Megan is missing (2011) - Estados Unidos

Megan Stewart (Rachel Quinn) es la clásica adolescente muy popular en su instituto que paga un alto precio para poder ser la más admirada. Tiene problemas en casa, los chicos la tratan como un objeto sexual y sus amigos acuden a ella para ir a fiestas. Todos, excepto Amy (Amber Perkins), su mejor amiga, a quien cuida y protege. Ella es todo lo contrario y, por ello, no gozará de la simpatía del resto. Su mundo cambiará cuando Megan desaparezca tras haber quedado con un desconocido de Internet, Josh.

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F 13
F 13:
Déjame adivinar, te dijeron que no veas la película y mírate, aquí estas
Fairy Red
Fairy Red:
En vez de trauma me dió una profunda tristeza ver todo el sufrimiento de las dos adolescentes, Megan toda su vida fue abusada por tipos asquerosos y a Amy le hacían bullying por ser "aburrida", lo peor es que todo esto sucede en la realidad.
Libny artist Valenzuela
Libny artist Valenzuela:
Creo que empezaré a hacerle caso a mi mamá de no hablar con extraños...
A dude named Benjamin
A dude named Benjamin:
Tik Tok: “don’t watch this at night and don’t watch it alone”

Me: *checks time to see it’s 3 am.*
and she was literally the one who said "hey Megan, check out this boy, the SkaterDude 🥴🥴" IT WAS LITERALLY HER FAULT
Elijah Zechariah Ornelas
Elijah Zechariah Ornelas:
nobody is talking about how horrible everyone treated Amy... She was just being a good friend to Megan. This shit broke my heart
Sentía que me faltaba el aire cuando "Josh" cavaba un pozo mientras Amy estaba encerrada en el barril con Megan suplicando que no quería morir, dios, que horrible.
Autumn Sleigh
Autumn Sleigh:
*guy grabs her hand and pulls her away* News reporter: “sO yoU thiNK sHE wAs a RUnaWaY”
Moral of the story: Just don’t chat to anyone online in general, because your “best friend” could be secretly living in an ancient medieval ass dungeon awaiting his or her next victim
Dj Yuky
Dj Yuky:
Me wondering why YouTube never deleted this*.......i did not realize my comment had so many likes...
Tbh the girl who got Megan in touch with josh is so annoying, she’s blaming Amy but it’s partly her fault...
b r u h
b r u h:
Things i noticed that we all must learn from this movie:

*1-don’t trust anyone* , don’t tell anyone your secrets or any personal things even those who could be your friends since you were 7 they could all change and *be your enemies in a sec.*

*2-dont even trust words* (like when josh told megan about how incredible she was that he couldn’t go and talk to her)use logic. Use your brain. Stop getting too fucking attached to stupid shit.

*3-work on yourself on having a strong personality.* basically , Don’t be like Amy. First she let that guy at the party hit her and harass her when she had a bottle in her hand and could have broke it on his head and also she let josh and megan’s friends harass her. Stand for yourself and it’s literally all on YouTube just search on self love and strong personality videos and start.

*4-Don’t even open your camera to anyone on the internet whether they are your ibfs or anyone* and if you actually gonna do that then they must do it too. When megan had her camera it’s because she has nothing to hide but josh made a whole lie that his camera is broken as an excuse. Also about sending your picture or personal account to people on internet. If you gonna do that ,they must do it too and actually don’t even do that.

*5-when you gonna go out , go to places that are full of people and always have anything to protect you like (a pepper spray, a fake gun, etc)*

*6-don’t also trust your friends in real life* like when they tell you to go somewhere to like have an adventure or something don’t do it. Go to a known place that has people there and everyone knows it.

*7-I think that one might be hard but it’s still helpful.* Don’t even act like you are scared even if you are dying inside. They will take more advantage of you if u acted scared like (if someone was just staring at you creepily STARE AT THEM BACK!! And give them that hard look) I hope u get what I’m saying.

