Megan Is Missing (2011) Trailer

Based on seven real cases, the story of two girls who stumble into the path of a determined psychopath.

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Shelby Bryant
Shelby Bryant:
Who else is here because of TikTok? 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ be honest haha
Maliha H.
Maliha H.:
Let’s be honest, most of us are here because of TikTok. Haha
I must be the only one WHO IS NOT FROM TIKTOK
Alice Ferreira
Alice Ferreira:
14 girls in movies: going to parties, having dates
Me at 16: Mom, can you brush my hair?
going viral and telling people to NOT watch the movie... is EXACTLY what makes people interested in it...
I Found A Disk
I Found A Disk:
It's not scary, it's disturbing and sad on how this could happen to anyone.
pov: you’re reading through all the comments to see if it’s as bad as people say
Meg White
Meg White:
"They are 14 years old" - cuts to women that look at least 25 😂
Wendy Butler
Wendy Butler:
The only thing on this planet I'm afraid of is other humans. Unpredictable, vengeful with a propensity for barbaric destruction of their fellow human beings. Those who prey on children should be executed. Even if a child survives the torture the person they were meant to be has ceased to exist.
pov : you're watching the trailer because you're too scared to watch the actual film

edit: holy shit why did thid get 1k likes lmao
stream fine line and nobody is listening🙏
when I saw this trending on Twitter I thought Megan Thee Stallion was missing...
watches trailer “thank god its not real”

trailer: based on actual events
this movie really isn’t scary, it’s just so disturbing and sad that this can happen.
not felix
not felix:
I don’t want to watch this but I’m so CURIOUS
the reviews: "don't watch this movie alone."

first frame of the trailer:
me: 👁️👄👁️ *dies scared*
Páyt0n R
Páyt0n R:
nobody : megan screaming
the ad that popped up out of know where: Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain breakfast-
(skip in 1)
14 year old girls doing things I've never done and I'm 19
Kendall Taylor
Kendall Taylor:
i know some of yall are here from tik tok
Literally the only reason people before were so invested in this is because she's pretty and popular
Llamaa Llamaa
Llamaa Llamaa:
remember the ring movie where the girl came out the wishing well & crawled out the tv & everyone was like don't watch the tape, i'm getting those vibes
Raylee Braaten
Raylee Braaten:
pov: your to scared to watch the movie so ur watching the trailer first
mileenas favorite
mileenas favorite:
im even scared to hear the screams i-
Jazzygirl 3105
Jazzygirl 3105:
They are 14 years old

