Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show | LOUIS VUITTON

Louis Vuitton presented the Fall-Winter 2021 Collection by Virgil Abloh in Paris on January, 21st.

Peculiar Contrast, Perfect Light
A Film By Virgil Abloh And ‘moved By The Motion’
Starring yasiin bey, Saul Williams and Kai Isaiah Jamal

Film Directed by Wu Tsang

Show Creative Director And Performance Choreography by Josh Johnson

Story Adapted by Sophia Al Maria

Movement Direction by Tosh Basco

Dramaturgy And Scenography by Kandis Williams

Original Film Score by Asma Maroof

Musical Direction and Production by Asma Maroof And Benji B

LV Men’s Music and Sound Direction by Benji B

Styling By Ibrahim Kamara

Set Design Playlab

Graphic Design Marco Fasolini

Art Direction and Research Leads Mahfuz Sultan And Chloe Sultan

Artist Managed By Nadja Rangel Qani At Outofocus Management

Visual Direction Lina Kutsovskaya and BeGood

Music by

Harp Ahya Simone
Saxophone & Flute Tapiwa Svosve
Cello & Piano: Patrick Belaga
Drums Mathieu Edward
Additional Music Production by Daniel Pineda
Additional Poetry by Kai Isaiah Jamal
Final Musical performance by yasiin bey
Music: ESG – “UFO” (Courtesy of Fire Records)

Music booker: Max Leader

Pyramide du Louvre © Arch.I.M.Pei


Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has placed fashion in the context of culture bringing unique designs to the world, combining innovation with style and uncompromising quality. Today, the Maison remains faithful to the spirit of its founder, Louis Vuitton, who invented a genuine “Art of Travel” through luggage, bags and accessories which were as creative as they were elegant and practical.

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100+ comentarios:

it’s wild to go back and see how deeply emotional his shows became during the years he was privately battling cancer. seeing things in this show i couldn’t see before. he was obviously not free of valid criticism but these shows were a blessing to watch regardless RIP virgil thanks for the ride
Sami Loft
Sami Loft:
Everyone talking about the show but I feel like we don’t mention these pieces enough? These are so good especially for our time
For all the people, who don`t study architecture: The runway is inspired by the german architect Mies van der Rohe. It is a reference to the Barcellona Parvilion and the chairs you see are designt by him spezially for the parvillion. The pillars you see on the runway are like a scaled up version of the stanchions/(support structure?) in his parvilion.
Edgar Martini
Edgar Martini:
Man, I can't believe he's gone. I think Virgil is one of those cases where you don't know how important someone is until they're gone. Rest in Peace to an artist, genius and honest-to-god renaissance man.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams:
Virgil does things to me that no other designer can. The emotion, the referential nature of the garments, the way they reverberate the culture. It's so much bigger than clothes and that's how you make great clothes.
Official Sahnya
Official Sahnya:
This is the first time I've seen a fashion show like this. I was shocked by the artistry and shed tears. This show clearly transcends one form of fashion show. It seems that we are asking how we should live in the future. I'm glad I met such a wonderful work.
The music, the clothing, the art direction, the poetry, the videography... This is probably one of the best fashion shows I've seen. 10 times better than a runway show
Went straight back here when I heard the news. Man was a true artist, he was already doing amazing things but with more time who knows. long live virgil man
Omg as soon as mos def starts rapping you’re trapped. The music and the fashion, the diversity, the art. I was emotional watching it.
Never been to an actual show, but this seems ten times more exciting! Definitely the most exciting collaboration in years.
As a fashion student, I was soo sooo soooooo fascinated seeing this like it had just opened my eyes, thank you so much Virgil 💖
Rmando Prksy
Rmando Prksy:
Whenever I think about Virgil - this masterpiece comes to my mind.
Rest in peace icon
Not gonna lie this is one of the coolest fashion shows I've ever seen in my life.
My first time seeing a fashion show and I'm in total awe. This was beyond amazing
This fashion show overwhelmingly delivered. The poetry was spot on. The rap was hip. The setting was magnificent. I love the fact that the show had diverse models. The color patterns were great. The fashion...the fashion. No words!!!!
It’s so emotional watching this back again. One of the best LV menswear ever. RIP, Virgil 😭
Elijah Harris
Elijah Harris:
I love the fun interactive aspect of Virgil. He doesnt just put out pieces its like they have a life after you purchase them. He always incorporates a weird button or patch even the zip ties on his sneakers. It reminds me of jansport strings or letterman jacket patches. Its really clever.
Posh Garcia
Posh Garcia:
This is fashion…. This is art… this is life!!!!

