Megan Is Missing (Do NOT Watch)

Megan Is Missing Do NOT Watch
Megan Is Missing Do NOT Watch

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Siblings acc Omar and kamille
Siblings acc Omar and kamille:
Who hear from tik tok
Dominique Vandale
Dominique Vandale:
Too late I just watched it and I’m disgusted like this movie is the worst.
Jsjsjjs Jrjfjfj
Jsjsjjs Jrjfjfj:
thank you everyone is posting about it and now i’m scared so thanks for talking about it
the movie was created to spread awareness but rlly if i were to be honest, it didnt spread awareness at all, not even the least, all it did was make ppl joke ab it and encouraging ppl to watch it and make it a trend
Allison Renteria
Allison Renteria:
damn tik tok made more than a thousand people like chile what-
The only reason y I liked it is bc it teaches u a lesson: do not share ur address with random people online.
Millions of people are getting ra**d everyday bc of human trafficking and this isn't right. Although the movie isn't real, but human trafficking is, also always be supervised bc anything can happen if ur not supervised. If there is someone following u pls tell an adult immediately. Also, if u see a white van u need to run bc human traffickers usually drive in white vans. Do not go near anyone trying to give u free candy or whatever bc usually it's a trap. So pls be safe out there ❤️
Soraya S
Soraya S:
why didn’t you post that early 😭
I’m not sure how I got here but I love the message behind this and am glad to see a young man with such a good head on his shoulders especially with informing the kiddos that they shouldn’t do/ listen to everything they see or hear. Hope your Chanel sees major growth and people like you can grow and replace the cancer that most influencers are now
Anthony Cambe
Anthony Cambe:
I’m scared and TRAUMATIZED... When I saw the body I- I’m done
Unknowweeb 06
Unknowweeb 06:
I’m on anime tiktok so umm didn’t know bout this till my friend told me about it
Just watched it.. I regret it.. I watched it alone, middle of the nightmares in the dark. Welp I'm not sleeping tonight😃
this man is literally a white soilluminati
• Offical_Nene_Yashiro • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
• Offical_Nene_Yashiro • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ:
Why was this on my tiktok fyp sheesh💀
early asf :p
tik tok always lowers my vibration for some reason, I always see some shit that scares me or gives me axiety
Ethan Tyler1
Ethan Tyler1:
It’s a horror movie. Know what you’re expecting before you get into it. It’s really good yet kinda disturbing however very entertaining. I’m not somebody who scares easily but some parts sent a shiver down my spine.
Oh thank god now I can sleep
Cristina Melim
Cristina Melim:
I wish I hadn't seen the video.
awgekori ໍາ໋
awgekori ໍາ໋:
It is scary as hell, I watched it yesterday, never again bruh
orla jones
orla jones:
Watched this by myself in a dark room now I’m scared to sleep😂 Don’t watch 😩😂
Thank u foo , this shi really has me cryin 🤣😭
Kaelyn Danielsen
Kaelyn Danielsen:
Thank you so much. I almost pissed myself watching it and now I can’t sleep.
Hey babe
Hey babe:
Luckily it was age restricted so I can’t watch😭
Fro Sua
Fro Sua:
Bruh i already watched it its was sad but it didnt scare me
Just finished watching it the sad part is that this happens everyday on the darkweb or in real life I’ve seen real life videos of things like this everyone take care of your energy and becareful who you hang with ✨💯
Nikita Valentine
Nikita Valentine:
Aww damn I love this, thank you <3
Fienn Cascaño
Fienn Cascaño:
after watching that, I don't know if Im traumatized or just uncomfortable.. It's a mixed feelings.🥴🥺
sam my
sam my:
Tf my anxiety went up when i watch the freaking video , so thanks for this.
Dont watch horror movie because its scary, k g
frank senior
frank senior:
Spoke facts when it came to protecting your energy no reason in doing something cos everyone else is.
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick:
I watched a scene and watching you talk about it made me calm down a little
Eli Jli
Eli Jli:
Thanks you bro I was 16 min into the movie when I wanted to know if it was real or not p.s. I lived and subscribe and I loved the vid keep it up
My bfs mum was watching this when I called him so I already heard the entire movie. Never saw it though
Marsha Kazuto
Marsha Kazuto:
Thank you dude u made my energy up,,, I'll subscribe to you
Wish I would have seen this 2 hours ago, this was disgusting and it was just like shocked the way you described it o honestly do regret watching it
Miller C
Miller C:
What’s it even about
It’s also to raise awareness.?
I don’t understand what he says.
I honestly need help
I honestly need help:
I already watched it 😭
Ight im curious im watching it w my friends
I watched it and now I'm very scared to go out alone i don't even want to be a girl anymore
Thanks brother I won't now 🙏🙏 I'm already faint at heart
King Roshi
King Roshi:
the fact that there were 10 year olds in the comment section for the movie
Mr Froot Gaming
Mr Froot Gaming:
I watched the movie, It is somewhat traumatizing it gave me fear so now I have to get it out my head.
