Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers | October 6, 2020

Led by LeBron James’ 28 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists, the Lakers defeated the Heat, 102-96, in Game 4. Additionally for the Lakers, Anthony Davis recorded 22 points, 9 rebounds and 4 blocks in the victory. Jimmy Butler tallied 22 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists for the Heat, while Tyler Herro added 21 points and 7 rebounds in the losing effort. The Lakers lead this best-of-seven series, 3-1. Game 5 will take place on Friday, October 9 at 9:00 p.m. ET

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Can y'all get a commentator that's less interested in the highlights please? I ain't asleep yet
The way she like the female version of jerryrigeverything
Ilya Kupriyanov
Ilya Kupriyanov:
Go, Lakers, for the Kobe!
His Highness Man on Kush
His Highness Man on Kush:
That LeBron steal and dunk🤣🤣
U G:
KCP was huge in this one
Help me reach 20 subscribers with No videos PLS
Help me reach 20 subscribers with No videos PLS:
Miami got some heat left in them, they are gonna take the next game and extend the series but at the end it will be Lakers... James is just too much of a presence on the court.
khama wesonga
khama wesonga:
LeBron James! Form is temporary, class is permanent!
What about the supporting cast tonight too... Carushow, Morris, playoffs Rondo and KCP came up big!
Samuel Eck
Samuel Eck:
yeah change the announcer
Mister Mayhem
Mister Mayhem:
Claudio Tomaz
Claudio Tomaz:
Papai lebron se tiver nos dia dele é inbasado moio mano é o melhor de todos os tempos 👑 meu LAKERS campeão
Patricia Nubul
Patricia Nubul:
Les Lakers ✅👏🏾
Mally richards
Mally richards:
Why is her voice so jarring
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov:
Saturday morning here we go!! Cleveland LeBron needs to show up and its game over.
Jack Moore
Jack Moore:
There’s no coming back now
Juicy Musicinc
Juicy Musicinc:
Take her out pls. Just trying to watch the highlights and she keeps spoilering before the throws
badiane sanou
badiane sanou:
#Love me or no I’m the best ever ❤️👊🏼
Nasri Jiries
Nasri Jiries:
0:21 Stay down kid.
Giannis my boy u better watch Lebron, thats how MVPs work.
Αναρχικός Φασίστας
Αναρχικός Φασίστας:
Mvp LeBron James
Points 28
Rebounds 12
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys:
Consistent pillar was Lbj
Cristian Sanchez Baez
Cristian Sanchez Baez:
First one
ilse bilse
ilse bilse:
0:22 absolute Powermove!
Murillo Camargo
Murillo Camargo:
Siegfried Naumann
Siegfried Naumann:
ewok Ewok
ewok Ewok:
finals lebron
Heru Yanto
Heru Yanto:
Yes..Lal lead 3-1
Rivaldo Campos
Rivaldo Campos:
LeBron James its rings champions for tree teams!!!
staticmajah offical
staticmajah offical:
For kobe!🏀
Me !
Me !:
Garbage Dwight Howard might win a championship in Orlando after all🏀
Lets go Lakers for Mamba❤️
an Unknown
an Unknown:
Another 42 minutes?
it's Charston Cho
it's Charston Cho:
for Kobe!
Jubilites Consultants
Jubilites Consultants:
The king is back !!!
Winie Grace Gudasen
Winie Grace Gudasen:
en yu
en yu:
Lakers Champion!!!
Mico jay Sawe
Mico jay Sawe:
The King Kong kamo is back,😅
Butler shouldn't have said that.
He just got lebron more mad
Francisco Silveira Junior
Francisco Silveira Junior:
Kafka 2020
Kafka 2020:
This commentator does not interested with the basketball.
Can please anyone else do this? Let her sleep...
Ami Patel
Ami Patel:
Joey from the show "Friends" kind of looks like The Miz from WWE
The commentator's gotta pick it up a bit. Put some heart into it, please.
0:22 was a sweet retribution from Lebron on that kid Tyler for that look he gave in game 3 lol .
Anthony Richey-Sawyer
Anthony Richey-Sawyer:
king of traveling
GBtha G
GBtha G:
Game 5 iz a MUST WATCH shet. lakers gettin' there 4 sure.
uraz gg
uraz gg:
Come on miami
Cameron Bowering
Cameron Bowering:
good win👍go Los Angeles lakers
Lou The Legend!!
Lou The Legend!!:
This series is over, sorry Miami Fans/players!!
David Kazmucha
David Kazmucha:
Fook lefook
Μπάμπης Μαρνάς
Μπάμπης Μαρνάς:
💛 💜🇬🇷
Liberty Fusire
Liberty Fusire:
one more to go 👑🔥💫
Carlos Aguirre fernandez
Carlos Aguirre fernandez:
Lebron"LaBronca James"James for MVP
David Kazmucha
David Kazmucha:
Ad fmvp
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown:
Hahaha. Looks like the mamba jerseys are broken
Fatim Cherif
Fatim Cherif:
Un mantal de fer ce LEBRON tien il me rappel quelqun🤔?
Leo Galvez
Leo Galvez:
Hero flap and get dunk by the king
Clery Richard
Clery Richard:
On met le réveil la nuit pour regarder ce match ... magnifique ... go lebron , go for kobe
ben levy
ben levy:
Chickmentator is under whelming. Bring us the GOAT
Good goob LEBRON you killed it i saw the real game im a big fan of you and kobe
boy cow
boy cow:
Geez I have to mute this shit just to make it watchable
Ken Lim
Ken Lim:
Lol @ the refs suddenly piling up the free throws for the lakers in the 4th while swallowing their whistles for the Heat as expected 😂
Eray Can
Eray Can:
Robin M
Robin M:
Heat seems inefficient and I observed they are reluctant.......sometimes i can see that they can shoot but they still pass.....i want miami to win but seems that the players of miami are not confident enough to win.....though i know they can beat miss a lot of easy shots.....i think they should put olynik adebayo together herro butler and igoudala.....prepare some play for robinson he is tightly guarded and always in a hurry to shoot though he need to practice more in defense....second to replace herro is nunn and replace igoudala by jones jr.....he is tall can depend though needed more agressiveness on his part.....lately only butler is consistent....hope they can still catch up and play at game 7
the lejyoner hd
the lejyoner hd:
the lejyoner hd
the lejyoner hd:
Abdoulaye Camara
Abdoulaye Camara:
Win 4kobe
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan:
at game 7
yasio bolo
yasio bolo:
at game 7
Gramunha RD
Gramunha RD:
Another one so easy!!! For Kobe
- RUEL-:
Adriano Lima
Adriano Lima:
Alt Delete
Alt Delete:
00:20 he's just a child!!! 😔😰
Amazing A The Dreamer
Amazing A The Dreamer:
What a tense game that was. Davis with the dagger again!
Berthold Dirke
Berthold Dirke:
Lakers in 5
Jubilites Consultants
Jubilites Consultants:
Just one more to go now.
Danijel Juric
Danijel Juric:
Nba is using a cheap AI program as commentary. Sounds like a video game announcer "scores that one to put the heat up 2-0"...first basket of the game no one ever recaps that like how she said it, for sure a robot!
Yogi Munte
Yogi Munte:
Nice Lakers, good job