Love the story they are telling 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Shelling P
Shelling P:
The collection was fantastic. I loved the artistry of the whole collection, and the way it was presented.
This is my favorite fashion line and made me fall in love with LV. RIP Virgil. Visionary, I wanna grow up to be half as great as him.
i watched this for the first time like a couple months ago and i remember being mind-blown by the fact that this is what a fashion or runway show could be, this was the first ever runway show i’ve ever watched and i am so glad it was .. rip virgil, u will forever live through ur art <3
frank b
frank b:
This is truly a (sorry about the too-often used word) masterpiece... I'm so sad and mad that we won't experience more of Virgil's brilliance
For this to be one of the older brands, they are always on the cutting edge. Outstanding !!
Daysi Cedeño
Daysi Cedeño:
Wow this fashion show is in another level! Congratulations Louis Vuitton👏🏻👌🏻 This is ART!
Gosu General TV
Gosu General TV:
The fact that this is the first time I'm watching a fashion show and i don't even regret it. ITS SO COOL AND CALM WHICH IS A TOTAL ART
Das Rhodruna
Das Rhodruna:
Ok, so now I know why a brand like this hired an ARTIST like Virgil. This video concept, and the clothing, is beautiful and powerful! It's not only good from a pop culture aspect, but the people who buy this stuff have probably never heard of the powerful references in this work. I'm so glad Virgil and LV created this!
Arami Walker Music
Arami Walker Music:
I am a brand loyal consumer and culture enthusiast. I will be purchasing all high fashion bags from Louis Vuitton after this piece of art was created. Thank you for finding excellent fine artists from black culture and positively representing our music, dance, fashion, and poetry. Deep appreciation !
The Haberdashery Project
The Haberdashery Project:
The is exactly what I was hoping for from a fashion film....ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!
This is my third time watching this in a period of 3 months, THE BEST new time collection in my opinion of them ALL, do what u do louis we see you 🖤🦅
Nicole Bond
Nicole Bond:
Spectacular! I’m totally blown away. The style, colors, tailoring and creativity are downright impressive. Well done Virgil.
Matti Vilhunen
Matti Vilhunen:
This is beautiful art in so many forms. Thank you for the inspiration.
Beautiful City Visits
Beautiful City Visits:
So inspiring and amazing collection ! Music fits perfectly too 😀
Indera Harrison-Nedd
Indera Harrison-Nedd:
Incredible collaboration - love to see who has produced this. This is a level up for LV. 🙏🏽🌻
Elizabeth Ramirez Jung
Elizabeth Ramirez Jung:
I enjoyed every minute of this fashion show. Usually, I would watch a few minutes and leave. This time I finished the video all the way through. The fusion of persons of color and, urban poetry, rap, music, architecture design, the airplane buttons and handbag, the color green, men wearing skirts kept me interested. Well done to all the models, choreographers, designers, video directors, make up artist, hair stylist, and whomever I didn't mention that worked hard on making this video work.
Marcia Maas
Marcia Maas:
Lindo! Show em todos os sentidos ! Amei!
Jennie Keiman
Jennie Keiman:
I didn’t expect this , this is more than I expected,this is pure art and I like it so much it makes me want to see more.
This was fantastic! So powerful! I especially loved how the lack of a show with a physical audience didn't hinder creativity at all but was taken advantage of and such beautiful sets put in place! Being introduced to another nice experience as a BTS fan!
Aissatou Diallo
Aissatou Diallo:
Amazing! So fresh and creative! Big love to Virgil Abloh and all the creative and artistic team.
Sherri J
Sherri J:
Beautifully done and extremely impactful. Great Job, Louis Vuitton. 👏👏👏😊
Woww they really combined various kinds of art... from music videography interior to the clothing itself..just wow
Rumi Valencia
Rumi Valencia:
Such a creative and beautiful show!
The Bearded Hippo
The Bearded Hippo:
First time watching a fashion showcase. Impressive. Simply art. Beautiful
May Mendez
May Mendez:
Such a good thing to pay homage to the color GREEN! Such a cool presentation Kudos to the writers, directors, artists, models, designers Such a good show 🔥
Hot off the press, LV does it again! Absolutely incredible. 
This collection is for the business-centric socialite seeing past each moment. I loved the conservativeness & gender neutral expressionisms. I believe this collection was meant to showcase the beauty in our busy lives and the fleeting body language we ignore.

