¡México's Road Race! La Carrera Panamericana (2020)

Since 1988, the spectacular La Carrera Panamericana has served as one of the last motorsport events in the world to feature closed racing stages and high speed transit sections on public roads - with all of this, escorted by the federal government over a period of 7 days and 2000-miles.

Organized by racing promotor Eduardo León Camargo to honor the race held for 4 years in the 1950’s, the vintage road race is truly a step into the past of motor racing all mixed with the vibrance of Mexico.

Written & Directed byJeremy Heslup
Voiceover by Manuel De Urante Iguinez

Produced Bonnie Gallanter
Camera Graham Mattock & Oliver Watts
Edited by Barrak Sitty & Jeremy Heslup
Motion Graphics Matt Gibson
Recording Eduardo Silvero and David Schmalz

Created By © Valkyr Productions LLC

22 comentarios:

Irwin J. Céspedes
Irwin J. Céspedes:
Such a beautiful work narrating and capturing all the passion and thrills the Panamericana offers!
Chris Pile
Chris Pile:
Absolutely terrific film on a classic road race for the ages. I can't praise it enough!
Loco por la Velocidad
Loco por la Velocidad:
I loved this documentary! A lot of passion taken through a camera, all the production is excellent! 🙌🏿
Wooooow está increíble! De verdad que producción! Este video merece millones de vistas les quedo hermoso 🇲🇽
Antonio Talarico
Antonio Talarico:
I hope that one i can compete with my Alfa Romeo Gtv
Victor Salcedo
Victor Salcedo:
Praemio, what a fantastic and top-notch documentary: Narration is #1, camera shots #1 and lastly and award winning race car documentary.
Timo Makinen
Timo Makinen:
Absolutely fabulous contemporary film of the last great road race. An explosion of colour and passion. Viva Mexico, the people and the Panamericana!
B 88
B 88:
Love learning about this!!
Thank you for sharing this!
In what class does the Mini Race? I thought only Classic Cars are allowed to take Part?
Reinaldo Niño Martì
Reinaldo Niño Martì:
Un sueño... 😍😍😍😍 Excelente video...!!!
Thomas Kettler-Semmler
Thomas Kettler-Semmler:
Awesome video! Thanks for creating it!
Emiliano Diaz
Emiliano Diaz:
Great video, greetings from Morelia
Thorsten Wanoth
Thorsten Wanoth:
Awesome! greetings from South Africa
Marco D'Magnifico
Marco D'Magnifico:
I am most impressed by the fact they are still running 1950's cars not just Olds, etc (realatively not hard to get parts compare with Studebakers). Viva la Panamericana!
Only Blah Blah, little brace action
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez:
Los espero en mil cumbres
Luis Jorge Martinez
Luis Jorge Martinez:
Will B
Will B:
Excellent beautifully done documentary of a great road race. While this race pays homage to the original La Carrera Panamericana , it would be nice to have a similar race here in the US. Still lots of wide open spaces to safely have a race like this here.
Antonio Talarico
Antonio Talarico:
very cool, when was this filmed?