*8-if you felt uncomfortable somewhere or around somebody or even at your home* , start recording just a video by your phone or anything you could record with. It could help you a lot

Also know that *having trust issues isn’t always bad* , have your time to trust somebody and if u couldn’t even trust them it’s okay and it doesn’t even matter and actually... *don’t trust anyone*

If you disagree please tell me your opinion and share your advice with us❤️
It’sGelaila Mckinney
It’sGelaila Mckinney:
She should’ve cut her loses when he said “his camera is broken”
Violeth Oropeza
Violeth Oropeza:
La pelicula solo me hace pensar lo mierda que pueden ser algunas personas.
as her cries got quieter and quieter under the dirt i felt so useless
christina Curry
christina Curry:
The fact that Megan's parents don't even care about her- BYE.
Bianca Kadence
Bianca Kadence:
The worst part was when Megan was groomed my a 17 year old and she thought it was normal
Voy a decir algo, no me dio miedo la película, lo que realmente me dio miedo fue el hecho de que esto realmente pasa, que no lo pasen por los medios no significa que no suceda.
Durante toda la película sentí mucha impotencia, imaginar que esto le podría pasar a cualquiera, o incluso a los que ven esto, es algo terrible.
Créanme una cosa, hace unos años, alguien cercana de mi familia fue secuestrada, por conocer un 'Josh' por Facebook, créanme una sola cosa, se siente horrible estar de este lado del caso, saber que pudiste haber evitado lo que sucedió puede llegar a afectar mucho en los demás, así que nunca le echen la culpa a alguien que no hizo, nunca saben por lo que esa persona puede estar pasando, y que tan mal pueden llegar a sentirse.

Porfavor cuídense, hidratensen, coman bien, descansen sus 8 horas, y escuchen música que les guste.
Recuerden, si están pasando por un mal momento, no están solos, hay gente que los apoya. ♡︎
Abby Shaner
Abby Shaner:
I seriously couldn’t imagine how it would feel to be in a small barrel with your decomposing best friend and know you are being buried with her until you suffocate.
I’m never trusting a boy named josh ever again.
i’m never going to complain about strict parents again
Is canon
Is canon:
The fact that this movie is becoming a meme makes me hate people even more
Sonic Onion rings
Sonic Onion rings:
The only reason lexi broke down is because she knew it was actually her fault
I feel like when Lexie was lashing out at Amy, she was more blaming herself and pushing her feelings onto Amy. Lexie obviously had feelings for Meg, so knowing she was responsible for her disappearance made her upset and want to blame someone other than herself.
Note: Never tell me to not watch something because chances are as soon as you finish that sentence I'm gonna watch it.
Kirsty Hughes
Kirsty Hughes:
Anyone else annoyed at the Lexi girl blaming Amy for Megan going missing when it was Lexi who got Megan in contact with josh in the first place?
• bárbi
• bárbi:
Cuanta maldad puede llegar a haber en este mundo, hay muchas mujeres que lamentablemente hoy no estan que se han encontrado con tipos asi de enfermos.
sensei astro
sensei astro:
Just remember, the time you are reading this some one is going through the same stuff, be grateful!
Bianca Kadence
Bianca Kadence:
I’m never going on Omegle again
Tammie Perez
Tammie Perez:
Amy is the prettiest girl out of all of girls and they’re saying that she’s ugly? Are they blind???
Zeena Sultan
Zeena Sultan:
The fact that she was complimenting him so he wouldn’t bury her is just sickening and disturbing to listen to🥺
James Porquez
James Porquez:
Best thing about being alone and unpopular.
1. No one will hurt you
2. Weirdo and stalker proof
3. Safe staying at my very strict parents
yandere Chan
yandere Chan:
No one is talking about the way that Megan’s s eyes were white-
Eric Rosas
Eric Rosas:
Llegué a esta película por curioso, pero es muy lamentable lo sucedido y más porque no es una película, es la realidad, conclusión: cuidense mucho chicas, ustedes son un grupo muy vulnerable, y existen personas sin sentimientos ni remordimiento y que solo buscan un objetivo hacer daño, esto es para reflexionar :(
vilma havia
vilma havia:
This is scary bc this is prolly happening to someone rn and we dont even know....
josh literally sounded so normal on the phone.. proves u can’t trust anyone on the internet
Alguien se apunta para ir al psicólogo luego de ver esto?
Pará el que no sepa: Megan is Missing realmente no es una historia real, sino que funciona como un falso documental. La película está basada en los asesinatos de Ashley Pong y Miranda Gaddis, dos chicas de Oregón que desaparecieron en el año 2002 en dos fechas distintas: una el 9 de enero y otra el 8 de marzo.