Jordyn Stensen
Jordyn Stensen:
The way it’s filmed makes it look so much more real
Erica Figueroa
Erica Figueroa:
I knew the “who’s here from TikTok”comments were coming...
Dustin Dane
Dustin Dane:
just to clarify things, the movie wasnt suppose to be entertainment, it was for us to be aware to the people whom we trust and to the surroundings
Ashton A
Ashton A:
Saw this YEARS ago and was reminded of it by tiktok. Wow
mack pease
mack pease:
TW: dont watch it if u have anxiety or suffer from panic attacks... i had a panic attack after because of the trauma
hannah gerard
hannah gerard:
im not actully from tiktok, a friend recommended and i wanted to watch a trailer before watching' fully
E Luxury
E Luxury:
This movie is NOT for the ones with anxiety
Janeth R.
Janeth R.:
I didn't know about this until it started popping up on my fyp on TikTok...
Read my ABOUT section PLEASE
Read my ABOUT section PLEASE:
If this didn't trend on Twitter, I wouldn't know that this movie even existed
Meg Stuart
Meg Stuart:
Bro she stole my name low-key. I’m gonna be so freaked when watching this lmaooooooo 💀
Estela Pereira Cabrera
Estela Pereira Cabrera:
idk but the aura of this film makes me feel insecure bout everything
Digital Mar
Digital Mar:
I'm here watching this so I know what I'm about to watch 😔✋
Gabby Unique
Gabby Unique:
Anyone else here watching the trailer cause you’re scared to watch the movie😭
(I listed below where you could watch it if you can’t use YouTube)
Nora Mira
Nora Mira:
i'm so CURIOUS but i'm scared to watch 😭
x o x o
x o x o:
i saw this when it came out in 2011 and I remember being so traumatized I never wanted to name my child Megan
Maddie is awesome
Maddie is awesome:
I already watched the movie and I haven’t even watched the trailer yet😂 also btw the movie isn’t that scary it just has some parts that make people uncomfortable so if you don’t want to watch it you don’t have too
it’s not like other horror movies wherein you can laugh at the ‘evil’ and console yourself by thinking that it’s just fiction. it’s very much real, can happen (God forbid) to ANYONE and I think that’s what makes it scarier.
Jenii Vieira
Jenii Vieira:
Vim pelo teco teco
Severus Snape
Severus Snape:
I came here bc some of my friends watched this movie and I was like "Ok, let's watch The trailer"
mileenas favorite
mileenas favorite:
bro when the "MEGAN IS MISSING" thing popped up and the weird noises idk what u called them i literally paused the video with my toe because it scared me sm pls-
I want commit not breathing after watching this and ripe my eyes out and dunk them in bleach and drink them and the bleach 😁 👁💧👄💧👁
regina george
regina george:
why does this trailer look like it was made with imovie
Bubba Joon
Bubba Joon:
When you're to scared to watch the movie so you watch the trailer instead 😃
Beanie Baby
Beanie Baby:
"wErE aLl fROm TiK tOk"
nah son some of us are just cultured in our horror movies foh 💀
The last 20 minutes might be one of the most disturbing moments in film history tbh. It's not scary or disgusting or anything, it's just considerably disturbing and sad that it will stick inside your head for a really long time.
if this movie took more than 20 minutes to make, i’m gonna be so mad
may the real victims of this story rest in peace, bless their souls and god bless their families
Naty Vaca
Naty Vaca:
Esse é o comentário brasileiro que vc procura kkk
Marzy C.
Marzy C.:
this keeps popping on my fyp but i’m aftaid to watch..😕
•strawbxrry Pie•
•strawbxrry Pie•:
I can’t believe this what happened to Megan she was such a beautiful girl and she never did anything her best friend is probably so sad
Alieena Mancini
Alieena Mancini:
Im actually on here because one of my friends on fb said something about the movie.
I’m annoying tbh. Fr
I’m annoying tbh. Fr:
Even watching a trailer I’m so scared-
Lulu ly
Lulu ly:
Pov: I already got scared of the screaming at the end
Iris Wack
Iris Wack:
my friend really compared my life problems to her 😳
That's why all social medias are *dangerous* we all have them but we aren't aware of what could happen.
i'm here from twitter. what happened in tiktok?
Bea TV
Bea TV:
Well Facebook about Megan’s story brought me here just now .. didn’t know it was trending in tiktok too like two months ago .. ugh I’m always late ..
socially dead prince
socially dead prince:
This reminds me of homemade videos some random teenagers would do back in 2011 lol. Those days were lit.
Roman TV
Roman TV:
Most important lesson from this movie!
Parting and meeting random people is so dangerous! Even worse is having a friend who is has a bad habits!
Hi I’m dumb
Hi I’m dumb:
It’s scary if your under age of like 12 don’t but the worse part is when the text based on a true story pops up
Kat Starr
Kat Starr:
Me at 15 wanting to show this to all my friends but then thinking it was lame. Me now watching everyone flip out about this on tik tok
teresa g
teresa g:
i literally saw this years ago, its only scary if you think about it as your life.
Yue so Kim :3
Yue so Kim :3:
I didn't see the movie yet but this trailer is horrifying, for real like this is base on real life and bruh I can't witness this such a brutal thing so yeah it's y'all choice if you want to watch but i warn yahh this is not good for everyone >~<
Mia Ortiz
Mia Ortiz:
everyone is commenting on how the acting is so bad but honestly i think it's genius as it makes it feel more real, and therefore much more scary as it follows these 14 year old girls doing home movies. The cringiness of their acting reminds me kinda how i acted in middle school
Evie Holycross
Evie Holycross:
i watched this when i was 14 and i’m back at 19 🤷‍♀️ traumatizing
Finding Caity
Finding Caity:
No joke, there was a guy I was talking to over the internet when I was 16 and he made me watch this with him. Turns out he was a catfish from Chicago that did this to a lot of girls. Scared tf out of me after finding this out.
Alexia Marie
Alexia Marie:
I watched the movie after that and i thought its gonna be normal but bro,im crying so much and my full body is shaking,
Tiaan Faith
Tiaan Faith:
I am curious but way too scared to watch this, and I won’t omg... if I were to watch it tho I would need a boyfriend and blankies to protect me 💀
Solitude Wonderland of Rie
Solitude Wonderland of Rie:
It is based on true life story, and she isn't named Megan, maybe she is, she can be anyone else, your sister, girl friend, cousins, girl co worker, highschool teacher, please, please don't trust someone you just talk online, don't go alone, just don't, it's okay to chat, to be curious, just don't go further. Just don't. Bring someone if you insist. Trust your intuition, us girls, know it.

