Metallica Greatest Hits Full Album 2020 | Best Songs Of Metallica Playlist HQ

Metallica Greatest Hits Full Album | Best Songs Of Metallica Playlist HQ
Metallica Greatest Hits Full Album | Best Songs Of Metallica Playlist HQ
Metallica Greatest Hits Full Album | Best Songs Of Metallica Playlist HQ
01. Metallica- Nothing Else Matters
02. Metallica- The Unforgiven
03. Metallica- Sad But True

04. Metallica- Enter Sandman
05. Metallica- One
06. Metallica- Feda To Black
07. Metallica- Battery
08. Metallica- Metallica- Orion
09. Metallica- Master of Puppets
10. Metallica- Seek & Destroy
11. Metallica- For Whom The Bell Tolls
12. Metallica- Creeping Death
13. Metallica- Ride The Lightning
14. Metallica- Welcome Home
15. Metallica- The Four Horsemen
16. Metallica- Disposable Heroes
17. Metallica- The Day That Never Comes
18. Metallica- Blackened
19. Metallica- Wherever I May Roam
20. Metallica- Bleeding Me
21. Metallica-King Nothing
22. Metallica- Mama Said
23. Metallica- So What
24. Metallica-Whiplash
25. Metallica- Turn The Page

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Slow Rock
Slow Rock:
Slow Rock Songs Collection:
Slow Rock Songs 80's
Slow Rock Songs 80's:
Thank you so much to upload this beautiful and relaxing music I love listening music while I'm working and especially when I'm sleeping.
Bruno Guedes
Bruno Guedes:
Muito bom, audio com qualidade agradevel e sem trocentos milhões de anuncios, UP! LIKEEEEEEEE NELEEE!!! tnks Bro!
Wake up: listening to Metallica
Sad: Listen to Metallica
Happy:Listen to Metallica
Going to sleep:listening to Metallica.
Mary Torres
Mary Torres:
My favorite band...drove my poor parents crazy 🤣
Heath Bauerle
Heath Bauerle:
Song Time Stamps with Correct Songs:
0:00:00: Nothing Else Matters
0:06:20: The Unforgiven
0:12:45: Sad But True
0:18:10: Enter Sandman
0:23:42: One (original listed at "Uno" because I could)
0:31:11: Fade to Black
0:38:09: Battery
0:43:27: Orion
0:51:50: Seek and Destroy
0:58:42: For Whom the Bell Tolls
1:03:46: Welcome Home (sanitarium)
1:10:17: To Live is to Die
1:19:30: Mama Said
1:25:19: Until It Sleeps
1:29:45: Low Man's Lyrics
1:37:21: My Friend of Misery
1:44:08: Low Man's Lyrics, Again

11 months later...: I never expected this to be popular. Thanks!
THE UNFORGIVEN " Legendary " and will be hard beat this song probably impossible
Lidia Aguilar
Lidia Aguilar:
This songs are part of. Memories of the best years of my life.
ultimate weapon
ultimate weapon:
Waking up: Enter Sandman
Sad: One
Happy: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Going to sleep: Nothing Else Matters
Dunny 1979
Dunny 1979:
Best rock band in the world, nothing else matters is still my favourite :)
Krista Morgan
Krista Morgan:
I miss all of my brothers too! They know who they are!
Judy Cherbonneau
Judy Cherbonneau:
I've listened to Metallica for more than two decades and wrote dozens of books, while doing so. My books are about Harley Bikers, truckers, and other bad asses! Still listen to them while writing and I'm 70 years old now!
Born in 1972, heard of Metallica in the 80's, and still loving them at the age of 48, and will never loose the love for them.
Carla Luna
Carla Luna:
Metallica for everrr😝
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Spice:
It’s sad I can only listen to music when I relapse. Sometimes I relapse just so I can tolerate music. If I’m sober it gives me bad cravings because there’s nothing that feels as good as getting strung out and listening to Metallica and all my other favorites while nodding off to euphoric dreamland- escaping the hells of reality.
Rylan Jones
Rylan Jones:
This is amazing like after listing to this i think i would through up if i heard one more billy ielish or drake song
Levi Peterson
Levi Peterson:
Lovin metalica since i was born and don't plan on changing my taste in music!
This is the most beautiful living collection song of the 80s and nighties many people are hearing it it's the best and the greatest hits of that year
Ari Asuto
Ari Asuto:
Wemerson Luis
Wemerson Luis:
Eu vou chora do início ao fim
F Del
F Del:
Hell yes, i would have traded some, but hell yes!!!
Ynsemre esmeli
Ynsemre esmeli:
Mohd Yuhamizair
Mohd Yuhamizair:
Since 1996 when I was 16yrs old,nowdays I'm 41.still my favourite rock band.
