MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU!! | Star Wars Waffles | Jamie Oliver #maythe4thbewithyou

It's that special time of the year when Jamie channels The Force and has fun cooking up a Jedi worthy breakfast to celebrate #Maythe4th. Who's up for some Bantha milk!?

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100+ comentarios:

K T:
“Egg of a chicken but you can get it from any animal in the solar system”😂
Rowan Rose Young
Rowan Rose Young:
This is fantastic, thoroughly enjoy Jamie letting loose the full dad mode, this probably made the kids day! 😆
Sammy Chicken
Sammy Chicken:
May your fork be with you Jamie.
This is the best cosplay I’ve ever seen 😅😂
“He’s actually the father of one of my mates” 😂
Luigi Leonardi
Luigi Leonardi:
Jamie: releases a Star Wars recipe
everyone watching: A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
Prof. Dr. Betonlocke
Prof. Dr. Betonlocke:
The force is strong with this one…
Phil Smith
Phil Smith:
Brilliant! I’m now imagining Gennaro coming in from the side, and saying with his fantastic Italian 🇮🇹 accent...”ah, awell dan my youngster Padawns”
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams:
This is where the fun begins.
Lynne M
Lynne M:
‘Dont judge, don’t judge’ !! Hilarious 🤣 Thanks Jamie...great start to the day...and that’s before trying the food 🤣🤣
“Now as you can see, I’m on the Death Star.”
exception mason
exception mason:
Outdone yourself again extremely impressive I've got to shoot this to at least a million people on my Instagram my Foodies are going to love you
As a big Star Wars and your fan, I can say, you NAILED IT, thanks for brightening up my day :D
Barry Fokkens
Barry Fokkens:
That hair is straight out of the dark side 😂😂😂
A Channel
A Channel:
This was so close up being cringe but it was really good actually 😂
George T
George T:
I love every Jamie recipe video, but this is truly the best one he’s ever done 😂
Me: *expected the video to start with "Hello there"*

0:04: Jamie: "Hello everyone"

It's a newer code Sir, but it checks out.
This is the best part of the Star Wars universe, after the first 6!!
Fatty Lumpkin
Fatty Lumpkin:
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
Julia Ferrier
Julia Ferrier:
The force is strong with you Jamie! I loved this so much, we need more of this!
I have a good feeling about this.
I couldn't care less about that Roger's guy and all the self made chefs out there who just criticize you over the top, you make really good and creative stuff. Thanks Jamie
I love it, all of a sudden the Star Wars universe got better, you should be the writer for the next movie.
"These are not the cooks you're looking for. Move along." -Funny skid, Jamie!
Jamie, you're the most precious thing in the world. Absolute treasure to cooking
Love everything in this Video. May the fourth be with you! <3
Robert Bodizs
Robert Bodizs:
😀 that’s awesome Jamie, thanks for putting a big smile on my face this morning - and May the 4:th be with you as well!
Next episode: Return of the Sieve.
This is so amazing- Jamie gives it all 😁👏🏻
no one
no one:
It's, may the 4th be with you...
Faisal Mehmood
Faisal Mehmood:
Wow this was so fun to watch. We all need some comic relief now and then.
Sharon Adlam
Sharon Adlam:
The string attached to the waffle maker lid 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alba Zamora
Alba Zamora:
Oh Jaime is so nice to see that you are a fan too! My children and I are huge fans, and all my students as well. Great video and delicious idea for a pancake. MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!
Daniel Ramos
Daniel Ramos:
So so nice! May the force be with you, Jamie. Always!
Nils Rekus
Nils Rekus:
a surprise to be sure but a welcome one. Happy May the 4th everyone =)
I have a good feeling about this
Cooking with Yarda
Cooking with Yarda:
I didn't expect this. Thanks Jamie !! May the fork be with you !!
Chubby Hands
Chubby Hands:
Bantha Milk!!! Yessss, I love Jamie's Star Wars Day edition! You nailed it!
C Youtube
C Youtube:
Made me so happy. Thank you Jamie and the team!
Dr. Bruno Recipes
Dr. Bruno Recipes:
Lovely 👌🏻 Greetings from Scotland ♥️ Have a brilliant day 🌻
Chris Thornycroft
Chris Thornycroft:
Wow, guess I’m not the only one getting old. LOL. The memories...
Diane Hamilton
Diane Hamilton:
can't stop smiling!
This is the best thing ever! Thank you Jamie we needed this so much ❤️
The level of effort put into this is fantastic!
Shirley Castle
Shirley Castle:
I bet your kids LOVED those waffles? Very good and may the force be with you young Skywalker.
Seb Sandford
Seb Sandford:
May the 4th be with Jamie Oliver & all the chefs making Star Wars inspired dishes like the waffles 🧇 he’s making! 👍🏻
Joel Alvarez
Joel Alvarez:
Jedi master Jamie! Love it! Never knew we need a star wars breakfast crossover❤🍞👍 Just imagine of there was a Chef Jedi master! May the 4th be with you!
james wilson
james wilson:
I didn't know it till now but i genuinely needed dis video
Peytonthegamer XoxoXoxo
Peytonthegamer XoxoXoxo:
I just love jamie so much he is inspiring he helps me so much❤️
Mauthoor Mehboob
Mauthoor Mehboob:
I love how it was visible to see the string opening up the waffle maker! 😛👌
Jakob Buchta
Jakob Buchta:
So wholesome :))
Daniel Remenyi
Daniel Remenyi:
Next time show us please, what wizards and witches eat :D this one was fun
May The 4th be with everyone watching this!!!!!!!! :D
ctg Bcn
ctg Bcn:
Sane and healthy meaning of being a fan. Cheers R2D2 🤖
The Story Of Us
The Story Of Us:
Bloody hell, Luke! You couldn’t have waited to blow up the Death Star until AFTER Jamie got off?
Wandee Phathong
Wandee Phathong:
Wake up and see this you cracks me today 😂 #maythe4thbewithyou
Kmann !
Kmann !:
This was AWESOME!! Good job young Jedi.
Matthew Gomez
Matthew Gomez:
Man I love this, your such a great entertainer
Joker 99
Joker 99:
I love this🤣I laughed so hard at the thumbnail
Love this! So creative! @mrnigelng You have to give Jamie props for this :D
Sayed Muhammad Roussoulle
Sayed Muhammad Roussoulle:
Made my day. Luv this guy
Mr Safology
Mr Safology:
Jamie Oliver should do more of this type of video. It's easier to follow the recipe and it's entertaining 🙂
Yunhee Choi
Yunhee Choi:
You made my day! Thank you!!!
D K Vienna
D K Vienna:
Jamie .... thanks fo a few minutes of distraction in this hard times.

