Megan is Missing Explained Is It Real?

Megan is Missing Explained Is It Real
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Nerd Round
Nerd Round:
Need help?
Call 800.656.HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area
Aubrey p
Aubrey p:
This wasn’t scary to me but it was disgusting and horrible
Anna Vajj
Anna Vajj:
The movie is fake but the story is real,, don't get confuse
•Diane In The Band•
•Diane In The Band•:
It sucks to see Amy, the one who actually cares about Megan and trying to find out what happened to her being treated like that at the end. Still calling out Megan's name in the locked up room and wanting to know where she is, that takes balls man. (Not to mention being hit in the face from earlier scenes)
jungle chqcken
jungle chqcken:
This is why introverts have an advantage in life 💀💀
This wasn’t very scary it’s just a little sick to think this happens irl
Karl-Mogens Skovborg Larsen
Karl-Mogens Skovborg Larsen:
I watched this alone in the night, lol.

Jokes aside, the movie itself isn’t that scary, it’s only creepy and discomforting. The truly scary part about the movie is that it’s reality, this shit happens in real life unfortunately, and that’s scary, that’s what’s creeping me out, and boy do I have high respect for the women watching this, as this is happening to more women and so on.
fortynutt _
fortynutt _:
The creepy thing is that THIS GUY SOUNDS LIKE THAT GUY JOSH
Y’all the actually movie is FAKE, but stuff LIKE this happens Irl.
Ella Ruple
Ella Ruple:
Guys people are saying that the story was real. It wasn’t, the whole story was not true, The story was taken from parts of different cases! The pictures weren’t real!
Max Mayfire
Max Mayfire:
The worst idea was to watch this a day before your tinder date lol. Wish me luck guys!!
EDIT: even after posting an update people are still commenting worried. I am okay! Pls don’t be worried for me. Always remember to stay safe when online dating
Hillary Coddington
Hillary Coddington:
imma show this to my future daughter(14) so she knows the dangers of the internet before
Lobotomy Princess
Lobotomy Princess:
The last like 22 minutes of Megan is missing literally gave me nightmares, it wasn’t the gore but the idea that this could happen. Amy’s performance during the last 22 minutes is so good, the best acting in the whole movie 🤭😳. The way amy screams and pleas when she’s in the barrel at the end is so haunting. I just really wished that someone had told me that there was a rape scene in it...
Trstn Star
Trstn Star:
It’s a real eye-opener especially to kids.
Adri Z
Adri Z:
my 11 year old* self had nooo business watching this movie

*I was 11 when the movie came out and made its rounds years ago if you're 11, please don't watch this you don't need to expose yourself to such dark material at such a young age
Zaire Gibbons
Zaire Gibbons:
“don’t watch this movie alone”
“don’t watch this movie in the middle of the night”

ah. oops.
Maxine Nerida
Maxine Nerida:
director: "dont watch the movie in the middle of the night"
me: 👁👄👁
Tasha Ray
Tasha Ray:
It’s taken parts of a story of two girls who where kidnapped and killed in Oregon City, Oregon. It happened 15 minutes away from my childhood home in 2002 when I was 7. My daughter is friends with a neighbor boy who’s mom was very close to the girls growing up before their deaths. One girl was found in a shed and the other was found in a barrel underneath a slab of concrete on the property of the killer. His name is Ward Weaver .
The director has just confirmed that the film is not based off a particular child abduction case, however it is supposed to provide awareness about this unfortunate occurrence that DOES happen. Photos 1 and 2 are not real and if the movie is a bit cringy, the director has helped direct certain episodes of riverdale. 🖤
moonlight vibes
moonlight vibes:
i’ve never been traumatised as much as i have rn..
Kissaria Linnen
Kissaria Linnen:
Who’s reading the comments while listening to him explain ?
so swag
so swag:
i watched this film alone at night, i’m traumatized.
