la Liga returns as a marathon of 10 matches in 39 days for Barça begins with a trip to the Wanda Metropolitano to take on Atlético Madrid on Saturday, kick off 9.00pm CET. For the clash against Diego Simeone's unbeaten in La Liga team, blaugrana boss Ronald Koeman has named a 21 man squad with Philippe Coutinho back in the squad after having made a full recovery to a hamstring injury.

The full list is: Ter Stegen, Dest, Piqué, Aleñá, Griezmann, Pjanic, Braithwaite, Messi, O. Dembélé, Riqui Puig, Neto, Coutinho, Lenglet, Pedri, Trincao, Jordi Alba, S. Roberto, F. De Jong, Junior, O. Mingueza and Arnau Tenas. Out through injury are R. Araujo, Sergio, Ansu Fati and Umtiti.


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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona:
Tomorrow, 1 hour befor kick off, live from Wanda Metropolitano! Full warm up LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLt_cxuWs7U
Waleed Rai
Waleed Rai:
i hope Messi and grizzman scores in this game
faisal /فيصل
faisal /فيصل:
That title is clearly on purpose
Kevin Huang
Kevin Huang:
Koeman should keep starting Ousmane. He is fast, versatile, and a great dribbler. Our future lies in him and should never be sold! Forca Barca!
Mahir Smajlović
Mahir Smajlović:
If you Will ever been fell stupid, remember there are people who think Ter Stegen is bad goalkeeper...
All In One
All In One:
Griezmann's uncle has created an uncomfortable relationship with Messi for Griezmann. Family members shouldn't involve in this type of unnecessary things.
Abdul Saboor
Abdul Saboor:
On the other hand Benzema was caught on Cams saying not to pass the ball to Vini.. but Spanish media 🥴 ...
Jery15 Mootoo
Jery15 Mootoo:
The utube admin really doing this to shut up grizeman uncle 😂
M O:
Lol. The people who run this channel are up to date with the news "Messi and Griezmann...... ready"
Muhammad Huzaifa
Muhammad Huzaifa:
This many peoples love griezi - messi duo 👇🏻
Awerty Stack
Awerty Stack:
Training session: taking shots from outside the box
Matchday : passing from 5 yard distance
『 ᑎᗴᖴᗴしᏆᗷᗩᎢᗩ 』
『 ᑎᗴᖴᗴしᏆᗷᗩᎢᗩ 』:
*i really like the title if you know what i mean ...*
Natacha Griezmann
Natacha Griezmann:
Koeman: "You have to respect Messi
more. Asking him when he just arrived about Griezmann is a lack of respect. They (Antoine's Ex-agent & uncle) want to seek controversy. Whoever tackled this hasn't been with Griezmann for 3 years. This is full of bullshit. I've never seen any problem between Messi and Griezmann in the locker room."

supporting you forever Griziiii ❤ Mon idole you deserve all the best!
Henry Zuniga
Henry Zuniga:
Come on Messi and Griezmann need to score tomorrow and provide each other with an assist to shut up the haters
paul Nevarez
paul Nevarez:
Reportensen Los que hablan español ⚡💪🏻
Rijono_ Karijo19
Rijono_ Karijo19:
When jordi must jump and pique must stay on the ground cuz when pique jump jordi couldn't jump to piques hight😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️2:57
Crazy Footballerz
Crazy Footballerz:
The best thing to see would be Greizmann scoring a hat trick.
Jody Hiler
Jody Hiler:
Frenkie and Messi 😍
sofya Griezmann
sofya Griezmann:
please Griezmann score Goallll tmrw 🙏🏻🙏🏻😭😭😭❤️⚽️
Brisa Salas
Brisa Salas:
Vamos equip❤️hay que ir a por esos 3 puntos que son importantísimos para demostrar que aquel Barça poderoso sigue presente, vamos con todo❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fahmi Alfi07
Fahmi Alfi07:
Lest go messi Griezmann 👍
Esteban Hernandez Rivas
Esteban Hernandez Rivas:
Justo en la portada del video ponen a Messi y Griezmann, coincidencia? No lo creo.
