Mary Carillo Weighs In On Naomi Osaka Withdrawing From French Open

NBC Sports’ Mary Carillo joins Hoda and Savannah live to weigh in on the events that led star tennis player Naomi Osaka to skip post-match press conferences at the 2021 French Open and announce her withdrawal from the tournament Monday. “I wasn’t terribly surprised when she made the announcement she was pulling away because she hated to be this big, huge story,” Carillo says.

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100+ comentarios:

People should remember that introverts find it draining to talk to people. They don't enjoy it, unlike extroverts who in general feeds off the energy of an interaction.
Robert Cammon
Robert Cammon:
Evolve, the media needs to reimagine itself.
End of her career! Stop this madness! It's just a setback that's all. This is getting ridiculous! Osaka will get herself together, relax. No wonder she doesn't want to talk to you all, smh.
mike jones
mike jones:
Did anyone else notice that when Mary was asked why should she talk to reporters if she does not want to 3:13 to 4:35 she never answered the question?
Okay. Mary didn't really say anything here. Didn't answer questions directly. It was the biggest non conversation ever.
la mulata linda Martinez
la mulata linda Martinez:
Let the girl be the awkward quirky Black girl she is. She has a right to protect herself and her mental health.
Carillo didn't explain the media obligation. What a waste.
Sam Jones
Sam Jones:
The mainstream media just sucks. It's lame to have those press interviews after every match where they ask the same dam questions over and over.
Lanese Douglas
Lanese Douglas:
Mary a hypocrite..just a couple days ago she was bashing niaomi
Fearless Nita
Fearless Nita:
This entire interview Mary passively insulted Naomi. #shameonyou Hard to believe you ‘love this kid’.
I've gone through depression for the last 2 years and still struggle with it. Its hard and not easy
Don’t cut when you can untie. Great words of wisdom.
Amy O. Garcia
Amy O. Garcia:
The media pushes the "gotcha" questions so they can get the most views and the biggest sponorships. If an athlete (or any other person) gets hurt... who cares.
LAROSE martin
LAROSE martin:
As long as you don't follow the media..they will turn on you
C EVr:
I don’t trust anything this man has to say. Mary Carrillo was part of the media that politely brushed Maria Sharapovas DOPING under the rug and ushered Sharapova back after her reduced suspension. If you ain’t a blond beast then Mary doesn’t have much good to say
Shade Ajayi
Shade Ajayi:
Its obvious she was never comfortable with the media and is shy. Media is just out of whack these days
When the questions being asked are the same generic three questions, you're not really getting anything to actually report on.
A W:
I remember Ms. Hoda Kotb and Ms. Savannah Guthrie interviewed Naomi after the US open 2018 at Today’s Show, that was horrible and felt sorry for Naomi being in the show.
Iscah A. Mitchum
Iscah A. Mitchum:
“She’s not built that way” (PERIOD)
Deborah McCray
Deborah McCray:
Just the day before Mary Carillo was hoping she would come to her senses.
Ernesto Marquez
Ernesto Marquez:
She will comeback. Need space. Back up everybody! Time to reflect. Focus. Attempt
magna czagany
magna czagany:
Going through unpleasant situations is part of growing up. Questions could be submitted in advance. Coach and player could be interviewed together. Is it only the interview after a loss that is difficult ? It could be limited to a maximum of three questions. Talking about a loss is introspective and could help to realize what not to do next time. Maybe it just wasn’t your day.
Ardent Drops
Ardent Drops:
When did people start caring more about talking to the press than the sport itself? You may as well cut out the tennis altogether and make reality TV instead.
Mary, Mary, Mary... I see you've change your tune on this. Good for you! This is what supporting a female athlete and mental health sounds like... BTW, you did not "sound" like that yesterday at all. Glad to see you can see clearer now.
S Smith
S Smith:
It's funny that on one hand they want to hear from the athlete but want to make sure they shut up and dribble or play ball the next. Which is it?
