Melania Trump: A Look Back | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Melania Trump: she was Donald’s third wife and America’s First Lady. Here’s a look back at her time in the White House. #DailyShow #MelaniaTrump #FirstLady

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100+ comentarios:

What-If Machine
What-If Machine:
I care about Melania as much as Melania cares about Christmas decorations.
Karina Flower
Karina Flower:
Props to the voiceover lady. She was perfect in this.
"Only Melania could pull off a sleeveless dress and a heartless jacket." LOL all the jokes in this video are on another level XD
"This third wife became America's first lady" witty
Gold L
Gold L:
She's an immigrant herself, and she could have done so much more. What a shame.
How I feel about Melania:
“I really don’t care, do you?”
Precious Samuel
Precious Samuel:
I’m sorry but when she said”ok so who gives a Fuck about Christmas” I lost it 😂😂😂
"Melania overflows with love for children."
That child she was holding wanted to be anywhere else. Literally anywhere else.
Jonas Schich
Jonas Schich:
I think she just underestimated the time between her weeding and the inheritance....
Dorothy Young
Dorothy Young:
Melania: Don’t worry, Donald; at your age it’s hard to get and maintain an insurrection.
Desi has a unique way of telling us stories like these. noone else in Trevor's team can pull that off
L D:
Reporter: "Is Melania your wife"?

Trump: "She is a wife".
T. B.
T. B.:
"Melania told children across America to Be best, and Be Best they beed" lol
Their relationship is like a 90 day fiance episode
Victor Godwin
Victor Godwin:
I can't get past "this 3rd Wife became America's 1st Lady!" 😂😂😂
Jeff Egan
Jeff Egan:
The only difference between her and Stormy Daniels is her legal contract.
Natascha B.
Natascha B.:
"It's a moment she celebrated with greatful joy and instant regret"
- made me laugh harder than it probably should.
Lauren Guenther
Lauren Guenther:
She’s absolutely complicit with everything he did. She wanted to be there. We need to stop acting like women have no agency. She got the life she chose.
P. V.
P. V.:
Melania’s mission being anti-bullying would be like Taft’s First Lady making her mission fighting national obesity. Maybe start the mission at home...
keshia nowden
keshia nowden:
She's as much A First Lady as he was a stable genius
Cherylle Johnson
Cherylle Johnson:
I can't lie, her smile as they were leaving the WH could've lit up an entire room.

For the first time, she genuinely looked happy.
when Trump said Bernie is a loser, he sounded like an insecure high school lol
Jo T
Jo T:
Complicit, enabler. And that jacket really say’s how she feels!
have it
have it:
Absolutely hilarious.
I bet everybody enjoyed how Mrs. Biden gave her husband that real kiss at the inauguration. A display of real love between real and good people. How refreshing.
Just Josh
Just Josh:
I particularly enjoyed her tweets about the rumors people were spreading about HER the night after the capitol insurrection
Bernard Elias
Bernard Elias:
"Who gives a eff about Christmas?" And those maniacs think we have a war on Christmas?
Thomas Andersen
Thomas Andersen:
I always thought of this couple, as a kind of agreement between two adults. Watching from the outside for the last couple of years, showed us how wrong such an agreement can be in real life. Whenever we saw those two figures together, it became more and more clear how wrong this relationship is. Melania looks like someone who's trapped between known hell and unknown hell, and it quite makes me shrink everytime i watch these clips/moments. I have no idea in what role Melania played in Trumps empire and way of works, but i do hope she is able to get out of that relationship without too much damage for herself. Maybe i'm too romantic about this, but i think she should get the hell out of that family. Btw, i don't think u as Americans, ever get her any chance to be the first lady, so it's kind of on u, the way she did behave herself in those 4 years. Cheers from Denmark
Johnna Woodson
Johnna Woodson:
"who gives a fuck about Christmas decoration?" same Melania same. I don't get why she got so much hate for that lol
Sam I Am
Sam I Am:
Absolutely entertaining brilliance !
Truth makes things even funnier 🤗
The only Melon Trump moment I appreciate is when she attended the Olympics in South Korea and a bunch of students were standing around her but kpop star/actor Choi Minho from the group SHINee was standing nearby and they noticed him and started to get excited that he was there and they didn't gaf about Melon and she was so confused she probably had no idea who he was haha. 😂
Daisey’s the Baby
Daisey’s the Baby:
I think it would “Be Best” if we never heard from Melania or her grifter spouse again!
Melania: the tackiest presidential accessory in US history?
I love how Biden’s whole campaign consisted of: “Just watch Trump and decide if you want four more years of his depravity and insanity.”
This made me literally tear up laughing.
Miss Jamz
Miss Jamz:
Trevor is going to need to update this with the last flight home where she snubbed reporters and Trump by heading to the car. It was hillarious. She was done for sure. 🤣🤣🤣
Nancy Reagan: "Just say No."

