasha and Yelena) was so good that it was so heartbreaking 💔
Rep TV Is My 13th Reason
Rep TV Is My 13th Reason:
My favorite mood:Yelena
This movie is a must watch! It definitely was worth the wait. Natasha was always be special in my heart. The family reunion has to be my favorite scene!
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell:
I love this movie it's about time someone took action against the Disney company Scarlett Johanson should get what she is entitled to. and they better shape up as my mother always said in life one of her own sayings.