Megan is missing (2011) - Estados Unidos

Megan Stewart (Rachel Quinn) es la clásica adolescente muy popular en su instituto que paga un alto precio para poder ser la más admirada. Tiene problemas en casa, los chicos la tratan como un objeto sexual y sus amigos acuden a ella para ir a fiestas. Todos, excepto Amy (Amber Perkins), su mejor amiga, a quien cuida y protege. Ella es todo lo contrario y, por ello, no gozará de la simpatía del resto. Su mundo cambiará cuando Megan desaparezca tras haber quedado con un desconocido de Internet, Josh.

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Bianca Quintero
Bianca Quintero:
the fact that people like this exist makes me so upset.
Who 8
Who 8:
The fact there are actually people like him outside make me wanna burn this whole planet
Now I’m traumatized 🤠
Heaven Flower
Heaven Flower:
These poor girls... I can't imagine how painful this must of been..
soggy ramen
soggy ramen:
everyone: dont watch this alone. this is disturbing, watch it with someone!
me: oh okay. **watches it alone**
ver está película me dolió mucho porqué esto es la realidad qué pasamos, porfavor si leen esto, cuídense, no confíen en personas qué no conocen :(
Kaylee Franzoi
Kaylee Franzoi:
I honestly can’t believe some people get satisfied by doing this
Aryan Shipley
Aryan Shipley:
it's terrible how SHE was apologizing while he was just digging away. stay safe lovelys♡
Laura Isabel
Laura Isabel:
Sentí un nudo en la garganta y un escalofrió horrible. Por eso dicen hay que tenerle mas terror a los vivos que a los muertos.
u know what- maybe it’s okay to have strict parents 😃
Lets edit that out
Lets edit that out:
I feel like some guys aren’t getting how truly terrifying this movie is. Because the chance of them going through something like that is a lot less than a woman in this position.
Perry Rowe
Perry Rowe:
This really made me step back and realize what women have to fear everyday of their life... (edit: and smaller sized men)
Melissa Amaya muñoz
Melissa Amaya muñoz:
god, this is not even my worst enemy, it's just cruel and disgusting ... poor megan and amy :(
the Juan next door
the Juan next door:
The most horrifying thing about this movie is that it's based on a true story. Imagine yourself being buried alive.
the world is sick , no one deserves this, what is wrong with our world. everyone please stay safe out there, please.
please guys, stay safe. i have seen alot of comments saying ''this didnt scare me'' its bc its not a horror movie, its a movie showing something that happened and still happends until this day, stay safe <3

por favor cuídense, he leído caleta de comentarios diciendo ''esto no me asustó'' es porque no fue hecha para asustarte, es una película mostrando algo que pasó y que sigue pasando hasta el día de hoy, cuídense <3
Cheriah Cage
Cheriah Cage:
It’s honestly sad for women to fear for their lives because of people like josh in this world along with men
Bee’s Drawing Corner
Bee’s Drawing Corner:
The way Amy just... eventually got numb to the r*pe is so sickening and sad...
Lillianys Dejesus
Lillianys Dejesus:
aint no way lexy blamed amy for megan's disappearance when she was the one who introduced her to josh. and when she says "i loved her" it's like if you did love her then why would you introduce her to a guy who doesn't even have a webcam and only has a pic of himself ?
sofi taboada
sofi taboada:
The fact that someone could be experiencing this rn.,
MeteoraDarck UwU
MeteoraDarck UwU:
Ya saben, no sean pendejos y utilizen bien las redes sociales
It's terrifying to think that this actually happens.
Ranya Hoshan
Ranya Hoshan:
The ending made me realize how scary this world could be you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow 😭
LD random
LD random:
people in this world disgust me, Megan and Amy didn’t do anything to deserve this
Jason B 503
Jason B 503:
When he said my webcam wasn’t working ,that’s already a red flag 🚩
Aria Georges
Aria Georges:
this movie isn’t scary it’s just disturbing and shocking
Dorian Carl
Dorian Carl:
Dont trust anyone online kids.
Like seriously. Nobody.
Kieft Jenna
Kieft Jenna:
"Boys get raped too." "Men are assaulted too.", yes this is true. But THIS is what us "dishwashers" could go through. While it may not be as disturbing, we are abducted and KILLED. This has got to stop and all you guys can do about it is make rape jokes and sexist remarks about our rights and such. It's disgusting. Think of your mother, your sister, your aunt, your cousin, your grandma, your friend, your girlfriend. All of these people are WOMEN that could go through this. Please, be better.