Come on Heat
Fresh Brinks
Fresh Brinks:
Am surprise heat Didnt get sweep
Ayyub DT
Ayyub DT:
For kobe
i bkelly100
i bkelly100:
Dallas Mavericks 3-1 comeback??!
Weird accent
Mohamed El hadi Sebbah
Mohamed El hadi Sebbah:
Pick Up basketball
Three down one more to go Lakers for life .
Tim C
Tim C:
Lakers in 5
Joseph M.
Joseph M.:
One more game to beat the Celtics
DeLorean 96
DeLorean 96:
One more to go, job's not done yet
ripudaman singh
ripudaman singh:
Aze Rty
Aze Rty:
ليبون جيمس راءع
Nico Fe
Nico Fe:
Bad commentary
Mateus Oliveira
Mateus Oliveira:
1:03 Tyler Herro looking like Kuroko fade away shot
orçun sürüm
orçun sürüm:
the worst announcer ever
Jamal Jones
Jamal Jones:
can You please do not let this voice apear here any more..??...
Forza lakers
Aivan Bryant
Aivan Bryant:
The fall of a hero🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ahmetemn 1903
ahmetemn 1903:
LeBron is KinG
Not too fast. Remember the cavs come back from a 3-1 lead by the warriors.
Ayyub DT
Ayyub DT:
4-1 no question