Melania Trump Headlines RNC Night 2 - Stephen Colbert's LIVE Monologue

Stephen Colbert watched every minute of Night 2 of the Republican National Convention, an event he says resembled a racist spelling bee, so he could bring you this LIVE monologue breaking down the First Lady's address from the Rose Garden and the speeches by Eric Trump, Mike Pompeo and Rand Paul. #LateShowLIVE #RNC2020 #Monologue

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100+ comentarios:

Thrift Diving
Thrift Diving:
I looooovvvvee hearing his colleague laughing in the background!!!
Alex V
Alex V:
Stephen's wife laughing in the background is the best part of the COVID era
Tien Pham
Tien Pham:
That's why some people called him Agolf Twittler.
Hubert Cross
Hubert Cross:
Stephen's take-down of Eric Trump was _brutal._

absolutely savage.

good stuff.
Hamza Mahmood
Hamza Mahmood:
Stephen's eric kills me every time 😂😂
Holy crap. When you zoom out of that hall the Republicans are speaking in, it looks so much like a Nazi speech hall. That is insane. They are copying Nazi propaganda methods. Insane.
johnny vann
johnny vann:
'Narcissistic personality disorder' is a mental condition. “Symptoms include an excessive need for admiration, an inflated sense of one’s own importance, an excessive need for attention, exaggerated achievements and talents, disregard for other's feelings, belittling other people to make one’s self appear superior, taking advantage of others to get what one wants, inability to handle criticism, a sense of entitlement, and a lack of empathy for others.”…Remind you of anybody?
Teja Deja
Teja Deja:
Stephen, your Eric Trump impersonation LITERALLY made my raspberry tea shoot outta my nose!!! thanks a lot dude, I’m fighting a sinus infection! 😂😂😂
ora cooks
ora cooks:
I fell out laughing when Stephen mentioned Mike Spence would be a keynote speaker and then fell back into a deep sleep. That was too funny! It's why I love Stephen.
Narayan Prasad
Narayan Prasad:
“... prized possession in the world - American citizenship”
I’ve literally never been more relieved to be Australian
“I hate these recitals! Which kid is this?!? Turfany or Malaria?!?” Brilliant!
BAHAHAHAHA, Those faces and the stomach hurt from laughing. Thank you for being a light during this dark election!
Niranjan Hanasoge
Niranjan Hanasoge:
10:35: “She dressed to impress ... or to *_command the Soviet tank corps!”_* 🤣 Spot on! 🎯

Her dress, her eyes, her tragic situation ... I found myself humming Elton John’s _Nikita:_

🎵 _With eyes that looked like ice on fire_
_The human heart a captive in the snow_
_Oh Nikita, you will never know_ ... 🎵
Lisa Kelly
Lisa Kelly:
Oh my word! 😂I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face & my sides hurting from laughter at Stephen’s Eric impression! Nailed it!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Adam Gardiner
Adam Gardiner:
When so many speakers at a political convention share the same last name it's either a dictatorship or incest-con 2020.
Christina Taurus
Christina Taurus:
Watching the RNC was like watching the Twilight Zone, Walking Dead, and the 🎪 Circus, mixed with Nazi Propaganda! 💔🇺🇸💙
Dawnm Cepp
Dawnm Cepp:
Kim Gargoyl is a synthetic screamer who wakes the dead with her voice
Eric: "A movement was forming just below the surface." Yeah, it's called a bowel movement, which sums up this presidency very nicely. Now go eat some fiber and Vote Biden.
Laura Stevenson
Laura Stevenson:
I’m more worried about what’s going to happen after the election. America is a tinder box right now.
Madison Elaine
Madison Elaine:
Guilfoyles speech is ✨unsettling✨
It makes me physically ill.
James Lade
James Lade:
Twump’s America = mom of the poor little boy got to work 3 jobs to pay the bills. Meanwhile Twump doesn’t even do one job
Hardly Working
Hardly Working:
'Don and Melania: When Mannequin met Dummy.' Coming to a convention near you!
Bessie Steele
Bessie Steele:
The Eric impression, it’s uncanny! 😂
True Son
True Son:
It''s so crazy that they would feel okay with saying she has three jobs!!!
"If you're innocent, why are you taking the 5th Amendment?"
I don't know, why do you, Donald Trump?
Chandra Tyler
Chandra Tyler:
Steven you killed me with laughter tonight. The Eric teeth, the mike pence sleeping. This show was hilarious ! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Kimberly could be in the wrong convention she thought it was Wrestle Mania
Robert Simons
Robert Simons:
Colbert at the top of his game, one zinger after another, "I hate these recitals: Which of my children is she?" the one he doeasn't wish he could date?
Brian Smith
Brian Smith:
7:27- the Eric Trump Impression - Had me CRYING Laughing !! - and then it kept coming- so dang good Stephen
Erik PL
Erik PL:
"I hate these recitals, which one of my children is this? Is that Turfany or Malaria?"

