Melania Trump: A Look Back | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Melania Trump: she was Donald’s third wife and America’s First Lady. Here’s a look back at her time in the White House. #DailyShow #MelaniaTrump #FirstLady

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100+ comentarios:

Karina Flower
Karina Flower:
Props to the voiceover lady. She was perfect in this.
Gold L
Gold L:
She's an immigrant herself, and she could have done so much more. What a shame.
"This third wife became America's first lady" witty
Haverly Love
Haverly Love:
I’m sorry but when she said”ok so who gives a Fuck about Christmas” I lost it 😂😂😂
What-If Machine
What-If Machine:
I care about Melania as much as Melania cares about Christmas decorations.
Jonas Schich
Jonas Schich:
I think she just underestimated the time between her weeding and the inheritance....
"Only Melania could pull off a sleeveless dress and a heartless jacket." LOL all the jokes in this video are on another level XD
Dorothy Young
Dorothy Young:
Melania: Don’t worry, Donald; at your age it’s hard to get and maintain an insurrection.
Their relationship is like a 90 day fiance episode
T. B.
T. B.:
"Melania told children across America to Be best, and Be Best they beed" lol
Jo T
Jo T:
Complicit, enabler. And that jacket really say’s how she feels!
Michelle Mae Simplicio
Michelle Mae Simplicio:
when Trump said Bernie is a loser, he sounded like an insecure high school lol
Victor Godwin
Victor Godwin:
I can't get past "this 3rd Wife became America's 1st Lady!" 😂😂😂
"Melania overflows with love for children."
That child she was holding wanted to be anywhere else. Literally anywhere else.
P. V.
P. V.:
Melania’s mission being anti-bullying would be like Taft’s First Lady making her mission fighting national obesity. Maybe start the mission at home...
Johnna Woodson
Johnna Woodson:
"who gives a fuck about Christmas decoration?" same Melania same. I don't get why she got so much hate for that lol
Lauren Guenther
Lauren Guenther:
She’s absolutely complicit with everything he did. She wanted to be there. We need to stop acting like women have no agency. She got the life she chose.
Henry Bolch
Henry Bolch:
How I feel about Melania:
“I really don’t care, do you?”
Shirley Brassard
Shirley Brassard:
You can tell by some of her expressions when looking at him she can't fn stand him🤑
Natascha B.
Natascha B.:
"It's a moment she celebrated with greatful joy and instant regret"
- made me laugh harder than it probably should.
Just Josh
Just Josh:
I particularly enjoyed her tweets about the rumors people were spreading about HER the night after the capitol insurrection
Nancy Reagan: "Just say No."

Melania: "Don't touch me!"
Desi has a unique way of telling us stories like these. noone else in Trevor's team can pull that off
Jeannie Luna
Jeannie Luna:
She was no more a “ first lady “ than he was “ president “ lower class ... opps ... case intended.
Amanda Fugett Nelson
Amanda Fugett Nelson:
I think it would “Be Best” if we never heard from Melania or her grifter spouse again!
Brighty Dlamini
Brighty Dlamini:
I realized a whole minute into this the voice over was sooo sarcastic. omg
L D:
Reporter: "Is Melania your wife"?

Trump: "She is a wife".
Zannia Ojibe
Zannia Ojibe:
Lmaooo Melania never wanted any of this she just wanted a rich husband and ended up becoming the worst First Lady in history😂😂
Mister Jones
Mister Jones:
I never what exactly she did with Be Best besides announcing it🏳️‍🌈
Nursayba N.
Nursayba N.:
3:47 "A Sleeveless Dress and a Heartless Jacket" How perfect!!!
Pam Greenfield
Pam Greenfield:
Yep this sums it all up perfectly. “I REALLY DONT CARE, DO YOU? “
Cherylle Johnson
Cherylle Johnson:
I can't lie, her smile as they were leaving the WH could've lit up an entire room.

