Meghan Markle & Prince Harry KISS Onstage At Invictus Games Ceremony

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are sealing this year's Invictus Games with a kiss! The couple locked lips in a sweet onstage moment at the event's opening ceremony at The Hague on Saturday night. The Duchess of Sussex introduced her husband ahead of his remarks welcoming attendees and participants, and the pair held hands on the yellow carpet before taking their seats.

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Dolly Bow
Dolly Bow:
He’s loving the games you can tell he walks onward all happy to greet people and leaves her walking way behind, looks like she dosent like it as she’s trying to catch up, prince Harry is oblivious lol 😂
eileen macleod
eileen macleod:
What's with the kiss What are they trying g to prove
Susi Susanne
Susi Susanne:
They kissed just for the netflix camera.
shirley sutton
shirley sutton:
Was supposed to be about the veterans not the Harry and Meghan shoe. The fact that the games and help for heroes paid for their expenses and paid them an appearance fee is disgusting
Mary Sanders
Mary Sanders:
And what's happening at the games? I thought this was about competitions between wounded veterans.
Adam Mann
Adam Mann:
Well this makes the press look silly it's as if the press try to paint a different picture 🙂
Mme N'ZI N'ZI:
Couple heureux bisou
🇺🇲👸🏽❤️ PERIOD
Alexei Romanov
Alexei Romanov:
So with harry and meghan, I take it this games are one step above the special Olympics 😨😨
Lori Stoneking
Lori Stoneking:
Maybe Harry could be a televangelist. I get that vibe.
Rene Lim
Rene Lim:
Is this the platform to renew their vows!.?
This was so inappropriate,not the time and place
Andrea James
Andrea James:
Vera Mason
Vera Mason:
I thought this was to be about the veterans, these two grifters need to take a lesson from Prince William and the classy Duchess Kate on how to do an event or tour. Harry on stage at this event was really a pathetic display of using the veterans for his own gain for Netflix
David Hudson
David Hudson:
Curious Lily
Curious Lily:
So contrived… keep the focus on what this is actually about. This pair spouting about compassion and kindness is as disingenuous as anything could possibly be.
Gabriela J.
Gabriela J.:
Belinda Blanco
Belinda Blanco:
This is not about Rachel and Henry, but the Invictus Games!
They should change the name to infectious game 😞
Melody N
Melody N:
So they’ve made it all about them again. They really do know how to steal the limelight from those more deserving.
John Atan
John Atan:
I want Harry's sunglasses and bracelet
Who know the brands😂
Irene Stark
Irene Stark:
Why don't her cloths fit?
Momma S
Momma S:
While I give Harry full credit for continuing to support the Invictus Games, the Harkles are all about the publicity for themselves. Please , please, please...let the news around the Invictus Games be about the participants and heroes, NOT about the Harkles.
Rita Wright
Rita Wright:
Everything for Netflix cameras
What the bleeding heck has Meghan Markle got to do with the Invictus Games?
How does being married to Harry the Hat qualify her to be making welcoming and introductory speeches? It is absolutely ABSURD. Further ...
The gathering noise about how much actual donor money is being channelled to this endlessly posturing duo seems to be ratcheting up. Quite understandably.
Glorecita Tan
Glorecita Tan:
amazing couple...
Carol Patterson
Carol Patterson:
Galling. Is this the Invictus Games? Or a stage for disgraced grifters.
Patsy goh
Patsy goh:
Gross! This event is about the veterans, and the Pinnochios tried to make it about them. This will backfire on them
Haariet Ward
Haariet Ward:
Who gives a damn?! Let's get on with it!Servicemen who have given thier all for us.Is it true that these two are paid to do this? That's absolute hypocrisy!!!!!!!
Mokodji Mabele
Mokodji Mabele:
SI Dieu est pour Harry et Meghan , Qui sera contre Eux ? Personne.....Dieu est grand 🙏
Medime Tairi
Medime Tairi:
That’s so weird … so unprofessional
John Atan
John Atan:
I want the full video
The queen is calling the duo out
TinChichu17 Sooyah
TinChichu17 Sooyah:
What??.... they really want attention my goodness ..... ❗ is this invictus games or H & M Show?...