Spat out my coffee over that one. :-D
CJCryer Buzz
CJCryer Buzz:
Nobody in this administration works for the American people. They all work for Dirty Donny.
Jeff Pagan
Jeff Pagan:
Why did she dress like a dictator
I really gotta wonder what Republicans would have said if Melania was a Democratic president's third wife.
I laughed so much, while Stephen plays Eric.
Practical Drum Concepts with Heather Higley
Practical Drum Concepts with Heather Higley:
So the greatest prize in the whole world is citizenship for a country that portrays having a national health service as some kind of crippling communism? Even while they are living through a pandemic? I think I'll pass.😅
I'm sure if Mexico had borders with Canada as well, the american border patrol may as well be disbanded due to lack of interest.

America can be great to visit yeah, but when keeping people well is not a priority, and you live in a country where most people can own a deadly weapon- i don't think that is an attractive prospect long term.😅
Peggy Newvine
Peggy Newvine:
I love in the intro how bill barr is a giant gorilla.
Also, "toothbrush that needs replacing" = best ever description of Rand Paul.
lilieth cameron
lilieth cameron:
Mitch McConnell as Emperor Palpatine, lol, I can't take it.
April Showers
April Showers:
Watching this is the only way I will watch the RNC. What a joke! Except it isn't.
Dark and angry is the new motto of the Republican party.
Daniel Holzman
Daniel Holzman:
When Stephen gets back into the studio I am going to miss hearing his wife laughing in the background. They are an adorable couple!
clarissa williams
clarissa williams:
you are the ONLY WAY I can stomach the GOP nonsense and the Tangerine buffoon in chief.
M Fernandes
M Fernandes:
Where is your so beloved “constitution” to save you from a lying uneducated and vulgar leader? Your constitution is not that good after all, is it?
when he falls asleep in the middle of saying Mike Pence 😭
NiNi Na
NiNi Na:
"toothbrush that needs replacement" 😂
Jeannette Sikes
Jeannette Sikes:
Melania looks like a soviet uniformed officer, what do they call that, oh, yeah, the KGB.
Watching RNC is like watching Hunger game.
Jarry Sciligo
Jarry Sciligo:
GOP "strategy" ignore the virus, pretend it's over. Oh wait, that's what they've been doing since January. We're going to pass right through 180000 on our way to a quarter million by November. That's a victory, if you're Putin.
K H:
When you list your own family members as references on a resume because you have no other people who can realistically and honesty vouch for you.
alton ellsworth
alton ellsworth:
That milking technology has been around for years.
Italian English
Italian English:
Yep, our taxes dollars paid for all of the illegal BS that the RNC did tonight!!!
As they say "Next year...IN PRISON!"
Daniel Relf
Daniel Relf:
Ha! "...sorry Trump Jr. swiped my coke" wasn't expecting that one.
Martha Reis
Martha Reis:
The thing that is really scary about Stephen Miller's cameo is his actual face.
Jim Davis
Jim Davis:
Not only is Kim Ugly on the Outside, Also Inside.
They can’t even hold a convention without breaking the law (Hatch Act)
Mother McBahey Cisse Bobote
Mother McBahey Cisse Bobote:
American Citizenship? Well my friend is giving hers away FOR FREEEEEEEEE, and no one wants it.
Yanet Smith
Yanet Smith:
Not. He's got a bunch of flaky kids and GOP cake crumbs.
Eric said "dead' so much in the clip, sounded like he was saying "DAD".
"traditionally" isn't the point. Pompeo violated the Hatch Act.
"He's fighting for you." Out on the golf courses and at his five star resorts? Is America great yet?
Mark Duncan
Mark Duncan:
I could never, EVER get tired of the Eric Trump impression.
Scott Morgan
Scott Morgan:
I love the Endgame video but with all the GOP talk about "agents of chaos" I think we need a tribute graphic for Get Smart fans(KAOS). #Trump going to the bunker via the phone booth to open, then maybe a shot of him and #Putin under the cone of silence? Cmon people. Help me help you.
Mark Twaing
Mark Twaing:
Is Melanoma’s English getting worse?
stephen killing it with his face jokes alone
It's funny that Pence SHOWS OFF the fact that the lady had to work 3 jobs to afford her son's charter school education. 😎
Wisam Iraqi
Wisam Iraqi:
when johnny Carson was the king of all talk shows back in 80's I used to get his VHS to watch in Baghdad,I might be the only guy in Iraq knew about Carson and loved him.then Carson resigned in 1992 I was upset ;add to that my town became a war zone!! So it was rough time .But then I found out about David Letterman ..he was my joy on VHS then on satellite in 90's but he also resigned in 2014 ,I almost went nut specially Robin William died in same year .But thanks god, fortunately I have Stephen Colbert otherwise i would go crazy .Carson ,Letterman and Colbert are the best remedy to put up with this fucking world .
DevilDog 2600hz
DevilDog 2600hz:
Needed coffee after you said the words, Mike Pence. The only thing worse than having Mike Pence as VP is having him sitting down beside you during a run at the casino.
Trump pardoned a convicted criminal, no, not that one, or that one, no, the other one... no, the other one... no, the other one... no, the other one... Just show the picture
Birk Schall
Birk Schall:
Oh Stephen it's election again and I am back here since like 2 years still doing great👍 but please could you do something about the manipulation from republicans with misinformation (wtf fox news is still there and telling lies) and why they hating the Dems so much. Your country gets more and more divided because of trump and his entourage blind the people with simple statements. They are such rabble rouser and they don't care what's coming after them🙄🙄... greetings from Germany I still love the US but it's a shame
Melania is right, these last three years have been unforgettable... and in November we'll make sure it will NEVER happen again.
James Lade
James Lade:
Prized possession = American passport ..... unless you want to travel somewhere
Rod Ruth
Rod Ruth:
TRUMP: "You've earned the most prized, cherished and priceless possession anywhere in the world, it's called, American citizenship."
How incredibly arrogant, and false......
D Stephens
D Stephens:
OMG! Your Eric impressions are hysterical!!!! 😂 so funny!
Edward Siegel
Edward Siegel:
Larry Cokenose - that was a good laugh.
Bubber Cakes
Bubber Cakes:
Watching the RNC is like watching a bunch of con men trying to sell a timeshare.
"Which one of my children is this?" LOL
Harold Pinteresque
Harold Pinteresque:
Not one person in the audience wore a mask. A round of applause to all the brave Herman Cains in the house! May they RIP.
Can NOT wait until November 3, 2020 to see the end of this TRAINWRECK!!!!
Cody S
Cody S:
Screaming like that literally makes her look like the "May the odds be ever in your favor" crazy ass lady.
Marla Pietrowski
Marla Pietrowski:
Why was Melania dressed like Gestapo at the White House.
Patricia Burgess
Patricia Burgess:
Someone said, she gave a compassionate speech. Yeah, the one that someone wrote for her. She had the nerve to question Obama's citizenship, when she was the immigrant.
Perry Woodman
Perry Woodman:
Pompeo stopped working for the people a longtime ago. Selling munitions and leaving our own troops with trash.
Mmm.. gotta love that depleted uranium.
Pompeo taught troops about Corona virus 20yrs ago, and mutation timelines. Why were we so unprepared? Hmmmm?
C Dean
C Dean:
God bless you and your staff for watching the RNC. I know it's your job, but still, ugh. I just... I just can't . Thank you!
Bender Fender
Bender Fender:
these single laughs are so much funnier than with crowd
As a German: This Kimberly Gilfoil (?) speech could be a 1:1 translation from any fascist nazi speech held in Germany in the 1930ies/40ies... it is frightening.
Lee Frankel
Lee Frankel:
Stephen, thank goodness for A Late Show. Otherwise, I’d be weeping all the time.
Leah Monet
Leah Monet:
"He continued to look back on the present" lollllllllllllll
Neil Mathews
Neil Mathews:
'Next year in prison' God willing (and rational legal process ) shalom. BTW, I feel Melania should be liberated from her oppressive gang bosses, her speech sounded like Donald has her green card in his safe....
Pretty please, do an Eric impersonation every night until he goes to prison.
howie bockslytner
howie bockslytner:
Melania was really on point with what she said about drugs and America.

