Meghan Markle Claps Back At Her Critics

During her virtual appearance at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit, Meghan Markle speaks out about the impact of misinformation and how she deals with public criticism.

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100+ comentarios:

Why are the comments so mean? What am I missing? She seems perfectly fine
Just call her Meghan, linked not ranked remember?
End Greyhound racing
End Greyhound racing:
These videos are the stuff of pschologists dreams!
Sony 7
Sony 7:
Everyone else is noise except her.
Deborah Buzza
Deborah Buzza:
Moral compass! We all know what her moral compass is. Fine a chap, make use of him & dump him when a richer one appears. Pathetic
asha Harcharan
asha Harcharan:
You say only nonsense... The point is the majority of people wants you to SHUT UP, not to listen to you.

When are you going to get it?
Michael Gallant
Michael Gallant:
always remember there's always penthouse.
Leslie Jolly
Leslie Jolly:
If it's about being authentic, then please take your own advice instead of lecturing, and preaching every chance you get. Oh yeah, also if your going to be authentic don't plagiarize be authentic/ original.
Donovan Austin
Donovan Austin:
And also remember, when the load gets GRANNY
Sam Scott
Sam Scott:
Hope harry comes back and live in uk once more without her .
Dancing didn't work out for MEgain
Acting didn't work for MEgain
Speaking from the couch somehow worked out for her. Ladies and Gentleman, the only talent you need to make it in 2020.
Say what?? Word salad.
Nah! Sorry, I’m not buying the facade she tries to sell... pure narcissist
Susan Hopper
Susan Hopper:
I've just given myself a massive headache from all of my eye rolling. Enough with her "voice" . No one is as impressed with Meghan as she is.
Anna Vee
Anna Vee:
She surely meant “not contradictories” when she said not controversial 🤣 Throwing around big words
lynne ivison
lynne ivison:
authentic - silence is golden my dear
John Oconnor
John Oconnor:
The phrase authentic self has lost it meaning on the lips of these woke virtue signaling people.
MEgain's fav word of the year " Noise"
Vidya Ballieram
Vidya Ballieram:
How is this having a private life...🤔🤔
Nick Down
Nick Down:
It’s not what you have said it’s the way you have behaved.
Linea Ferguson
Linea Ferguson:
I'm so sick of her/them. You wanted privacy, go be private. She seems angry in this. Anyways their boring move on.
Norma Lozano
Norma Lozano:
Did Cannon Hinnant's life matter?
Meredith Burleigh
Meredith Burleigh:
Authenticity?!? HYSTERICAL!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Golden Nugget
Golden Nugget:
She took the « acting » thing too far
Michael Garland
Michael Garland:
Oozes false personality from every pore. Bad biped.
Amirah Isa
Amirah Isa:
Look at the amount of hate. Leave her alone Disappointing
This looks like a monologue from KUWTK.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maya Araya
Maya Araya:
She didnt say anything that I havnt already heard everyone else say.
Elle Bee
Elle Bee:
‘live with truth and authenticity’!!!!! Haha! Ironic or what? When is she going to start?
This whole performance, because that is what it is, is so studied, zero spontaneity.
En. D
En. D:
What absolute bollocks!
g gd
g gd:
So, to all the people who think "she is bad", what she should have said?
Being Frank
Being Frank:
Harry will forever be known as "Fredo of Windsor".
anndrea stembridge
anndrea stembridge:
I absolutely LOVE the royal family, you have to be strong to be one of them.🥰🤗😊🌹
Good luck, Harry 🤣🤣🤣
Diane chilton
Diane chilton:
Someone that has to say they are telling the truth or that they are authentic in my experience are usually the opposite.
can yildiz
can yildiz:
There's this anger im her eyes that freaks me out.
David Hunter
David Hunter:
I like her, I choose not to listen to the media. Like she says, what she actually says is fine, it's the medias interpretation of it that people believe.
Camille Carrington
Camille Carrington:
Bro the comments are just sad - why are y’all so damn jealous ... 😭😭 Meghan lives in y’all head RENT FREE. Low life’s
Abdul Miah
Abdul Miah:
She said "I asked my husband" 😂.. why ask him, he's under your thumb and at this moment he's probably doing the dishes. FGS shut up.
S D:
No one asked her to do that video for the graduates of her old school. She asked the school and they declined - then she did it anyway. She’s a conniving liar working for the cabal to divide. Total fraud.
E 3
E 3:
Hey Me-gain! Why are you trying to put yourself with those powerful women? You don't BELONG there!
bubblepie bubblepie
bubblepie bubblepie:
The things you say are all stuff and love the sound of your own voice.
Otance Domitien
Otance Domitien:
Siobohan Béatrice is a Epstein yacht girl
Rebecca Day
Rebecca Day:
Others needs above your own? I am happy for you that you are back in the US and I wish you didn’t throw the British under a bus to get here.
Gianna Brown
Gianna Brown:
Authentic people dont spent $1 million on clothes in a year and ditch their sick fathers.
Anna Sampson
Anna Sampson:
The real Meghan blinks alot and has creepy hands. The real Meghan does alot of hand gestures and talks real fast so no one interrupts her.
Teri Raketty
Teri Raketty:
I Can't Watch This...Too ANNOYING!!!!!
Who is this person? 🤣
Frank Elezaj
Frank Elezaj:
Why does she think that anyone cares what she has to say
A O:
She is narc. And don’t call her Duchess!!!.
Marzena Bowen
Marzena Bowen:
I would really like her if she just doesn't speak at all 😒