Los cuerpos de las dos jóvenes fueron encontrados en el jardín de su vecino, identificado como Ward Weaver. Ashley Pong ya lo había denunciado anteriormente por acoso sexual, pero el hombre no enfrentó a la justicia por falta de pruebas. Francis Weaver, el hijo del acusado, fue quien informó a la policía de que su padre había matado a Ashley y a Miranda. Ward Weaver enterró los cuerpos de las jóvenes en el jardín de su casa, donde luego fueron halladas.

Además de inspirarse en este caso, el director también tomó pequeñas partes de otros casos reales sobre secuestros de niños. Su intención era dejar ver tanta violencia en la pantalla, con el objetivo de enseñarle a los padres los riesgos a los que se enfrentan los jóvenes al utilizar internet sin supervisión... En lo personal creo que funciona muy bien a lo que busca pero me caga que diga que esta basado en echos reales ya que no es así...
Paloma Rolon
Paloma Rolon:
Esta película te da bronca la verdad, sabiendo que estas cosas en serio pasan de verdad, sabiendo que hay gente así de enferma y más en este mundo en el que vivimos... además de meter miedo da una reflexión, no confíen en personas que no conocen, no se encuentren con extraños sin que nadie sepa o solos, no hablen con extraños en internet si sus padres o amigos si son personas grandes no saben, siempre estén precavidos porque las personas de las que menos se imaginan pueden hacer cosas horribles. EDUQUEN Y ENSEÑEN A SUS HIJOS, SOBRINOS, PRIMOS, CUALQUIER PERSONA A NO CONFIAR EN CUALQUIER PERSONA.
Valverde Suaz0
Valverde Suaz0:
Maldita sea :( lo peor de todo es q probablemente algo asi estea pasando justo ahora
imagine how many people are trapped in situations like this and no one ever finds what happened to them. like they were just forgotten.
black _08
black _08:
Cuando josh abuso de Amy sentí pena, miedo y asco, llore mucho en esa parte :(
Kerri D
Kerri D:
When I was 14 I was still collecting toys and writing fan fiction and these teens are having whole ass three somes and doing hard drugs
Tessa Leeds
Tessa Leeds:
Imagine being buried alive with your rotting best friend..
Abril Peludero
Abril Peludero:
Todos: no veas "Megan is missing"
Yo: que la vea dice
Zohal Amin
Zohal Amin:
never trust a dude that doesn’t show their face
This is robert’s helper, Finn 🦧. He will also protect u during the video
Lira Hyles
Lira Hyles:
One thing that really maked me cry is that even when Amy is trapped with the body of her best friend, she is begging to Josh to not to bury her alive, to save her self, calling him by ''love, king'''..... God----
ೃ𓆏;; L ᴜ ᴄ ʏ C ʀ ɪ ɴ ɢ ᴇ 𑁍ˎˊ-
ೃ𓆏;; L ᴜ ᴄ ʏ C ʀ ɪ ɴ ɢ ᴇ 𑁍ˎˊ-:
_Si no me equivocó, la estaba violando, y me da miedo, me da miedo porque hay muchas personas en el planeta así, y me da miedo que en algún punto de mi trabajo, pueda ver eso. La carrera en la que me quiero especializar me gusta, pero aveces dudo de tener una mentalidad tan fuerte como para soportar esto._
Dani G
Dani G:
I was not sexually active at 14, but in regard to everything else, it scares me how much of my 14 year old self I see in Megan right down to the online internet boyfriend. I dressed like this, I wore makeup like this, I looked like this. This could have easily been me back then.
Akko love
Akko love:
The fact that she got raped for 2 years by her step dad and her mom didn't even do nothing about it is messed up
Miriam Alejandra Flores
Miriam Alejandra Flores:
Me produce mucho asco ese tipo de personas como "Josh", sin sentido alguno secuestro a las chicas
Nour BN nono
Nour BN nono:
Josh: “i will never hurt you megan”
Megan: “i know”
Josh: “do you ?”