محمود دقامسه
محمود دقامسه:
This outline replay all the people who said: there are problem between meesi and grizman
John Jacob
John Jacob:
If I was Thanos I would use the stones to wipe off greizmann's uncle
قناة العاب العرب ARAB GAMES CHANNEL
قناة العاب العرب ARAB GAMES CHANNEL:
I hope that dembele scores 3 goals to have an inform in fifa
Mostafa Azadegan
Mostafa Azadegan:
Why does Griezmann’s name in the title have an extra “n”. Griezmannn
Rishank Bandi
Rishank Bandi:
Messi with de Jong let’s go💪🏻
Ranjeet Sohanpal
Ranjeet Sohanpal:
Even Koeman is defending Leo,such a great coach
Aver Man Reyes
Aver Man Reyes:
The put Messi and griezman in the title for a reason
Martin Perez
Martin Perez:
3-1 Barca wins with goal from Dembele and Messi
Jesus Ballesteros
Jesus Ballesteros:
I have a lot of faith and hope in this team. we have a bright future with these young players. koeman is the ideal coach to lead this group to victory And I know that with effort and work he will achieve it. Always visca barsa ❤️❤️❤️
Haris Asif
Haris Asif:
Barca has to get better in this and coming seasons so that Messi could win his 5th CL, and some more La Liga titles
say what
say what:
I really wanna see griezmann scores this game i wanna see him get his confidence back he got such good potential at barca
sofya Griezmann
sofya Griezmann:
you love to see itttt vamos Griezmann and leoo😻😻😻😻
Rony Mejia
Rony Mejia:
Espero q no le afecte a messi todo x lo q esta pasando y se enfoque en lo q a el mas le gusta jugar al futbol y pueda anotar..fuerza messi💪🐐😃
That title is definitely on purpose
Sebastian Ubaldo Pinto Ortiz
Sebastian Ubaldo Pinto Ortiz:
This is awsome I cant wait for tomorrow’s game
Ammar Khalid.10
Ammar Khalid.10:
Glad to see messi back in training session after a long time 😍💓
Soubhik Basak
Soubhik Basak:
Coutinho, Messi, grizi❤️
LEO ML;10:
enserio este es el titulo del video?
lucrar con la polémica que hay dentro del club, joder Cruyff se debe estar retorciendo en su tumba
Vali 11
Vali 11:
Alejandro Balde, Moriba and Jandro i to the first team plss 🔥🔥❤
Jeremiah Dookhoo
Jeremiah Dookhoo:
The team is looking good in training,all the best on the upcoming match.
like -prime griezmann
comment-prime pogba
Amina Malau
Amina Malau:
Griezmann coming back to normal senses😂😂
MRJ 11
MRJ 11:
Coutinho is very very underrated
Just look at his top corner goals!
Gulshan Akhtar
Gulshan Akhtar:
Give me either a heart, a reply or a pin.😂ok im day dreaming
Aadarsh Bhandari
Aadarsh Bhandari:
I wanna see how suarez will play against his ex team😂
مشعل اليامي
مشعل اليامي:
Le deseo todo lo mejor al Barça, su aficionado de Arabia Saudí 🇸🇦🇪🇸 ♥ ️
Messi and Griezmann on video title
Griezmann's Uncle : it's time to get famous 😎
rime jendeuk
rime jendeuk:
I rly want messi and griezman score in this match❤️💙visca Barça
Anuraj Kesavan Nair K P
Anuraj Kesavan Nair K P:
Happiness is seeing Coutinho, Happy and Comfortable 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Mamadou Seye
Mamadou Seye:
Dembele seem to be so happy rigth now ! Glad for him
كرار الصالح
كرار الصالح:
اللهم صلى على محمد واله محمد
Diego Melendres
Diego Melendres:
1:12 the good atmosphere that emits Koeman
Lebo Galeromelwe
Lebo Galeromelwe:
I looove the TITLE. ❤
dor dora
dor dora:
I am from the future they lost 1-0
Daksh Froster123
Daksh Froster123:
Griezmann shot in training 10/10
Griezmann shot in a match : -1111111/10
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson:
Admin knows the score😂
2:04 De jong❤💙 Messi
My favorite from JAPAN🇯🇵
Brisa Salas
Brisa Salas:
Que ganas de que Griezmann y Leo marquen golazos ante el atlético y lo celebren juntos, para callar todos aquellos rumores y “polémicas” que la prensa (el chringuit0😷) se encarga de crear
A.B.S Gaming
A.B.S Gaming:
Messi and suaraz face each other. 😭
العتابي Al-Atabi
العتابي Al-Atabi:
Los árabes amamos a Bara, te amo desde Irak♥️
Devyani Kanvinde
Devyani Kanvinde:
2 minutes of Silence for those people who STILL don't know that FaceBook shows the matches LIVE...