Alexi Wray
Alexi Wray:
A very confusing couple! they wanted out yet they are still very much in. I am just saying if they wanted Out then they should stay out. That is the decision they both made . A modern Wallis and Edward they both had choices. To much kiss and tell with this couple "Lady Whistledown"
Rainbow Roro
Rainbow Roro:
Can’t they just do the kissing at home??? not in front of camera??
Mrs. Hercule Poirot
Mrs. Hercule Poirot:
Inappropriate as always. It's about the Veteran's, not them and their camera crew.
Harmony Bell
Harmony Bell:
Using the Invictus Games as a PR platform for financial gain is point blank disgusting. The Harkles stand on the shoulders of those who gave life and limb in order to deliver their multi million netflix contract. Running around in expensive designer outfits is completly inappropriate when there are t shirts with the invictus motto available... unless you want to look high and mighty for the netflix cameras of course.
Shan Sweetsummerstar
Shan Sweetsummerstar:
They found out that 'Just call me Harry' does not sell but 'my husband, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex' and 'Hi, I’m Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex' does. Shows that without titles, their worth decreases and they and their corporate bosses know it! "It's disgusting and despicable that the InvictusGamesNL has turned into the Harry & Meghan show.
Lesley Kirk
Lesley Kirk:
Having to show this in pubic just for a photo shoot is diabolical it’s about the games not them
Of course they have to obey their Netflix masters. Otherwise why would they have to prove their love to the world!
Rosey B
Rosey B:
All about them as usual she didn't have to be there and where's the kids?
Domingas Ambriz
Domingas Ambriz:
One world, crazy.
Cynthia Mickle
Cynthia Mickle:
Nothing is unstaged with MM and PH.
Milano Ridge
Milano Ridge:
That jumpsuit does her short torso no favors. She looks just odd.
Alvaro Borges
Alvaro Borges:
Shame on Youtube for removing the dislike count and now deranking Videos criticising Meghan Markle on search term "Meghan Markle".
Kazzer W
Kazzer W:
Never have I seen Royals behave in this manner no wonder their titles need to be gone, a peck on the cheek should have been enough if not then don't use the titles
Sally mj
Sally mj:
I haven't been able to see the participants do anything. It's all about the EX RYLS
Luna Rose
Luna Rose:
Oh gag me 🙄
Diane Humphrey
Diane Humphrey:
Meghan could of stayed home with her children.......Harry is the one they want to see.
untrained new birds
untrained new birds:
They successfully made an important thing all about themselves, yet again!
Kannza :
This is for Netflix filming remember PR all for Netflix
Pearl Bubbles
Pearl Bubbles:
Its about the veterans right ?
Florence Florence
Florence Florence:
The kissing was quite embarrassing. There is a time and place for such displays and that was not the place.
All for the cameras.
Vesna Stanojevic
Vesna Stanojevic:
Um didn't he give up being a prince and turn on his royal family? Or was none of that true? So the title should say Hairy and Meegan, no prince needed.
Nobody missed him, they've turned it into the slobbering Harkle show talking about themselves while flaunting their wealth.
Harry says to the wounded vets: "God, I missed you so much. But I hope you understand that the Lion King was more important than these games."
Liz Brown
Liz Brown:
A total act by the 2 liars
K C:
Her wardrobe for this weekend alone was worth more than their charities earned for the whole of 2020. Make it make sense.
Allannah Gray
Allannah Gray:
Oh bugger you two, all for publicity no doubt. Totally rehearsed and awkward......
Lisa Blake
Lisa Blake:
These two are vile
Leo L
Leo L:
Octomom is glowing!
Thanh Van Cooking
Thanh Van Cooking:
What about the war in Ukraine with thousands of people dying,lost their life…..The Invictus Games should not be on….All the money to support the game should be supported the Ukraine people….No compassion what so ever…How could you play game while other dying and suffering….So baloney…
Gina Ferracini
Gina Ferracini:
God bless the Queen 👑🙏.
Fulhamboy1981 H
Fulhamboy1981 H:
What a vile couple 🤮
ice wolfer
ice wolfer:
The games should be about the veterans and their families... Sad. All for the Netflix Documentary
Roy Powell
Roy Powell:
Harry so pleased that Meghan let him come over to the opening ceremony!! Hmmm!
Carolyn Dymond
Carolyn Dymond:
So much for the war veteran's its all a meghan and Harry show.
And why couldn't an army veteran have introduced Harry.
