Messi's attitude towards Rakitic got FC Barcelona fans worried | Oh My Goal

Is trouble brewing at FC Barcelona between Lionel Messi and Ivan Rakitic? Video emerged of a small incident between Lionel Messi and Ivan Rakitic in the tunnel before Barcelona played Leganes in La Liga. Could this spell the end of Rakitic’s time at FC Barcelona?

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100+ comentarios:

For those people who say first, there are more achievements in life and i am sure that you will get it. Seriously, stop saying first it get's annoying
Pahres Kabir
Pahres Kabir:
He just assisted Rakitic and jumped on him after he scored
Radu Grosu
Radu Grosu:
A player from barca :
Wants to leave
Fans :OMG Messi is angry on him
Messi:Breaths Oh My Goal:hEs mAd aT sOmEoNe
Taha Nawaz Hasan
Taha Nawaz Hasan:
No one:
Literally no one:
Oh My Goal :
Messi's reaction with his teammates drove barca fans crazy.
Veer Harbhajanka
Veer Harbhajanka:
I'm a Madrid fan so I don't know how much importance this comment will have but Rakitic has always been one of my favourite players! I think he's extremely underrated and deserves a lot more respect
Just Ignore Catherine Monroe
Just Ignore Catherine Monroe:
Dribbling past Messi
Wanting to leave FC Barcelona

Are these actually bad?
10k subscribers without Any videos challenge
10k subscribers without Any videos challenge:
Why does oh my goal feel the need to exaggerate everything 🙄🙄🙄
Youssef Morsi
Youssef Morsi:
Messi doesn't say hi.
Oh my goal: what is going on
Normal players fight among each other : ehh whatever

Messi fights with someone for a reason why

Everyone : now this is an avengers level threat
WOW Dood
WOW Dood:
Someone: *Angers Messi*

That someone: *Coffin Dance starts playing in the distance*
Its because rakitic took photo with a fan on the pitch and messi got .worried of the fan having coronavirus......
Problem solved.ther is no need to make drama.
Mustafa Larik
Mustafa Larik:
I think that Messi and Rakitic met before the game,so it wouldn't make much sense to greet him again
Peter Dacosta
Peter Dacosta:
He’s one of Barca best players and still is, it will be proven whenever he leaves the club.
HJ 99
HJ 99:
"The best decisions aren't made with your mind, but with your instinct."

- Lionel Messi
Jeremiah Mootoo
Jeremiah Mootoo:
Messi Met the returning players form injury and the young ones in that game is that a problem OMG yes it’s for u
Who thinks Oh My Goal is a Ronaldo fan. They made a vid on messi refusing a selfie during COVID but not a vid on ronaldo refusing a selfie before COVID
code alpha
code alpha:
The whole four minutes and no clip of the missed handshake on the tunnel which the video is based of 🤦🏾‍♂️
SurReal Saintz
SurReal Saintz:
No one:
Literally no one:
Oh My Goal: Wunderkid Ansu Fati
Ravi Ghadwal
Ravi Ghadwal:
A hole
First disrespects Griezmann
And now Rakitic
Reason - Griezmann has won an international trophy
Rakitic made messi cry in World Cup
tomisin abiodun-akerele
tomisin abiodun-akerele:
1:36 when ur mum calls u from ur room to change the tv station
Mr. Paradox
Mr. Paradox:
When I was this early Messi was still unknown
Adrian Frank
Adrian Frank:
I dont get why everything that messi says or does is so important, like i aint gonna spend 200 milion dollars on Neymar just because you say so, i dont know who he think he is.
Leonard Blachly-Preston
Leonard Blachly-Preston:
@OhMyGoal, stop making Messi look good. Rakatic is a fine player as well. This is partially Messi's fault. I f he does not want to leave the club, they can't force him to. so what?????
Though Rakitic isn't good, Messi shouldn't always tell the Board on which players to sell. That's why there is a manager. Coming from a Messi and Barca fan
0:58 so you mean you can't post your photo of dribbling pass opponent??
David Oworodo
David Oworodo:
I'm sure Lord leo had no bad intent
If u agree like the comment
Wilson Zwavahera
Wilson Zwavahera:
Who is here after messi hugged rakitic
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp:
Rakitic contact😂😂😂
I'm Not First
Nor am I last
But one thing for sure
I was pretty fast
I find it insane how badly they treat Rakitic. He’s a good player and is always willing to give his best.
3:39 what?! wunderkinds WONDERKID
4 Days Later of this Video

Rakitic Goal ⚽️
Messi Assist ➡️
Jevaughnie Samuels
Jevaughnie Samuels:
CR7 is the G.O.A.T❤️‼️🔥💯
ProSoccerKing 10
ProSoccerKing 10:
After that Messi assists Rakitic does Messi watch oh my goal🤨🤨
Kenpachi Zaraki Plays
Kenpachi Zaraki Plays:
lmao like i always say messi fans are soooooooo toxic XD
Wee- Leigh
Wee- Leigh:
So we'll all just act lyk oh my goal didn't misspell contract for contact
Karthi Keyan
Karthi Keyan:
Please someone tell me what is the background music used in this video...
It's really nice...
Karthi Keyan
Karthi Keyan:
@ohmygoal : What is this background music name please?
Any one noticed "wunderkid "
No one:

Oh my goal: Wunderkind

Edward Flores
Edward Flores:
2:49 anyone who else see that he miss spelled contract?
He is one of my favourite in Barca
Uncle Johns
Uncle Johns:
This is what happens to famous players, all of a sudden they get proud when they receive hype and attention
Chris Gutierrez
Chris Gutierrez:
I always laugh at these rumor thingys
Csaba Szilagyi
Csaba Szilagyi:
"A video emerged"...okay so where was that video in the tunnel?
XXplayz 4683
XXplayz 4683:
Messi does not want to catch COVID 19 lol 😂
Neon the leon
Neon the leon:
2:49 "Rakitić's Contact ends in 2021" lol
Uhhh...what? Why is it rude? Just friends messing with each other
Pravin shah
Pravin shah:
I think "oh my goal "team are running out of ideas..
we need to calm down now..
Alan garcia
Alan garcia:
Ivan 😂Manz been an important part of Barca y’all trippen
{Dragon Ak ALOK}
{Dragon Ak ALOK}:
Real madraid is in safe hand they have rodrigo, varane, vincious, hazard, thibaut, and soon maybe haaland barcelona most oplayers are 31 messi, luis, and vidal
Nabil Ahmed
Nabil Ahmed:
43rd! LOL 😂
Jungle Strategies
Jungle Strategies:
Don't say many,how do you know that "many" feel how you say?
--he greeted him before --
Sid Parmar
Sid Parmar:
1:44 Hey mind your captions oh my goal!!!!
Rakitic: Posts photo of him dribbling past Messi.
Oh My Goal: HOW RUDE!!!
afhan namole
afhan namole:
2: 52 spelling mistake 😑
Alexcia xA
Alexcia xA:
Bruh, why is it everytime messi is mad at someone people automatically assumes he hates them? You don't think players argue now and then?
William A
William A:
I'll dislike this because it's a waste of my time.

Rakitic is always awesome. Bought his Jersey before Suarez and Neymar.

Croatian beast!
Man barca need to have young players or they might be in big trouble after 5-6 years
NitroFireGaming / TV
NitroFireGaming / TV:
No one
Absolutely no one
Oh My Goal: “rakTiC’s cOnTACt ExPIrEs iN 2021”.
Me: I guess he’ll be safe from Covid-19 in 2021.
Suscriber utube
Suscriber utube:
I heartily love Messi. Bt fact he makes a groupism in barca.
Neymar to rakitic:let me go to barcaaa!!!!
Pranab Chakravarty
Pranab Chakravarty:
When ther is nothing to upload, this channel upload anything, tomorrow if requires they will upload when Messi sleeps,wake up and go to bathroom. Just useless to upload this type of video only for the sake of doing so.
Buata Red Devils
Buata Red Devils:
3:36 Wunderkind Ansu Fati😂
Hope he live up to that rare title and not be flop
Karan Singh
Karan Singh:
I'm a barca fan I just can't understand why it happens with rakitic I mena I think he's a great player
Rakitic Contact expires at 2021.. really Oh My Goal not another typo
Tekkerz Gaming
Tekkerz Gaming:
Jonathan Binzha
Jonathan Binzha:
Does Oh my goal actually find news or do they just assume their news🤔
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez:
Anyone here after he went back to Sevilla
Maldini 3
Maldini 3:
Am so excited about this news. If only I saw the actual video of what happened. OMG is becoming what Trump would label as fake news. They're running out of content in recent times.
liam OMG
liam OMG:
So it is his dam Instagram leave a man alone
Min Ning
Min Ning:
not hating but imagine being proud of dribbling past a winger lol
2:50 with who did he have CONTACT? I knew he had a contract till 2021
Manchester United
Manchester United:
He spelt Wonderkid wrong it's meant to be Greenwood
Sourav Das
Sourav Das:
1:49 which fans?
Nairoba Jakundu
Nairoba Jakundu:
3:40 “ wunderkid” 😂😂😂
Rajat Meena
Rajat Meena:
Contact instead of contract😂
Lulu Shangase
Lulu Shangase:
Can't believe I actually watched this whole video. It's crap. I'm unsubscribing
Srijan Saha
Srijan Saha:
Rakitic, next Laudrup?
You should make a video about Sergio Reguilons reaction to packing Dusan Tadic in FIFA 20😂😂😂😂😂
Kaddy Fatty
Kaddy Fatty:
THE text said contact😅🤣🤣
You are literally the "some fans brewing up tension" in ur own video
David Garcia
David Garcia:
2:49 Typo in the word "contract" not "Contact"
Tazwar Zaman
Tazwar Zaman:
Messi jumped on Racitić after he scored against Bilbao. How come they have bad relationship.
Golden_bird 99
Golden_bird 99:
Rakitic is more talented than de jong
Rakitic spends more time on bench because of de jong
Pankaj Sajwan
Pankaj Sajwan:
After 5 years barcelona will be like milan..Next decade madrid will rule la liga
THANOS the mastermind
THANOS the mastermind:
Messi fails to shake hands with a fan
O my goal: what is happening btn Messi and his fan
Alek Cabrera
Alek Cabrera:
Thanks for the memories Ivan, but I think is time..
Nehal Hussain
Nehal Hussain:
Whats the name of this amazing spanish guitar instrumental?
Cikun Sports
Cikun Sports:
I thought this video was gonna be lit, from the look off the thumbnail but nope I didn't see anything
Nkosikhona Mkhize
Nkosikhona Mkhize:
4:13 wasted
Brandon Salas
Brandon Salas:
15th 😂
This provide that Messi control everything at Barca after Rakitic s leaving n his decision of leaving Barca
Today I was pretty fast
jbg _
jbg _:
0:54 Why tf wouldn't he?
Shivraj Thakre
Shivraj Thakre:
2:52 u wrote contact not contract broooo
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
This is interesting
CabSebas 10
CabSebas 10:
To me I have always thought big of Rakitić. I think other than Messi he’s the best player at Barcelona.