Melania: "Don't touch me!"
Rin Rin
Rin Rin:
We can't get enough of Desi's humorous sarcasms 😂
pauline draper
pauline draper:
Love this side of America's acerbic sense of humour!
Nursayba N.
Nursayba N.:
3:47 "A Sleeveless Dress and a Heartless Jacket" How perfect!!!
I had myself together, but lost my sh*t at "and be best they beed." 💀🤣🤣
Ivana Kloubec
Ivana Kloubec:
The most beautiful and wisest First Lady America ever had. Thank you Melania 👍🙏
David J
David J:
Melania to Trump on divorce-“It is what it is.”
Parris Collins
Parris Collins:
This is in my favorites its too funny because its true this is a keeps sake -good job Noah!!😄
Rebecca Watson
Rebecca Watson:
My favorite thing about this video is when they call her a "birther" instead of a mother.
Arianna Haviv
Arianna Haviv:
"and be best they beed" had me DYING
Jason Slaughter
Jason Slaughter:
I love the concept of a First Lady.
Present Future
Present Future:
OK but the Brian Kilmeade reaction shot to "maybe I didn't get her so much" is everything
K. Chelle
K. Chelle:
“And be best they beed”... 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
Trevor never fails to disappoint!!!
This was pure gold. Thank you!
heaven earth
heaven earth:
I love it how you show respect for God and his children. Keep it up
For anyone still harboring sympathies for Melania remember how she responded to every crisis throughout the years. She responded the same way her husband did making it all about herself. 'Me, ME, MEEE!!!'
K N:
this was one of the Daily's Shows best bits in a while for me, fantastic sarcasm
The sarcasm level in this video is so on point 😆 well done 👍
Pale Amigo
Pale Amigo:
🤣"Who gives a f**k about Christmas...?"🤣🤣🤣 Say what you want about her but she was by far the most beautiful first lady in the history of first ladies!👍💖💖💖
Worst First Lady ever. She literally did nothing or anything with significance. It was like having a robot doll in the White House. She went down with her husband to the very end. Y’all can miss me with the BS.
Rachel Ira
Rachel Ira:
“Only melania could pull off a sleeveless dress and a heartless jacket” so good ! 🤣👌🏽
Ole Fella
Ole Fella:
You could just say she was the “First First Lady to break the Tradition”.
Jacques Blaque
Jacques Blaque:
Waiting in line at a PX, fellow nearby said "She speaks six languages, you know." My response, "Are you including English?"
"...this third wife became America's First Lady. It was a moment she celebrated with great joy..." **Melania's face instantly drops like a boulder from a crane.**
Nicely done, Daily Show, nicely done. 🤣
Pam Greenfield
Pam Greenfield:
Yep this sums it all up perfectly. “I REALLY DONT CARE, DO YOU? “
Lake Rounds
Lake Rounds:
Loved it!!!
Fearless MadameX
Fearless MadameX:
This made my day 😂
This is epic! Made my day.
Bassil bayazed
Bassil bayazed:
Loved it thank you Trevor and Team, Love you
Most ‘do nothing’ First Lady of all time.
Milka Anteneh
Milka Anteneh:
The sarcasm in this video, I can't 🤣🤣🤣
The only genuine smile I ever saw from her was when she was leaving the White House 😆
Hunter Cardenas
Hunter Cardenas:
I didn't know I needed to watch this until I watched it. Thank you 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tasfia Mahin
Tasfia Mahin:
I didn't notice it was from Trevor Noah's show till it finished!🤷
It was great!💙
When you just wanted to be a trophy wife but ended up having to be First Lady of the United States...
Ricardo Sanchez
Ricardo Sanchez:
Honestly, I don’t agree with Trevor Noah agenda. But this was hilarious. 😂
Big Fan
Big Fan:
I think she did the best from what she had. 6/10 stars for giving it your all. GG Melania GG. For the first lady who tried. GG.
Isaac 84