In that moment... i knew something was up
Blob Fish
Blob Fish:
The ending was sad, just them talking about the future.
Nio Yukki
Nio Yukki:
Tiktok: D O N T W A T C H I T

Me: weeeell...
第九 Hudushiya.
第九 Hudushiya.:
This is so disgusting, I can't believe someone would actually do this.
Kallisti Zournatzi
Kallisti Zournatzi:
I wasnt scared till i saw the photos,this dude was crazy
Everyone was saying not to watch this movie so I had to watch

It wasn’t worth it
la wawa uwu
la wawa uwu:
Chicos Ya sabemos La Lección del Día Nunca Confiar En un Josh
Elena Moroni
Elena Moroni:
it’s so sad how this happens in real life. the internet is so scary. being a women is scary and it’s really hard. seeing amy beg to be set free is absolutely heart breaking. this is real life💔
I hate the fact that Lexie blamed Amy when Lexie was the one that gave Megan Josh's info
miguel rodriguez
miguel rodriguez:
Quien esta aqui leyendo los comentarios antes de comenzar a verla jajaj
Tere G.
Tere G.:
who else is now joining to a self-defense group?
Brooke Forsythe
Brooke Forsythe:
I’m only 12 years old and I’m disappointed in this world and even DISGUSTED .just why. please everyone how reads this stay safe online and don’t talk to ppl online that you don’t know , don’t meet up with them or ANYTHING. Thank you for reading this.
Los deshechos de Laura
Los deshechos de Laura:
They both were so young... Not even 18. They had a whole life to live, to show a better version of herselves and achieve big goals. I literally can't imagine the traumas if one of them survived, I'd rather die than living with those images in my head tbh. So sad to see how Amy's mind loosed its control to the point to say all those things she said to "Josh".
I simp for denki
I simp for denki:
If anyone sees this comment It’s gonna be fine you’re safe
Soojung n
Soojung n:
When Megan said to Amy "I think we're gonna have amazing lives" I just :(
Natasha Rivera
Natasha Rivera:
It is traumatic because of the fact that this happens in real life.
Potato In a bag
Potato In a bag:
When he opend the barrel my heart jumped out of my chest
Quete Importa
Quete Importa:
no da miedo, simplemente da pena y tristeza por las victimas y asco por el victimario
brook lynn
brook lynn:
Megan’s “friends” were acting like it was Amys fault when in reality it was theirs..Amy cared the most .
I didn't watch the full thing. Where were the parents this whole movie-?
I know it’s not always the parents fault but like-
Alejandra Lopez Light
Alejandra Lopez Light:
Que dura y real. Que fragiles somos frente al horror del mundo. Padres hay que amar y educar a nuestros hijos. Darles herramientas para que no caigan en manos de la fauna que anda asechando por ahi. Pobres chicas, solo pensar en lo que vivieron me horroriza. Y sus padres que infierno debieron vivir. Que impotencia.
Guys, for the sake of safety and life:
Dont Get fooled by what others see.
Because she saw a picture of him, she is dead.
Michelle Bello :D
Michelle Bello :D:
Desde que comenzó la llamada con Josh supe que algo no iba bien :(
Lastimosamente, cuando chicas como Megan pasan por violaciones o tienen problemas, no se dan cuenta de lo horribles que son las personas. :(
i can't believe a movie that was all around tiktok can be this horrible-
Stranger Things
Stranger Things:
Am I the only one who was annoyed at that one girl yelling at Amy and saying it’s her fault when she was the one who told Megan about josh
La "película" me enternesio tanto al principio, con la amistad de las dos chicas para que al final,,,,, simplemente es horrible eh incluso pensar que siguen desapareciendo chicas y jamás son encontradas
Random CL
Random CL:
Vi una pinche publicación en fb que no viera esta pelicula y sas, como pendejo la termine viendo toda🙃
Ltz Ølive Brown
Ltz Ølive Brown:
Esta peli enseña muchas como niñas de esa edad pasan por esa cosas y ni hablar como se ve eso en latinoamerica con niñas así que conocen personas por internet eso es muy penoso
taylor kay
taylor kay:
this is so disgusting. i can’t believe people are actually like this
ok but the moment he says his camera is broken, you gotta run and block the person. that is your first sign. not just in this movie but also in every other situation. it doesnt matter how well you think you know them, the moment they say something like "my camera is broken" you have to block.
kay kayla
kay kayla:
when the girls walked up to amy recording places she’s been with megan and she said get the camera out of my face.......YOU WALKED UP TO THE CAMERA
kariss lovell
kariss lovell:
having to watch her say i love you so that maybe she could be free broke my heart.
Pony Salvaje
Pony Salvaje:
El director de la película: No la veas solo ni a mitad de la noche.
Yo a las 11:00 p.m. sola en mi cuarto oscuro 👄