Mike's Original
Mike's Original:
We'll be winning every game for the remainder of the year. FORCA BARCA 🔥🔥🔥🔥 tommorows game will be like this 1 vs 3
I would really appreciate subtiles in english, thanks 🙂
Sharan Sharan
Sharan Sharan:
Coutinho is back 🔥🔥
Samuel Montano
Samuel Montano:
This type of training is definitely needed for our team. We make many chances, but we never finish them.
josiah azametsi
josiah azametsi:
I hope y'all apply this shooting in an actual game
josiah azametsi
josiah azametsi:
I hope y'all apply this shooting in an actual game
R B:
Great video !!! I have a great feeling about the club's inmediate future..
Mohd. Ovais
Mohd. Ovais:
Come on Barca
Do something good this time
Make your fans proud🔴🔵
Forza Barca
joseph lugard
joseph lugard:
Great, they should practice the long range shots,,
Just love seeing the smile on coutinho mehn
InTech Gaming
InTech Gaming:
Can't wait to see Griezmann and Messi Linking up! 💖😍 💕
Risuna Mashaba
Risuna Mashaba:
I see what you did there admin 😂👍
Raoul Akhatov
Raoul Akhatov:
does anybody know where i can watch this match.
Rajat Meena
Rajat Meena:
If they both score and assist each other(I hope so), the rumours or the current situation would improve
This video really helps me lot’s of times in keeper 😅
The best part of it was when Messi had a lot of talent on the fiend🤗🥳
qo anas
qo anas:
Hope messi, griezmann, and suarez score this game
Trideb Adhikary
Trideb Adhikary:
All the best for today's match ❤️
Tahmidur Araf
Tahmidur Araf:
I like how they mentioned Messi AND Grizi in the title. nice one
Messi and Griezmann on video title
Media : it's show time 💥
31.Pratyush Verma
31.Pratyush Verma:
Barca admin wrote the perfect thing in this YouTube caption 👍
jay gaikwad
jay gaikwad:
I guess they titled it with messi and griezmann coz of the rift
Barca MagicTV
Barca MagicTV:
Griezmann 3 'n's 🤣
Jeremiah Dookhoo
Jeremiah Dookhoo:
Ahhh look at the thumbnail
Stone Cold
Stone Cold:
If Griezzman decides this game as the game to finally fix his shooting issues lmao
Bruh u got grizou’s spelling wrong
Дмитрий Юдин
Дмитрий Юдин:
hooray, Griezman can score a goal!!!

ps. it's just joke, I believe in Griezman
Forkanul Azim
Forkanul Azim:
Griezmann has talent but he can't showing his talent now to us,he need a cooperation of his teammates
DIEGO Tasso:
Petition to see Koeman taking free kicks in training please
Berk Nigdeli
Berk Nigdeli:
I see what you did there admin, the title was a message towards the media.
César Chayna
César Chayna:
Muy bueno el vídeo,pinta para un gran partido contra el atlétic,bien señores a dejar todo en la cancha mañana💪🔵🔴
Start putting subtitles please 🙏🏻
Samir Kattel
Samir Kattel:
We want English subtitles 🤦😭
Amalia Tartila
Amalia Tartila:
Hope messi to score and assist.. and physically fit.. it has been many matches that ive begun questioning his decision making in the final third