Megan Fox Listens To Britney Spears To Overcome Fear Of Flying

Megan Fox is convinced that she won't die in a plane crash as long as she is listening to Britney Spears! Megan gives her best Britney impression as she explains how she overcame her fear of flying. Plus, she and Kelly find out how much they have in common from Harry Potter to motherhood and parenting lessons to loving nerdy hobbies.

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Emily L
Emily L:
You can tell Megan is much more comfortable and relaxed when the interviewer is female.
I like how real and clear Megan is. She's not performing, she's just herself and very grounded, honest and well spoken.
she is soooo freakin gorgeous and well-spoken!!!
I’m so fucking glad she dissolved her cherk fillers. She looks so much more natural, like her old self again. :) She looks more confident.
Never got the hate on her. She's been this eloquent the whole time
Feral Sunshine Princess
Feral Sunshine Princess:
Her beauty and sexuality is just there but isn’t the only focal point. Like, she’s funny, a supermom and ‘nerdy’. I just love that. Truly captures what we women are. We’re so multifaceted. We’re not just the ‘chick’ or the ‘babe’.
She’s genuinely so funny holy shit
Valentina the Creator
Valentina the Creator:
I feel like she needs Charlize Theron's agent. Like, I can totally see her in movies like Young Adult, Long Shot, or Tully. She has that beauty but also really funny. She needs to do more Diablo Cody screenplay films. She was amazing in Jennifer's Body which was written by Diablo Cody. She'd be A-List again if she gets a Young Adult. Totally see it.
Amelie Mews
Amelie Mews:
5:25 and 5:38 💛❤️💕 Love her.
Lauren Perez
Lauren Perez:
Megan Fox looks like she could be Ian Somerhalder sister hahaha they should be in a movie and play siblings. I wish she could’ve been on the vampire diaries show playing a vampire haha
Joshua Pingley
Joshua Pingley:
Can we just talk about how THE most beautiful woman in the world is also SO down to earth and well spoken? Damn I’m so enamored by Megan. 🙏🏼
When they were basically figuring out who the bigger Harry Potter fan was, and Megan asked SO fast, “Do you have a cape?” 😂

Call Her Daddy
Call Her Daddy:
she picked up mgks mannerism it’s so cute😭
Jacklyn Danielle
Jacklyn Danielle:
Megan is so empathetic and well spoken. What a great human being
Shiloh Julia
Shiloh Julia:
She’s literally the most beautiful woman who ever lived
Myri C.
Myri C.:
As much as I don't really appreciate MGK, I have to say something. Megan seems so much happier and confident than never. For the last few years, I thought she wasn't happy and lost all confidence. I'm very glad that she shines again. She deserves to shine. She's funny, smart and beautiful. I wish we will be able to see her in movies in which we will see her talents. Not just playing the role of the sexy girl next door. Cause I'm sure she's way better than that.
She got her beauty back. She looks gorgeous 😍😍 I didn’t find her as attractive for last couple years, must be the botox or something... She looks pretty much like 2009 Megan Fox again and I totally dig it!!! SO SO HOT! And I am a straight female here, it’s just a fact - A WOMAN IS FIRE!
claudette day
claudette day:
she looks like her old self again before she went over the top with the enhancements. she's rocking it !
anyone notice that kelly practically asked the questions only to proceed to make it about herself? i get she was trying to relate but an interview is supposed to be more about the guest.
Amy W
Amy W:
I absolutely love Megan, such a beautiful spirit
Von Velasco
Von Velasco:
OMG she's a Britney Spears fan and I love her even more
Ali. L Scar
Ali. L Scar:
I still see Megan as the snobby Brianna Wallace. She was the original mean girl. & I’ve been a fan ever since.
Charity Hancock
Charity Hancock:
You know when you spend too much time with someone and you pick up their habits or the way they talk...( megan picked up kells mannerisms)
Diana Osuna
Diana Osuna:
I hope I’m not the only one that noticed that Megan and colson have a lot of similar facial expressions, even the way they talk they’re very similar
Summer McCurdy
Summer McCurdy:
Honestly the film industry is so fucked up for women. It's quite upsetting.
bernadette rogers
bernadette rogers:
It’s crazy how many people say she’s well spoken and intelligent in the comments. What made her not seem intelligent in the first place?? Because she’s a beautiful girl?
omg she has 3 kids? looking beautiful! #freebritney
*I Couldn't be more glad to see her back on the 'big screen'!*
Reviewer/critics really messed with her in the past which is ridiculous. Megan made some really *Iconic* Movies! She seems (still) so down to earth, as a Mom, a Human being, as an Actress... she deserved better at so many places of her career. Can't wait to see her new movie!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Miley the Lamb
Miley the Lamb:
Alice J
Alice J:
Love love love Megan 🥰 and she’s hilarious ! Love this
Mel Quin
Mel Quin:
I’ve always loved her. She is a good human, who has been taken for granted and wronged.