Isaac 84:
The greatest irony of all time was the BE BEST campaign since her sugar daddy was the biggest bully America has every seen. It was contradicting the very same thing she was preaching. 😂😂
K S:
Her approval rating as first lady is recorded as the lowest of all first ladies since they started recording first lady approvals. Her green "I don't care" jacket that she wore while going to see children in cages separated from their parents was cold and callous. Her green screen dress did bring a lot of great memes, though, lol.
King_ xBorix
King_ xBorix:
when she was leaving the white house on the 20th she was happier than ever 😂😂😂
Vidya Sonavane
Vidya Sonavane:
This piece is so good, I had to see it twice... just to hear in Desi style!👏
Natasha Rees
Natasha Rees:
🤣🤣🤣🤣I have not laughed so much in a long time
If Chrissy Teigen ever decides to get into acting, I think she’d make a great Melania - she would deliver so much subtle shade in 4 inch heels
Mister Jones
Mister Jones:
I never what exactly she did with Be Best besides announcing it🏳️‍🌈
Tariq A.
Tariq A.:
Mel's expression at 0:40 says it all.
Jim Pavlyuchenko
Jim Pavlyuchenko:
I personally find it hard to believe she actually speask 5-6 languages (at least not fluently). Being that polyglot takes talent, and people with linguistic talents usually don't spend 30 years America and still speak somewhat broken English with heavy accent.
Татьяна Татьяна
Татьяна Татьяна:
Элегантная и экстровагантна всегда и во всём!!!! Никаких излишеств в манерах и риторики, браво!!!! Она --Истинная Леди США!!!!!
1 Best Friend 2 u
1 Best Friend 2 u:
Joey B did them a favor by winning the election she never has to hold his hand 👋 in public ever again. Back to business as usual. 🏌‍♂️🏌‍♀️
Y'all forgot that it all started with her stealing Michelle's speech
We should play creepy old guy on their next anniversary!😂
Sevda Huseynova
Sevda Huseynova:
A real beauty I can't breathe on seeing her
Melania: "Be Best"
Lian Mitchell
Lian Mitchell:
Tiffany being added to the picture was amazing!
Brighty Dlamini
Brighty Dlamini:
I realized a whole minute into this the voice over was sooo sarcastic. omg
Amitabh Yadav
Amitabh Yadav:
Okay.. given I watch the daily show just for laughs... and sure, US politics is completely your business but associating Melania for her husband's stupidity is below the belt. Come one, you're better than this.
Drax - Rue du Soleil
Drax - Rue du Soleil:
In Switzerland we will call Donald and Melania "COMEDY DUO MÜLLER"
Maria Christina Borges-Lutz
Maria Christina Borges-Lutz:
Such a good summary of her duties as first lady....I honestly didn’t expected much more than that due to her lack of taste in terms of the husband she has chosen......
Joseph John Gicano
Joseph John Gicano:
Can we all just enjoy the breath of fresh air now that he's gone? Leave her alone, being with him for the foreseeable future is punishment enough. BTW, I just enjoyed this :).
Philly Girl Soso
Philly Girl Soso:
Lmao loved it 🤣
I actually sorta liked the surrealness of Melania's xmas decorations. So weird they were kinda pretty,
Thanks to Melania we can say Merry F’n Christmas again!
Name Here
Name Here:
What about the part where she worked in the United States illegally before becoming a citizen. Or the part where she used "chain migration" to get her parents citizenship.
"Only Melania can pull off a sleeveless dress and a heartless jacket"
“I might not have gotten her so much”
Bruh that reporter knew he messed up 🤣🤣
The most sincerely happy picture I saw of her in the last 4 years was when she was without Donald, posing for a pic with the Bushes/Obamas/Clintons at Barbara Bush's funeral service. She looked liberated.