Match Highlights: Crystal Palace 1-0 Manchester United

Wilfried Zaha's excellent solo goal saw Palace cap their first season under Patrick Vieira with victory over Manchester United.

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jorre gritter
jorre gritter:
I’m just here because United never post the highlights if we lose, but I’m happy this season is over and I’m actually quite happy with the ending as well.
Paul Nash
Paul Nash:
So proud to be a Palace man, I'm 75 yrs old and been a supporter since I was 6 yrs old, great day's ahead for us, be amazing to get Conner back as I think he's Palace proud.
Christoph Engering
Christoph Engering:
1:16 love that smile from Gallagher while Zaha is on the ball
Charles Dyce
Charles Dyce:
Impressive first season for Vieira with a couple of new signings team could improve further. Hope things work out for Gallagher at Chelsea, one of our best loan signings.💙♥️🦅
Best season of Zaha with 14 goals , thks Zaha ❤⚽️⚽️❤🇨🇮
Parabéns Crystal Palace pela temporada melhor que a de 2020/2021.
Vieira e Palace rumo aos campeonatos europeus.
Truck Sound
Truck Sound:
Zaha is such an underrated player 😰
Zaha!!!! Amazing player 💪🏿🙏🏿⚽⚽😍😍... What a season for palace. Very fun to watch the games👏🏿👏🏿
Pachara Chaya
Pachara Chaya:
1st start for Rak-Sak, and Joel Ward at Centre-back. What a day, and a nice way to finish the season!
Imran Becks
Imran Becks:
What a beautiful assist from Fernandes!
Viera really did something special with this team.
John White
John White:
It was my first experience visiting the Selhurst Park stadium. The confident home win. It was an act of small revenge. Firstly, friendly fans, and nice weather. Also, the amazing atmosphere at the stadium, especially our songs. I still cannot sing some of them, sorry Eagles. bros & sisters. I promise to study all of them by heart in the next season. Gallagher was so perfect, I cannot imagine our club without him. Zaha is our symbol of CP. I heard one gossip about his transfer to MU, I hope it was just yellow page news. All other Eagles thank you very much for this season, All the best in the next season. We need the trophies.
Ross Noodles
Ross Noodles:
Amazing day at Selhurst. Nice send off for the CEO of 26years Phil Alexander and enjoyable to see the players and their kids enjoying a walk around the pitch too. Well done Palace!!!
Omar Ali mahmoud
Omar Ali mahmoud:
Good end to the season Palace. Hoping for another great season next season🔥❤️
Manuel Santo
Manuel Santo:
As vitórias são para os treinadores ! E as derrotas também . 🇵🇹
Je félicite Wilfried Zaha pour son but bravo prend confiance 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮💛💛👍👍
Brenax Quiny
Brenax Quiny:
Zaha scored a replica of how he did it at old Trafford at the beginning of last season
It is poetic that Ralf started and finishes his reign with games vs Crystal Palace.

Also, the squad players needed to be played,as they need to be moved on in the summer ,so getting cash for them is a must given the debt situation, impact of COVID and the sheer number of signings the first team needs.

Lastly, do not forget that Klopp finished 8th in his first season (remember the West Brom draw that the players celebrated). Arteta too finished 8th with Arsenal, so do not be surprised if Ten Hag finishes in a similar or lower position (due to the emergence of West Ham and Newcastle) . But, like for Klopp, the early signs of progress in terms of style of play are critical hindsight, Louis should have been given the third season as well as a midfield engine room someone in the ilk of Fabinho (remember that you were extensively linked with him and Strootman). Besides, under Louis, despite the style of play, Smalling and Blind were a sold pairing and you guys more often than not, won big games too.
Chris Masazu
Chris Masazu:
Zaha is just too good
NIROZ 6700 [ Wilfried Zaha Fan ]
NIROZ 6700 [ Wilfried Zaha Fan ]:
YES WILF beautiful goal to finish a beautiful season from you❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mobile Games KH
Mobile Games KH:
Well played Crystal Palace FC!
Kevin servHis
Kevin servHis:
Zaha scoring the winning AND the only goal. How poetic...karma wins again 😂.