Makayla Spurlin
Makayla Spurlin:
Wow I can’t believe people like him exist in this world...
anyone seeing this comment. it’s okay, you are okay, you are safe. this may be scary. but take this as a lesson to be safe. i’m here for you<3 i love you and appreciate you <3 (edit: holly crap! thanks for the likes <3 stay safe)
Jorja Cooling
Jorja Cooling:
Others: don’t watch this at night or by yourself
Me: * watches this at 3am on a Monday night *
TiliLENG Tuten
TiliLENG Tuten:
when amy told megan that she'd come with her no matter where they'll be. amy really did😭💔
Lily MC
Lily MC:
This movie is like be disgusting and terrifying but like it’s good, and it’s a good lesson honestly. Just don’t talk to random people. But just dw your gonna be ok!
diego roman
diego roman:
Ahora entiendo por que la gente dice que es traumatizante, la escena del barril
Akko love
Akko love:
The fact that she got raped for 2 years by her step dad and her mom didn't even do nothing about it is messed up
Naomi Sabrina
Naomi Sabrina:
Por favor, de todo corazón, cuidense.
Juanita Moore
Juanita Moore:
The part where she has to get into the barrel is so fucken sad 😭😭😭
Laje Benjamin
Laje Benjamin:
Amy: “hey Lexi have you heard from Megan at all? “
Lexi: “no. why are u calling me?”
*hangs up*
Also Lexi: “this is your fault she’s gone and I can’t do nun about it!”
Miss girl....
Nereyda Arroyo Escalante
Nereyda Arroyo Escalante:
no le deseo todo eso a demasiado duro este documental
Sofia Medina
Sofia Medina:
Who’s watching after everyone told them not to watch?
Perry Rowe
Perry Rowe:
I now understand why girls are so scared... it doesn’t matter how rare it happens but that it does in the first place....
William Wright
William Wright:
This movie is worse than when my parents got divorced.
_ma_y.a _
_ma_y.a _:
If you feel uncomfortable, stop watching when you see the text “Photo #1” pop up. You have about 4 seconds to click off after you see this.
Alayia Almeida
Alayia Almeida:
and this is why us females or males shouldn’t be talking to random ass strangers online and plan on meeting them.
Everyone’s here on November 15th simply cause people on tiktok said not to watch this movie
Henry Jones
Henry Jones:
I’ve seen some shit but that is disturbing.
uma Loka
uma Loka:
This movie teach us to don’t talk to strangers because they could be bad ... I recommended to show this to your friends or family to be safe in any case, I want the best for you :)
YazuRi YaMilE
YazuRi YaMilE:
Malena Ayala
Malena Ayala:
Es mas facil encontrar la vacuna del coronavirus que encontrar un comentario de 2014...
emma corsi
emma corsi:
i’m never going to complain about strict parents again
nerea :d
nerea :d:
Y pensar que hay gente Asi que asco de sociedad. La pobre Amy, la secuestraron, la torturaron, la violaron, y luego la entierran viva. Se que es una pelicula pero es que es muy fuerte estoy llorando ahora mismo..
Carolina Alonso
Carolina Alonso:
Que Dios nos cuide siempre y jamás tengamos que pasar algo como esto . . .
Elvis Guglielmelli
Elvis Guglielmelli:
Felicito a los actores por tan increible trabajo para darnos a entender que existe gente psicopata y descarada
Brenda Balderas
Brenda Balderas:
If I was Amy and Lexi told me that it was all my fault after she was the one who told Megan about josh she would’ve caught these hands.
imagine how many people are trapped in situations like this and no one ever finds what happened to them. like they were just forgotten.
Jovana Kostic
Jovana Kostic:
Imagine she came with one of her parents and everything will be fine
Only Nique
Only Nique:
I am happy that this is all acting, but I can’t believe that someone and their bsf has to go threw that. And guys this isn’t for entertainment, it’s for awareness stay safe everyone.
