Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Official Trailer

"At some point we all have to choose between what the world wants you to be and who you are.” Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios’ #BlackWidow. In theaters May 1.

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100+ comentarios:

L. W.
L. W.:
Why the hell is no one talking about this AMAZING soundtrack???
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff:
Honestly she needed her own trilogy, we all know it would’ve been interesting as hell.
Lukimus Prime
Lukimus Prime:
Came back here after seeing this and I can confidently say that this should have came out before Captain Marvel.
Kathan Prajapati
Kathan Prajapati:
Nat: I am done running.
Jesus Vega
Jesus Vega:
This movie is a great example of how you can have badass female lead roles without having to verbally say it. You just do it.
Hisyam Nct
Hisyam Nct:
Theaters : "Is she with you? "
Disney + : "I thought she was with you."
Beau Loppens
Beau Loppens:
I've got goosebumbs three minutes straight with the Smells Like Teen Spirit scene
Nia Hasan
Nia Hasan:
Black Widow is such a lit movie. I need the trilogy with Natasha and Yelena "family" as well
Alejandro Vallencci
Alejandro Vallencci:
I’m so incredibly happy that she’s finally getting her own movie AND the recognition she deserves
jose vicente aguilera
jose vicente aguilera:
This soundtrack in this trailer is a beauty
Thor: I will have 4 solo movies
Tony: Four? I only have three!
Nat: What do you mean? I only have one!
Clint: You guys have solo movies?
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo:
We wait 1.5 years and now this movie is out in 5 days, we passed the mission.
Radaza Beatrice S.
Radaza Beatrice S.:
I saw this movie today and as always Scarlett is stunning, so cool especially Florence! She is marvelous. I hope to see her more in another movies.
My dream is literally to be on one of these movies 😂 I'm still very young but my dream is to act 😃💀
yuzu park
yuzu park:
I love how she poses after every different move shows how well trained she is.
This movie not hitting theaters was probably one of the biggest movie losses in 2020, when this drops its gonna be epic!!!

You've watched Black Widow and you're rewatching the trailers.
The Hacker
The Hacker:
Thor: I will have 4 solo movies
Tony and Steve: we only had 3
Nat and Bruce: we only have 1
Clint: you guys are getting movies
after seeing it , it definitely should’ve come out after civil war and before infinity war
Lelia Tarasova
Lelia Tarasova:
She’s been my favourite since I was a little girl. And she kept the position even after Wanda and Captain Marvel. I love them too. But nothing can win my childhood queen
She deserved to have this film before Endgame.
They really should have followed the trailer's words and actually had Taskmaster CONTROL the Red-Room. I'm perfectly fine with who they wanted Taskmaster to be, but they should have just kept them as the actual main villain
Alexei's story about his dad and him fishing had me laughing!
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian:
Loki's been keeping me occupied, but I'm excited to finally see a new marvel movie!
Asrayram Gopalakrishnan
Asrayram Gopalakrishnan:
The movie is really good everyone. Just watched it. Good action. Good connection to the past and future of MCU. Some shocking reveals.
Taskmaster over here watching Marvel movies to gain everyone’s skills. No but seriously I can’t wait to see him in action
Yemraz 25
Yemraz 25:
Me being a stranger thing fanboy
“Hopper is that you? 🥺😭”
The scene when they are falling and fighting is gonna be EPIC AF
1000 year old person
1000 year old person:
In this trailer MCU literally convinced us that Taskmaster is the real villain. MCU loves to do this. In falcon and winter soldier trailer they literally showed Zemo as villain 😂But in series he was just a stylish guy who loves to dance and offer Turkish delight.
I literally watch this every day that I've literally memorised the words, scenes and fights. 😂
Kelsea Wakelin
Kelsea Wakelin:
I understand black widow is getting a movie but she deserved a funeral. Everyone was just sad for a sec then went on there way and on top of that hawkeye just went back to his fam like nothing changed.
The one and only Lennon
The one and only Lennon:
This movie was AMAZING, I saw it the first day it came to theaters. But I'm kinda disappointed that we didn't get to see them as a kid in the Red Room. I will still give it a five stars!
Fuji Blck
Fuji Blck:
"Dreykov kills you, one of the big ones come to avenge you" 😂😂😂.. That shvt killed me
when everyone wants Black Widow Movie bac when she was alive then MCU dropping it after End Game when she was gone. my words are nonsense. I just want nat to be back alive 😭
Ayame Thompson
Ayame Thompson:
That fight scene in the air is going to the epic. I can feel it. My blood is pumping.
Merystra Ed
Merystra Ed:
The performance of Yelena will be legendary i swear. She's the perfect right hand for Natasha. And that music tho
Luz Cordoba
Luz Cordoba:
Can't believe how good this looks!
A moment of silence, for the comic book version of Taskmaster.