i stan a leo queen, megan ✨✨♌︎
Caralho esse FINAL foi tão perturbador, socorro
nellie eldridge
nellie eldridge:
i really want to watch this at the same time ik its going to fmu
Not me being shouted at by my dad for watching this because I could get copy righted for watching it 💀
Pelo trailer já dá muito bem para saber que sim, ele é super pesado e fala sobre assuntos > sensíveis <. Caso você for sensíveis com certos assuntos, não o veja. Muita gente tem visto por conta de curiosidade e por conta disso, ficaram traumatizadas com as cenas do filme.
Fiachra Jade
Fiachra Jade:
gosh this gave me goosebumps
Britt Anne
Britt Anne:
I watched this FOREVER Ago... Glad its getting more attention. Its a great movie
TW: i don’t recommend watching this because it’s so realistic and very scary. most “scary/horror” movies have unrealistic details or magic or things that couldn’t happen in real life. but this movie is different. it’s meant to be as realistic as possible, this shit is real. it’s based off a real story (s). this is. DISCLAIMER: it’s for educational purposes, this isn’t actual footage, they are all actors. this movie talks about rape, sexual assult, kidnapping, online predators, and a lot of other really scary stuff. if you watch it, please be careful. it’s not meant to harm you, but it will scare you because this stuff is real and it happens to so many.
Brooke Ashley Zahn
Brooke Ashley Zahn:
i oddly remember watching this at a v young age with my cousins. it feels like a fever dream tbh
My sister told me it was scary but hunny she don’t know how dark me and my friends are- we r insane😃
Clessiane Marques
Clessiane Marques:
*alguém mais do 🇧🇷filme muito triste 😭???*
Christina Batitsas
Christina Batitsas:
I watched this years ago I think it was on Netflix lmfaooooooo that’s why I never talked to weirdos online bc of this movie
Alexandra Vargas
Alexandra Vargas:

( Thank You So Very Much For Every Like and Comment. This movie is really about awareness but im getting a lot of feed back for many reasons postive and negative. I just want to state YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ WHAT I WROTE BELOW. YES THERE ARE SPOILERS, YES THERE MAY NOT BE CORRECT PUNCTUATION AND SPELLING I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS 16, AND NOW THERES EVEN A COMMENT WITH A TON OF CAPS BUT YOU'RE STILL READING AND THAT IS NOT MY CHOICE ITS YOURS. You have been informed and warned. )


You're all saying the acting is most terrifying, to me the most terrifying part of this movie is the fact that this is based on a true story. The fact that a man abducted a 14 year old girl who was molested as a child and always felt obligated to do sexual favors for men. Men who looked at her as an object and then a stranger proceded to rape, torture and exploit this girl. Then soon after abducts rapes, and tortures her friend and finally locked counsious body in a trash can with her decomposing life long friend and buried her alive. Thinking about this happening to a friend, sister, or some other young person in my family boy or girl or even myself is absoultly revolting but above yeah the acting was terrible. Focus on the events based on at least 7 unsolved cases thats whats truly terrifying.
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown:
Omg I literally just got done watching the movie...sad and heartbreaking
Ne znam nista
Ne znam nista:
I watch this-
Najib Rashid
Najib Rashid:
Vlada Ținevschi
Vlada Ținevschi:
I'm not scared of the movie, i'm scared that this happenned to someone in real life... like 👀
Alex Chhay
Alex Chhay:
Here from tiktok
Gigi Prather
Gigi Prather:
She was taken on my birthday😔got me a lil shook. I really do feel for her and her family cause it could have been me or anyone else.
i came from a recommendation from a friend 👁👄👁
Sanad Amad
Sanad Amad:
Everyone is telling me to not watch it....but now I really wanna watch it!!!
Its half past midnight now.. should I watch it😣 im scared and curious at the same time AGHHH
Queen Sad
Queen Sad:
F para los que no sabemos ingles!
This movie is so sad and scary at the same time because although the story isn’t real and just based off of child abductions it’s sad to see something like that and very traumatized
Admiral Rising Sun
Admiral Rising Sun:
I'm here because my Facebook feed is full of posts related to this.
I came here from my ibf’s 😭
Elesine E
Elesine E:
The acting is the scariest part 
Lucy Msp Welt
Lucy Msp Welt:
Tiktokers telling us not to watch it but we do it anyways 😎