John Emmanuel Dorango
John Emmanuel Dorango:
Don't hug me im scared fans: *just like the simulations*
Jayson Domenech
Jayson Domenech:
The Poughkeepsie Tapes disturbed me 100 times more than Megan is missing
I usually never get scarred by scary/horror stuff but that movie genuinely traumatized me
Is it just me or does Ur voice sounds eerily like Josh’s
Who's the dumb one who thought this was real?
Azulakinnie lol
Azulakinnie lol:
I want to know the story so i won’t be that traumatized-
Chele Mae Awa-ao
Chele Mae Awa-ao:
The movie was crazy and heartbreaking... really...I don't care if it is real or not....
jotaro simp
jotaro simp:
to everyone in the comments: don’t click the weird links in the comments. They’re bots and they might steal your info. Be safe and never click a link that you don’t know online.
ulises garcia
ulises garcia:
am i trippin or does this guy sound like josh from the movie?
JustA Man
JustA Man:
I am 13 and I am a dude and I can't think how people can be so sick they need to die... sometimes I wish I had a irl Death Note no joke
Aj Doroja
Aj Doroja:
I feel like this saved me, because tomorrow Im about to meet up with some stranger. Not gonna continue it, Imma ditch him
eds edits
eds edits:
Not me watching the whole thing at night alone 🤠
How did they fake the barrel that shi got me confused ash
It wasn't scary I wasn't scared it was just creepy and weird to think this happens to some people in real life and can happen to you at anytime. Stay safe y'all 🙏🏾
Pounamu Earle
Pounamu Earle:
I didn't find it scary at all just a little disturbed or maybe I'm just heartless
L Lawliet
L Lawliet:
i'm confused. so when josh put amy in the bin, was she sitting on top of megan's dead body? and was she in the barrel with her body up until her death? kinda freaks me out lmao
jada ramos
jada ramos:
the movie was so scary and disturbing to watch i had chills the whole time. the fact that it happens irl everyday scares me.
Kim Yeong-sun 김영선
Kim Yeong-sun 김영선:
At 2:38 that looks like the exact same scene from “A haunted house” 😭 The bed , deco , everything
Just Jackey
Just Jackey:
Just letting u know that I searched it up but Megan is missing is NOT based on a true story, the director just made the movie to show what happens in the real world..
kat Cake
kat Cake:
Now, normally, I don't hesitate on watching horror films, because I'm not really affected by horror films. But this time, I'm actually hesitating on pressing the links I see on facebook.
the photos and barrel scene haunt me🥲
purple pebble
purple pebble:
i believe there is a difference between being scared, and being disturbed. this movie was one that was disturbing to me rather than scary. while this movie isn’t based on a specific case or not true, it’s still things that happen and could possibly be happening right now and we don’t even know.
It wasn’t scary but it was haunting to know that these things happen in real life
juan Last
juan Last:
the scariest idea of this film is that, this might happen to everyone... and the fact that talking to someone stranger or not online are now common because of social media...
"dont watch in the middle of the night" checks the time... just finished and its 3 am...
"dont watch alone" pff like i have friends so...
"skip when u hear 'photo number 1'" uhh too late
Karyme Rivas
Karyme Rivas:
I just finished watching it alone and it’s 11:24 pm it’s not scary it’s just sad how people actually go through this
Azael Gomez
Azael Gomez:
This was a gem when it was on Netflix in like 2012 or 2013. I hate people that are barely watching it like they’re ruining it’s charm now.
Tracy harding
Tracy harding:
Already two mins in and I’m a little scared now because it’s 1 and I’m alone with my dog OnO
When you watched it alone in the middle of the night and you’re seeing the warning in the morning pain
Ricky Tran
Ricky Tran:
Best thing that could come from this film is the disturbing but very real message it sends to teens. These things happen to kids and adults everyday.
Yosef Al-Mashat
Yosef Al-Mashat:
Me watching in the middle of the night, that photo 1 really fkd me up
Hentai Protagonist
Hentai Protagonist:
The movie was really sad rather than scary but at the same time it was kinda disturbing.