Debra Herschman
Debra Herschman:
Omg, he is nearly completely bald. She will make him get plugs.
Princess Of Archetypes
Princess Of Archetypes:
Oh look. It’s the Harry and Meghan Show!!!
carol albers
carol albers:
Clearly exploiting the games for their pr, kissing and "showing how much in love they are", when the focus should be on the wounded. They are disgusting.
Cat Rox
Cat Rox:
she's playing him like a yo yo
Patricia Young
Patricia Young:
Some are raving about the outfit meGain was wearing. The only person that could have improved the look was Catherine. I, personally, did not think it was attractive. A pair of black slacks? What was so great about them? That white wrap around top was not outstanding, rather plain.
English Rose
English Rose:
😂 they are really laying it on thick for Netflix ! 🤢
Evelyn Arranguez
Evelyn Arranguez:
Haters.. Why don't u focus helping Ukraine.. Make peace to your fellowmen regardless of their flaws.. Be forgiving and stop the hate campaign.
norma desmond
norma desmond:
Of course they do. The netflix team was there along with them.
Xiang XI
Xiang XI:
HMTQ wanted to tell them in private that she is stripping them of All titles 🤣that SHE IS ahead of All games 😂
Marissa LoriegaFilipino
Marissa LoriegaFilipino:
I am so confused this is invictus right? Why is all about the two couples are they happy because they met the queen after the accusations about the archie he will never be a prince , security, racist I don't understand 🤔
Dunc BroonSauce
Dunc BroonSauce:
Pathetic 🤣
Andrea English
Andrea English:
Not very professional
Roberta Fierro
Roberta Fierro:
They kissed. How is that considered news??
Frances Robertson
Frances Robertson:
Kelso Girl
Kelso Girl:
WOW - this production was bigger than West Side Story and had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the vets and the Invictus Games. IT WAS ALL ABOUT THEM. This was a well-planned SHOW and merely used the Invictus Games as a platform for the Markles to show off and get as much attention for themselves as they could. Who went to or tuned in to the Games to watch this odious pair kiss in public and to listen to her lyingly declare to the world that she loves and respects her husband more and more? Who does this and what has it to do with the Invictus Games? To add insult to injury she made a speech that included numerous digs at the Queen by stating the word "service" over and over. They just can't help themselves can they? Also, I've no doubt whatsoever that Netflix employees were out with their boards telling their paid "public" to cheer when the Markles arrived etc etc as they have done in the past in order to make it look as if they're popular. Their visit to the Queen was obviously designed to draw attention to themselves and advertise the Games and their promise to bring the children to visit her in June is a clear attempt at drawing attention away from the Queen and her jubilee celebrations and drawing attention to themselves. Just when you think this pair couldn't get worse they do - time and time again. The Queen's advisers are apparently realising what the situation is and are skeptical about the June visit so I hope they manage to persuade the Queen and Prince Charles that they're just being used big time and should cancel it. As for the general public, the Markles should know that we aren't fooled. We know a set-up when we see it and we still don't like you. If anything, it just disgusts us more and more.
Christina Doyle
Christina Doyle:
So false who do they think they are fooling it's all false all about money money money they love Abba😂
Karamoko Divaka
Karamoko Divaka:
Access , great hater with devilish band of buffoons against harry and meghan !
But , leave them alone with the Invictus Games ! ! ! Go away !
Noella Rash
Noella Rash:
All for “SHOW” & their “NETFLIX” documentary…what a pair of “hypocrites”
Egypt Cat
Egypt Cat:
Whoop te freakin doo!
alexa messini
alexa messini:
Are the Invictus about the vets or the Harry and Megflix show?
Vinnie Blair
Vinnie Blair:
They did not lock lips at all. It was a mere peck on the lips and they passed. This kind of hyperbolic reporting engenders critism when they are doing no wrong, There is no need to exaggerate. The truth will suffice. And why highlight this out of everything they said and did.
Harry Evans
Harry Evans:
Looking at them is like trying to pick a turd up at the clean end
Wanda Paul
Wanda Paul:
Hmmm what's up with that Kiss.... looked they had to do it....just look at their faces after...hmmm...not to happy ....
Christine Pizzi
Christine Pizzi:
Joulien Solomons
Joulien Solomons:
Harry... Please just cut that hair...
R. A.
R. A.:
Alice Cooper supports 18 charities. nobody in US is talking about that every day