Pedro Pegolo
Pedro Pegolo:
Metálica, muito som, aqui Brasil
ur friend
ur friend:
I am just 18 years old ....someday recommended by YouTube and now I play it on loop .... Best vibes ❤️💀🤡
I Love Metallica einfach beste <3
ARIA boo
ARIA boo:
Me:*blasts this while in the shower
Mom:do you ever chill
Dad(big rock fan):that's my gurl
Lilsis:trying to sleep😐
Ericson Vergara
Ericson Vergara:
I always love this band and their songs
Elena-Natalia Jung
Elena-Natalia Jung:
Cristiana Godoi
Cristiana Godoi:
Metallica ❤️🎶 Amor as canções eternas ❤️🎶🎶🎶🇧🇷 Cris
3McR Acoustic & Mellow
3McR Acoustic & Mellow:
Metallica, the legend of metal songs. "Nothing else matter" & "The Unforgiven" the best
Mcginty Birch
Mcginty Birch:
Love this music, til the day I die....
My favorite/ least favorite band,ever... Turn the page makes me want to blast beat the radio, Fade to Black makes me feel peace
Helio Fabio Maldonado Motiguaja
Helio Fabio Maldonado Motiguaja:
En mis 49 años, puedo decir que e visto mi banda favorita de los conciertos realizados acá en Colombia en los años, 1999,2010,2014,2016 es algo indescriptible lo que se siente estar ahí, cada presentación es de locos 🤘 felicitaciones parceros por ser parte de está gran familia.
I love metallica's song🥰
Outlaw torn and Hero of the day will make it a complete playlist..
Hey you! Yeah the person scrolling through the comments. I just need to tell you that you're doing great I know you're having some probelms in your life right now but don't worry! Everything's gonna be alright just keep going and don't let anyone or anything let you down you're very strong and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Slow Rock Ballads
Slow Rock Ballads:
Great songs reminds the old good days
Lucky Anggola
Lucky Anggola:
Thank you for the concert at that time in Jakarta and being able to see it firsthand
Turning 18 this month and I've been listening to Metallica pretty much my whole life. From Albums my mom played in the car and at home to Modern day Technology. They never go out of style and I will listen till the day I die. 🤘😝🤘
Alvaro Manuel Ruiz Diaz
Alvaro Manuel Ruiz Diaz:
Que lindo escuchar esto... Esto es música carajo 👌
Ice Kids
Ice Kids:
Love “Feda To Black” but you did a fricking awesome job dude, love these classics!!!
Slow Rock Songs 80's
Slow Rock Songs 80's:
Thanks for posting! Spread love and positivity :)
Slow Rock Ballads
Slow Rock Ballads:
I wish I have a list of this songs so I can sing this at a karaoke, a soulful music very nice of peace of mind and relaxation, thank you for creating this medley
Michael McWilliams
Michael McWilliams:
I absolutly love this play list, but you could go through their dicographyy and make another one just like this
Gabriel Malinowski
Gabriel Malinowski:
"nada mais importa" foram as ultimas palavras de uma pessoa importante para o metalica
Soothing Relaxation Music
Soothing Relaxation Music:
alking about love is so beautiful. Love sometime can make someone happy or sad and also disappointed. Because of love ,someone will do everything, he or she never thinks what will be.The most important thing, it will be able to make them happy. But it's hard for us to get the true love,except Love from our Mother.
nanda gumara
nanda gumara:
ooorhmm ... may roam, reminds me of my youth
binh nguyen thanh
binh nguyen thanh:
Love this rock band from 1998y and nowadays still hear their songs when i feel tired and want to relax. From Viet Nam ...
Mitchell Cole
Mitchell Cole:
This list should be like 40 songs long.
Uno de los mejores grupos de metal de todos los tiempos....
Slow Rock Ballads
Slow Rock Ballads:
I wish I have a list of this songs so I can sing this at a karaoke, a soulful music very nice of peace of mind and relaxation, thank you for creating this medley
Matthew Garland
Matthew Garland:
I've been listening to Metallica the early 90s and they never get old. I'll listen to them till the day I die.
Tracy Dodson
Tracy Dodson:
Went to a hospital tonight, cool shoulders!
Nacole H
Nacole H:
I love this band!!
Ivanei Cottet
Ivanei Cottet:
Melhor Rock pra mim metálica todo dia
Luiz Antonio Oliveira
Luiz Antonio Oliveira:
Cheryl Easter
Cheryl Easter:
What a band, still amazing music now. My 14 has recently started listening to them after hearing us playing them! Good lad!
Лидия щелокова
Лидия щелокова:
английский не понимаю,а,металлику люблю
Joan Ledesma
Joan Ledesma:
Listening to this coz its one of my brother’s favorite bands! RIP to my bro in heaven!❤️
Douglas 4.1 RJ
Douglas 4.1 RJ:
Na 05 já tô na metade do Chivas 12.......