Congratulations to Crystal Palace. 👏🏾
Patrick Frith
Patrick Frith:
Great way to finish the season. Plenty to work on and many more points to grab next season :))
James Brown
James Brown:
I love the little shrug at the end by Chris Armas, as if to say "f*ck it; it's ten Hag's problem now" 😂
Kouakou Serge Konan
Kouakou Serge Konan:
Zaha the best ❤❤❤❤❤
Buen partido del Crystal palace
Marco Speaks Nadsat
Marco Speaks Nadsat:
It's a shame we capitulated against Everton. We would have been 9th. Good to see Rak-Sakyi get a game though.
Aseyee Joshua
Aseyee Joshua:
Did the commentator really say "he is just too good" damn
Achilles Glacia
Achilles Glacia:
how was it only 1-0, shocking defending.
Suyatmi Cahyadi
Suyatmi Cahyadi:
Imagine if Westham could win against Brighton. 😁
Mark Eggins
Mark Eggins:
Great Palace keeper!
Amol Borgaonkar
Amol Borgaonkar:
Thank god this season is over! What a record breaking season we’ve had!! GGMU
Omed Saed
Omed Saed:
Zaha ❤️❤️
Philip Mwangi
Philip Mwangi:
😂😂zaha always punishes his former club
Zaha 👌👌👌
Faridz Rizqi
Faridz Rizqi:
Zaha so impresive
Bassey Kama
Bassey Kama:
So we lost & Man Utd admin didn't post it?
Thank you Crystal palace for beating us
I wish West Ham had won their game.
We scored 57 goals & conceeded 57goals what a great English indigenous team!
Patrick vierra 🐐
Poor De Gea 😂
Hoàng Minh Nguyễn
Hoàng Minh Nguyễn:
Thanks CP for training our precious Connor on how to beat Manchester United already <3
bernard oloo
bernard oloo:
For the first time I didn't watch a United final game...was watching Liverpool
Pai Lin Loo
Pai Lin Loo:
I really doubt that izit Lindelof and Dalot defend zaha with their eyes??!!
Oscar Rangel Ayala
Oscar Rangel Ayala:
Parabéns, saudações @Botafogo
Eliseo caraballo Romero puerto rico♒
Eliseo caraballo Romero puerto rico♒:
Quiero la carta de zaha con el escudo de cristal palace
Telio Ali
Telio Ali:
Zaha = legeng
I'm liking Hannibal's game. Fred has become one hell of a beast in midfield this season. Goal would not have happed if Telles made a reasonable throw in, they were only looking for bruno to pass too which makes them so predictable, but hey, at least we are in Europa.
Manchester United played alright during this game,they had the only one assists , non of crystal palance player had one 😎
When ManC was bought the new owners improved it for ManU though it's opposite The new owners have thrown it in the drainage
l baker
l baker:
Zaha really deserves a better team, a top team.
Sopheap Horm
Sopheap Horm:
Good goal goal Crystal
Mr Strife
Mr Strife:
Goal : Zaha
Assist : Bruno Fernandes
Modi Amodra
Modi Amodra:
Zaha and Gallagher will good for Chelsea...
Victor Muthuri
Victor Muthuri:
as a spurs fan ,zaha pliiz you should play champions league join us🔥😂
Renan Pelosi
Renan Pelosi:
Brad Muema
Brad Muema:
Big up Viera🙂🙂🙂
WIlfred Zaha, former Manchester United player who kept getting loaned away, eventually getting sold off after being "left out of favour by manager David Moyes" and wow, what a decision. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️
CHEW Desmond
CHEW Desmond:
I'm so furious with utd's performance. Utter disgrace to the club. Most of them are behaving like wimps. Going down to roll on thw floor at the slightest of contact from the opponents. Wasting time to argue to referee over the ball possession. Defenders, dalot & lindelof, as usual backing off again & again without putting in a hard crunching tackle resulting in a cheap goal. Crystal palace could have scored more if their attackers were sharper in dribbling & shooting.
Muhammad Afif Harist
Muhammad Afif Harist:
Line Up

Crystal Palace

Guaita 13 (GK)
N. Clyne 17
J. Ward 2
T. Mitchell 3
W. Hughes 12
J. Schlupp 15
J. Rak-Sakyi 49
C. Gallagher 23
W. Zaha 11
O. Edouard 22

