Mayweather vs. Paul: Post-Fight Press Conference | SHOWTIME PPV

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul speak to the media after their SHOWTIME PPV exhibition fight.

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100+ comentarios:

Floyd had respect for Logan and didn’t put him down
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights:
I think deep down inside Floyd is disappointed he didn’t finish the job. I knew he wasn’t going to KO Logan once I saw him coming in with a full set of hair. Bald Mayweather is best Mayweather.
the winner: logan and floyd.
the loser: the dudes paying to watch the fight.
(dudes refusing to take the L in the comments)
seiom jvony
seiom jvony:
“If you broke and clownin a millionaire the joke is on you.” - J Cole
Julia Red
Julia Red:
This whole fight was just so Floyd could remind everyone on camera he's still rich and "making smart investments".
Julia Red
Julia Red:
“If you broke and clownin a millionaire the joke is on you.” - J Cole
Floyd sat there and repeated himself for 30 minutes.
Nathan Canada
Nathan Canada:
Floyd: “I did this for fun, I’m rich, and I’m old” that’s about it
Kian Verma
Kian Verma:
boys we won since we didn’t pay
Keiichi Tsuchiya
Keiichi Tsuchiya:
I can only imagine the lectures this man gives his daughter
The real winners are the guys who didn’t pay for this and haven’t payed for a fight in ages!
I like how mayweater takes every questions, answers it for a few seconds, and comes back to talking about how much money he makes lmao
iron dragon
iron dragon:
the only thing logan wobbled on floyd was his bank account😭😭😭
J A:
Insert comment saying “ I didn’t buy the fight and still feel robbed”.
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson:
This whole fight was just so Floyd could remind everyone on camera he's still rich and "making smart investments".
Screen Fiends
Screen Fiends:
"kids can't eat legacy, but they can eat of the currency" Pretty deep from Floyd
Leo Dunson
Leo Dunson:
Logan tells the reporter, you’re invited, he’s like for real? I’d love to come lol
James Charles I
James Charles I:
The rich sees an economic crisis as a garage sale, also the rich stays rich by investing and diversifying their portfolio with stocks. Crypto currency and Forex trading which is the wisest thing every individual needs to do, and it's real profiting.
AKA machoman
AKA machoman:
This whole conference is just Mayweather saying he did it for for the money.
Floyd paid those people to clap and laugh at "not funny" statements.
Roel Horemans
Roel Horemans:
When Logan is doing a Tyson lisp impression & the interviewer has a pretty noticeable lisp as well. Best moment of this entire 'camp'.
Master SunTzu
Master SunTzu:
Floyd in 2010: Hard Work
Floyd 2021 : Work Smarter
Great White North Hockey Cards
Great White North Hockey Cards:
The second fight (Hurd) was one of the best fights I have ever seen. Don’t sleep on that one, a slugfest !
Sadly,the only losers in this fight were the people who actually paid to see it
"Your kids can't eat legacy" 🙌
Retirement looks to have taught him humility, or am I dreaming?.
T Gramz
T Gramz:
8:13 Flyod dodged that question without hesitation
Gabbar Singh
Gabbar Singh:
Crazy to see Ksi’s dad interviewing mayweather at the start
Reporters: *Asks a question*

Mayweather: *Talks about everything but the question*
Pill's Lifestyle Reviews
Pill's Lifestyle Reviews:
It was a fantastic competitive hugging match. Was on the edge of my seat for the whole match!!!
Tema Loveless
Tema Loveless:
Reporter after conference:
"So.. where we turning up to Logey?"
Gerry Glasso
Gerry Glasso:
Imagine paying money to watch the Paul brothers “fight.”
Hello Hello
Hello Hello:
Mayweather: "I made good numbers."
Logan: "I don't know man, give me some time."
As I get older... I m starting to respect Floyd more 😂... At least he is transparent about his motive
Vivek T
Vivek T:
I thank all the streamers on youtube/ twitch for helping me see the fight for free
Budget King
Budget King:
he's right it was awkward, 50 pound heavier guy on the defensive for 8 rounds lol
Florida Knight
Florida Knight:
Mayweather seems like he's in a hostage situation
Aadam Saleem
Aadam Saleem:
The whole press conference is mayweather saying he did it for the money
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson:
It's a shame when a guy brags about how much money he has, in every sentence. The greats don't have to mention a single penny, or brag about how much they got, and other people don't have. This interview is a lesson, on what never to do.
Hahah broner calls them out and he ends the conference and runs lol
The fans don't matter anymore. The experiences don't matter. These days, all they care about is money.
Javarro Long
Javarro Long:
I’ll watch the replay, seems I didn’t miss much. 😂
KING Toffee
KING Toffee:
Floyd be rehearsing this same spill. We imagine your well off floyd. Now only you know if you got it or not.
Manz got a psa 10 shiny first edition charizard around his neck lol
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
This whole fight was just so Floyd could remind everyone on camera he's still rich and "making smart investments".
Mfundo Nkosi
Mfundo Nkosi:
Floyd is such a poor man.
David Tepper
David Tepper:
What's the iPhone's favorite football team?

The Chargers.
Ryan Hess
Ryan Hess:
Mayweather: "i love money ,i am money ,look at all my money, i make money"
Floyds manager: "say the shit about your family"
Mayweather: "yahhh not more then my children"
Julianne Roxas
Julianne Roxas:
Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.