She saw stepson Donald Trump jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle tripping balls
Abby Poole
Abby Poole:
Lol I'm Mike pense. Shit had me laughing.
Chris Winkler
Chris Winkler:
Stephen: My soul after watching this...

Eric: Dead =)
Malia Beaver
Malia Beaver:
This comedy relief is so needed. I am still laughing!🤣
killa kalash
killa kalash:
There ROBBING the country. And they cant even give the people a stimulus check. We need to have laws to prevent stuff like this. Common sense laws.
Antonomase Apophasis
Antonomase Apophasis:
Kimberly Guilfoyle has been practicing that "Evita!" pose for ages.
It took her a while to find the right Proto-Fascist venue.
Nanette White
Nanette White:
Melania's outfit reminded me of a military uniform. It didn't bring any "positive outlook for future" feeling to me. Plus, I prefer First Ladies that don't have nudes on the internet. Yes, I went there.
Voting BLUE all the way. Bring Decency back.
ArcangeloSports NOS
ArcangeloSports NOS:
“The speech was full of people sharing a podium”

That’s what a convention is. People taking turns at a podium.
Tyler LeBlanc
Tyler LeBlanc:
11:32 I love you can hear the guy trying not to laugh in the background😂
Paulette Ivory
Paulette Ivory:
Oh my god that trailer at the beginning is hilarious!!! 😂😂
Brotha in Beijing
Brotha in Beijing:
Stephen and his staff deserve hazard pay for having to watch the RNC so we don't have to.