McDonalds POV: Big Mac

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Dylan Northcott
Dylan Northcott:
Wow, incredible. You actually managed to get all the meat, cheese and toppings between the buns. Mine always come with a bun at the bottom, an absolute nuclear explosion of bullsh*t in the middle, maybe a top bun if I’m lucky and the sauces sprayed on the top lid.
Every time I watch this guy's vids, I just end up hungry for McDonald's.
Evan Dealy
Evan Dealy:
As a current McDonalds employee, the main reason I watch some of your videos is equipment comparison. It's fun to see some of the same equipment that the store I work in has but at the same time I have never seen half of the models you guys use.
The other day ordering McDonald’s and I felt like I knew every step needed to get done for my order just cause of your videos! 😂 thank you!!
Kevin Bruggheman
Kevin Bruggheman:
I was in Cologne last week, having breakfast at a McDonalds for the first time ever. You saw them preparing it behind the line and it was awesome to see exactly what I saw in these videos multiple times already. Very nice.
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan:
There’s a bun warmer, there should also be a cheese melty machine. The patty heat doesn’t cut it.
Kevin Morales
Kevin Morales:
Great video as always. My son used to work for McDonalds and I wish he had a manager like you that gave him the motivation to do more and learn more. BTW, love me some BIG MACs. It's funny I had just watch Super Size Me today.
Jon Sofen
Jon Sofen:
Your videos are awesome and nostalgic for me. They take me back to my high school days. I worked at Micky D's all 4 years in HS, and it's kinda cool to see it's all made pretty much the same way as I remember using a lot of the same equipment.
I love the content that he creates and the way he taps the food or paper and rubs his hands after. The care and the way his team is at that McDonald’s is great! Oh and that Big Mac looked delectable
Sanchez S
Sanchez S:
After watching every single one of these videos i applied for McDonald's and got hired. Now everybody will be surprised how a new hire already knows everything 🤣
Elliott Chin
Elliott Chin:
In my whole entire life, I always thought they had to use two buns, the other one without the top bun to make a Big Mac.

Now seeing this… well I’m flattered. How they made that type of bun is really beyond me.
Kevin Burd
Kevin Burd:
Man now I want a Big Mac. Great sandwich, haven't had one in ages. This is a fun channel, thanks for doing it. Love your story!!
The County Twins
The County Twins:
Awesome channel, this is my new obsession. I'd love it if you narrated some. Maybe just talk about what you're doing, what is going through your mind, etc. Great work, keep it up!
Lana Fair
Lana Fair:
I work at McDonald's and I'm watching this for comparison. I have no idea what you put first on the condiment and I think I got a heart attack when you moved the meat with your hands... it's interesting how many differences I noticed and it's just one product.
Biassi Calabria
Biassi Calabria:
Always wondered why so much lettuce on a big mac with the patties being so small. I wish they mad the big mac with 2 quarter pounders as a additional like big mac deluxe for the same price as a doube quarter pounder
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson:
If only all employees had your love for the job. Would gladly eat at your restaurant anytime
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor:
Really enjoying these vids because I used to work at a McDonald's when I was growing up in high school and I enjoyed it and it led to me getting many great jobs just for the fact that I worked at a McDonald's and it being a team environment so I recommend anybody that is getting ready to start a career or even just get a first job try McDonald's or Burger King or any fast food restaurant such as those but definitely try McDonald's first they always love being somebody's first job because they can teach you a lot
You're making me kinda miss working there. It's definitely an experience.
This man is litteraly an advertisement for McDonald’s every time I watch him I want to go eat at McDonald’s
Godfrey of Bouillon
Godfrey of Bouillon:
I envy this man because of the quietness of his workplace. If this was to be filmed at the McDonalds I work at everything would be a blur as my McDonalds is amoung one of the most busy in North America.
Pro Fischer
Pro Fischer:
I bought a Big Mac now watching to make sure they did it correctly lmao love you bro

They did it right 👏
Mr. Yellow
Mr. Yellow:
I wish the McDonalds app allowed for full customization like the in store kiosk.
crazy how these fast foods have so many industrial machines, you can make a damn burger in under 2 minutes. thats wild
Shadow Moon
Shadow Moon:
I'm originally from the US, but moved up to Canada for my wife last year.

