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Sometimes known as “Hsuperman,” James Hsu is a renowned entrepreneur, motivational speaker, Attitude and Performance Coach, and the author of the highly-acclaimed book, Mobilizing People. He is also the founder and President of MPMVSM, LLC, a major marketing company based in Las Vegas and his most recent venture is “The School of Influence.” This is an interview series that James hosts with prominent leaders in their respective industries, and the creator of the personal development program, “The Influence Academy.” This website is the culmination of his life’s work.

Now, reading this information above might seem overwhelming with all of the different titles and terms. However, James Hsu’s purpose has always been and always will be to help and inspire people become the better versions of themselves and to take action. His work all started with one simple, yet formidable question, “How can we make our lives better?” To find the answer, James traveled to interview the world’s smartest and most successful people that were eager to share their knowledge.

These interviews are documented in the ongoing webinar series, “The School of Influence.” After mastering the habits, rituals, and strategies used by prosperous entrepreneurs, athletes, executives, and artists, James was able to translate these stories of success into proven scientific principles! Every leader, no matter the industry, has a common set of characteristics that you can apply to your life. It just takes a bit of time to unearth the underlying principles that differentiate these individuals from the rest of society. Also after learning from the best of the best, James formulated those exact principles into a method he calls “Mobilizing People,” which is translated into a book just for your convenience.

With over a decade of experience, James has spoken at over 2,500 events all over the country, influencing hundreds of thousands of people along the way. Even through his past struggles, including dealing with the loss of loved ones and his business ventures failing, James has powered through those trials and tribulations to finally achieving the level of success he has always desired. He has been able to effectively turn these experiences into courses that encourage people to press on and do whatever it takes to accomplish their dreams and realize their true purpose in life. If you are ready to truly elevate your life, James Hsu will show you how!

“In order to have the things of tomorrow, that nobody has today, you must be willing do things today that everybody says they’re going to do tomorrow.” – James Hsu

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The Adventures of Hsuperman
The Adventures of Hsuperman:
proud of you my friend
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Dylan Stroud:
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