Arnold Amaral
Arnold Amaral:
Mary Carillo such a self-serving reporter. She plays all sides. She thinks shes a mental Giant. I think not. The way she dodge the question about the French tennis Federation. Take care of Naomi. 🇫🇷 Arnold Bourbon Amaral
Kip Wonder
Kip Wonder:
I believe that anyone can see that Naomi feels uncomfortable when being interviewed. Anyone could see that it was something she tolerated. That being said...she's not a circus animal. She's not going to jump through flaming hoops on command. Athletes are NOT owned. THIS seems to be the bigger issue. Not Naomi's social anxiety...but that athletes are not owned. This media spin of "media is part of the job" is an attempt to avoid this discussion. Athletes are NOT Roman gladiators. Athletes better speak up - and unite.
Yeah, she's got to reconnoiter and figure out how to get a hold of her anxiety. I think it's normal for young people to have anxiety. It passes though, as long as you stay grounded and practice self-care. She's got every resource at her fingertips, so she'll be fine.
Velicia Hiley
Velicia Hiley:
What has to be recognized by all sport outlets, players are human. Mental health is real. I have seen reporters ask questions that are irrelevant and sometimes demeaning during many interviews. Media outlets have to understand you can push players too far.
Chena Bee
Chena Bee:
Why can’t Naomi have a press agent that speaks for her. So sad to vilify her for not wanting to speak publicly.
Madelein Bronner
Madelein Bronner:
Savannah went from my favorite to not being ale to see her beady eyes. The evilness in her face when she interviewed Trump. Horrific
Bass God Pantheon Beatz
Bass God Pantheon Beatz:
She stood up to bullies…. ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏿✊🏻✊🏾
Nathalie Thomas
Nathalie Thomas:
Finally, Mary puts the whole situation in perspective. Thank you.
Malindi Rugby Football Club
Malindi Rugby Football Club:
Just change how post match interviews are done.
She wanted to be ‘low profile’. Hahahaha. Carillo being soft as usual. What a shock!
Tom B
Tom B:
Should ask Mary about her comment years ago about Renee Richard's. "What, you think boys will want to compete as girls for better results?"
Billy Syms
Billy Syms:
I always liked the story a reporter asking Carl Yaztremski for an interview after a game, he told the reporter he just left it in the toilet..........
Kevin Bush
Kevin Bush:
Leave her be. If she has a nervous breakdown, how will you feel? Oh, that would be newsworthy as well.
Fort Ranno
Fort Ranno:
"How did you feel when you lost a match in RG semi-finals to Roger 10 years ago?" - This was an actual question to one of the greatest players to ever hold a racket(Djokovic) just 2 days ago from "YOUR" Press. SO yeaa thats that and answers why she did what she did. 0 respect 0 tennis 100 sensationalistic garbage, thats the media formula today (By the way Fedfan here)
Dean Albertson
Dean Albertson:
BNP Paribas is a bank headquartered in Paris, the main sponsor of the French Open. One option is to voice your thoughts to BNP, the French Open committee, and to the ATP in London. People might decide to boycott BNP, the French Open, ATP tournaments, Wimbledon and their sponsors if they continue to treat athletes this way.
Shame on you to have Mary on without doing your research about how she bashed Osaka and questioned her integrity about the entire thing. This is a different tune because she’s on a national syndication news show.
Wow, Mary, talk about shading and disrespecting Naomi. Why should she put herself in a position where shark-like reporters want to tear her game down before the tournament is even finished? They're not entitled to a piece of her after every match. Wait until the whole darn tournament is finished - that's reasonable. But after every single match? Ridiculous.
DavidVision DV
DavidVision DV:
You can thank Serena for making the women players stronger and faster. You can thank Venus for getting the women’s players the same amount of money in the slams. Now you can thank Naomi for putting a focus on mental health in tennis.
Tish W
Tish W:
The question of her career ending is exactly the reason she is stressed out. She probably can't go to the loo without someone questioning her health and why she is taking 10 minutes instead of 5. Poor thing.
It's time for an experienced, female athlete, who is willing to reach out to Naomi, and help her and other young athletes learn how to deal with success.
Success is not easy or free. A heavy price is paid. Naomi is a strong, bright person who will find her own way.
Neuro Lay
Neuro Lay:
Press conferences should not be mandatory.
It is THE FRENCH -- what did you EXPECT.
They LEARNED from Marquis de Sade. We know what he is/was ACCUSED of. They enjoyed every minute of the mental torture they heaped on Miss Osaka.