Waiting for your cook book ... recipes from the Death Star cantina ....
Quick and easy, always ready for battle

Anton Schaf
Anton Schaf:
May the force be with YOU master!
Frederick König
Frederick König:
Live long and prosper !
John T
John T:
This is so unexpected … good sport Jamie.
Kari Millett
Kari Millett:
I Love you already before this video. This video topped it. Freakin Awesomely FUN! I always Appreciate you Being you. Inspiring 😄💚
Nice one Jamie! 👍🏻
Tim Farris
Tim Farris:
Jamie way to go .great idea and great vid too may the force be with you mate
Mar ie
Mar ie:
Omg this is awesome!! I loved it 😂💗
Sohfia van
Sohfia van:
Omg this is amazing✌️👌♥️
T B:
That was absolutely phantastic 😄😄
This just made my day. LOL Jamie Oliver.
Mary1248 L
Mary1248 L:
yeheyyyyy. I love love love SW
Luv it!
G Fran
G Fran:
May the 4th be with you Jamie! Love it!
So much fun to watch and great recipe! 😀👍
MamaJane Starr
MamaJane Starr:
This is just toooooo awesome!!! Love to watch Jamie cook!! Thanks for bringing smiles and laughs while cooking up beautiful foods!!!
Randy Last Name
Randy Last Name:
This is the best video Jamie has ever done. May the olive oil also be with you
Fiona Yamamoto
Fiona Yamamoto:
😂 hilarious! May the force be with you Jamie!x
Satindra Mohan Dhingra
Satindra Mohan Dhingra:
Love love love the title.
Lenche Krsteva
Lenche Krsteva:
🤣 you have made my day. That was awesome
This video is absolutely brilliant ! May the 4th be with you !
GENIOUS!!! ahah May the 4th be with u
May the 4th be with you Jamie!
Inga Ruhl
Inga Ruhl:
Love it! So funny :) I usually don't eat fruits and grains, but this is worth trying!
Hello there. That is a NICE jedi costume :O
Food Trails
Food Trails:
Haha 😂😂😂 the intro though...
Haze Radio
Haze Radio:
😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Refreshing😆😆😆😆😆😆 Thank you Boss !
Andrew Kasper
Andrew Kasper:
Love the commitment to the video!
Kara Murphy
Kara Murphy:
I love this vid Jamie like omg!!! you are so amazing.
Claudia Polito
Claudia Polito:
Made My Day!
devon gannes
devon gannes:
we jedi have to remain humble and keep our humour when fighting the forces of evil...
thanks for the chuckles brother. 
many blessings.
Adriana Lazar
Adriana Lazar:
This was amazing!
Sopoline Teng
Sopoline Teng:
Amazing! Enjoyed this so much!
Chef Shtev
Chef Shtev:
Hahah. Fantastic!
Linda Chiazzari
Linda Chiazzari:
Absolutely great .
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur:
Big fan of Star wars and you. I love this episode.
Brandon Deen
Brandon Deen:
What a dork lol love it