Marvin Park's official debut with Real Madrid Vs Real Sociedad (20/09/2020) | HD

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20 comentarios:

Freed Gaming
Freed Gaming:
I know Marvin he lived on the same estate as me in the UK. Now he’s playing for Madrid how crazy is that! His older brother Ali was unreal at football too.
Datboi Luca
Datboi Luca:
He has room to improve maybe his awareness of the game and maybe avoid making bad mistakes and develop more confidence but maybe he can become a star and Real Madrid starter one day
Julian potatoe
Julian potatoe:
Really good at playing it back.
마빈 박 화이팅♡ 데뷔 축하합니다
Red Rogue
Red Rogue:
He will come in handy for Zidane because he is Next Lucas Vasquez.
Bang avg
Giova Torne
Giova Torne:
Sarà stato emozionatissimo ma si vede che è acerbo
brayan stiven murillo martinez
brayan stiven murillo martinez:
No le daban minutos a Isco ni a James Jajajjajaja Jajajjajaja zz ya está generándome molestia
Zedane we can't understand you..... laliga you're keeping marvin?????????
His last name is ‘Park’ though....does he have some blood from asia?Cuz one of my friend’s last name is park and he is south korean
Juan Carlos C. C.
Juan Carlos C. C.:
Marvin Selección
Hakimov Hasan
Hakimov Hasan:
Jock Odd Sock
Jock Odd Sock:
Bertha garces
Bertha garces:
Sylvain Daslin
Sylvain Daslin:
Datson Silvain 4
Mohammed Abd El Hamid
Mohammed Abd El Hamid:
The 2 youngsters showed nothing!! I'm a madridismo to the bone, we deserve better players.
Jack Potter
Jack Potter:
You send bale on loan an give use shit like this called Marvin?zidan is crazy an making mistakes .real Madrid isn't a place were you came to learn how to play came with a reputation like many did an you disgusted
Sr. Marvin, venga al equipo de fútbol coreano. La situación actual del fútbol coreano es muy buena. Los jugadores coreanos de tu edad están en la edad de oro. Hace dos años, la selección de fútbol de Corea terminó segundo en la Copa Mundial Sub-20 de la FIFA. Si te unes al equipo nacional de fútbol de Corea, serás la última pieza del rompecabezas que necesita el equipo coreano. Entonces, el equipo nacional de fútbol de Corea se convertirá en un equipo de clase mundial. Un fan coreano apasionado deja una carta. Que siempre estés sano.
he's not good