Recomienden esta pelicula, saben por qué? Porque esto te va a ayudar a reflexionar, ya que todo el mundo utiliza las redes sociales y de vez en cuando aceptamos a gente desconocida en nuestras redes y no me puedes negar que alguna vez recibiste algún mensaje de algún pervertido y lo bloqueaste o eliminaste por tal razón, bueno esta pelicula es algo similar a eso, no tengan miedo de verla, cuidense, espero nunca en la vida les pase algo como lo que les pasó a las chicas de la pelicula.
Adam Katt
Adam Katt:
I can see all you kids loved this now go watch Cannible Holocaust.
Ella C.
Ella C.:
that lexy girl or whatever her name is is getting into my nerves. she's the one who introduced josh to megan! and she's blaming amy?! the audacity?!
William Pollard
William Pollard:
Ok, so no one is going to talk about how she was BEGGING and doing everything she could while he was digging and he didn’t even say a word.

edit: I literally felt so bad when he opened the barrel after she told her she was going home. 💀😭
ZACK 16.
ZACK 16.:
No veas la pelicula me dijeron
Y que estoy haciendo?
Pues la estoy viendo >:"(
Ziare OL
Ziare OL:
Robert Lynch
Robert Lynch:
NO ONE DESERVES ANY OF THIS. However seeing amy go through this was possibly the worst. We know she’s such an innocent and child like girl (joking with parents, not into alcohol or parties, loves teddies and her cat) and seeing her through THAT pain in constraint... just wishing to go home. It made me imagine people like her in real life and i felt sick.
This world is disgusting. . .
A̸s̸e̸e̸l̸ L̸o̸v̸e̸s̸ C̸a̸t̸s̸
A̸s̸e̸e̸l̸ L̸o̸v̸e̸s̸ C̸a̸t̸s̸:
I pray that no one has to go through this but humanity is nonexistent
Life of Nyia
Life of Nyia:
how lexi gone blame amy when its her fault for introducing megan to “josh” 🙄 ion like that but i do like how amy is trying to stay positive no matter what
kim mochi
kim mochi:
Este es uno de esos comentarios que buscas en español

Posdata: en realidad espero que esto no pase en realidad, si yo tuviera un deseo solo uno, no desearía la paz mundial o acabar con el calentamiento global, o que se acabe el coronavirus, si solo tuviera un deseo desearía que todos lo hombres como este (repito) ! TODOS!!! Los hombres como Josh estuvieran en la cárcel y que los violaran todos los días todo el día que los golpearan tanto al punto de desmayar los y después de tantos años de sufrimiento los mataran o los colgarán, porque es lo mínimo que se merecen esos tipos, y lo siento si me excedí pero yo pienso que eso no se compara con lo que le hacen a chicas como Megan o amy, y pensar que ellos hacen cosas peores que esto, no quiero ni imaginar si me lo hicieran ami, haora solo me queda decir que se cuiden tanto las mujeres como los hombres y no confíen en cualquier persona y no usen las redes sociales no estoy diciendo que sean malas porque te pueden ayudar a encontrar trabajo o hacer la tarea o comprar cosas y en esta cuarentena solo digo que no hablen con gente que no sea su amiga no confíen en cualquier persona no admitan a cualquier persona en sus redes sociales porque enserio ay muchos pervertidos y psicópatas asesinos que solo buscan a una victama rebelde o inocente, porque piensa mientras tú estás leyendo este comentario y yo lo estoy escribiendo una chica o un chico tal vez está en problemas tengan cuidado no anden solos en la noche y no confíen en cualquier persona porfavor

E dicho caso cerrado.
loreto sanchez
loreto sanchez:
En este preciso momento le esta pasando exactamente lo mismo a millones de chicas en el mundo. Luego nos llaman terroristas a las mujeres que salimos a protestar a las calles PARA QUE LITERALMENTE NO NOS VIOLEN, NO NOS SECUESTREN, NO NOS TOQUEN SIN CONCENTIMIENTO, NO TENGAMOS QUE SOPORTAR PALABRAS BULGARES EN LA CALLE, NO NOS MIREN COMO OBJETOS, NO NOS ACOSEN Y NO NOS LIQUIDEN. PARA YA NO TENER MAS MIEDO.