Mark 16:15
Sam Clark
Sam Clark:
Floyd: money
Logan: "my podcast"
Mike Price
Mike Price:
This fight was like watching an episode of the Teletubbies.
HBO out here kicking themselves 🤣😂
gilles quentin
gilles quentin:
Logan tells the reporter, you’re invited, he’s like for real? I’d love to come lol
Heather Swanson
Heather Swanson:
“ He started breathing harder in rounds 5 and 6” Logan projecting
MarXman X31
MarXman X31:
Great hugging match. I'm glad they worked out their differences.
jose ramon jesseronni garcia
jose ramon jesseronni garcia:
just like when you fight pacman, tryin to survive :)
noel huerta
noel huerta:
Mayweather deserve everything he got!
Logan Marin
Logan Marin:
Bruh when Logan did his impression of Mike😭😭😭
Elysian Tattoo Travel
Elysian Tattoo Travel:
I think its hilarious people actually thought it would be any different 😂 logan was definitely not going to hurt Floyd,and Floyd has never fought to hurt,but to NOT get hurt... Floyd simply showed once again that his defensive is impeccable.. this is how you survive 12 rounds and win on scoring inside shots...
David Anderson
David Anderson:
Reminds me of the tagline for Alien v Predator .... "Whoever wins we all lose."
The Kids Nice
The Kids Nice:
If this were an MMA fight, Logan and Floyd would have humped each other for 8 rounds
Floyd is one of the best to ever do it!! I keep saying this
CJ Holly
CJ Holly:
His moaning about hugging 😂
Matthew Tarnopolski
Matthew Tarnopolski:
Moment of silence for those who bet on the mayweather KO 🤣🤣
NovaDior TM
NovaDior TM:
10:00 this like laughing at the ppl face who bought 😂
43:18 Logan thought another punch was coming!!! LMAO
Lincoln Sandoval
Lincoln Sandoval:
This whole fight was just so Floyd could remind everyone on camera he's still rich and "making smart investments".
Good on both men fighting and getting paid big ! Just the way every fight should be for entertainment!!
Mr Davis
Mr Davis:
Floyd looks like he just finished sparring. Logan was sucking air after the 2nd round. Floyd knew this was an easy payday and he got the bag.
Crescent view
Crescent view:
it’s my second fight !!! 🤣🤣🤣
Julie Little
Julie Little:
Mayweather, I’ve never heard a press conference from you. But hearing you talk about the Future of your family( financially) really impressed me. Congrats, God Bless. Family is EVERYTHING.
Battlefront Underground
Battlefront Underground:
Fight someone your own size now
Travis Miller
Travis Miller:
Ngl that Tyson impression killed me.
If you have trouble falling asleep at night, just rewatch this match.
Is it his second or third fight I’m so lost
Jack Russo
Jack Russo:
I still think the fight was staged.
Icy Bird
Icy Bird:
That's my dawg Floyd! My man!
51-0 let's go champ.
Imagine paying for this hug fight
Ramon Castillo
Ramon Castillo:
People trying to say people that paid lost😂 I just paid to see one of my favorite YouTubers go the distance with FLOYD MONEY MAYWEATHER, I would gladly spend the $25 again, worth it. Hope he fights Manny Pacquiao to compare the results, after Errol vs Manny of course.
Roy Moore
Roy Moore:
Respect to you Floyd. Very true as we get older. You bought some excitment, Especially at this pandemic time. God's blessing to you & family. 🙏👍👍👍
Whos your next fight against ?
"Let me get more good"
Lij Gilmour
Lij Gilmour:
Floyd talks a lot but doesn't actually have a point or know where he's going with his conversation lmao
Fair play to Logan. Takes some big plums to get in a ring and even bigger ones to go in there with Floyd.
7:41 - nearly dead Darth Vader has let himself go
bro low
bro low:
never seen someone so happy for losing lol
Sangeeta Choudhary
Sangeeta Choudhary:
When you are Good at something JUST DO IT Business .
floyd with that ethereum hat tryna pump his bags
jeffery wade
jeffery wade:
Glad I watched it free, I be Flocking mad crazy if I paid for that shit!
T.H.C TheHarlemChild WavyWorldRecordsLLC
T.H.C TheHarlemChild WavyWorldRecordsLLC:
great stuff shout out showtime sports
Johanan Boynes
Johanan Boynes:
That's it, I'm fighting Floyd. Gotta make it out the hood y'all.
Johanan Boynes
Johanan Boynes:
That's it, I'm fighting Floyd. Gotta make it out the hood y'all.
I’m stunned man I expected it to be awful and it was worse than I imagined
Mr ice
Mr ice:
When you spend $54 to watch Logan Paul versus Floyd Mayweather ☺️ when you see they ended in the drawer 😕
LuNatiC W i L L s
LuNatiC W i L L s:
Congratulations to Mayweather 🔥
Alan Sayers
Alan Sayers:
OH PLEASE, give us Tyson Vs Paul!!
That suit that Leonard got on is 🔥
Floyd: I wanted money
Space Age Shakespeare
Space Age Shakespeare:
Logan against a legit opponent at his own weight he's DEAD round 1 😂
Wait did Susan Paul mock Mike Tyson with a lisp accent? I want to see that fight.