May he rest in peace 🙏
What Ever
What Ever:
for anyone who wants to know the soundtrack: "Audiomachine - We are Gods"
Thomas Warnars
Thomas Warnars:
You can say whatever you want, but Marvel knows how to make a good trailer.
(0 spolier dans ce com) Ce film est juste incroyable, il y a de l action toute les 3min, les effets spéciaux sont toujours aussi incroyable bref les scènes d action sont des pépites !! Ma seul et petite déception est taskmaster, car moi je lit beaucoup les comics et j adore ce personnage, j'espère qu'on reverra le personnage mais que une autre personne endossera le rôle !! Et on retrouve un personnage très charismatique...Yelena Belova En 1 mot : spectaculaire. Bravo Marvel
f c
f c:
Im glad i waited for it to be free. This was just okay. Beginning with intro of the Nirvana cover song was okay but was flat for 2 hours.
Been so looking forward to this. Wish they weren't dragging out its release.
Its me
Its me:
This trailer gave me goosebumps. I love former avengers. Two strong woman leading the show. Scarlett and Florence looks amazing in the trailer. Desperately waiting for this one.
I just wanna give Scarlett a hug and tell her that she doesn’t deserve that this corona thing delayed her premiere :(
Wow, this trailer is Incredible! So much and many emotions.
Lucy Black
Lucy Black:
I honestly don’t know how many times I have watched this trailer since it first came out, I was super bummed when it got delayed but now it’s coming so soon! I’m very hyped!
Miliventosillav Vasquez
Miliventosillav Vasquez:
This trailer is amazinf, I love it, it's just perfect the combination of soundrack, I love it! I want to see the movie.! ❤️❤️👌🏻
Tristan Mendoza
Tristan Mendoza:
this should've been released before end game. I feel bad for Black Widow for not experiencing the theaters hype:((
Audience: so you finally got a movie about yourself?
Black Widow: Yes.
Audience: What did it cost you?
Black Widow: My life.
She: what is the plan 🤔
Natasha: my plan is to drive us away 😁
She: the plan sucks 😑
Arman Khan
Arman Khan:
Just watched this movie in the cinema and I can confidently say that this movie is AMAZING!
Alex Cornetto3538
Alex Cornetto3538:
It’s disappointing how badass Taskmaster was in the trailer compared to the actual film
Wow this movie was really well done. I actually shed a tear or two. Easily one of the best Marvel movies of all time. I really can't remember being this impressed with the cast, the screenplay, the dialogue, the action, everything about it was perfecto.
Darth Eleven
Darth Eleven:
Disney: my plan was to delay until after Covid
Everyone: well your plan sucks!
I’m really looking forward to finally being able to watch this soon
Carla Lombardero Haya
Carla Lombardero Haya:
I love Florence and I'm glad that she is getting recognition
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein:
She deserves her own Disney+ TV series tbh