É tiro porrada e bomba!
Metallica é foda!!
Music Collection
Music Collection:
Just go back to youth and vibrate, love, dance, with these unforgettable songs, that I will carry forever. Before more grandchildren will
Shawn Eldridge
Shawn Eldridge:
🙋 whoever put this list together and the songs right, they actually forgot two songs of Metallica had did and they are called Stone Cold crazy + am I evil. These may be older songs but Metallica still did them even though Stone Cold crazy is a cover song Metallica still sing it and it should be on this list.
Mamaw haha smashmout
Mamaw haha smashmout:
Good sound keep praying guys for the safety of yourself and others
joseph siluvai
joseph siluvai:
Love smash 🔥
Morgan Calibo
Morgan Calibo:
Now and for ever you will be my number 1 band ever..salute!!
Mike Shute
Mike Shute:
84 year old uncle asked me why i love the music? hes 60s,70s head! played this mix for him, he loved it! asked if he wanted too comment, he said no. asked why? he said don't no anything about computers, besides at my age, time i could spend enjoying my new favorite band! shout out to my uncle ralph!!!
srikandi melayu
srikandi melayu:
The guitar..make me come here..again and again🤘2021still the best rock band 🤘🤘🤘
Frâncio Mansur
Frâncio Mansur:
Metallica ontem...hoje....e amanhã!!🤘
kelly joncas
kelly joncas:
metallica yeahhhhh
A loved a y loved METALICA
Peter Alexander
Peter Alexander:
It f*cked up my concentration on schoolhomework in my teenage days, I knew more musicnotes than schoolbooks, ...but still 33 years long, a fan.
Nyot nyot Paktipok
Nyot nyot Paktipok:
my precious memory with my friend
ed Silver
ed Silver:
when i was young 18years old, in 1993/94.metallica the best band. the song make adrenaline. salam ❤😘from Indonesia
ila ila
ila ila:
Metalhead from Malaysia.
Keep on ROCKING!!!
Suzanne O
Suzanne O:
Love this song.
angelo tarantino
angelo tarantino:
i saw them live in Montreal in 94, that's when the fire was on because axel rose would not show, Metallica came on to save the show, these guys are high class artists. bless them and there talent
Mommabear Tornatore
Mommabear Tornatore:
My little 3 year old granddaughter wants to hear Haley
Wendoly Molina
Wendoly Molina:
Como no recordar metálica buenísima canciones excelente agrupación me encanta el metal viva el rock excelente son música que no se van a olvidar
Mary Bentley
Mary Bentley:
Always and forever from Cody Barrera hit me up y'all I would love to see these guys in concert in OKC bet that VIP style BB
abigail salguero
abigail salguero:
greetings from metallic mexico is my favorite band thanks friend
Sanjeeb Chaudhury
Sanjeeb Chaudhury:
one of my fav bands...
Hales Rodrigues
Hales Rodrigues:
Faz parte da minha vida !
Just saw Some Kind of Monster on Netflix. Never really listened to their music but I was mesmerized when I heard it in the movie.
Time to begin my listening journey. Thanks for uploading!
Edu e Patty
Edu e Patty:
María José Orellana
María José Orellana:
metallica gracias x todo
Freya Davies
Freya Davies:
Best band can't tell me different
Mandy 2003
Mandy 2003:
Metallica classic song from me 😎
Nature Sounds
Nature Sounds:
Hermosas canciones que me hacen recordar a una persona que por siempre amaré, y espero el destino nos junte de nuevo 😢👴🏿❤️👧🏼🐻
Riaan Nieuwoudt
Riaan Nieuwoudt:
Good music never die.
My favorite Metallica and I love them all with every word and beat I feel like I'm Metallica all by myself!! 😜🎸🤣🤣🤣🤣
Any Full Album cover to cover
Guillermo Infantas
Guillermo Infantas:
Im 41 now, I remember I was 12 in my home country Perú and every body was waiting for the New álbum after the Black CD. I pray to god at night to have luck and be the first ones That could have the New CD. METALLICA forever!
Maximo Paiva
Maximo Paiva:
Que recuerdos me traes Metálica ., Hoy te sigo y escucho como antes ... Que tiempos aquellos que viví..
Jornandia Mota Santos
Jornandia Mota Santos:
Amo rock❤✌
Tareas Fundación El Lugar Sede Hombres
Tareas Fundación El Lugar Sede Hombres:
weyy esto es musica y mas para hacer recuperaciones academicas lo ayuda a concentrar
Santos González
Santos González:
Excelente banda, Entre Sandman
Ferdi Hak
Ferdi Hak:
Ik heb een goede tijd omdat Metallica een goede tijd heeft.Duh YEAH!
dixie omd
dixie omd:
great band brings great music