Carmen Luz
Carmen Luz:
Manipulative to the extreme.
Grace Camille
Grace Camille:
Boo Hoo!!!
Petra Schenkeveld
Petra Schenkeveld:
Respect Meghan you are a powerful woman, wife and mother 💪❤️🦋
Meeghan: "Listen to me PLEEEEEASE! I have a bachelor in acting and I am a DUTCHEESSS.. Enough qualifications for parenthing, end world hunger and politics"
Diane Brazil
Diane Brazil:
Blessed is she who having nothing important to say, says nothing.
Elmo Bolan
Elmo Bolan:
I thought she didn't care...
Reshmika Majlis
Reshmika Majlis:
On a, serious note the world has serious crisis. I keep seeing so much of this woman. Instead plz keep us the world updated on the poor. 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
Random Person
Random Person:
"Always remember to put others needs above your own fears" is such a first world country saying
xoxo xoxo
xoxo xoxo:
Reshmika Majlis
Reshmika Majlis:
Absolutely sickening
Christina Rojas
Christina Rojas:
Meghan is all bout... me, myself, & me.
Claps back at critics? I thought she didn’t care? She obviously does. I mean she wanted people to ask how she was doing. What a joke.
All good, do and say what you want but why keep a title that represents white supremacy as you have said....dose not make sense....
Tanya Gross
Tanya Gross:
She spends the entire time talking about herself. In her engagement interview, she also said she didn't listen to the "noise." I guess she must have changed her mind because it bothered her so much she had to leave the country. She lacks integrity.
Merc 2011
Merc 2011:
If u don’t like the media STOP putting yrself in the spotlight !! No one cares about yr opinion!
Amy Nussbaum
Amy Nussbaum:
Authentic lmao
shelley geraghty
shelley geraghty:
I thought you moved b she didn’t want publicity. Seems to me she should just keep her mouth shut and stay out of the public eye. I thinkshe loves publicity. She is so fake..
Raluca Dirjan
Raluca Dirjan:
“Being authentic” “I was in tears” “speak from the heart”?!?!? Excuses me 🤢 that’s just the opposite of what this woman is all about! The arrogance of this Z list actress is simply off charts!
Peter Mota
Peter Mota:
Authentic? coming from her that’s hysterical, more word salad.....
I thought she said she doesn't want media attention and live quiet with her family. Well I see her everywhere. So live your life go to work and live quiet life.
Does anyone really care about Meghan Malarky ?
Paty M
Paty M:
Powerful for what? in telling lies!💰
Well Done ... In their specific sitution this requires a lot of courage and overcoming .... Well Done ....
Fehmida Salam
Fehmida Salam:
You are my favourite. You continue to inspire me. Thank you ❤️
sarah higgins
sarah higgins:
Its sad people have so much time to hate on her for simply being black. Y’all British people hella critical and racists af
Judith Killa
Judith Killa:
Bleeehhh 😂😂😂😂
She probably asked to come on this show. I notice she's always asking to make appearances to stay relevant.
Cantatrice Chauve
Cantatrice Chauve:
I like how hard the interviewer tried to not show that she was mentally rolling her eyes. She was not impressed at all, but she politely listens. That's a skill.
diane cook
diane cook:
If must have slipped her mind re others needs after spending 11 million on her house🤔
shelby petersen
shelby petersen:
"Put others needs above your own fears" Powerful. That is a soul that understands the spirit of brotherhood. The mix of power and sensitivity is a beautiful combination.
She’s a joke, I cancelled my Netflix
E 3
E 3:
Me-gain you are far from authentic, no one wanted to hear what you have to say...your words are NOTHING!
Such a complete and utter fool.
linda blackmore
linda blackmore:
Dearest, most missed and beloved Prince Harry! I know one amazing divorce lawyer! He'll wait!
Kristin Cheever
Kristin Cheever:
LOVE HER! STOP bashing her and listen to her with kindness! Listen. Be kind. ❤️🤗
She has this weird otter s of ghosting people really weird.
Dolly Bow
Dolly Bow:
Look at the face!
Susan Romersa
Susan Romersa:
another overdone audition...stop
Red Stilletto
Red Stilletto:
That wasn’t a clap back lol.
It was nonsense, as always ,coming out of her mouth.
Leah Mates
Leah Mates:
.... trying hard to stay in the spotlight....
Ruth Golden star
Ruth Golden star:
As much as i love megan..i wouldnt support her this...i thought she said she wants privacy
Who says authenticity? XD shes describing everything she pretends to be.
Cher Brown
Cher Brown:
Meghan you are loved!!! Stay positive! Stay well and keep looking gorgeous. We love you!
"claps back"? discovering america was a mistake
Why do we even give her a platform?
Ken Delaney
Ken Delaney:
You are all giving her what she wants !!! ATTENTION !! Lets stop watching her and gradually shell become irrelevant
She sounds so different from the way she looks 😂😂😂
W H:
Right from the start at 0.01 she's lying, her body language is 'leaking' it's oozing before she opens her mouth. Whilst doing all she can to convince us that "It's about being authentic" her head is disagreeing with a 'No' gesture (fine if you're from India). I think she also starts with a "you know..." a 'filler' expression she uses all the time but here she's looking down to her right, an 'untrained' speaker would look for imaginary 'lint' to pull on or brush off to show how 'cynical' she is the interviewer and the question. She's done a few of these interviews so would know the tricks but you can never stop 'leakage'
Lorrie Merrell
Lorrie Merrell:
You are not polished, you are not perfect, least of all you are NOT authentic!