Shinra Tensei
Shinra Tensei:
I watched this late at night now i cant sleep
Anthony Peck
Anthony Peck:
Someone PLEASE explain the last 20 mins of the movie then!!! Its 5 in the morning and I cant go to sleep with something like this on my mind. This is just AHHHHHHHHH
Well I watched it at 1am alone in my room with lights out. It wasn't as disturbing as people made it out to be.
The beast
The beast:
Bruh I legit did not skip the photos, I watched at night and I watched it alone
Brooke Madison
Brooke Madison:
I think this is a very good life lesson. I think it’s very incredible how real they made the film seem. I think it’ll make ppl scared enough to be careful. be safe y’all.
Sharon Hamilton
Sharon Hamilton:
Why- if this is real; wouldn’t it be titled “ Megan and Amy is missing?”
이달의 소녀EGO
이달의 소녀EGO:
i wish there was more tbh and i wanted to see megans part in the dungeon and its really an interesting movie.
This just in: TikTokers believe 'Cutting Moments' is real and it's traumatising our children!!1!
brittney harfield
brittney harfield:
this wasnt scary. at least not like horror scary. its scary like - the fact that this happens today. all the time. more than we think. and this happens when it comes to trusting the wrong people online. if youre gonna trust someone online, make it hard. anyone w bad intentions most likely wont last long because they arent getting what they want. or just dont trust anyone online at all. always keep an eye on yourself when sharing information. never share personal info, either. but as long as youre smart and your guard is up, you should be fine. please stay safe. and BE safe as well.
Please.. im begging you guys dont watch it it kept me awake for 2days im still awake i cant sleep i felt like someone was watching me
TTV Storm37
TTV Storm37:
Eum, I watched it alone at night in my bed at 1 in the morning
I just watched the end part and stuff and it’s late and I’m alone and I saw the images now I’m watching this omfg
Elizabeth Cooper
Elizabeth Cooper:
The movie/story is fake but the concept is real. It wasn’t recreating a specific true event, but it was merely an idea based off similar events to spread what is very possible. Just to make that clear
Kacïï Allen
Kacïï Allen:
I literally just watched it nd came to see if there were behind the scenes footages lol. It was quite disturbing but I understood the message.
Hanna Rethati
Hanna Rethati:
I watched this movie at 3 am, alone with the lights off. It didn't scare me although I'm a 14 year old girl
Solitude Wonderland of Rie
Solitude Wonderland of Rie:
As a woman, it's more painful to know that there are and there will be girls out there who will be a victim 😔 please please if you wanna meet someone go with a friend or meet them in a public place where people are everywhere.
Css Gnzls
Css Gnzls:
While the movie appears realistic and was based on various real-life disappearances and abductions, it is a fictional film and it is not based on one specific case. Megan Stewart's character is played by actress Rachel Quinn and her best friend Amy's character is played by Amber Perkins, according to IMDB.

Thank me later.
That’s why I don’t online date-
I was planning on watching this movie right now ,its 23:46 and I'm glad I found the comment section of this video before watching the film.
Michelle Anne Ortega
Michelle Anne Ortega:
So...who else is gonna watch Barbie movies after watching this?
Nazareth Ramirez
Nazareth Ramirez:
1:33 i just did all of those-
i watch a lot of horror movies and don't have a reaction to them but when I watched this movie I cried all night til like 3 am idk maybe because I had a similar experience but it was horrifying
Even though people are saying stuff about how this movie is so scary and it shouldn't exist, I really liked this movie I think the message is very powerful.