Loving the McDonalds up here, and they have something called the Grand Big Mac. It's like a super-sized Big Mac that they serve in the summer. Have they brought that out in the States? I haven't seen it, but I also haven't been back in a while.

Thanks for putting out these videos! You've made my love for McDonalds grow more and more with every one!
This dude is literally revealing how to make a big mac at home xD
I used to work at Burger King and it amazes me how many people you guys keep in the kitchen. Usually it would be just me and 1 other. Myself making everything on main board and the other guy on spec which is chicken and fish / fried foods. I’d always get slammed during lunch and hated every second of it. Cool video, it scratches that itch when I miss working fast food. We broiled all of the red meat as well which got messy and sometimes filled the kitchen with smoke
Malic Moore
Malic Moore:
So Im a 20 yr old starting my first ever fast food job at McDonald’s tonight and im scared (and I’ve literally done factory work) found your channel today and it’s sooooo helpful any pointers? Especially for 3rd shift
I just remember the days when it was actually a "big" Mac lol
The indelible onion
The indelible onion:
An quintessential part of American gastronomy. Bravo! 👏
Austin Wortham
Austin Wortham:
I pull up your videos and watch them when I eat McDonald's. Makes it taste better 100%
Kosta Triantafillou
Kosta Triantafillou:
I miss the Big Mac being wrapped in that paper cylinder cone. Must have been in the early to mid 90s? Held it together and aligned it for you. Most of the times nowadays it’s just a mess.
Treasure Trails
Treasure Trails:
I could binge eat both of those big macs in 5 mins right now got the munchies so bad....
YES!!!! The Big Mac……been waiting on this one. I took comment suggestions from this channel and ordered a double quarter-pounder made like a Big Mac, but it’s just not the same…
I dont ever remember getting one put together that neat, their always mangled looking here lol
Red Cap
Red Cap:
I love how his outro song makes it look like he just did a tutorial for making big macs
It’s an amazing strategy, to post these in the middle of the night so that everyone is wanting a McDonald’s in the morning
Luiz Paulo
Luiz Paulo:
No Brasil se demorar 2 minutos pra fazer um bigmac vc fica longe da linha de preparo kkkkk
Every time I eat McDonald’s now I think of your videos 😂
🤔I'd like to know an answer on the items that sell slower than other . How long do they sit in those prepared trays for ? What is time limit on throwing away food that's been sitting a while ? Do you use fresh eggs on the scrambled or liquid eggs ?
Kelly Herald
Kelly Herald:
When I order a Big Mac I always ask for extra sauce. Super messy but very delicious.
Gamerness 01
Gamerness 01:
Hey man, ive been a subscriber for a week now i think and i have a question. Do you think you can make the videos a bit longer than 8 minutes? I just really enjoy watching then
Giuseppe Basile
Giuseppe Basile:
I love how he double taps the cheese!
Bright as Yellow
Bright as Yellow:
I swear my McDonald's doesn't put this much lettuce on. I always ask for extra but even then it doesn't look as good as this Big Mac. Yum! Really though, they need to bring back the Grand Mac!!!
tyler quam
tyler quam:
Putting on the sauce looks a lot of fun 😂😂
honestly I would watch 30 minute vids of him making food at MCD
I work at mcdonalds with bad managers who don't train ppl properly. ur videos have helped me learn. Thank u 👍🏿
I have never seen that kind of bun toaster before. My location has a different one that’s so cool.
POV: You are watching this while on your 10 minute break
Out of all the items to make, the Big Mac feels like its the most annoying.
Actually, is there an item you dread making when it comes through?
Kenneth Eilen
Kenneth Eilen:
This guy got me to get my Wife to try amd like Mc Chicken. 🤣
Хочу в Макдональдс 😭
As a Big Mac, I can confirm that is a Big Mac
Bro the floor is too clean for being a real Mc Donald’s i’m sure it’s fake haha just kidding I love your videos!
Love ur videos, u should make a video on how to cook the paddies and how long it takes
Sam Yelts
Sam Yelts:
I’m not going to lie I had a Big Mac from a McDonald’s a while back and when I looked at it the patty was so small 🙁
VX 471
VX 471:
i could easily watch an hour long video of this its satisfying to watch for some reason haha
This guy is getting all the orders correct while my local Mcdonals is giving me a cheeseburger with no patty.
Jeff Thomas
Jeff Thomas:
brings back memories of when i worked at MCD's
You had me at big mac !😋
Ron Avena
Ron Avena:
Fascinating. Your vids inspire me so much I cannot help but customize in the app. Here's my favorite Big Mac order: Extra diced onions, no pickle.
Brutal Bear
Brutal Bear:
Try a Big Mac with quarter pounder patties and extra Big Mac sauce. 🤤
MatheuS Parazzi
MatheuS Parazzi:
Big Mac will always be my MVP! Cheers from Brazil !
Visca Barca
Visca Barca:
My favorite McDonalds item, especially when it has an extra slice of cheese.
slowest bigmacs ever made in the history of mcdonalds for those of us that have worked there
Optimal World
Optimal World:
I definitely eat more McDonald’s since watching your channel I’ve always liked it. Great video.
Crazy how stingy they are with certain ingredients. Oh well. I still love mcdonalds
Harada Ch.
Harada Ch.:
cant believe, The Mcdonald buns before toast look so good
Cathy Yanes
Cathy Yanes:
😢 the most beautiful vid I've ever seen 😍... Actually I haven't had one in months, looks yummy 😋.
No wonder my big mac always comes with a crap ton of lettuce. I gotta ask for light next time including the mac sauce.
That made me sooooooo hungry for a Big Mac.
Вымахиваются что у них есть мак, а у нас нет.
Exactly why I order with no shredded. Second you open it, friggin' burger reveal confetti all over the dang place.
POV: It has been 10 minutes since that order came in and there is only 4 guests inside the macdonalds
So that is 3 layers of bread for a sandwich? That is insane! 🍔
Ed Arroyo
Ed Arroyo:
Wish they sold the mac sauce at the grocery store. I try making my own but it's not the same.
Looks delicious, but way too much lettuce!
Josh Weinstein
Josh Weinstein:
It's that last patty placement twist that I'm like "Whoa! Did not see that coming."
I had an interview at McDonald's today. Let's hope I get the job! Thank you for the inspiration. ❤️
Sacha Tanguay
Sacha Tanguay:
I love your videos! I would watch them an hour long 😏
MickCotton BBQ
MickCotton BBQ:
The Best Fast Food Sandwich Ever Invented. ❤️. Extra Sauce Big Mac ✅
Daniel Pinto
Daniel Pinto:
I'd like to live as living with the perspective of a paid cashier forever.
something ive always wondered. why is it each sandwich/item has a different wrapper? and why do things like a big mac go into a box instead of just being wrapped?
So a big mac is just a mcdouble with mac sauc, extra lettuce and extra bread
Jordan Roberts
Jordan Roberts:
Stephen, some cool videos might be how everything works. How the fryers, grill, cabinet trays, etc all work, the timing on everything, temps, etc.
I don’t know why but they always load it with so much lettuce when I get a Big Mac. I kinda like it though.
Global Adventurer
Global Adventurer:
Big Mac, my favorite McDonald's sandwich!
Aesthetic Blocksburg videos!
Aesthetic Blocksburg videos!:
I love the big Macs because they’re so good and I’m right now at 1 AM in the morning I’m craving one literally maybe I can ask my parents to give me one I’m not sure with a large fry and a Orange high sea
I made so many big macs today. Lol. ❤️ the video.
That looks tasty!
Haters are going to hate on this guy but to all of us fans he's a true McDonald's Master. We can tell he worked the line when he was young, probably did multiple levels of management there, loved the job so much that he eventually saved enough money to own his own piece of McDonald's.
Charles H
Charles H:
Serious I love " behind the scenes videos " they give us a p.o.v . Ty
Recently rewatched The Founder and that paired with your videos are the perfect combo.
Please make your videos longer. I can’t get enough. Cheers 🍻
Julie's Safe Place
Julie's Safe Place:
Makes me wanna work at McDonald's for absolutely no reasons
I just hate knowing my McDonalds isn’t this clean, organized, or operates with this much CARE.
John Carcamo
John Carcamo:
You make every product seem healthy
Jacek J
Jacek J:
I just their pickles in cheesburgers. Wonder if there is info about how they do them somewhere ?
The MacDaddy of all burgers!
I'm on my bed rn and I'm basically watching some random dude doing his work.
Keith Stanley
Keith Stanley:
haven't had a Big Mac in 20 years, going get one tomorrow