MASSIVE CHANGES: New Buffs & NERFS Coming in Patch 10.20 - League of Legends

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Patch 10.20 comes with changes to champions like Katarina, Kassadin, Lulu, Aatrox, Ryze, Varus, Kled, Karthus, and many others.

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Concepts: Best ADC 10.20, Best support 10.20 best mid laners 10.20, best junglers 10.20, best top laners 10.20 patch 10.20 rundown, 10.20 lol, 10.20 changes, Karthus nerfs 10.20, Maokai nerfs 10.20, Kled nerfs 10.20, Nunu nerfs 10.20, Kassadin nerfs 10.20, Katarina nerfs 10.20, Lulu nerfs 10.20, Aatrox buffs 10.20, Illaoi buffs 10.20, Sion buffs 10.20, Urgot buffs 10.20, Ryze buffs 10.20, Varus buffs 10.20 Braum buffs 10.20,

0:00 Intro
0:54 QOTD
1:38 Skins
2:09 Relentless Hunter - Rune Nerfs
2:45 Maokai - Nerfs
3:34 Kled - Nerfs
4:07 Aatrox - Buffs
4:46 Illaoi - Buffs
5:17 Karthus - Nerfs
6:05 Nunu - Nerfs
7:04 Urgot - Buffs
7:42 Sion - Buffs
8:24 Kassadin - Nerfs
9:18 Katarina - Nerfs
9:51 Ryze - Buffs
10:32 Varus - Nerfs
11:18 Lulu - Nerfs
12:00 Braum - Buffs
12:41 Conclusion
13:04 Outro

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100+ comentarios:

QOTD: if Illaoi gets ahead even a little she becomes incredibly dominant and can change the direction of a teamfight single handedly
Miggy Nyx
Miggy Nyx:
aTocan Boi
aTocan Boi:
"increasing diversity is good"
"lulu is being played in solo lanes and that's bad"
Alex Britannia
Alex Britannia:
QOTD: lux bind hitbot I swear whenever I’m playing against her she can throw it behind herself with me infront of her and still hit me
Cory Golz
Cory Golz:
QOTD: I'm pretty sure the general consensus is that LoL has the most toxic community of any online game. The most frustrating thing about League is queuing up with the knowledge there's a high probability you'll end the game intensly hating 9 strangers.
Nathaniel Woody
Nathaniel Woody:
QOTD: I really wish that they increased the clarity of Irellias stacks, When Darius has 5 stacks and you need to avoid him you get a massive blood orb above your head or a basketball hoop when irellia has 5 stacks and is about to destroy you she gets 15% brighter.
QOTD: EVERYTHING about fizz. He feels impossible to play against sometimes, and frustrating as hell. Plus his ult has the the most broken wonky hit box ever
Andalwisye Horton
Andalwisye Horton:
QOTD: Garen annoys me so much, there are so many games in my elo where he becomes a split pushing, tanky monster despite only building crit.
QOTD: i hate the mechanic of invulnerable or untargetable while they still can do damage like: Fizz E, Yi Q, Tryndamere R. there is almost nothing to counter it because you cant touch them or kill them, the only counter is a champion with hard CC.
QOTD: Fizz's trickster. I think that no ability in the game does so many things as trickster.
It has a small double dash where he can change directions if he decides, it can bypass certain walls, it has invincibility and untargetability frames AND it does AOE damage AND applies a slow.
Francisco Rodriguez Cartes
Francisco Rodriguez Cartes:
"Ryze is finally getting a buff"