Taylor Schott
Taylor Schott:
I love what Kelly chose to speak with her about.
Chazz McKinney
Chazz McKinney:
As a MGK fan it's cute & funny to see that Megan made some mannerisms that Kells makes lol
Lina Urrego
Lina Urrego:
Is it just me, or does she have some of mgks mannerisms lol its so cute
bahtera a
bahtera a:
i will never ever ever ever get tired of her
Daniel M
Daniel M:
omg, im gonna start listening to Britney while flying!
Justina Sargent
Justina Sargent:
Kelly needs to stop talking about her self so much, we watched to hear the interview about the guest not her! It drives me insane
S M:
she is so right about being a working mum, you are just excepted to be a robot who can whip back into shape and back to work regardless of industry
Tori Ackley
Tori Ackley:
I have always loved Megan Jennifer’s body started it all for me she is so beautiful !
Alexandros Riger
Alexandros Riger:
Megan and Colson seem so similar I love it!!
Toxologie II
Toxologie II:
Megan is still sondamn hot after all these years...
She looks so
Much better without the fillers. She looks amazing again.
Estefi Medina
Estefi Medina:
Obviously she's gorgeous but I really want to point out how funny Megan is. I totally loved her as Reagan in New Girl. Definitely recommend watching at least her episodes.
Always loved Megan, Michael bay did her dirty. She's very real and very honest, if you look up her interview from last year with the creator of Jennifer's body you'll soon see how the media made her something she wasnt
Fire Goddess
Fire Goddess:
I love megan ... & The fact she's a harry potter nerd .. makes me love her even more
yesslol 割 ‘ .
yesslol 割 ‘ .:
i love how she openly answers these questions with nothing but honesty & respect , without being opinionated . megan fox isn’t only gorgeous , she’s super intelligent and these interviews seriously give the audience that image .
but like... it's raining men during a plane crash lowkey sounds like a bad idea cuz if the plane does crash it's literally going to be raining men lmaooooo
This interview was not long enough. Wow, I loved how Kelly made Megan feel so comfortable during this. Megan was relaxed and sounded well. I don't think I've heard her talk before. We need need Megan to be on the Kelly show more often! Great interview!
Kelly comes across to me as a Hufflepuff. 🥰
She’s actually hilarious
Taryn Morvillo
Taryn Morvillo:
That moment you're distracted by how physically stunning Megan Fox is when she one-ups it with her deadpan Britney Archives Playlist to Fly And Not Die To: "Oh Baby Baby - I'm not gonna meet GOD now!" 😭☠️🤯🔥🖤🖤🖤 That's some next level smart girl dark humor - and I, like crying-laughing Kelly, am SO here for it.
Ben Sonewa
Ben Sonewa:
Can I start flying again please so that I can listen to Britney Spears while NOT dying
I'm so happy she looks like herself again. GORGEOUS
jd chy
jd chy:
megan fox has been hot forever & even aft 3 kids omg i hope she’s doing well with mgk & her career makes a comeback
Jack B.Garcia
Jack B.Garcia:
Is or just me or she looks exactly like when she did transformers 🤭 I love her ❤️
Tidy Area
Tidy Area:
The Taurus energy from both of them is so good
so happy she’s back in a bigger way and is getting the recognition she deserves! we have to prevent other girls from what happened to megan. please be kind to others, you never know what they are going through ❤️
Scott Reading
Scott Reading:
Megan is amazing. Such a positive spirit
Zonja Victoria
Zonja Victoria:
I actually really enjoyed this interview. She's so cool and down to earth. Very refreshing
Love the conversation between these two women. So happy that Fox’s charisma and intelligence are being recognized.
Andreea Ilie
Andreea Ilie:
She is back!!!! I love this woman. So down to earth and very funny
Allen Trice
Allen Trice:
I love about Megan Fox as she can hear about Britney Spears song! Thanks for her!