She has a LOVING family!!! I hope she leaves so that the conversation dies down. She is already famous here in Japan!
I feel like they could’ve handled this better. She has a legitimate issue with interviewing and they Vilified her for it. It comes across as a double standard b/c when the Great champion boxer Tyson Fury voiced his issues with mental health he received support not condemnation.
Osaka always seemed fragile since the first time I saw her at the US open when the lines person helped her win against Serena! If she doesn't want to speak to the press, SO WHAT leave her alone! Those sport reporters are bloodsuckers, nothing is never enough!!!
Nina-Mae Forde
Nina-Mae Forde:
Anyone saying it is in the best interest of Naomi to withdraw from the tournament obviously has no clue what it takes for an athlete to show up fit and ready to play, the years of preparation, sacrifice, by not only Naomi, but her team as well
I just lost a lot of respect for Carillo. Wow. I wish they'd leave Osaka alone! I suffer from anxiety, social anxiety, depression, etc. I FULLY UNDERSTAND her position. I swear people like Mary just don't get it! Go Naomi! I support you! I'm also a tennis player trying to vy to become a pro myself. It isn't easy at all. Again, leave her alone!
Martha Ramirez
Martha Ramirez:
Please some compassion, let her rest
Richard DiLorenzo
Richard DiLorenzo:
Somehow Naomi was able to deal with the media well enough to win 4 grand slam tournaments...but now has a problem...I’m surprised at the outpouring of support or at least what’s reported.....Being a star in pro sports is difficult to say the least, there are commitments we don’t hear about...But dealing with the media is part of it, and as I understand a contractual obligation.
K Kendell
K Kendell:
Introverts have adapt when in high profile situations....the good with the bad eh!
Pamela Denish
Pamela Denish:
"Talking to the media is as much a part of the job as playing the game." Uhhhhhh, no. The media inserted themselves and threw money at the tournaments to make themselves "part of the job."
J Pow
J Pow:
Anyone who says Naomi knew what she signed up for (that press interviews is part of her job); and that since other players gave interviews and so she has to do the same -- is trivializing depression.
S Held
S Held:
She doesn't want to be a media darling. Grow up & respect her.
"Well behaved women seldom make history" - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
flint fuentes
flint fuentes:
'mental' issue was Osaka's exit strategy; I don't blame her
André Miku Mpeti
André Miku Mpeti:
All my support to Naomie.I wish you a quick recovery.
Henry Tun
Henry Tun:
Thank you Mary C for telling the right thing for Naomi. We love you and her both.
Angel Matos
Angel Matos:
Wise decision Naomi. It's one of the worst 'impairing conditions' in humanity not just sports. (while she was treated like a delinquent by the arrogant tennis governing body)
Momma Donna
Momma Donna:
I tune in to watch the sports not the interviews. The "talking heads" of golf are so annoying that I stopped watching (also the idiots yelling "get in the hole" to a golf ball are back). Sports media has an elevated opinion of itself.
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas:
I have never understood the press conferences in any sport. I want to watch the competition not some media hack making up questions to see if they can embarrass the player.
"Can you explain why players should have to do these press conferences after matches?"
"Well you know she's very famous, very wealthy..."
Leslie Fountain Williams
Leslie Fountain Williams:
This was very bias "reporting." I have seen excellent interviews and questions and then there are those questions that tend to provoke a particular response or story. Personally, I would rather listen to an athlete's perspective on their own social media post rather than these 20th century interview platforms. Your sport reporting needs to evolve with the times or you will become obsolete.
ktb ktb
ktb ktb:
Naomi did what was best for her I'm proud of her and hope she get the help she needs. Fame and fortune Isn't everything being physically, mentally & emotionally well is everything.
Ed Willett
Ed Willett:
Miss Osaka doesn't owe the news media sh#t. 73 Ed
Sean Patrick
Sean Patrick:
Here we go with the "reimagine" press conferences bs. Osaka needs to take care of her depression and that is the only priority. Being healthy enough to withstand idiotic questions after a win and loss is part of being a professional anything. And, the more money you make, the more scrutiny you receive
Joshua Fazeli
Joshua Fazeli:
You are a part of the problem, Mary.