For the first time, she genuinely looked happy.
Worst First Lady ever. She literally did nothing or anything with significance. It was like having a robot doll in the White House. She went down with her husband to the very end. Y’all can miss me with the BS.
Arianna Haviv
Arianna Haviv:
"and be best they beed" had me DYING
Rowan Jalso
Rowan Jalso:
“And be best, they beed” HAHAHAHAHAHHA😂
Ole Fella
Ole Fella:
You could just say she was the “First First Lady to break the Tradition”.
Heracross X
Heracross X:
I can't wait for that entire family's influence to be nothing more than a distant memory.
1 Best Friend 2 u
1 Best Friend 2 u:
Joey B did them a favor by winning the election she never has to hold his hand 👋 in public ever again. Back to business as usual. 🏌‍♂️🏌‍♀️
The Dudelino
The Dudelino:
Haha - when a gold digger just wants his cash and ends up being First Lady where she actually has to do something :O)
Y'all forgot that it all started with her stealing Michelle's speech
Devon Lindsay
Devon Lindsay:
Babies in cages and painted on the back of her jacket where everyone could see was painted -- I really don't care. Do you.
We the people's rose garden is now the grass.
That's melania.
Melania: "Be Best"
Jeff Egan
Jeff Egan:
The only difference between her and Stormy Daniels is her legal contract.
Milka Anteneh
Milka Anteneh:
The sarcasm in this video, I can't 🤣🤣🤣
Erin Keyes
Erin Keyes:
Say what you will but I LOVED those red trees!
I really like ferrets
I really like ferrets:
"with great joy and instant regret" 💀
keshia nowden
keshia nowden:
She's as much A First Lady as he was a stable genius
If only she could pull off being human
The only Melon Trump moment I appreciate is when she attended the Olympics in South Korea and a bunch of students were standing around her but kpop star/actor Choi Minho from the group SHINee was standing nearby and they noticed him and started to get excited that he was there and they didn't gaf about Melon and she was so confused she probably had no idea who he was haha. 😂
Lian Mitchell
Lian Mitchell:
Tiffany being added to the picture was amazing!
alus nova
alus nova:
Who is the narrator?! She needs a clap back show.
"With great joy, and instant regret" I'm wheezing
A G:
Melanoma attempts to smile: "It BURNS! It BURNS!"
I had myself together, but lost my sh*t at "and be best they beed." 💀🤣🤣
heaven earth
heaven earth:
I love it how you show respect for God and his children. Keep it up
They deserve each other. She was never a victim.
Katya Kat
Katya Kat:
Is it ok to bully a person in the USA these days?
Christopher Alexander
Christopher Alexander:
The shape of her eyes always freaked me out.
ten zin
ten zin:
"the nations step mom" sounds about right.
Little Witch
Little Witch:
"In a nice way" 👏🏻wow wow wow he's changed so much.😃
Danaura Transwoman
Danaura Transwoman:
"She celebrated with great joy and instant regret". Classic smackdown.
yichai chai
yichai chai:
Vidya Sonavane
Vidya Sonavane:
This piece is so good, I had to see it twice... just to hear in Desi style!👏
Stephanie Straub
Stephanie Straub:
This made me literally tear up laughing.
We should play creepy old guy on their next anniversary!😂
David J
David J:
Melania to Trump on divorce-“It is what it is.”
Gabriela Orellana
Gabriela Orellana:
Omg at 0:39 great joy, instant regret lmaoooo
Bernard Elias
Bernard Elias:
"Who gives a eff about Christmas?" And those maniacs think we have a war on Christmas?
Hunter Cardenas
Hunter Cardenas:
I didn't know I needed to watch this until I watched it. Thank you 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Looking forward, thank you.
2:51 unnecessary lmaoooo
TXejas19 TXejas19
TXejas19 TXejas19:
"And best they be'd" took me out 😂😂💀💀
Billy Chan
Billy Chan:
This makes my Friday morning.
This was pure gold. Thank you!
Most ‘do nothing’ First Lady of all time.
John Smith
John Smith:
Hilarious! 😂
gopal malani
gopal malani:
This is the most BUUUURN narration ever !!! :D
LOL! Great motherhood skills too...the funniest part of the video at 4:29.
hey.junebug junebug
hey.junebug junebug:
This is epic! Made my day.
Radical Girl For Jesus
Radical Girl For Jesus:
“Only melania could pull off a sleeveless dress and a heartless jacket” so good ! 🤣👌🏽
Jesse Vegan
Jesse Vegan:
Lmao that was hilarious 😂
Adrian & Kathy Weathersbee
Adrian & Kathy Weathersbee:
Fearless MadameX
Fearless MadameX:
This made my day 😂
Zosi Wamwachai
Zosi Wamwachai:
"colonial explorer" really got me😂😂😂
The Weekly News Explosion
The Weekly News Explosion:
I’m just so happy I can start calling Donnie Former President 😅
I am looking forward to the day when the implosion will begin
Jason Park
Jason Park:
I love the concept of a First Lady.
M S:
"I'm gonna milk the shit out of it" (c) Lindsay Ellis. As you should :)
This is the best thing to come out of the last 4 years.
Anis Egerer
Anis Egerer:
Melania has been practicing social distancing before it was trendy 😍
Artemis 2112
Artemis 2112:
Can you please make your videos available in Australia, I can't access most of them, cheers
alien baby
alien baby:
OK but the Brian Kilmeade reaction shot to "maybe I didn't get her so much" is everything
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln:
ngl you got me for the first half
Avika Teotia
Avika Teotia:
BHAHAHAH this was hilarious
Wait why is no one talking about how sad that Rose Garden change is?? It was so beautiful before wtf
Anyone ever feels for her... I'll just remember that jacket. Bye! ✌
Rudolf Anzala
Rudolf Anzala:
Duh, aku bingung.
Ini sarkas atau tulus.
Tan Bee
Tan Bee:
6 months away to renegotiate her that's love 💘
K N:
this was one of the Daily's Shows best bits in a while for me, fantastic sarcasm
When you just wanted to be a trophy wife but ended up having to be First Lady of the United States...