However, I thought there were inconsistent influences happening and that's what bugs me about LV. They've grown their stylistic spectrum far too wide, in my opinion. For example, trying to cover PRADA and Michael Kors simultaneously is a wrong recipe. Luis Vuitton needs to find who THEY are, who they've always been; the golden standard of sophistication. This collection had tones of a mishandled Instagram feed.

There's no rules to culture, or anything in general, but a story needs continuity. Just my two cents of course. Would love to hear what you thought about this collection too! <3
a wonderful collection, and i’ve been critical of the designs in the past, too bulky and a lot of wasted material but this collection had much more depth.
Andressa S.
Andressa S.:
Its my first time watching a fashion Show and this is amazing!!!
Mundo FetiCHEZ
Mundo FetiCHEZ:
Wowww ... this is a masterpiece of art. Absolutely sublime to observe this free and inclusive masculinity. A creative work that not only creates social awareness, it also leaves us with a spectacular semblance of the artistic creation and design that this fashion house has. Bravo.
Aura Dynamo
Aura Dynamo:
For the fashion motion picture first timers... Ava Duvernay and Miu Miu.. she may not have been the first but definitely one of the newcomers who added soul to the fashion bowl a few years back.
seeing mos def perform like this for this fashion show is everything, thank you LV 💕💕😭😭
Sierra Lorraine
Sierra Lorraine:
I am so moved. This was brilliant 🖤💚🖤
Elijah Arnson
Elijah Arnson:
I love seeing a designer have large amounts of creative control in a brand, it can only breed beautiful design such as this.
Daniel M
Daniel M:
Artistically, visually, audio, cerebrally and organically stimulating! Well thought out precision presentation. It all made sense. I went and dropped a few racks on LV. I am a new fan. Not sure if I’m supposed to express all of this here but it moved me. Good job.
Ruben Gardiner
Ruben Gardiner:
The pinnacle of fashion. I am so proud of Virgil.
Sabrina Ihyana
Sabrina Ihyana:
This is beautiful I didnt want it to end !!!
LV IS ANOTHER LEVEL IN FASHION. “Bts impact with only 1 brand is over all kpop artists collabs in the last 5 years” yes kings.

Lv added more Asian models, moved the show in SK, painted in purple their shops, paid bts over 170M dolars, is the first Fashion Brand that is doing a collab with a group, letting bts to wear anything the want (they are having Fendi clothes in an LV shoot), put together a concept inspired by bts and invided army on the show, over 300k manual invitation. Show me someone who does that? You cant.

The fact that other kpop artists are signing a contract and they have to wear their brand over and over again, and the artist and their company is paying too (lol), not to mention that they have to shoot and basically sell lol… and here is bts turning down fashion collabs over the year and choosing only one in which they brought an IMPACT.

Remember what an fashion editor said in 2020: “all the brands are sending request to bts: Celine, Lv, Gucci, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, plus many more. They are turned down everytime” and she said that bts is buying their clothes, that’s Why they don’t sign a contract and they will never post and tag designers.