Edit: que pedooo la mayoría de los que estamos aquí somos kpopers, seguro porque conocemos a muchos por internet xd
i hate megan’s “friends” *not amy ofc*
megan and amy deserved better

Ver la película con alguien❌
No verla a media noche✅
Cuando diga photo 1 tengo 3 segundos para quitarla ¿la quite?❌
C ' M O N A P O L O G I Z E 同じ
C ' M O N A P O L O G I Z E 同じ:
Cuando dijo lo de la camara fue raro pero luego cuando le pregunto de la camara y contesto algo completamente diferente yo me hubiera ido ni siquiera hubiera prendido la camara o hablado...
S u n f l o w e r
S u n f l o w e r:
Unpopular opinion:
This film is actually really good, i mean, who else can make a horror film without fantasy characters (I mean like zombies, ghosts, etc) and without music, BUT STILL GIVE US THE SAME ENERGIE AS A HORROR ONE, LIKE ANABELLE OR THAT MOVIES.
Narela Acosta
Narela Acosta:
Adivino te dijeron que no la veas y aquí estás viéndola
horror pup
horror pup:
imagine being the girl who introduced josh to them... the guilt
Valeria Rangel
Valeria Rangel:
no me trauma ni nada pero-
Guys, she didn’t love him. She just wanted to get OUT of there ....
Valery Santos
Valery Santos:
¿Fui la única que tuvo que crear una nueva cuenta de google para poder ver la película por restricción de edad?
Kiyo !
Kiyo !:
As a boy who is aware that this happens very often, I wanted to tell all girls or minors to please take care of themselves, not all people are as we think, be careful with people you consider friends, anyone can be behind the camera :(
I just wanna slap those 2 girls that blamed Amy for her disappearance especially that red shirt girl. They didn’t even care until she disappeared. Amy was always with her she’s a real one.
Melo kpa
Melo kpa:
Desde que vi el cuerpo de Megan en el barril.. tengo una sensación en el estómago que no puedo explicar :/ me siento asqueada y triste, en el momento en el que Amy rogaba por su vida:/ me sentí demasiado mal, es triste ver como ella suplicaba que la dejaran vivir mientras que Josh estaba cavando su tumba..
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha:
The world is so beautiful, but humanity ruins its beauty
okay yeah, this movie is scary, but... i’m just imagining what it would be like to get buried alive... :(
Mariana Arroyave
Mariana Arroyave:
Ahora tengo muchísimo miedo sólo salir desde qué la vi, me da miedo qué me pasé algo igual