Chelsea Adams
Chelsea Adams:
It’s breaks my heart how this girl got kidnapped and was still worried about Megan rather then herself it hurts me so much
Smelly Starbursts
Smelly Starbursts:
Honestly for me this movie isn't even scary it's just disturbing
why tf did lexie move like that when she was blaming it on amy
The acting is horrible, why do middle age ppl who make movies think teenagers talk like this
andrea bengoa
andrea bengoa:
Why did Amy continue to talk to Josh after she said who is this Josh? I would have hung up and called the cops
P. Stt.
P. Stt.:
The saddest thing about the movie is that it all actually exists and is all around us. Somewhere in the world, a girl is in the same situation. We need to be careful and talk more about that...
Visnely Tiburcio
Visnely Tiburcio:
This is disgusting girls are not objects to be played with or kidnapped, they are not to be an easy target for the perfect murder no one should ever go through this, Watching this movie makes more awareness, and it's so sad how all of this was not scripted.
This disgust me so much. As a male i wouldn’t do shit like this like that. if this is a real story I feel so sorry for those teenagers
la sipsi
la sipsi:
me dieron muchas ganas de llorar esto es horrible imagínense que alguien pase eso, la desesperación de no poder hacer nada :(
Jaeden C
Jaeden C:
this movie is so laughably bad but it's terrifying that this really happens
nyelah smith
nyelah smith:
megan’s “friends” blame amy when it’s actually all their faults amy was the only one who really cared. this is so disgusting.
Mauro Ψ
Mauro Ψ:
Ojalá nadie tenga que pasar por esto y bendiciones a todo el que lea esto
Diana Gonz
Diana Gonz:
Llore demasiado con esta película. La crueldad en el mundo es real. Estoy traumada
Isabella De La Cruz
Isabella De La Cruz:
The fact that men think girls are objects they are not 😔
Sergeant ash ketchum2971
Sergeant ash ketchum2971:
aparte que esta pelicula es de terror, tambien es triste ya que se muestra la crueldad que hace el ser humano. y la escena donde enterraron a esas dos chicas me recuerda a las victimas de la desaparicion forzada durante el conflicto armado interno en colombia desde 1948
Oumaaa Kichi
Oumaaa Kichi:
Don’t say the acting is “bad”, this isn’t for your entertainment.
Carlito Burrito
Carlito Burrito:
This wasn't that scary, but some pictures, scenes, especially the r**e one made me feel uncomfortable and after the movie, it made me rethink a lot.
Mihnea Brawl Stars
Mihnea Brawl Stars:
Everyone on tik tok :don't watch megan is missing
jennifer the clown
jennifer the clown:
I'll never complain about having strict parents agin. Stay safe and trust no one xx
Ingrid Ramirez
Ingrid Ramirez:
No traumatiza, frustra que nadie pueda a llegar a hacer algo por las pibas. Queda un muy mal sabor de boca.
christina Curry
christina Curry:
The fact that Megan's parents don't even care about her- BYE.
Queen B
Queen B:
This makes me feel to stay at home forever.
Fun fact: have parents who are strict with you is not because they don’t love you, is because they want the best for you! They love you and care about you so they are strict. Having strict parents may not be fun but they are actually very important in our lives, they care about our future and more. This is why you should listen to them
Mady and Darreyoun Deleon the fun kids Deleon
Mady and Darreyoun Deleon the fun kids Deleon:
The fact that this is happening to people right now is scary but what is scarier is that this DID happen
Hongjoong baby
Hongjoong baby:
Ahora que vi esta película, mi miedo incremento, porque realmente no se sabe que nos pasará en el futuro, así que por favor, cuídensen, no confíen en cualquiera, por favor :(
Karla Figueroa
Karla Figueroa:
So everyone is here on the same day?
And people like Josh just disgust me
Bloody Yeey
Bloody Yeey:
Es algo triste ver que esto a aumentado los últimos días... Llevo 17 años escuchando "Bajate mas esa falda señorita" mas nunca eh escuchado un "Respeta a tu compañera".
Zul Lo
Zul Lo:
the parts when megan talked abt being a paedophilia victim... man those parts were disturbing af.
Spencer Filober
Spencer Filober:
porque de la nada la amiga de la fiesta le enseña y habla de josh, también sospecharía de como ella, se contacto con el y paso asi como si nada el contacto.
Xander Rose
Xander Rose:
Amy seems like a nice person overall, I'm like 7 minutes in
I’m disgusted... horrified... disturbed. Nobody should go through this. NOBODY.