Manchester United

D. de Gea 1 (GK)
Diogo Dalot 20
V. Lindelof 2
H. Maguire 5
Alex Telles 27
S. McTominay 39
Fred 17
A. Elanga 36
Bruno Fernandes 18
H. Mejbri 46
E. Cavani 21
Jacob Field
Jacob Field:
The end of Ralf Rangnick era as the worst coahc the Premier League has ever seen.
Haykal Shaqiel
Haykal Shaqiel:
Crystal Palace has defeated ManCity and ManUtd this season🤭😂
Can't wait to see United fans blame this on Maguire again 🤣
They're running out of people to blame. But I'm sure they'll find new ones.
But I don't think they'll ever find that their own meddling is the biggest cause of their own downfall. Too many besserwissers who barely know their left from right foot in reality.
Simon Pannett
Simon Pannett:
Lets hope we can buy Connor Gallagher! and maybe another Midfielder!
Vavuna Wahyu🇮🇩
Vavuna Wahyu🇮🇩:
Olivier FOKA
Olivier FOKA:
le pobleme de Manchester c'est son gardien de but
toro toro
toro toro:
Excuse : they played with 2nd team and minus goatguire 😑
Venan Agus
Venan Agus:
Lord maguire😂
Slavik Aghababyan
Slavik Aghababyan:
Patrick Vieria bravo
Davidson Parkway Model Railway
Davidson Parkway Model Railway:
Yipppeeeeeee!! ❤️💙
Jendri Borahi
Jendri Borahi:
phemelo tselayabotlhe
phemelo tselayabotlhe:
Our man problem has been DALOT ..... most of the goals are from his side .. (RIGHT -BACK )
United being united
Desta Darato
Desta Darato:
MUN UTD is still my best team.
2019 GP
2019 GP:
Defeated by palace 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju:
MOTM: King Maguire
Joshua Jang
Joshua Jang:
Of course Zaha
Ronny Baloyi
Ronny Baloyi:
Atleast CR7 wasn't on the pitch😂🤣😂
What a lad
I want to see atleast 8 minutes highlighted games of manchester united in youtube, when they lost the game..can any one share it..🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂
Chandra Lukito
Chandra Lukito:
Congrats to Man U for beating Westham in europa league race, see you next year
andrei hiris
andrei hiris:
i like palace.they are good
Kld Football
Kld Football:
Polar Bear
Polar Bear:
Good job cristal palace
Akash Bhoi
Akash Bhoi:
Zahaaaaaaaa !
Washington Handerson Gabriel Moura
Washington Handerson Gabriel Moura:
Tinha que ter vergonha último jogo sai 1 goll só AFF perdir 100 por causa disso
What we hear is new coach may want to maintain some old players he will fail, for it's the owners of Manu than anything else, supporters were opposed to buy the club because this was foreseen, for the sake of the feelings of hundreds of supporters cannot they sell the club. They are buying unknown players and send them on loan that is a sign of failure they are willing to see it get relegated and finish. Totally no clue on football with them owning the club supporters should brace for more pain.
Moses Thierry Dago
Moses Thierry Dago:
Dazet ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏
Farookai Kayz
Farookai Kayz:
So horrible 😡 how I wish next ManU coach will put most of those players on bench
Patrick Viera!
incredible mistake from hawwy maguiiyahh
Silent Killa
Silent Killa:
They should change the name to Manchester fell apart not united🤣🤣🤣🤣
Julien Bateba
Julien Bateba:
Look Dalot and lindelof in front of Zaha
Ferry Sugianto
Ferry Sugianto:
tominay so poor slow and often leave a wide open area for crystal palace player, congrats to the winner
Bibhushan Rajthala
Bibhushan Rajthala:
I am so happy the season ended.... Only norwich and united not scoring today...abs disgusting Raff and united.. brighton helping us getting europa which tbh we didnt even deserve
Even the score board suggest MU what to do
Success Samuel
Success Samuel:
Since 1991?
Manchester united lost but they won our heart for qualify for Europa with this shambolic team♥️
This is the result of not playing Ronaldo in this match