Angelika Davidovic
Angelika Davidovic:
She looks her old self now without those cheekfillers , goddess 🤩
Kriti Jagan
Kriti Jagan:
She's stunning in every way !
Ruth Jacob
Ruth Jacob:
Okay, but, "Raining Men," also seems like a grim flight prediction.
Ryan William
Ryan William:
She's a member of Britney Army, iconic! That said, I will definitely be putting Britney Spears on as I die.
Sergio Jimenez
Sergio Jimenez:
It’s so nice to watch Megan so beautiful & mature talking about important subjects that affect women in real life. 👏💯 There’s still a lot of social pressure on women in today’s society
Kelly was right - Megan is so stunning!
Snarey Shot
Snarey Shot:
Wait this Airplan playlist thing had me dying lmao😂😂😂😂
Whenever I think Im about to die. I will be playing songs that I just know I cant die to.
Megan Fox has figured it out YES!!
Love her😂😂😂❤
Jo B
Jo B:
This is an interesting interview dynamic, with two people who are used to being interviewed. Cause the setting of an interview is entirely unnatural - a quick question and then you talk about yourself for ages. It's fascinating to me on a psychological level how they manage this. Not good, not bad, just fascinating.
not a fan of horror or gore genre but if megan fox is gonna final girl her way through then count me in! and i love interviews like this of megan where the things she cares for feels genuinely heard. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE BRITNEY IMPRESSIONS
It's pretty sad people are obsessed with Harry Potter when it's so lame
A Britney and Harry Potter fan. I knew my gurl Megan was a real one.
Love Chick8
Love Chick8:
She's such a beautiful soul. Definitely telling it how it is. God bless everyone!💛
Nicole's World of Books.
Nicole's World of Books.:
Britney is the best. She helps me face my fear of a lot of things.
I love her even more now that she's a Britney fan. Hell yeah! She has good taste.
Megan Fox needs more respect, we were so mean to her during the early 2000s just because she was super hot. That's horrible.

Also, Jennifer's body is a great movie!!
Matias blanco
Matias blanco:
Omg I can't wait to see the movie. When he smashed the window that shit made me jump
Sylwia Perri
Sylwia Perri:
Megan is so eloquent, smart and just normal. Never understood the hate towards her. She is also absolutely stunning
S Hawk
S Hawk:
She really is just unbelievably beautiful looking
Megan looks beautiful as always so glad to see her looking so happy, she is a very sweet person. Her new movie looks scary lol not sure I'll be able to watch it but I hope it does well, another great interview Kelly you are amazing 💛
Vanessa M
Vanessa M:
Her little pause and giggle when she started describing the movie and jrjdjw related it to her marriage 💀 I love her
gia marie antoinette rutherford
gia marie antoinette rutherford:
honestly I wouldn’t be mad if I died while listening to brit.. at least i’d die happy
Helena De Lang
Helena De Lang:
Megan 🥰 one of my fav actresses ever!
Siria Mendez
Siria Mendez:
How gorgeous this woman is is just unbelievable
God Kelly needs to let Megan get a sentence in without turning it back on to herself yikes
Beauty Shines
Beauty Shines:
Megan is hilarious 😂 she's gorgeous and down to earth
She is looking more and more like she looked 10years ago 👏🏻❤️
Stephen Zerith
Stephen Zerith:
Two beautiful and brilliant women! And an insightful interview too
If y'all not understanding what she talking about the music to pick. She is talking about she picked Britney spears cuz that's the music it cheers you up. Fun music. Not sad music like evanescence immortal or something like that. Haha I love her sense of humor. She's very funny.
Gosh, she still gorgeous!
Ze Anzern
Ze Anzern:
I laughed at her Britney Spears impersonation 😅
Just knowing Megan likes Britney Spears makes me love her even more. 🥺😍
mathan blanco
mathan blanco:
Would love to see her as poison ivy
i love how on point her Britney impression is lmao
Tulin Sara
Tulin Sara:
She is soooo freaking beautiful 🔥
Mary Waters
Mary Waters:
"Thank you for flying Toxic Air" 😂
she’s so well spoken and down to earth! truly underrated as an actress and overall human being
I love the honest conversation they had about motherhood. That was really refreshing!
꧁Ambie P.꧂
꧁Ambie P.꧂:
I love that she loves Harry Potter! Enjoyed this interview, feel like I’ve actually got to know her personality more