Leave Britney, I mean Naomi, alone!
Naomi I support you take care of yourself, mental health is real
I just hope & pray that she doesn’t go through what Sinead O’Connor or the Dixie Chics went through
K M:
Yes, the rules of the forced player attendees have been outdated, and the official changes this model.
greg misener
greg misener:
I watch tennis for the great post game interviews. Like many of you the riveting questions keep me on the edge of my seat. I think tennis has to rethink it's fanbase. I'm not a fan of Naomi. Nor do I have an favorite player. But, I love great tennis and love to play tennis. Possibly I am as useless to your brand as Naomi. Maybe it is time for a new venue where people can play tennis without others wanting to pull their strings.
If the athlete has to be forced to speak with you, how important are you really?
Michael Maye
Michael Maye:
"Her life has gotten very crowded. She's very famous. Very wealthy." What a stupid comment. This was a useless interview. Utterly useless and pointless. Not one meaningful point was made.
Hendri Budiman
Hendri Budiman:
We support u Naomi and it's ok if you don't wanna talk.
Tired of seeing these folks which didn’t accomplish much and are big W sisters haters.....need new blood commentators like Andy Roddick!
Sunshine Stars
Sunshine Stars:
Give her a break
chriselda mosibudi makhubela
chriselda mosibudi makhubela:
Don't cut when you can untie! Beautifully said!
Again, this opens to a broader conversation about the intrusive, abusive and entitled behavior of media/sports media, the unrealistic demands and pressures placed on athletes outside of athletic performance, the rights vs obligations of pro-athletes, and most importantly their mental health. I applaud Naomi’s courage to initially cancel press interviews, then withdraw from the FO. When somebody says this is hurting me...I need this to stop...we need to listen! #IStandWithNaomi
Yamato Musashi
Yamato Musashi:
“An introvert becoming an activist” problem identified.
Tony Luna
Tony Luna:
I remember when a cnn reporter keep a constant bombardment of questions to the former Pres make sense
Dean Albertson
Dean Albertson:
Give the athletes a choice on how to communicate with the media.
C A:
She has every right to play tennis in her own time the way she wants, but if she wants a shot at the prize money, she needs to work under the contracts and sponsor expectations.
Willie Little
Willie Little:
NAOMI!!! REMEMBER THAT NAME!!! She will learn to manage this and become the new face of women's tennis after the baby-girls ride off into the sunset. She will also be a future all time great.
Lois St. Cyr
Lois St. Cyr:
Give her a break, there's Different Strokes for different folks. ❤✌🙏
Keith WOLF Hoskin
Keith WOLF Hoskin:
Canis Africanis
Canis Africanis:
It comes with the territory.
Kyle Baxter
Kyle Baxter:
Thank you to the video! ButI didn't fully figured out what and where.
Mad Wisdom
Mad Wisdom:
They fear her now got to destroy her.
Naomi due self care and come back strong with new terms and conditions for promotional events a.k.a. media
m a cummings
m a cummings:
Talk about the MEDIA Mary
Talk about the attitudes of the MEDIA...
She’s depressed and an introvert, coupled with social anxiety, she might be feeling pretty low. All the best to her and hope she does what she needs to come back healthy and happy.
Marianne DiNapoli
Marianne DiNapoli:
It's never complete until you get Mary Carillo's take on a tennis issue - really, the best around!!
If you think Naomi Osaka is the sole ATTRACTION at this year's FO, you are seriously MISINFORMED.
hi hi
hi hi:
Not too depressed to have collected all that prize and sponsorship money though hey?
I mean should we change the world to work around anxiety or should we find the solution to the anxiety? I think the latter makes more sense.
Ahmad Ghafarian
Ahmad Ghafarian:
In my opinion, Naomi (or any player) has the right not to speak to the media who are so boring and asking nonsense questions. I don't understand why the RG officials are so upset about that. Mary Carillo is another big mouth media and do nothing person.
jusnini kugubnun
jusnini kugubnun:
The odd switch notably bore because fired genomically spray between a tiresome adjustment. insidious, stiff responsibility
Everyone in these comments judging Naomi , imagine if the world cared like this when you wanna take a day off