P L U T O:
Yeah I know I deleted tiktok because there’s always weird trends like they recommend weird videos and stuff and I’m sensitive so I can’t deal with that weird shit like 🤧
Amber Razon
Amber Razon:
I’m already disgusted by human centipede, and curiosity has actually hit me with this movie. This has been going around everywhere and people say they are TRAUMATIZED from watching the movie and couldn’t even make it to the end. I love horror/thriller movies, I really do but hearing comments from Megan is Missing makes me curious but makes me scared at the same time. I love challenging myself, but this one is actually making me scared.
OHHHHH so it meant to make you feel like about E-saftey aka internet saftey
Harrian Faith
Harrian Faith:
Tnxx for warning me before i clicked the movie good thibg i cane across ur vid💕
Isabel Palugar
Isabel Palugar:
"Megan is missing " is true to life story
Thanks for making this video and I ended up clicking this one instead of another one Ima keep my little good energy I have and not watch it thanks man 👋
Danielle Serna
Danielle Serna:
thank you for this i asked God for a sign if i should watch it or not and i saw this immediately after
Cola slush UwU
Cola slush UwU:
To late I’ve already watched it and now am ✨scared ✨
Lucius Malfoy
Lucius Malfoy:
Too late man, I just watched that movie a few minutes ago and i don't want to stand up anymore ;-;
Anime weeb Periodt
Anime weeb Periodt:
I been watch it before I watched ur video it brung me rlly down
Motivation Is Key
Motivation Is Key:
100k 🤯 you finna blow soon bro
Kira Elysee
Kira Elysee:
Aww this is wholesome
Elyse Sakala
Elyse Sakala:
Thank you for this.
Mikael Campa
Mikael Campa:
I remember when I heard the real Megan is missing and the story
Chelsey dior
Chelsey dior:
Ight thank you cause it’s feel like that shit effect you I hope you doing ight😌🙂
Qistina Amylea
Qistina Amylea:
thanks bro
Nishia Salvatore
Nishia Salvatore:
Thanks for saving me getting scared
Good thing it’s age restricted for me 😺
Katscookie Zoella
Katscookie Zoella:
Sadness of Ezrah
Sadness of Ezrah:
thanks for telling us🖤
Sara XOXO:
I'm scared, I just saw a picture from a video and it shocked me...😧( don't watchet)
Some of the footage was real.
Doo doo the boss issa
Doo doo the boss issa:
Bro when I was watching it in the last part when he takes her best friend to the cage yea I saw the blue bucket I told my bro that Megan is inside three times when he passed next to it so the last part we saw megan in the blue bucket
Amylia Martin
Amylia Martin:
Imma do it I’m a dare devil😈
Sheluvz Rex
Sheluvz Rex:
First it’s a true story and thought are actual pictures of what happens/found fotage
Andrea Samio
Andrea Samio:
i should've watched this video first.i feel depressed after watching that movie gosh.
Charlotte Elizebeth
Charlotte Elizebeth:
Honestly it’s not that bad, I think everyone’s making a big deal out of nothing. I’ve seen/heard worse.
Simon Ghost Riley
Simon Ghost Riley:
idk why but I'm not afraid it's not even real though
Aisha Akbar
Aisha Akbar:
Yup I’m not watching it 🙏🏻
Zafira Dela Fuente
Zafira Dela Fuente:
don't watch it, its incredibly scary and gruesome
Sam The Fish
Sam The Fish:
lmfao i watched it and i fine
Kenji Yuan Neri Magat Cruz
Kenji Yuan Neri Magat Cruz:
I just know it from Facebook
My bro almost at 700
we dont care i already watched it yes it may have truamitised me but i dont care;)
It’s supposed to raise awareness.
Boba Tea
Boba Tea:
I watched it and im scared
I’m glad I didn’t watch it 😌
Andrea Kouppa
Andrea Kouppa:
i watched it and i fully regret it. i’m 12 lol and i’m traumatized
*bla nk*
*bla nk*:
Eyyy i came here from tiktok to see how and why is it scary and disgusting 😃
Gacha Stars
Gacha Stars:
I was 1 when it came out ;-;
The way u say bruh.... "Brey"
Jenna Petrillo
Jenna Petrillo:
holy shit thank u for this
fxke. alec
fxke. alec:
i watch lots of stuff like this so i mean it probably should be alright
bro how do you know whats trending ? i barely be on insta and twitter so idk
That movie needs to be ✨deleted ✨
14 The Creator
14 The Creator:
i dont get shocked by death like that
Im about to watch it 🐧
Cld Edits
Cld Edits:
I watched it,im 12.i saw it everywhere, so I watchee it I didn't realise it was like that, I cried DO NOT WATCH
Tyr Kidwell
Tyr Kidwell:
I watched uncut gems how hard could it be?
muertos._ tye
muertos._ tye:
I’m not watching it cause I already suffer from paranoia
Johan Deleon
Johan Deleon:
Facebook is screaming, WATCH MEGAN IS MISSING
I'm the 2 thousandth like~
Mark Toledo
Mark Toledo:
Nandito ba ako dahil sa FACEBOOK?
Dixie Damilio
Dixie Damilio:
I just watched it and I hate myself ...