Actual gameplay: E+Q triple kill (at least)
QOTD: Teemo shrooms, id be walking in the jungle and boom ''depression''
QOTD: the fact Zoe can flash 9 times in one fight
KillCode Goblin God
KillCode Goblin God:
QOTD: SENNA she heals, roots, goes untargetable, infinite stacks of range and damage, and did I mention the global ult that scales with stacks that kills and saves teammates, not to mention can out range towers.
QOTD: being an adc without flash when you see malphite within a mile of you
"taking it slow with the Aatrox buffs" - "+30% healing amp"..... bruh.
Swaggy_K_Boi Pie
Swaggy_K_Boi Pie:
QOTD: When a bilitzcranks lands a pull on u the whole game.
QOTD: Lulu polymorph
Mike Cimmino
Mike Cimmino:
“Riot wants to add diversity to the jungle pool”... still won’t being Qiyana back.
QOTD: Vel'koz E doesnt go off after he dies unlike ever other mages abilities
Mikołaj Krasnodębski
Mikołaj Krasnodębski:
QOTD: Tryndamere's R so annoying for assassins
Qotd: This is a general thing but tanks out damaging me when i build damage
Jim Der
Jim Der:
QOTD: Playing against Vladimir.
jacob griffeth
jacob griffeth:
QOTD: Tryndamere never ever dying just infuriates me.
QOTD: Yasuo wind wall, the most annoying ability in the entire game
Radu Budescu
Radu Budescu:
QOTD: Just garen who has resistences despite the fact that he is full dmg
jensen Taylor
jensen Taylor:
QOTD: leona. That’s it. Just leona
Light 5bolt
Light 5bolt:
QOTD: Malzahar. Just everything about Malzahar makes my blood boil. If annoying pesky dots and silences weren't enough, this man can just press his R key and suppresses you for 3 whole seconds.
jesse vw
jesse vw:
QOTD: Everything about nautilus, 2 point click stuns/knockups
QOTD: When Akali is on the Rift at the same time as me
QOTD: Anytime untargetable is a thing
"We see that Kass has a really strong late game so we didnt nerf it"
Elyams ;-;
Elyams ;-;:
QOTD: when I'm playing projectile/ranged champ then its windwall.
Youkalicious x2
Youkalicious x2:
QOTD: any assassin that has a blink when I'm playing an immobile mage in mid
I hate Mater Yi being untargetable during Alpha Strike and then if there is a lot happening you cant always tell who he targeted first so you don't know where he will come out at.
Noah Fore
Noah Fore:
QOTD: i have 2 I cant decide about. Samira: Everything. Fizz: his e.
Andy Zhou
Andy Zhou:
QOTD: Swain is somehow a tank deals ton of damage has cc and just dominates if u give him a kill?
QOTD: Vladimir ao how can he escape ganks and be incredible strong when he gets like 4/3
Ege Gökdeniz Duman
Ege Gökdeniz Duman:
QOTD: 0/4 ADC Heimerdinger one shotting my 9/1 ADC with his rockets after just buying a Zhonya.
zandrom ex
zandrom ex:
QOTD: Riven's combination of hypermobility, burst damage, tankiness and instant cc. I get that there are counters to here, but if you are at an even or, god forbid, losing matchup, playing against her can become a genuinely unpleasant experience.
L. Bokros
L. Bokros:
QOTD: neekos bind rewards you for missing it into minions with almost 2s root at lvl 1. pain.
QOTD: being first pick as a toplaner, u just lose before the game starts unles u main a flexible champion like aatrox or shen
QOTD: "one more time" do i have to say anything else?
Bayram Mehmed
Bayram Mehmed:
Qotd: vayne W just getting headaches in late playing against this champ
Juwan Campbell
Juwan Campbell:
QOTD: Assassins. Pretty much all of them. Give them a small lead and it feels like there's little to no room for counterplay
Florin Pasaila
Florin Pasaila:
QOTD: The ammount of healing Ilaoi receives from her ultimate and the fact that you can barely run away from it. The only chance I get is by dashing and burning my flash.
sean buswell
sean buswell:
QOTD: Yone's E, my least favorite ability of any champion
Qotd: Fiora W attack speed slow
Elite_ Avacado254
Elite_ Avacado254:
QOTD: As an aatrox main, it frustrates me that when I get fed early I'm bad late game. I went 21/6 early game, ended up going 23/19 at the end of the game.
QOTD: Master Yi’s Q or just untargetability in general.
Gacha Master
Gacha Master:
QOTD: When we almost kill the enemy's ADC, Yi appears behind me, R, Q and E, and I died
Qotd: when ryze is standing in a wave and he e qs too fast the q hits before the e so it doesn't bounce
SlickTwig DotWAVfile
SlickTwig DotWAVfile:
QOTD: my mains, master yi, attack range. Not only does it feel off, but when you chase someone through your whole ult duration and they’re just barely out of range for you is really frustrating.
Ivan Perić
Ivan Perić:
Qotd: yis w... its broken to have thst high damage reduction
Can we get a music list? A lot of bangers today
Emanuele ragno
Emanuele ragno:
QOTD: swain having insane base damage, tankiness, and also use a lead well, also cc.
QOTD: revert akali's rework pls, and i say this as a person that hates playing against and with the new akali, and as a person that used to play A LOT with the old one, and i feel the same about aatrox and graves, the rest of the reworks i think they were for the best, but this three annoyed me so much, expecionally graves, bcs nobody wanted him to change, i think now that they reverted lb's rework and revert fizz's W, they should revisit some reworks as well
QOTD: Darius’s Q is too small while playing larger champions on the top lane you can’t hug Darius to avoid damage he still hits you and can’t run away because the outher ring will catch you.
Nagisa Shiota
Nagisa Shiota:
QOTD: I never can say how strong is vladmir in the lategame. Unkillable, gets insane amount of hp back which is too big and also his damage that comes pretty much from no where is huge as well
Aspire D
Aspire D:
QOTD: Yasuo annoying early-mid game life steal with just a doran's sword
isaias Alvares
isaias Alvares:
QOTD: sylas regaining all his health in a combo
Brett Gibson
Brett Gibson:
QOTD: Talon E. Like how is that move even real. I can kill talon in lane 5 times and we can have the same kda because he just ignores the mid wave and dives bot or top. Not to mention that it is a crazy escape tool
Anti-Mage Policy
Anti-Mage Policy:
QOTD: Lee Sin's R roots, making flashing impossible unless you cleanse or w/e. It also makes it feel super clunky, i always think i get packet loss when he R's me.
Qotd: Invisibility, i'ts practically invincibility as all u can do is wait or buy red trinket and hope try land a skill shot, if u dont got any then well... good luck
QOTD: every mage, the're just unbalanced
Alfonso Vinciguerra
Alfonso Vinciguerra:
QOTD: Veigar... When he is on enemy team he always reach 2000 AP
Socially Awkward Weeaboo Trash
Socially Awkward Weeaboo Trash:
QOTD: literally everything about illaoi, I hate that bastard champion
7:39 Lmao that urgot pull was so troll toward his own midlaner wth xD
QOTD: Shaco , he's like a weird hybrid of Hiemerdinger's turrets, Neeko's duplicate, and Warwick's E. I can let the invisibility and duplication slide but the fleeing/ duplicate to turrets is a bit overwhelming
Jacob Adams
Jacob Adams:
QOTD: a sion bug where his E doesn't throw a minion sometimes if it kills it, it's been in the game for years and as a sion otp I can honestly say it has lost me games
Themon DeGod
Themon DeGod:
QOTD: remove master Yi or simply the untargetable on his q
Mr Schlemmy
Mr Schlemmy:
QOTD: Everything about Yasuo frustrates me
QOTD: Second damage part of zeds R. When you think you got away he kills you
The 1 Walrus
The 1 Walrus:
It's really hard to even know when to use kass's q to get the magic shield at the right time anyway, so I don't think this is that huge of a nerf for him. Thank god. I'm trying hard enough to get an S already.
Edward Garcia
Edward Garcia:
QOTD: Yi dumbass Q has been broken since I can remember they need to take the range down or make the Cooldown higher
Graham Van Deventer
Graham Van Deventer:
QOTD: Teemo's blind duration. I know that's the point but having a champ tell me "You're not allowed to CS" brings me back to the dark days of playing Dota
The Sidewalker
The Sidewalker:
QOTD : Samira's and Yasuo's skill blocking.
By the Varus Timestamp its says Varus nerfs when he getting buffed
Drew Gardner
Drew Gardner:
QFTD: I think that Yasuo's early game is too powerfull and stressfull to face. The champ is meh, but it just looks like riot wants it to jave a strong early game
Sen 1257
Sen 1257:
QOTD: The duration of morganas q and all the stuns basically😂
NaQuan McGarrell
NaQuan McGarrell:
Darius being oppressive as he is with his bleed stacks giving free damage for playing the game. He can lose lane and still be somewhat of an issue just based off his kit alone.
luke dukette
luke dukette:
QOTD: As someone who used to main him, I find it annoying that Aurelion Sol doesn't have his toggle anymore. Just making him into another burst mage amung so many others and stripping his identity
Артем Холин
Артем Холин:
Rito: buff Illaoi
Me: hey rito look at me
Rito: m?
Me: b*tch
G Jones
G Jones:
QOTD- Yasuo’s windwall appearing from his body and moving outward. It gives a lot of extra time for him to block incoming projectiles. Make it a wall that appears away from him, like Karthus’ wall
QOTD: when it comes to Yasuo, everything you know about positioning goes out the window, especially when a new minion wave arrives and he gets plenty of free dashes to close the gap on you
QOTD: Pyke, just that, his entire kit. 700 movement speed with his W, a hook that has worst hitboxes than CS:GO headshots, his E which is a dash and a stun, and his R that deals true damage.
QOTD: ez when they counter pick you with the balenced sett or master yi in every low elo games
Rado Sam
Rado Sam:
QoTD: Diana and Ekko being decent early game beast mid to late bruiser, skirmisher, diver, assassins. Feels like no matter how behind they are, they just do some bullshit that gets them to win
Rashid Abu-Hadba
Rashid Abu-Hadba:
Note: the timestamp for Varus' changes says "Varus Nerfs."
QOTD: Graves' W blind. You're slowed and can't see anything.
QOTD: i hate the size increase from my own cho'gath R when playing it ap. It makes you looks so slow and every skillshot hits
QOTD: Being a tank vs Darius is just inplayable and literally 0 fun.
Jayden Wright
Jayden Wright:
Riot: " we want more mids and tops as viable junglers"
Also riot: " no qiyana can't be a jungler despite being perfect for the role nerf it right now"
PR Agustín
PR Agustín:
QOTD: Karma's W, it's just an unfair and almost unavoidable cc
Godwin Solo
Godwin Solo:
QOTD: twitch or shaco popping out of nowhere.
My old name Was cringe
My old name Was cringe:
QOTD: the fact that darius outdamages almost everyone, then outscales them, and a very little amount of junglers can contain him.
Tip: pick yorick, at least he worked when i still played the game, used to do with sett but he's nerfed into garbage right now.
Elijah Pelito
Elijah Pelito:
QOTD: Veigar R especially as an ADC user, imagine getting outplayed by a targeted nuke.
QotD: Simple, Urgot, he's just invulnerable to ganks against all champs n' comps no matter what. U simply dun want to let him snowball but his kit entirely never stop his snowballing.
Rene Kaszo
Rene Kaszo:
QOTD: Ahri Ult. She can just dash away 3 times in a row and be miles away
Dance Pad
Dance Pad:
QOTD: Current day Aatrox keeps removing everything unique about prerework trox. They have no right sharing the same name.