This is mild compare to what i saw in the dark web lol
My Hazbin Hotel OCs backstory is 10 times worse than this movie. I’m planning on making a film for it. Of course the worse bits will be hinted at like the [email protected] scene in MIM but I’m planning on doing everything but I’m keeping it R rated and legal
Jade Oscco
Jade Oscco:
the fact that is currently 11:33 and I JUST finished watching it
if you watch true crime this will not be scary
mcyt brainrot
mcyt brainrot:
it had a scary factor to it, yes, but it is so much more disturbing than it is scary. it's horrible to think this kind of stuff happens in real life and that people out there just like "josh" actually exist.
to be honest, going missing is a scary part of life because you might never ever see your family again, please don't trust people online and yes i don't like the movie it's disturbing too me and i don't know about you but the photos were the most disturbing + barrel scene
Yancey Valderama
Yancey Valderama:
I wasn't traumatized although I'm known for being a scaredy cat and still young to watch those but i did had a breakdown.the fact that the story did happened and poor girls still has goals of theirs to achieve but didn't get to for dying so young-
Im 13 too,now im scared going outside or even meeting anyone i hardly know owo

The ending scenes were to gave me chills
kitty dumpling
kitty dumpling:
I watched this at three am.. alone.. all alone in the house..
Wasn't traumatized. Wasn't disturbed. I've seen much worse which is honestly something really sad to say but I've seen so many pictures of dead bodies and heads bashed in with the brains everywhere and people guts spilled and I've read so many things and heard of so many things that this movie just seemed normal to me. It's sad to say that and it's sad that shit like this actually happens but EhHhH
Booger Baby
Booger Baby:
This maybe disturbing! But if it truly scares the teen girls from talking to strangers this is what it truly takes! To scare the fire out of these girls!! Because they truly do not need to be talking to any stranger as to see they actually come up missing... This is truly sad! But it is true to scare the fire out of the girls! It is not only for girls it is for boys as well. Not to trust Women or girls either!
Omg I just watched the movie with a friend. It was probably one of the scariest things I have ever seen. A very disturbing movie I almost cried. But I was so disturbed because I thought that ALL the photos as well as the 22 minute video at the end were REAL FOOTAGE. I can not even describe how relieved I am to find out that the photos especially the video are not real and it's just acting. Thank you to channels like this that help people recognize the difference between facts and false information. Thank you o my gosh I'm finally gonna sleep🤣
D A:
The fact that he never used his webcam while they were talking to each other .. THATS TUFF!!
I have been into alot of tinder date in the last few years, and thank the lord jesus christ nothing happend to me during those dates. This movie is an eye-opener, online dates arent really that safe and i should really delete my account 😂
It was the acting for me😞✋ but that’s not important it’s to spread awareness and that’s a good thing. It didn’t scary me it just woke me up even more that this stuff happens to ANYONE literally anyone. What makes it worse is I’m watching criminal minds too so yea I’m keeping me guard up at all times lmao.
Ethan Galvez
Ethan Galvez:
Is it rlly unsafe to watch at midnight lol?🤣
zuh stone
zuh stone:
This message is really strong I agree with you on everything and my lil sis is somewhat like these girls so imma show her this movie shes going to be traumatized but she needs to learn to stop using the Internet and that shes 10 not 13
Cristy EDMND
Cristy EDMND:
The movie is verry good...omfg...this is the rank s my favourite movie wow
Nathaniel Raymond
Nathaniel Raymond:
Dude I saw your tictok and looked a review for the movie
John Blackburn
John Blackburn:
This movie was totally insane respect to the director, I was looking for a good horror movie and this one made me want to take a break lol.. the acting isnt great but it's like a public safety movie and the directing just makes it intense and it keeps your attention and just genuinely creeps you out. The way she just goes missing so suddenly and then the first photos seriously had an impact on me Great/horrifying moviee for 2007 damnn
Sumii • chann
Sumii • chann:
I came from tiktok
Lorena Guarnaccia Castillo
Lorena Guarnaccia Castillo:
i like you’re voice
POV: you saw the video of the director on your tik tok fyp. And now your here.
Dun dun donn!!!
Alisha Craven
Alisha Craven:
Absolutely furious I live in New Zealand right now