The movie packed too much in too little time, there were too many aspects that should’ve been explored in depth via a TV series
Patty Navarro
Patty Navarro:
Loved the movie 😍 The last scene just made me want to watch Infinity War and Endgame all over again.
Shezar Zaheer
Shezar Zaheer:
I can't believe they actually waited this long before giving her, her own movie and it looks so good too
ITS FINALLY HERE! I loved Black Widow. Marvel is coming back! 🥳
Alex Ayers
Alex Ayers:
The score for this film was glorious.
The Reverence
The Reverence:
More excited than ever for this 🤩🤩🤩
Shuvra Kolay
Shuvra Kolay:
Tony stark : Do we know if she had a family?
Steve : No .only us.
Natasha : Hold my Russian vodka.
Sam Udontneedtoknowmylastname
Sam Udontneedtoknowmylastname:
I watched this movie and I laughed, smiled, and cried. One hell of an emotional roller coaster! But I’d do it all over again if I got the chance. To anyone who hasn’t seen it, GO! It WILL be worth it
It went from "Black widow coming out in May" to "Black widow may be coming out"
Anonymous Unidentifiable
Anonymous Unidentifiable:
The part at the end when he stepped on the shield and threw it was 🔥
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil:
Clueless Disney had to ruin Taskmaster because Widow couldn’t beat the comic version lol
I feel like they should’ve released a black widow movie before infinity war and endgame or between infinity war and endgame so her death would’ve been WAYYYY more impactful
Just when I thought I couldn't love Florence Pugh more than I already do.
Jessie quinn
Jessie quinn:
This is going to be such a sick film 🤩🤩🤩
Ok I watched so many bad reviews before I watched the movie... Finally watched it for myself and I really liked it more than I thought I would've. The very end made me emotional.
JJ Jxmmi
JJ Jxmmi:
Shang-Chi is awesome martial arts fighter, a great Kung Fu fighter and one of the most skilled Marvel characters in the world 🔥😎
Jared Slabaugh
Jared Slabaugh:
This movie has been delayed for over a year now. I feel like they’re just gonna release the entire thing in trailers.
Just watched it in the cinema and fr need a sequel please!!
they say they didnt give natasha a memorial in endgame because of this movie, “she would get more screen time than tony”, hold on, tony got 3 movies and a memorial, natasha got 1 movie and no memorial, how is that balanced exactly?
J Anya
J Anya:
i love yelenaaaa she's freaking coolll!!😭❤️❤️❤️
Dimitris Koutelidas
Dimitris Koutelidas:
This should have been out before the Endgame. Her death would have more impact.
Aries Abhishek
Aries Abhishek:
Audience: So finally you got a movie for yourself.
Black Widow: Yes.
Audience: What did it cost?
Black Widow: My life.
Fordo Films
Fordo Films:
God she should have had her own trilogy back in Phase 2!! Or even a first one in phase 1
Matthew Puccio
Matthew Puccio:
Thor: Guys I can explain
Cap and Tony: Your getting four movies while we only get 3? How is that fair?
Nat and Bruce: 3? We only got one!
Clint: You guys are getting movies?
Sarva Mass
Sarva Mass:
Goosebumps trailer watched for thousands time because of music and scene
Yautja Xenomorph
Yautja Xenomorph:
Wooo hooo, yelena gots some moves with that spin kick. Cant wait to see more.
Yash Agrawal✔️
Yash Agrawal✔️:
Rays background score 👍🏻
I like how this trailer made it look like Taskmaster was the main villain when she was only a side villain. Well done Marvel, bravo.
Pracheta Bhattacharjee
Pracheta Bhattacharjee:
“There's blood on the crown, go and take it
You get one shot to make it out alive”
Riya Alex
Riya Alex:
i'm still not over my endgame depression so if they don't reveal nat's alive by the end of this movie its gonna start all over again
Novia Maharani
Novia Maharani:
Marvel: In theaters May 2020
Corona: "I'm sorry, did i step on your moment?"
Bruh I was gonna watch this with my school on a school trip as a kinda end-of-year treat but because of COVID we couldn’t 😢
Malik Wright
Malik Wright:
This movie was an absolute banger 🔥🔥
Hariharan J
Hariharan J:
Natasha waited WAYYY too long to her her own solo film
I have now watched the movie and it’s fire 🔥
She deserved this !!!
Dead Man walking
Dead Man walking:
I just watched this movie , it's just freaking awesome 😎 100000/10 , hopefully we see a movie for her sister or something .
RampagingRex Productions
RampagingRex Productions:
"I'm done running."
*Immediately cuts to a shot of her running*
I love how this used to be the final trailer
Lauren Thomas
Lauren Thomas:
If only my husband knew how this ended. The power went out right before. I know how it ends. 🤩😉🦋🌈✨💞 9:19
Am I the only one who is gonna be kinda mad if Taskmaster dies?
Kyle G
Kyle G:
The song in this trailer made me so hyped (see 2:00 for example) but then it wasn't part of the movie. Made me sad, but still loved the movie.
Amanda O'Neill
Amanda O'Neill:
This is the most trailer like music I’ve ever heard
ELIM Winds
ELIM Winds:
I love how they use the MI-8 for transport instead of any other helicopter, it highlights them being "russians"