Bts are musicians, they dont need to have 100 fashions deals, 100 photoshoots and 109272 tagging on oficial accounts. They have 1 and the best collab of 2021. Kings. Everying they touch is no 1.
in case anyone doesn’t know, the person reciting the poem in the beginning is Saul Williams and the rapper is Mos Def/Yasiin Bey of course :)
Natalie Aivazian
Natalie Aivazian:
Very refreshing! Loved this show and collection
Karen Baez
Karen Baez:
This is the thing I love about fashion. You never know what to expect. Every designer, every brand are very different from each other. This was art.
I so love this show I put it on Tumbler and sent it to some of my followers All hail Louis Vuitton Speak those name’s man go you give me chills Power to the people 💕💕💯The hood Vuitton show love👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
🐯 Madilyn Emily Kokiri 💋
🐯 Madilyn Emily Kokiri 💋:
This is absolutely iconic & incredibly important. Well done. Bravo. 💜🌹
Shahanaz Z
Shahanaz Z:
The show was so cool and the colour scheme was really soothing <3
This had to be my favorite fashion show ever!! So much respect for virgil
Esto esta muy muy bien hecho!!! que bonito concepto de hacer un desfile de moda. 👏👏👏👏
Ennis XU
Ennis XU:
He changed my perception of fashion show forever and it all started here. Thank you virgil for bringing in everything I like and make it one piece of art. Rest in Power
Jxnathan Mark
Jxnathan Mark:
I’m going to need that silver handheld trunk case. GORGEOUS 🔥
Jvgghb Gghjinn
Jvgghb Gghjinn:
The first fashion show I watched in my entire life and this is actually cool.
CiCi Love
CiCi Love:
So many different moving elements to this work of art/fashion show love it especially all that beautiful melanin 🥰 also Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey & Saul Willams such a vibe!
TalkTime with Laura
TalkTime with Laura:
Wow ! Fashion is truly Art! Is all about the creativity indeed 👍
Rubi Soriano
Rubi Soriano:
Debo decir que a pesar de no ser una experta en la materia, me parecio una presentacion muy interesante y envolvente. te atrapa por completo y fue presentada de una forma muy creativa. Aplaudo todo el trabajo detras de esta pasarela.
I most thoroughly enjoyed this fashion runway performance Show.
Grace C.
Grace C.:
This is so refreshing and has an advanced creative edge that's stimulating.
Love it so much omg, and super fun to watch!! The clothes are perfectly beautiful
rogerio amancio
rogerio amancio:
WoW!!!!!!!! It made me cry. This piece of art is so beautiful and emotional. Thank you so much for brightening up my life with this masterpiece .
Priscila Silva
Priscila Silva:
Primeira vez assistindo um desfile, é foi como ver uma obra de arte em movimento, a música e estética, gostei bastante 💜
44 Pablo
44 Pablo:
These pieces….the performance just everything about this was incredible.
joelle lenniger
joelle lenniger:
I enjoyed the show and the pieces. Timely and defined lines. The plaids and different hues of green are beautiful.
Absolutely breathtaking collection...then whole production was amazing
Chanda Oton
Chanda Oton:
Wow! This show was amazing.
The pieces fantastic.
This is my first time watching a fashion show and tbh I really liked the clothes. 💜
Jolie Journée
Jolie Journée:
Such a smart and creative way to show the full collection while keeping the illusion of it being a movie/film
This entire concept/collection was FYYAH!!! WOW Virgil...WOW. You did it this! For the CULTURE!!!!!
Magnus Thielsen
Magnus Thielsen:
Most definitely a great show!
Dr.Stephanie Booker-Wynn
Dr.Stephanie Booker-Wynn:
This was really nice and Mos Def it was good to see you and all of the hard work ,I really enjoyed the fashion runway it was sharp !
Louis Vuitton you did again, another great collection.
Barocka Rockoco
Barocka Rockoco:
Gee Williams
Gee Williams:
I absolutely love this production.
Jonathan Dickey
Jonathan Dickey:
fully integrated art.
big props.
hanana na
hanana na:
wow , this really worth watching, the designs were elegant and the show was great too, I would love to see these outfits on our boys too.
I’ve never thought about so-called “high-end brands”. They’re just something expensive that I can’t afford.
Anyway, BTS made me watch this video and my whole perspective to the high-end brand especially LOUIS VUITTON is totally changed.
They’re BEAUTIFUL!! The fabric, the pattern, the colors and the show(set, video, music..) is an ART. They deserve the price. And THEY DESERVE BTS!! Wow
Daniel's Channel
Daniel's Channel:
my fave so far ❤💕💯 love the innovation, kuddos to the designers
ABDEL Gaspard
ABDEL Gaspard:
Most Beautiful Thing of 2021 yet .. Pure art .. Rhymes And Politics, Fashion, Movement .. Awesome 👏🏽 Saul & Yasiin & everybody worked on this 👏🏽👏🏽
Those art's pieces, those shows, those works will remain as the heritage of one of the biggest personalities of our times,
Rest In Power Genius!
Brilliant production. Inspired concept. Unique and beautiful garments...
Louis Vuitton is so consistent over the few years very nice pieces
Espectaculares los trajes, los colores, que elegantes se ven !! Me encanto ! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
wowww the composition of this fashion show. a literal masterpiece.
I luv it! Everything is just a wonderful piece of art! Yeeeaaahhhh 😍✌️💜